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  1. I'm trying to master clear prints, so can get some cool glossy clear things built. I figure some items will look cool like that, and with this green, it'll give it a jade statue look. As you can see, I'm not to savy on the particulars of that part. And a multi legged monster spider I tried to print for a game I got coming up.
  2. Its about 6 inches tall, my FDM printer wouldnt be able to handle that size, and it would have ribs groing from top to bottom. This is my resin printer
  3. Ok so update. I love it. I downloaded a few guyver models from thingverse. I'll upload some pics i took.and here is the photo of the model cleaned up and base coats applied.
  4. i just ordered a resin printer today, the photon s. i'm a little nervous about playing with it, but im super excited at being able to print with it. hopefully i wont have a distastrous fubar of a first time. fingers crossed. the print volume is a bit tiny, its 4.5 inchs by 6 inchs by 2 inches.
  5. lol, sorry. i should of been more clear, the post was funny and i got the joke right away, but i wasnt sure if it was apart of teh picture or if someone added to it at a later date.
  6. so far the only chiron printers i found is the Anycubic Chiron 3d FDM printer. that thing has a massive build volume. im looking to update my filament printer to a larger platform so i might get one that size, but i want to get a resin printer first. i do a lot miniature gaming, and i hate spending like 20 dollars or more for a single figure. and i like to have ARMIES. lol. so how does the resin work for you all? i heard it is a bit annoying having to wash the resin off and then curing it. i looked it up online, but i always rather talk to people who have experience with it. it was the only way i got my 1st 3d printer working decent. it was a disaster at first.
  7. so i read a lot of star wars novels, mostly rebellion era and up, and read nearly all the comics, still working on some. i'd like to think i have a pretty good grasp of star wars ships, but i do not recognize that ship... and it being that size, is that a fan made ship?
  8. what kind of printer is it? if its a resin printer then even the cheaper ones have surprising amounts of detail. i have a monoprice filament printer but havent tried any guyver stuff either. i use 3D builder on win 10 to make stuff but the options there arent good enough for me to try a guyver. that im a bit intimidated. the filament printers a bit cheaper, but even the quality isnt up there with a resin, even so i do get some decent looking prints out, my main problem is the bottom surface that is parallel to the build plate, i cant seem to get it to have any form or look to it. im saving up money to get a resin so i can try. how big are your casts molds going to be?
  9. this movie... (deep breath) its... better than the 1st two of the trilogy, but there is still many things with it that makes it hard to watch. my biggest problem was what they did to Luke in the Last Jedi. That can't been forgiven, lol.
  10. that said, i'll still see episode 9 just to finish the series, but i have absolutly Zero expectations. that was all robbed from me in ep 8. so yeah, its kinda a bleak time for my wars of stars at the moment. strike that. the Mandalorian is freaking amazing!
  11. for most movies im a lot like sully, but you mess with my spider-man or my starwars (especially luke) then there will be hell to pay... and im usually stuck with the bill.
  12. interestingly enough, there was a michelle jones in the comics, and they did have a small fling (thanks to chameleon) but as peter put it several times, "Michelle is a terror and a drill Sargent rolled into one" she literally chained and pad locked the fridge in their apartment.
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