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  1. Vader in Vader immortal, Vader in fallen order Tartarus in halo 2. Me and my friend played co op and we were able to take our banshees thru the tunnel that lead to him. So all we did was stay far way and just unload on him..... it was such a fair fight... Also the 1st scarab fight on halo 2. I drove so many vehicles inside a scarab, it wasn't fun anymore... Ghost, Mongoose, Warthog, I wanna say banshee but that may of been a later level or a different game. I definitely drove a scorpion on a scarabs back, but couldn't get it inside for obvious reasons.
  2. I played max carnage on a snes emulator, and cheated the crap out of it. I feel no shame in that either. I'd be so dead otherwise.
  3. Catwoman kinda reminds me of the halle berry catwoman. I am interested in seeing a riddler movie tho. And I must say I want to see the whole scene with that guy in the car who was super happy he got batman. But thats about it.
  4. Hm... never saw that before. But i do recognize him. He voiced zoom in the flash cw series.... I dunno how I feel about this... he is a good actor but I feel his voice is too distinctive. Im gonna have a bug in my ear every time I hear his voice(like I did in flash, his voice and the character I see don't match in my brain and it breaks the realm of disbelief).
  5. Lol, I dont know who that is either. Its cool, ill do some googling.
  6. Spoilers below: Ok so in depth review... they got cleatus kassidy's history right, but thats it. The only other thing remotely close was his relationship to shriek. But in this movie, he genuinely loved her, and they been a thing since they were kids. Don't get me wrong, in maxium carnage, absolute carnage and the king in black, they were together. But even tho she was insanely in love with him, it was more like a joker and Harley Quinn vibe. In this movie he was fighting the Carnage symbiote when it hits her. Comics he always chose the symbiote over anything else. And their bond was the deepest and strongest of all the symbiotes, to the point that both consciousness merged into one, even after they were separated. Movie? Not so much, no. This movie was basically a love story of cletus cassidy... not to mention he truly admired and liked Eddie Brock and wanted to be friends. (Sigh) How he became carnage was ok-ish. Eddie got to close to his cell and cletus(cleatus?) Took a bite outta Eddie's hand. So that's how he got the symbiote. Still not a fan of the way they portray Eddie in the movie... he shouts at the venom symbiote in broad daylight as a humor factor, making him looking like a crazy guy yelling at himself just to get a laugh is annoying... and he still looks and acts like an addict or like he has a medical condition. Yet all other hosts act normally... extremely annoying. What else...symbiote needing chocolate and brains was in the comic, tho to be fair, that was a horrible retcon from the 90s, and I was never a fan, but I'm pretty sure that got retconned again? Not im not 100% certain. Don't know much about shriek except what was in spiderman comics, but she seems mostly in character, just the actress swapping from little girl voice to gravely voice is distracting. And she was telling carnage to ease off of killing someone. That was out of character for the comics and movie honestly, like it came out of no where. Shriek, "Argh!! I'm killing this person! Haha die person, whoa whoa carnage, thats too much!" Was way out of place. BIG BIG SPOILER END CREDIT SCENE. ok this one made me happy. Venon and Eddie were talking about the knowledge venom has from the hive(first time this was brought up in the movies but a big deal from comics) and then some special effects happened and now they are in a different reality and the TV is talking about Peter Parker is Spider-Man, and he killed mysterio. So this gives me hope that A. Maybe now he'll get the white spider emblem. B. Hes now apart of the mcu and will fixate on spidey as the lethal protector should. Sorry for the huge rant.
  7. Done watched it.... spoiler free review: didnt care for it. However end credits scene? Totally worth it.
  8. I was really hoping to hear Carnages voice.... but I know what I'm doing this weekend. Anybody wanna go with me?
  9. I always assumed the self defense mode is more or less a reactionary device than a seek and destroy. As long as no one is threatening, or has a threatening presence, my guess is it shouldn't attack. Otherwise its a doomsday or hulk scenario.
  10. Very excited for this! I done beat that 1st game like 8 times. Good gawd I love this game. I played miles morales, and it was super fun at first and loved seeing New York in the winter, but it did get old real quick. I think its cause I never been super big into miles, and how they always give me new powers or bigger power levels. I swear bendis is just doing it to one up Peter Parker. And this game coming up, im so stoked for it! I dont even care if its the same game play and engine running it or not. Im that eager to play. I just need to buy a ps5.
  11. Dude.... mephisto needs to chill! Lol. Seriously tho, he is showing up so much right now making deals and retconning so much backstory.... they need to lay off him as the hidden big bad for bad things happening to heros.
  12. Disney is skilled with misdirection. At least for me. This is just hearsay, I never read this in an official source, but I heard that the reason quesada split them up was because he himself went thru a horrible divorce. But I dont know how accurate this is. Renew your vows is probably my favorite alternate reality spiderman comic. He has a little girl, and him and Mary Jane have powers and patrol together. Its so awesome seeing them connect like this and seeing it actually work.
  13. Durandel... your evil... Oh God I hope they don't do brand new day.... Current comics are in the midst of addressing that(well, technically One more Day)... Hopefully removing it, but thats my dream out come. Looks like spider-man will release this year in December, and dr strange will release in March next year. I watched wandavision, and didn't see any multiversy things there.... so maybe Pete and his big mouth starts this?
  14. That one line convinced me to watch this in itself. So hearing the william Dafoe goblin laugh... I didnt see electro in the trailer so Im hoping that means Tobey Mcguire and Andrew Garfield are also being kept secret. Tho i should point out that neither them or William Dafoe is listed under the cast for this movie. I do like how Peter's constant talking got them into this madness. I'm so stoked they are going the multiverse route. I loved the spiderverse/spidergeddon arcs and this is just gold to me.
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