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  1. Shounen Ace https://web-ace.jp/shonenace/
  2. Explanation? No. he can do whatever he wants with his life. But confirmation whether or not to continue hoping for more? Yes. We absolutely do deserve that.
  3. Nope. The only thing that has "changed" is that Japanese Twitter conversations have increased because they have been worried now that Miura has passed away, that the same thing might happen to Guyver.
  4. It has now been 5 years since we have gotten our last chapter. This is the last page from the last chapter we ever got. Jabir running away from his fight with Darkness Exceed, leaving his comrade Luggnagg (or ball boy as we call him in chat) all alone.
  5. CORRECTION The Vault contents are a mix of Viz volumes and Advocacy volumes, and are not complete. I do not know why this is. I will investigate further. ---------------------------------------------------------------
  6. I don't know exactly if there is any documentation on the movie version, but here is the Visual Data Files page on the Manga version of the Relic ship. If you need more, youll have to look up volumes 6, 7 and 8 of the manga as those deal with the Relic and use of it.
  7. As far as I know, only the official Chuang Yi volumes have ever done the first 7 volumes in english (I believe they made it to volume 10). And those are pretty rare so I doubt anyone will ever scan them properly. I hadn't even heard of Hobby Japan, but it looks like they did some chapters into volume 4... But their last release was in 2012. So unfortunately, what your looking for doesn't quite exist.
  8. Apollyon first appeared after the Dragonlord incident when he collected Khan's Zoacrystal (End of book 25). The prevailing theory, with any kind of evidence, is that Apollyon is Imakarum. Imakarum's goal is simply to cure Archaphel of these sleeps he has to deal with. He doesn't care what Archanphel's or Cronos' plans are. The most simple evidence of Imakarum being Apollyon, is that he appeared before Barcas lost the Arizona HQ, who then went to the Isle of Silha to visit Archanphel. During that time Imakarum was there and with Barcas sensing something about Archanphel's power, and after Barcas leaves, Imakarum says some cryptic things like " And the next is..." (see books 26 and 27 for the last Imakarum scenes we have had) The next time we are on Silha, Apollyon has brought the Segawa siblings there to take care of Archanphel. He is then constantly bringing food and necessities for them on the island for them. If Imakarum is not Apollyon, where is he? He is fixated on trying to heal Archanphel. Why would someone else be trying to help on their secret island? Why is Apollyon taking care of Archanphel on Silha with modern technology? How did Apollyon know the Segawa's? All these are important questions that have only one answer that makes sense: Apollyon is Imakarum. As to why he is so powerful? He was repaired in Archanphel's own bio-pod and given a giant burst of energy by Archanphel. He seems to be either have been reprocessed, or evolved due to Archanphel making him more like himself initially.
  9. No, he is not. Whatever is effecting him only means he can't do anything about his current situation. We know that every-time he uses his powers he has to rest longer and longer. Whatever Apollyon has planned does not seem to be Archanphel's plan either. He is only with the Segawa siblings because Apollyon forced them into helping take care of Archanphel. In the scene with the siblings, he doesn't smile, or show any real emotion. Archanphel's goal is, and has always been to go into space with his army that he created, to show his creators what he could accomplish. He doesn't care about most people, nor does he really care about humanity as a whole. They are just potential soldiers for his army. He's really only shown to seem to care about Balcus and Imakarum. Imakarum being special because Archanphel seemingly made him himself.
  10. https://io9.gizmodo.com/godzilla-vs-kongs-director-talks-spoiler-culture-and-t-1846546185 An article about the Director and how spoilers were so poorly handled, especially for this one. I knew about Mecha Godzilla many months ago because of the toys.
  11. Depends. The 1989 OAV is great, at least for the first 6 episodes, to bring new people into Guyver. The violence and short story works and flows well. Great music too (original dub or Japanese Subbed) The 2005 series is great for all the added and expanded content. The original manga wasn't well written and needed an update. As a fan of the lore I loved it... But for new fans, it really wasn't anything special to bring them into the fandom ( I always rail against the marketing for it. Such a terrible decision).
  12. So far, that is what is assumed, yes. They likely also did not think that an injured creation of theirs could destroy the planetoid they sent at Earth.
  13. Black Widow is to be released on Disney+ Premier Access (yes you have to pay extra) on July 9th.
  14. No, they never thought about giving anything one of their units. It was never in their "plans" so to speak. The "Units" were not called "Guyver" until after Guyver 0 actively betrayed them. It literally is said that one day they just decided to see what would happen if they did. And it shocked and amazed them. It'd be interesting to see what would have happened if Guyver 0 had listened and removed the unit, they might not have even realized that they become "Out of Control" when merged with it. they could have bio-boosted an army who might have retaliated. It was only after Guyver 0 betrayed them that they started to think about what would happen if something more power got their unit... And Archanphel having argued with them about what to do about Guyver 0 likely did not help his fate.
  15. Guyver is OLD. It hasn't bent to the tropes of this era that make things popular. And that is another reason why I still like it. It never caved to what was popular like some series do. The whole basic premise of Guyver has been done over and over again, and constantly been refined into other popular tropes... but Guyver is originally from 1985, and is still heavily influenced by this... Especially since anyone trying to get into the manga or anime have to contend with it's age. And some of the early stuff hasn't aged well. The first 6 episodes of the 1989 OAV are still the best thing to show new potential fans... but its age is showing too... There are no HD re-releases to make it look better... And the Manga Entertainment version is a lesser version when compared to the original release by AD Vision. The 2005 TV series just wasn't enough like the 89 OAV, despite the TERRIBLE marketing campaign claiming it was "The New Face of Ultra Violence"... When it was a TV series and could not, and would never have anything I would remotely consider "Ultra Violence". If it was an OAV and did have "Ultra Violence", the 2005 series would have been received a lot better... As Gory violence is a hook that brings people to watching it. But in the end, the 20005 series was... Boring? As a fan I loved the extra story bits and whatnot... But it wasn't anything special or exciting for new people. And THEN you throw in all the delays and gaps in releases of the manga (5 years at the end of April) and it is no wonder few people ever care about it. The only reason I feel that we are getting the statues and figures, is that Max Watanabe of Max Factory is a personal friend of Takaya, and Guyver helped build his company with the early model kits. Hell, the Bio Fighter series of figures predates Figma figures. And I guress whomever runs Prime 1 studios must also be a fan. Or they were paid a lot to make the statues.
  16. The Creators DIDN'T think that far ahead. That's the whole reason they left and tried to kill him and destroy Earth. There were reckless scientists doing whatever they could to make something powerful. At the time of Guyver 0, they had no idea what the unit would do on a human and just thought one day " Hey, let's try it!". Then they likely did some calculations and realized what could be, and up and left without saying much. It's only Archanphel's pure determination that he survived to modern time with what they did to him.
  17. Newest episode, ep 5 clears up who is doing this (something long time Marvel comic readers probably assumed already) And that reveal at the end was fun.
  18. Some new pictures, both of new and old characters!
  19. I would say he probably could beat the current Guyot, in a one v one combat. Guyot looks like he has lost a lot of his capabilities, and relies heavily on the Unus for any actions he takes. Physically, I assume he is still a beast, and could go toe to toe with a Guyver or better ( After all, he matched Guyver 3 in human form originally), and is probably pretty durable. But that is likely it. But considering the newer abilities Aptom has? Aptom all the way. The High Frequency Spikes, particle weapons, freezing, invisibility... Aptom has so much great abilities, that even with just his HF spike, he could likely puncture Guyot's body and make short work of him with good shot combined with his invisibility. If Guyot was using the Unus? Would be a fairer fight and would depend if he had just the 4 for his combined form, or more. Aptom has proven to be pretty crafty with his abilities in the past, so I think I'd still give it to Aptom, but it'd be a harder fight.
  20. No, the control medal is far more than a CPU. It is also an operating system that handles and regulates the bio-boost systems, as well as handles recording the data of the host for healing and the self defense systems. That much has been noted officially (included the VDF page regarding it). The regulation of the bio-boost system is also why there is a significant difference between Humans wearing the armor, and the creators wearing the armor, and why even they believed that it could get much worse. The problem is that we have only seen humans as Guyvers, but we do know that creators say that the humans get more than 10 times the boost from the unit. The Zoacrystals on the other hand, HAVE been proven to be essentially batteries. Zoa-forms have their abilities hard wired into their DNA, but cannot use them without energy. This is why things like the Libertus and Griselda require to be recharged in tubes if they overuse their powers, and why Carleon did not die and aged terribly after his crystal was removed. As well we have had Zoalords require rest or being placed in a bio-tube after over exerting themselves. The crystals don't seem to be able to regenerate power quickly. So if a unit bio-boosted on a Zoalord, it would not bio-boost exactly same way it does on a human and would likely adjust it levels and abilities for the new organism it just merged with. If the new organism can handle more energy, it is fair to say that the Unit could pull more energy quicker.
  21. It's not that they would "Merge" so much as they would compliment each other. THAT is the true fear of the Guyver Zoalord. As mentioned before, it could likely be that the Zoacrystal acts like a large battery while the Unit provides armor, weapons and power from the boost dimension, keeping that battery topped up. If humans were made to be weapons, and Zoalords are a further evolution of that, the Guyver unit could theoretically bio-boost the Zoalord even more than a human. Just because the control medal regulates the Bio-Booster armors output, doesn't mean it cannot handle more. It's like putting high end parts in a low quality machine... They will never work to peak performance if the rest of it is bogging down the high end parts. And as far as we have been officially told so far, it would work. And it would work well.
  22. I feel for you having to go watch V... It's... Something.
  23. Scared to Death - Syngenor - A movie that actually helped inspire the Guyver... And it's sequel SYNGENOR, which basically rips off Cronos... But even has David Gale as the head of the evil company... Just like in the first Guyver movie!
  24. I am guessing it is likely due to this being a 7 year old post and the forum did some archiving or something. I have re-uploaded it anyway. Should be good to download now.
  25. I think if you have to ask " At what point are we all wasting our time?" I think you might already be there. It's now been officially over 4 years since we've had a single chapter of manga. I know I may have mentioned it before to other people, but I will always say it again: Don't count on new material. Move on. Focus on other things. As much as we want more Guyver, hoping and wishing for it... It's not up to us, and if more does come, it will come when it does. And if it doesn't? Constantly hoping for it will hurt even more when/if we are confirmed no more will ever come. I have taken years away from any real Guyver talk in the past, and came back when something finally came up... And even during some other long breaks, I have had Fanfiction/Fanart/Friends stuff to keep me interested in the concept of Guyver, even when there is no official material being made. It is a choice you make, to keep coming and looking for new Guyver material. Just alter that choice. Come for discussion on Guyver related topics if you want to try and continue keeping the community alive, or bow out of Guyver discussion completely. Find a new topic to focus on. I have lots of other interests other than Guyver, and sometimes I take some time (sometimes months) and focus on them. Find their communities and interact with them. Find something else to be excited for. I am not going to say we don't miss our members who do eventually move on... But since no new content is currently being made, and speculation topics have been so overdone, there is nothing left to speculate about... Maybe come back every 6 months or every year just to check for new material. If there is, there could be more than you expect. If not, your quick little pop in won't effect you all that much as you move on to your other interests. Even at this point, as part of the fan fiction part of the site, we've officially moved on from the manga, and will not be writing around it any further. I sometimes wish we could go back to the days where the fan fiction was still actively being put out so that we could contribute SOMETHING... Unfortunately despite all of our current planning ( we meet up to talk at least twice a month), writing just isn't feasible with our lives at the moment... With artwork sometimes popping up in bursts with long times between.
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