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  1. Bbdude, thank you so much for finding g this. Now I can't wait to get home and try it out. I been wanting to sit down long enough and watch the 12 ova again, (I been waiting to take a closer look at gregole for a while now) and hopefully this'll get me stirred up. Dang I'm actually excited to play the Guyver 3. I remember someone did a rpg maker short game with 3 or for Guyvers that he had made up for the game. Anybody else remember that?
  2. I think tora wants to start a new "storm area 51". Heck, I'm in. ... Let's just storm relics point, they can't stop all of us.
  3. Ok so again I didn't design these, but I did take two different models and combine them. I took a large model of the American Guyver from dark hero, shrank it and put it on top of a Guyver unit to make it a base/stand. When I finish my gregole, I'm open to suggestions for something similar, like use the same g unit, or maybe the kronus symbol from the 2005 anime. Anyways, I'm in the middle of painting it now. Im... slightly more ahead on Gregole than where I showed you all last, hadn't hit it too hard as I wanted to print out the yodas and some game pieces. One leg is totally finished, and the shin has all the horizontal lines on it. Started on the thigh, bit I stopped because after seeing the detail that was lost on the Guyver statue, I wanted to see how great the result would be first before I went crazy detailed with it. Plus..... TIME CONSUMINGGGGGGGGGG.
  4. Huh... I guess I hit my data limit for uploads. I'll add more later, including the final picture of that yoda.
  5. This is a couple of yodas I been working on for a friend from work.
  6. Some more things I been working on. I did Not design any of this. Just printing other peoples objects, because they are amazing.
  7. Thanks sully. Biggest hurdle will be keeping up with the project and not putting it off for to long. I'm pretty bad about doing that.
  8. Quick update. Working bottom up on a leg.
  9. Its auto desk meshmixer. Its a free software you can download. I googled meshmixer download and boom. And to be completely honest, at 1st I was about to give up because it (for me) was a different mindset. Things didn't function the way I thought they would or how I expected. But seriously, once i did a lil bit of googling, it was a surprising quick learning curve. And boom, and amateur gregoile.
  10. Here's the new update. Finished the hands and starting the muscles and fine details. Still skittish about the tentacle weight balances. Is it wrong that I'm getting real excited about this?
  11. So right now its basically body forming. One I do that I'll go back and shape up the muscles, then add in the small time detail.
  12. Adding some more pics. Trying to upload in order. I'm a bit nervous to add in the weight balancers, but i have to say, its coming together so much easier than I thought it would. I was really worried about the feet and toes but... It came out much much easier than I was thinking. Its no where near as complicated as I been thinking.
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