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New Chapter status?


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On 5/17/2020 at 4:31 PM, Kanji said:

I'm happy waiting as well. I mean it won't be the first manga to enter an indefinite purgatory, but at least it's still getting some love.

In the mean-time i've been binge watching a load of 80's OVA's to feed my golden age nostalgia. Stumbled across one called 'Majuu Sensen' recently which bares some striking resemblances. I recommend checking it out if you are a fan of old anime. The manga pre-dates Guyver by a decade and is a mixture of devilman.


I've heard of this OVA, it was made by the late, great Ken Ishikawa - The creator of Getter Robo!

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It just sucks that no one can ask Takaya what and why since that is seen as disrespectful for his culture. I find that frustrating. Still, I think it's rude that he didn't make an announcement and give an excuse. It's almost as bad as standing up a girl you asked out on a date. The point is, he could have said anything he wanted, it doesn't have to be about his personal life. At least than we'd know not to expect anything. But since it's taken this long and what ever chapters he was working on is in production hell. It's a bit obvious now. 


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6 hours ago, jerrygoodman said:

Okay...has there been ANY blips on the horizon?


The only thing that has "changed" is that Japanese Twitter conversations have increased because they have been worried now that Miura has passed away, that the same thing might happen to Guyver.

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