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  1. I always assumed they used the remains of the control medal to create the unit of guyver 2 female. I was so certain of that I would've put money on it.
  2. Did anybody watch this? I kept trying to go, but life decided I couldn't. I'm curious of the opinions of the people here. The public at large didnt seem to like it.
  3. It sounds like central could be equivalent to headquarters. Like I gotta send this request to corporate hq for approval.
  4. It just occurred to me.... I never read the translation for the last volume. I have the raw, and I went thru it, but I had absolutely zero interest in reading it at the time. Now I'm dying to read it but forgot where I downloaded it to! Hah! I'm sure its on my old HD, I'll get it, but it just struck me outside of agito getting the exceed, nothing super interested me.
  5. So I'm throwing this out there, I hope not. And only cause we are getting miles morales on 2 other platforms. He has the spiderman Playstation game, and then the sequel to into the spider verse is coming up. Granted the game already came out. I'm a little upset with miles in the comics, as I said before I'm a huge spiderman fan. Peter Parker is my boi. And at times it feels like miles only job is to make him look like a incompetent moron. Actually, Bendis has said similar things when asked why he created this character.(hearsay, mind you, a friend of a friend told me this) And even his power base and his ease of skill I take as a slap against Peter. When he 1st came out it could deal with the venom touch and visibility, but now he has so much more expanded powers with the venom touch, he's almost a saiyan. Which is sad, cause when its not bendis who is writing them together, they mesh sooooo well together. Its only when bendis writes them together is Peter barely capable of walking in a straight line with out something screwing up.
  6. Yes!! Way to go durendal! Wasn't it just "amazing"? Sorry bad pun, lol. So like there's not much about this movie I'm upset or even have minor issues about. I am curious about how venom and electro showed in the universe because neither knew about Peter. Heck, venom didn't know what a spider-man was. But I loved the goblin, my God, Dafoe did an amazing job here. And I loved how doc oc was played out. Mwahaa! Perfection. But my eyes, Andrew Garfield was the real mvp! I was geeking out when I first saw him, and he had every scene he was in, even if he was in the background.
  7. I truly thought that antman was going to flop, comic wise he's a boring character to me. But my God that movie was so good. I never would of thought of having a show about Jennifer Jones, but they spawned what, 3 shows off of hers?
  8. I remember in jason Aaron's run, they explained that the humans gene to become super, mutants, altered, their potential to become more, was because the dying celestial died on earth and bled- oozed into the earth.
  9. I might be in the minority, but both comics and mcu, the eternals are whats useless. Just plain and simple, useless. I never liked them, and their oufits/designs were just goofy overall... And their mission statement alone is just... ugh.
  10. Welll.... they could always turn into the next avengers base.... gawd Aaron's run is terrible.
  11. That song the bard plays is catchy. It was one of the reasons I got into the show.
  12. A pic with no lights. The fans do make a really big difference to air flow as well.
  13. I got the zephyr mask. Only took me 6 tries to get it. I like it but I'm super self conscious about wearing it in public. I dont like the attention.
  14. So I started watching the Netflix series simply because Henry Cavill was in it. Before this, I have no prior knowledge on anything witcher related. After finishing the second season I started playing witcher 3 wild hunt. Now I really enjoy the show a lot more than I thought I would, the game took me a horribly long time to like. Like I quit it twice cause I was pretty bored with it. Now I'm more or less intrigued by the story and some... some... of the game concepts. I actually like the alchemy side of the game. And the health for your weapons. Any one else try the game or series?
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