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  1. This one I'm throwing in just for giggles...Archanfel versus LOBO! Pretty much the ultimate "bad boy" of the DC Universe, Lobo has managed to hold his own against the likes of Superman and the Demon Etrigan, killed Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, gotten himself banned from entering Heaven and Hell, making him effectively immortal...he's pretty much a magnet for wanton mayhem and destruction. So...anyone think Archanfel has a shot against the Main Man?
  2. Dammit...well, do they have a "preview of next month's issue" page or something?
  3. So...any updates? News? Chapter? Anyone? Anyone?
  4. Well, since no one else has brought it up, I figure I have to...how do you think Takaya is weathering the coronavirus situation?
  5. "I made my choice...I'm done running."
  6. Now that would certainly be one for the books... For my next contestant...behold, the Vision! A long-standing member of the Avengers, the Vision possesses a number of superhuman powers ultimately derived from his artificial substance and metabolism. The Vision's android body is a functioning replica of a human body containing analogues to virtually all human organs, blood, and tissue, composed of an unrevealed synthetic organic-like substance, presumably Horton Cells. This substance mimics all the functions of human tissue, but is several times as strong, durable and resilient. In addition, his brain brain functions like a computer enabling him to interact, wirelessly or directly, with other computer systems to utilize or extract data from them which can be stored in his databanks. He has used these abilities to disable the Avengers's security systems and gain direct control of the world's nuclear weapons systems. He is also able to receive transmissions from other computers if he establishes and maintains a connection with the Avengers's computers in their base of operations. He has a vast amount of information (possibly a library's worth) stored in his computer brain which he can refer to at any time, and he is also capable of rapid analysis of huge amounts of data. After his 'Ultron Imperative' protocol became active, the Vision spent hours absorbing solar energy and gathering raw materials to re-create his body so that it would be made entirely out of nanobots. This enabled him to disassemble into a stream of millions of nanites, enabling it to fit into and travel through extremely small spaces. Each nanite carries a copy of the Vision's A.I. programming, possibly enabling him to scatter and reconstruct a brand new body from a single unit. It also allows him to capitalize on his natural cyberpathic and technopathic manipulation capabilities by disassembling and infiltrating systems, rewiring them from the inside out via his near atomic scale semblance. The Vision can generate holograms to disguise himself as a human wearing a trench coat or even render himself invisible. He can adjust the sensitivity of his audio receptors to a point where he can detect the faintest of sounds. Vision can also scan life forms, energy sources and even objects detecting the substances that they are composed of and the energies that are radiating from them. Due to his artificial nature, his reflexes are greatly enhanced from a human's reflexes, and he does not tire. The Vision's body has been saturated with special cybernetically activated cells which are capable of interfacing with some unknown dimension with which he can shunt or accrue particles of mass. Thus the Vision is able to control his density and solidity. By shunting a non-critical portion of his body's molecules away from him, he can become a weightless, transparent, intangible wraith, unable to be touched by solid matter. By accruing extradimensional mass and fortifying his body with it, he can make his body extremely hard and durable to the point where it is immune to most types of damage. His base strength is above human, and increasing his density will increase his strength, to where he can lift (press) a maximum of 50 tons. He can become extraordinarily massive and harder than diamond. At maximum mass, the Vision weighs about 90 tons. The Vision can use his density control offensively by attaining minimum density (intangibility). Passing a part or all of his body within another living being and ever so slightly increasing his density (tangibility) enables him to direct that living beings actions. Even increasing his density to one half ounce (14.25 grams) is sufficient to cause the organism he passes through excruciating pain, a shock to the nervous system, and unconsciousness. Were he to become any more dense than one half ounce, the shock would probably kill the other organism if the organic damage was not extensive enough to kill the other organism in itself. Accordingly, the Vision employs this power with extreme caution. When at a minimum mass, the Vision can fly through the air weightlessly. It is not known how the Vision performs this task. He may be able to maneuver and gain speed by drawing power from Earth's magnetic field to some degree. When he does however, he is capable of passing through solid matter and reaching high speeds; it took Wonder Man (Simon Williams) some time to catch him. He can carry passengers while remaining solid on the outside, but he is not likely to fly as fast as he normally does. It is either the weight of the passenger that prevents him from doing so or he simply views it as "unsafe" for the passenger. There appears to be no limit to the time he can remain in any given altered state of density. The solar jewel on the Vision's brow absorbs ambient solar energy that his body is able to convert directly into usable forms by a process not unlike photosynthesis in plants, but with 99% efficiency. The solar ray absorption process occurs constantly (even at night to some degree) at a rate determined by the expenditure of energy for his bodily needs. Thus the jewel absorbs solar energy most expediently when the Vision utilizes it at some superhuman level of exertion. While the Vision does not require food or beverages to survive, he is capable of consuming and utilizing them for short-term energy. He can channel limited amounts of solar energy back through the gem on his forehead at will, creating a narrow hot beam of infrared and microwave radiation. The beam can be controlled within a temperature range of 500 to 30,000 degrees Fahrenheit. At maximum temperature, the Vision can melt through a 1-inch plate of steel in 5 seconds. The Vision originally was not capable of controlling the width of the beam, but later achieved the ability. He can sustain a heat beam at maximum intensity for about 2 minutes before he begins to tax his supply of energy for his other bodily functions. The Vision commonly uses his eyes for this purpose as well. So, who thinks Vizh has a shot at taking on Archanfel?
  7. I was reading somewhere that February 1985 was when the original manga debuted...so last month should have marked the 35th anniversary. Hasn't there been the slightest bit of fanfare anyplace?
  8. Okay, time to pull out the stops...Archanfel versus the Shi'ar Imperial Guard! Serving as the personal guard for the Majestrix of the Shi'ar Empire, the Guard is made up of the most powerful and elite soldiers throughout the empire. On top of that, their leader is Gladiator, whose powers and abilities are within the neighborhood of a certain Man of Steel over at the Distinguished Competition. So...thoughts?
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