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  1. Small break from guyver stuff. My mom has gotten into selling bonzai trees, and asked me to print and paint a yoda for them.
  2. It's alive!!!! So some luck with my gregole project. It's back in one piece, but I'm 1000% positive if you even breath on it, it'll snap. I tried to take some real close up photos to show off one leg, it's got a hage gap in it. Trying to fill it, but it will be a major structural weakness for all eternity. And a few touch ups on the guyvers. Haven't decided about the busts base yet. I'm sorta liking the green look.
  3. Heh... I broke it as I was about to paint it... I picked it up to get a good look aND see what color I should use 1st, sat it down and big clumsy moron(me) back handed it off the table as I was reaching for the paint!! You ever look into the mesh mixer program?
  4. I'm taking a break from my zoanoid heartbreak. So I started paint my two guyvers again.
  5. I don't know why that big chunk is on the corner there. Must be a fault when the slicer converted the file for printing... something I'll have to look into I guess. What ya think?
  6. Here it is! Now bare in mind that this is right off the printer and all I did was remove the supports. I haven't cleaned it up or touched up anything yet. Just by looking at it here, it's still smaller than I had intended, guess I didn't realize how big that base really was. And Im still not able to see those striped lines on his shin. So... no need for the extra work on smaller miniatures. But if I ever intend to cut em up and print by pieces, I'll have to do those lines.
  7. Better angle of the stand and then the whole model in a slicer program to get it printed. The whole model is so... comelex, it's bogging down the slicer. Can't use auto supports, have to add them in manually (the green things.) I tried shrinking it down 1st before I load it in the slicer, but it still boggs it down no matter what size I save it as. Dunno. Hope it works. Lol.
  8. Chronos symbol, and then the symbol as a stand.
  9. Ok something I was printing while working on getting gregole right. Just finished it together. Some of you already know, I'm a huge star wars fan. And this is my favorite ship.
  10. Here's me cooking him in my totally professionally made UV chamber. After he's cured i. Going to take a dremel to him and fix a lot of small bits of resin I couldn't reach with my cutters. A small bit got removed from his left leg, his left, not my left. Wasnt too bad but it will be noticeable when I paint him. Also noticed that those lines I made on his leg didn't show up either. Not surprising seeing how small I made him. I was shooting for the same size as the green Guyver I made.
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