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  1. Oh yeah, conan would slice up some zoanoids for sure.
  2. For the longest time i was thinking there was something missing in this scene, then it finally clicked........a stripper pole, lol.
  3. I have to admit kanji, i absolutely love the scenes and positions you pose your figures in
  4. This was really great work.
  5. I loved how dark and evil they made the scenes feel with(with out spoiling it) 'he you cannot be named'......hehehe. But the final few fight scenes could of been better, especially with rey. Problem i felt is that they spent so much time filling out non essential characters back stories, just like the previous movie. The majority of the movie just felt flat and left a cardboard taste in my mouth, like the home brand biscuits.
  6. I really loved this movie, seen it twice now, might go again. And yes, there was a post credit scene, it was the three chimes. It was a tribute to ironman and where it all began, when tony stark was hammering out the first helmet on the anvil.
  7. You know......, i was just thinking the other day that perhaps the reason for the halt in publication could be due to the rights being bought out?, there could be a movie coming in a few years!?
  8. RIP Stan, what an astounding legacy he's left behind.
  9. All good ships, there's so many that i like, i honestly think it'll be to hard for me to chose an absolute favourite. The sdf1 from macross/robotech, who doesn't like a giant transformable spaceship? The millennium falcon( the fastest piece of junk in the galaxy) The white star from babylon5, a minbari/vorlon built advanced battle ship built specifically for war against the shadows. The gunstar from the the last starfighter,( one ship to protect the frontier against a whole armada!) Childhood fav, And i can't forget the phoenix from gforce(battle of the planets) flies through sky,space and sea, also transforms into a fiery phoenix which can fly through just about anything all without the occupants bursting into flames! Theres so many more, but thats enough for one post, plus its 5 in the morning, time for some sleep!
  10. So far, so good, two thumbs up jerry. That's what i really miss on the syfy channel, all the docos. Some of the shows imo don't even belong on the channel. At the moment, I'm reduced to enjoying reruns of stargate, atlantis & dark matter. Amazingly, i think that there was more shows and programming of scifi content between the 80's to 2000's produced than there is now. Excec's may want to think about rerunning some of that old content, since they don't really have anything new to show. God forbid they decide to cross over some reality tv crap.
  11. Yep, still here aswell. You know, i honestly can't remember what i saw first, the original animated movie or the ova, the 80's was sooooo long ago, started watching it from when it first begun.
  12. I really enjoyed the first series, what are you watching this on? A few streaming sites ive recently checked out all require registration.
  13. just me thinking out loud, but i honestly feel that perhaps takaya is waiting out the publishing contract? (noticed with the prime1 figures that their licensed by the publisher but not endorsed by takaya, unlike the maxfactory figures.)
  14. yes....we're so exclusive
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