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  1. No idea why they didn't do anything about that.
  2. He sadly passed away earlier this month... I don't know what'll happen to Berserk. *Also nervously eyes Guyver & Yoshiki Takaya*
  3. Thank you for both your compliment and critique. ^^ I'll try slowing down the tempo. If that doesn't succeed in making my recording more comprehensible, I'll just record a new take.
  4. Good news everyone!! I feel I nailed Kevin Seymour's Zoanoid Data File voice!! Due to an adjustment failure.wav
  5. Yep, it certainly does suck; and we deserve some sort of explanation!
  6. Ah, I see, that makes a lot of sense.
  7. Seeing as how Team 5 accompanied Guyot to Chronos Japan in the OVA series. I wonder how the OVA series would've handled Aptom's newer forms with all of Team 5 dead in the first half of it.
  8. I read up on her when I found out, which got me thinking that her son could be disguised as Pietro.
  9. I suspect Agnes might be more than she seems.
  10. I'll be posting them there one by one when they're done.
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