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  1. Can't believe we missed posting this here... But just incase...! Unearthed Films has released a fully remastered version of the R Rated Directors cut of the first live action movie: The Guyver. Not Mutronics this time! NEW restoration of the original R-rated 35mm camera negative by Unearthed Films presented in its original 1.85:1 aspect ratio NEW Commentary with co-directors Screaming Mad George and Steve Wang, moderated by Dom O’Brien, the author of Budget Biomorphs: The Making of The Guyver Films Amazon is releasing it on July 2nd, but other smaller places have already gotten and shipped copies. https://www.amazon.com/Guyver-DVD-Steve-Wang/dp/B0CRWK691J/ref=tmm_dvd_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&dib_tag=se&dib=eyJ2IjoiMSJ9.86nAc4yw5CZ8iVI8qzchrJ9GkYOIn6ARZD1T4qCYz85c1jN3hvGaAnfatpK3dUGqLC1auRzE4gy6ZiE8iOCRqOTrhBVP4AVV2WasqusjHezctXJZkao0o3NqHF3pc9-tRZ8xPn6L2ovh9W2IvG1OFPKY5NkV9ajXE0CYVtitVuPvTP7Ecpcn83YvnPRd3T9vyb1SIsJ9S1coXhspiVF8FppBk_QzmmqAESE19eVPoxY.DFJAc-1RP-UdwmRTUePYvHKuR8LZE9xTGS2tefEmsgA&qid=1719797392&sr=8-1
  2. Yeah... Jumping right to the Gigantic is a bit of a weird thing... But would be pretty silly of them to not do Gigantic Dark, since he is literally just new fore arms, head and the chest spike... Though I would hate it if he was just an EX figure... But since they are already working on a 1/6th scale Guyver 3... I am fairly certain a new Figma Guyver 3 is at least in the works... As the new Guyver 1 Figma does share some things in common with the 1/6th scale... And they only made the new Figma Guyver 1 after having the 1/6th prototype made... But I won't be holding my breath, and will just be happy for what they are giving us... for now...
  3. Unfortunately, since these are brand new figures, in a different scale, it is VERY unlikely that they will "re-issue" anything. If they do a new Guyver 3, it will be a brand new figure.
  4. No one knows yet exactly. With the Guyver1 Figma being around $80 US, I'd expect this to be double that, probably at least, because it will likely also have a ton of accessories.
  5. New official picture released. It WILL be in scale with the new Figma... Thus will be bigger than the BFC Max figure.
  6. Finally in my possession! There are already a number of small things I dislike about it... Minor things that you'd think on such an expensive figure would be dealt with... Things I could forgive on a $300 figure of this size. Frankly, I don't think it was ever going to be "worth" the price they charged. Though it didn't have a specific limited number like the Prime 1 statues... This is still very limited. So I guess it's still nice to say I have one at the lowest price it ever will be. Though, to be fair, it was at least cheaper than what I paid for my BFC Max Imakarum... So I guess perspective is one thing...
  7. The Classics Prime mold is my favorite Prime figure (he's a bit dusty... Just woke up? 😁)
  8. Just updated the image, so I thought I'd share my entire collection. It's rather large as it is a collection of images of individual shelves.
  9. The marketing campaign is going crazy. So many things so far... But this is another great piece.
  10. First of all, I said "MIGHT NOT be 100% correct" because as any translator knows, Japanese Translations to English are rarely ever 100% perfect. A word or two can have different context depending on who or what translates it. I may not have had my sources available when I made the post to try and translate it myself, but I was NOT wrong when I said that... As even you just translated it to something different. So you literally just proved my point. The newer translation seems to suggest it is closer to what I said. A sample was used. Not "Cleaving" of a Zoacrystal as originally stated. Also, as a note, that translation was done a long long time ago. I can say without a doubt that I was not as good at drawing 10+ years ago. It's fairly safe to say that you and the Advocacy team were also not as good of translators as you are now... But it got the job done at the time. Looking back, you can't tell me there would be things you wouldn't change if you had the skills and knowledge you do now. It's in the past. Learn to live with the criticism, or go and change it if you can't.
  11. The translation about the Zoa-crystal's might not be 100% accurate. That said, they were likely made from Archanphel's samples, but nothing that would have require amputation of his own Zoa-crystal. As well, Barcas was made into a Zoalord before he ever got access to a vast amount of knowledge from the control spheres, so there is some discrepancy about that quote exactly. The knowledge to make a full proper Zoa-crystal might be limited to himself. it's hard to say, since the rogue Zoalords give Guyot a "Dummy" crystal, even they might not know how to make one. And no, they do not have "spares" lying around, or Apollyon would be after those first. As for what happened to Archanphel... Before the Creators left, they nearly crippled him with an attack, and THEN he forcefully used his full power to destroy the planetoid that they had sent to destroy Earth. Whatever they did to him, plus his over exertion, seems to be the cause of his need to rest for long periods. The entire time Archanphel spent in his bio-pod was only enough to allow him to rest... but the lingering damage from the Creators seems to be the actual problem. As long as he remains rested and charged, he seems to be ok... But as soon as he uses he powers, it drains him too much and whatever they did to him starts affecting him again. It is unknown if Barcas could do anything to help him... We've seen some of the Zoalords need to undergo adjustments and processing after strenuous use of their powers... But it is unknown if Archanphel will even let Barcas to even try to do anything. As for Imakarum, his Zoa-crystal was simply badly cracked by Gigantic Dark, while he was already tired... And Imakarum was made differently than the other 11, so we don't exactly know by what process, or exactly how he is different... Especially since, if you believe Imakarum is Apollyon, he was not only fixed, but evolved and super charged by Archanphel and the Ark while in Archaphel's original Bio-pod. From what we can gather about Zoa-crystals, is that they are like energy batteries for a Zoalord. Functionally, as long as one has power, that Zoalord is practically immortal. Like when Carleon had his crystal pulled from his head by Apollyon, he rapidly aged. This likely didn't happen to Guyot, as he was actually a fairly new Zoalord. The science around them is kinda weird. Waferdanos only used his Zoa-crystal to maintain his Human like form and use Zoalord like powers in the form. Once he removed his crystal, he returned to his original form as "King" of the "Forest". While Li Yentsui removed his own crystal and was still able to use his powers one last time. And as for Griselda, her creator, Dr Hekkering was Cronos's #2 scientist and helped created some of the Zoalords and their Proto-types. So his Zoa-crystal is likely heavily based on what he knows from helping Barcas over the years.
  12. Sadly, mine got stolen because of a ****ty delivery person, even though I paid just as much for the shipping as I did the book... And don't feel like paying that much a second time.
  13. It's also weird that the comic is in Japanese... But the screen shots of the game itself is all Chinese...
  14. More information on the Langrisser Mobile X Guyver game collaboration... Trailers for Guyver 1, 3 and Archanphel... That shows that the Gigantic's... AND Exceed are used in the game. And they are adorable Chibi as hell. I mean, it is still a shame it is a gatcha style game for getting characters... so you could probably spend a hundred or two and still not get the character you want... But at least the scenes and chibi designs look cool... Trailers for each character: Guyver 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MW_K4kMauY Archanphel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zER7t9KdcMc Guyver 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tepOReDbU4 However thankfully someone posted a whole set of the Chibi images on reddit, though no source provided... but now we get to see the designs in their full adorable GLORY.
  15. Yeah, this one seems much more streamlined. Removing some bits, smoothing out some of the rougher edges and making generally easier to play. But that is what sequels can do sometimes. I have 100% the city, but am still a few trophies short of platinum... And I don't really care to put in the effort. I generally found the combat much easier... but that is because of the added powers that Peter also has now, that Miles was given in his game. They had to balance him out and now both have gadgets and special powers that regenerate pretty quickly... And only get quicker when you buy upgrades. Plus, I am kind of the opposite than you... When a side quest pops up, I try and do it ALL before I move on. So I leveled up VERY quickly and later fights against general mooks just seemed so easy... While bosses were still a little tough because I never used the new parry move, but I fought through them with the powers and gadgets. Plus I reacted to every time a crime popped up... Which isn't as limited like in the first game. They pop up TOO often in my opinion... But they did help me level up even quicker. Overall, not as good as the first I don't think. Still really good, but the first game really caught lightning in a bottle. Part of me thinks it is because of the dilution of characters time because you have the main story, but then Peter and Miles stuff... So the main story kind of gets side tracked and you don't go to in depth as much (like Peters relationship with Dock Ock in the first game vs his relationship in #2 with Harry)... And Miles doesn't even really have a proper villain of his own to deal with. Also, they need to stop with the Mary Jane missions. Good god they were boring in the first... But now she is basically a super hero as she takes out trained killers easier than Spider-man can (Angry Joe's review helps highlight this hilariously). I hated how they made her a reporter in this universe to begin with, but now she is basically a Silver Sable knock off.
  16. Everyone see this suit for Miles? Guyver much?
  17. I have that one! It's a nice solid figure. Not 100% perfect transformation... But that is kind of what makes it so solid. I can't seem to find the ****pit cover though... >_<
  18. Replying in a post that was over 10 years old, to a user that has not even visited the site since 2014. Even if they were answering a question, it was basically pointless by this point, and almost practically spam. It'd be different if it was to a member who was still active within the past year or such. If they wanted to show off the images, or talk about it, it would have been a lot better to create a new post, which might have gotten more interaction/engagement or increase discussion about the topic, instead of tracking down a comment that is a reply to a main post from 2012.
  19. Please don't necropost topics that are many years ( over 10 in this case.) old. Topic locked.
  20. An interview was posted with Yoshiki Takaya, Max Watanabe and Yoshihito Kobayashi about the upcoming (very expensive) 1/6th scale Guyver 1 figure. https://animageplus.jp/articles/detail/54325/1/1/1 Nothing is said about the manga sadly. During the interview, even Takaya thinks it might be a bit too expensive... But the idea that Max Watanabe wants to make figures from Dark Hero of the Guyver and Guyver Zoanoid? That is a pretty neat!
  21. I know the author has mentioned it once on the Guyver facebook groups, but has long been pushed down from new posts. Will make more sense to talk about it when it has a release date or is out.
  22. Happy X-Day everyone! It is the anniversary of the day our great and beloved Leaders of Cronos brought down the corrupt World of the past, and shone their light upon us to show us the way! Truly, we have never been so blessed to have such Divine beings watch over and protect us from ourselves! Let's give praise to our glorious Leaders, who rid the world of Hunger, War and the differences in society that kept us from coming together, and finally show that we are of one people! - This statement is approved by the Cronos Corporation
  23. That is not a new images, that image is from 1987. It says so in the text just to the right of it. There is sadly no new images past 2016. The books states 1985-2023... But there literally is no art newer than the pages/cover from 2016.
  24. I think Onlyfans frowns on illegal public displays of nudity... Which she seems to do all the time.
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