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  1. Okay, so...I was able to catch the movie over the weekend...and I had a BLAST! Definitely thought it did the original film justice...and it was just plain FUN. I think Harold would have been proud. Has anyone else seen it yet, and what did you think?
  2. Huh...hadn't even considered that possibility...
  3. Get ready...to fear the Knight.
  4. QUICK UPDATE: 1:55 - Bugle articles mention Rhino and Black Cat! What game are you playing, Sony?
  5. Was trying to aim for the blue-ish appearance in the Marvel vs. Capcom games with Venom: As for the Panther, I was trying to re-create the glow his suit made in the BP movie, when it was absorbing kinetic energy.
  6. Spotted a few things... 1:17 - Horizon Labs 1:41 - Oscorp 2:01 - Daily Bugle 2:06 - "That thing in San Francisco" (Venom reference) 2:10 - A poster or drawing of a certain web-slinger 2:13 - Adrian Toomes! This is gonna be interesting...
  7. "I am Venom...just kidding, Doctor Michael Morbius at your service!"
  8. "Can I tell you a secret? I'm working with an Avenger!"
  9. Skip to 55:23, looks like something is stirring.
  10. Preview still: I am definitely looking forward to this one.
  11. Well, I've been perusing Shonen Ace's website, and while I admit that my grasp of Japanese is...sub-par at best, I do see that Guyver still has a listing. I know it isn't much, but hey...gotta have some reason to hope, right?
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