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  1. I truly thought that antman was going to flop, comic wise he's a boring character to me. But my God that movie was so good. I never would of thought of having a show about Jennifer Jones, but they spawned what, 3 shows off of hers?
  2. I remember in jason Aaron's run, they explained that the humans gene to become super, mutants, altered, their potential to become more, was because the dying celestial died on earth and bled- oozed into the earth.
  3. I might be in the minority, but both comics and mcu, the eternals are whats useless. Just plain and simple, useless. I never liked them, and their oufits/designs were just goofy overall... And their mission statement alone is just... ugh.
  4. Welll.... they could always turn into the next avengers base.... gawd Aaron's run is terrible.
  5. That song the bard plays is catchy. It was one of the reasons I got into the show.
  6. A pic with no lights. The fans do make a really big difference to air flow as well.
  7. I got the zephyr mask. Only took me 6 tries to get it. I like it but I'm super self conscious about wearing it in public. I dont like the attention.
  8. So I started watching the Netflix series simply because Henry Cavill was in it. Before this, I have no prior knowledge on anything witcher related. After finishing the second season I started playing witcher 3 wild hunt. Now I really enjoy the show a lot more than I thought I would, the game took me a horribly long time to like. Like I quit it twice cause I was pretty bored with it. Now I'm more or less intrigued by the story and some... some... of the game concepts. I actually like the alchemy side of the game. And the health for your weapons. Any one else try the game or series?
  9. Thunderbolt is. I watched it on watchcartoononline and I got disappointed when they repeated the episodes but labeled them as new episodes. I wanted more.
  10. Lol! I honestly thought that was how dbz went... that filler just meant a story arc that wasn't in the manga!
  11. The fillers is one of the parts I like about anime. Its extra scenes thrown in from the original Manga. Like deleted scenes kinda. And Naruto had some good fillers. One punch i truly enjoy purely because of Saitamas blandness. I could care less about the story, I just like seeing how Saitama reacts to things. I never got into dbz. I seen to the end if the buu saga. Never got into got or super. Is hero academia any good?
  12. Nah I'm good man. Patience is a virtue.
  13. I actually never read a issue of one piece, I love the music, the voices, the colors of the back ground and the sunsets in the anime so much, I dont want to have beforehand knowledge of what's coming next. I like to be in the moment and just enjoy what I'm seeing. I'm currently at the point where they broke up sanjis wedding. I havent had the time to search for the right ep number and download them. Hellsing!! Thats the one! Honestly I only watched it cause I saw a clip of the abridged version and it was as funny as hell. I was curious about the true show after that. Naruto... I loved it till the ninja war, and I enjoy fillers. Ninja war was too much for me, and I ain't going near boruto. No desire, no curiosity.
  14. Basara!! I cant watch made in abyss. I saw some clips. Dont think I can handle it. Me, one piece Macross frontier Macross delta Gundam thunderbolt Darling in the franx Bofuri Knights of sidonia One punch man Ugh... a Dracula anime, wears a red trench coat and uses guns... Castlevania. Fairy tail
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