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  1. Deadpool 2 didn't do much for me the same way the first movie did, as I believe that one review put it properly that " Deadpool is almost too much... but the breaks in the story in the movie help you not get completely sick of his shtick." Deadpool 2 was too much and not nearly as good in my opinion ( also didn't help the kid they were trying to save was a complete ass and kind of wanted him dead). But here is to hoping that Hugh Jackman's Logan/Wolverine can help the third film find a better balance. I mean he's carried multiple X-men movies almost by himself, I am sure he will do well for this franchise.
  2. No theory is "wrong" until proven by Takaya. Just like the theory that Imakarum is Apollyon. Some people still believe it is someone else, despite all the evidence from the books saying otherwise being pointed out to them. You can discuss and call theories unlikely or implausible... unless it is a topic that has been covered in the manga. If it has, then something can be "wrong", because the author said so.
  3. Yeah, the Guyver in the back is actually Guyver 1 and not from the live action movies. But it's a very old kit. he is kind of hidden due to actually having his horn broken. Gotta get some glue to fix that up. There also isn't any Yu-gi-oh stuff in the picture at all... though that is not me saying I don't have any, because I do. Was a pretty big fan of the card game for a while... Though figure wise, I only have a chibi Dark Magician Girl (always loved my old spellcaster deck) I am currently waiting on getting some new glass shelves cut, as my current shelves are full... But have a ton of space in between that I can move them around to fit more... But I currently have over 6 of the glass units full, plus some extra shelves on my computer desk and on my walls... things that rage from a TON of Iron Man figures ( have always been a huge fan, even before the MCU), other Marvel Legends, lots of Gunpla, various mecha shows like Tekkaman Blade, Macross, Gaogaigar, Gurren lagann, Getter Robo, Code Geass, Evangelion, Pacific Rim, Transformers... a bunch of Kamen Rider/Sentai figures... Some video game figures from Halo, Devil May Cry, Mass Effect, Final Fantasy, KOTOR, Megaman X, Zone of the Enders... But most importantly... the Samurai Pizza Cats. I... have a... LOT of random stuff from various series/genres. I still have pics from my old place of all my shelves way back from 2013... but I have added so much since then as well.
  4. Finally got some shelf holders to compensate for the size of the Sanken Gigantic figures, so now I have a shelf to put my newer BFC figures.
  5. Well, the person uploading them says it is their own translation. So it's the way that we have always said someone should do it if they wanted it all out there for free: Go do it yourself. It's not nearly as hard as it used to be with translation software getting better and better. But no one ever wanted to put the time in for Guyver. Now someone finally has, and the rest of the free readers can now access what they new person is posting.
  6. Just saw this image, and it seems to be legit. Guyver 1 is getting a what looks like, a completely new Figma release. Kind of makes sense when you compare the quality of the two Female Guyver 2's and Guyver 3... the original Guyver 1 Figma was pretty poor in comparison. The two big difference seems to be the megasmasher area of the chest and the head. No longer has the figma joint sticking out like a sore thumb, but the additional ab piece has been removed. The head proportions also seem to be improved. Much smaller eyes than the original figma. *EDIT* Added more pics that were found on twitter.
  7. I would assume that it is because even when Guyot was chosen, Men were always only known as the stronger sex throughout history. It only makes sense he would choose male individuals who likely were succeeding in whatever field they were in when they were chosen. Remember, we're not talking decades. We're talking centuries ago when most were picked.
  8. We know that Cronos's biggest problem with its combat types is energy usage. Including the Zoalords. This is why their Zoacrystals are basically batteries to power their own Zoa forms. This is also likely why Aptom runs out of gas so quickly, because he does not have a battery to draw from... Where the Guyver draws its energy from the boost dimension/hyperspace... Thus why it is likely a Guyver Zoalord would be so powerful. And Aptom was not DESIGNED by Barcas to do what he can do. He was designed to mimic multiple types of Zoanoids, but was always considered a failure as they always came out weaker than wanted. It was Barcas trying to perfect his idea that forced the mutation into what he became... But Barcas had no idea what he was doing and only accidentally created what Aptom now is, and only found out after Aptom told him when he was absorbing Elegan.
  9. Since Max just posted another tweet about the 1/6th scale Guyver 1 figure, I thought I would start a thread compiling older and new tweets from him regarding the Guyver figures. As of July 4, 2022, this is the latest: Max Watanabe has posted another tweet with someone air brushing the 1/6 scale Guyver 1 Figure. As well as a note about his "60th birthday Celebration" https://twitter.com/MAXWATANABE/status/1543840932394504192?s=20&t=6nhO7g1TPUWej1VP5fR0_g
  10. I would be wary of using the Viz translation as a definite source, as the translation is not great. Most other sources just list it as "bio energy" that he absorbs along with their flesh.
  11. No, that's a different type of energy. For the Blaster Tempest, Zx-tole was absorbing ambient heat/radiation from the surrounding area to charge the attack. Aptom would need more than just extra heat energy to live off of.
  12. Some of you may have seen some of these if not all already if you were on certain Facebook groups or following me on Deviant art... but here is a dumps of artwork I have recently completed. GuyverC Gigantic - Originally just did the head and cropped out the body, since I just reused my Guyver Gigantic pic... But recently decided just to finish it off. Female Warrior GuyverC Giant Female GuyverC - Artemis Gigantic Warrior Guyver 2 - Juggernaught Warrior Guyver 3 Gigantic Warrior Guyver 3 - Zeus Warrior Proto-G Archanphel Warrior Proto-G Archanphel Battle mode W'Kar Sho Fukamachi - Deus W'Kar Agito Makishima - Ares
  13. Welcome back. And the story went a slight bit farther than that. That is where book 32 ended, but there were 2 monthly (small) chapters after the fact... but the chapters basically just explain how Exceed Darkness escaped the super cell (Gravity implosion technique) and that Jabir ends up trying to run away, with his large ash form starting to dissipate and then showing his normal battle form on that last page flying away. And that was over 6 years ago now. Here is the 2 raw chapters if anyone wants them. They would basically equal 1 chapter in the normal volumes. I don't even have the translated chapters on the PC at the moment due to an HD malfunction. Book 33 - Chapters.zip
  14. These aren't the original scans that were offered, but the scans I made of my own books for my friends. But we are all Guyver friends, yes? 😄 Vol 1. https://mega.nz/file/j0cyiZob#-yS1388R9rrDzn5efa3LmeS9T3u0FzIPRsl16shT7Zk Vol 2. https://mega.nz/file/mg9WwbqL#tVrrnBfGRLAmvsGfpCpu8JzpbzTw4TCGsWOgXtN8FE0 Vol 3. https://mega.nz/file/r5l0WBCa#_7Y1M7opBkS9VFZzcfrh0aAZPFXAlGcdffon7II3bEM
  15. No, it's all Greek based thinking. Zeus is the Child of the God Kronos/Cronus, and was the God who eventually defeated him and became King of the Gods. Just like what Agito wants to do. Defeat Cronos and take over.
  16. I've posted it before, but here is what I would do: - Guyot eventually uses the unit remover on Female Guyver 2, becomes an imperfect Guyver Zoalord. he will kill Balcus and Shin - Shizu will likely die to protect Agito, knowing she doesn't have much time left. - Apollyon fails to kill Guyot on his own and is injured. - Sho and Agito fight Guyot and with Agito's sacrifice, Guyot is destroyed - Apollyon takes the dying Archanphel and the Ark into space. - Sho lives on Whether or not the remover exists to remove Sho's unit or not I dunno... I mean our theory that the Guyver unit makes one immortal is just that, a theory.
  17. I actually only watched to the end of season 2. Season 2 kind of bored me too much... Then when you find out a show removes your favorite character I just didn't care. (yes Shiro came back, but that was later and I didn't care by the point).
  18. Ok, I guess now it's official spoiler time! 😁 . . . . . Not going to say much, only that it did bring that realization that this Spider-man had not "grown up" yet. I know a lot of us just assumed that he had already went through the "Uncle Ben incident". Now we have proper Spider-man, instead of hand-held Spider-boy.
  19. Well drenn. Our little community was so small I never dared to think one of us would get it and succumb to it. My condolences to their family and loved ones.
  20. Shounen Ace https://web-ace.jp/shonenace/
  21. Explanation? No. he can do whatever he wants with his life. But confirmation whether or not to continue hoping for more? Yes. We absolutely do deserve that.
  22. Nope. The only thing that has "changed" is that Japanese Twitter conversations have increased because they have been worried now that Miura has passed away, that the same thing might happen to Guyver.
  23. It has now been 5 years since we have gotten our last chapter. This is the last page from the last chapter we ever got. Jabir running away from his fight with Darkness Exceed, leaving his comrade Luggnagg (or ball boy as we call him in chat) all alone.
  24. CORRECTION The Vault contents are a mix of Viz volumes and Advocacy volumes, and are not complete. I do not know why this is. I will investigate further. ---------------------------------------------------------------
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