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  1. Thank you, it sure will be! ^^
  2. Update: I'm doing vocal tests and experimenting with various software. My first videos will be about: Somlum/Samarubu, Dyme, & Gelpess.
  3. Thanks, I can't wait to show off my work when my first one is done! ^^ Ah, I understand. ^^
  4. Hey everybody, I'd like to share a fun project idea! I've been wanting to create Zoanoid Data File videos, in the style of the OVA Series - complete with delightfully cheesy voice overs provided by me! I have the goal of making Data File videos for all the known Zoanoids, save for the ones already analyzed in the OVA series. I might also make Data File videos for the Zoalords, Guyver II F, and maybe even Apollon! My other reason(s) for wanting to do this besides creativity is because my favorite Zoanoid Data File websites closed down a few years ago, and I want to contribute to the community of one of my favorite franchises! (I especially loved the neon green grid design it had.) Do any of ya fellow Guyver fans wanna join in? We could use something to do while we wait for new Guyver material.
  5. I've heard of this OVA, it was made by the late, great Ken Ishikawa - The creator of Getter Robo!
  6. That was really good, keep up the good work!
  7. Welcome dude, it's always awesome to see new members join! I myself joined up around the end of last year. (Sorry for welcoming ya too late, I've been busy with life recently.)
  8. I heard fans are making a quilt for him. That's so sweet of them!
  9. UltraGuyver351

    Richard Guyot

    Yes, he certainly is. Not to mention he survived the destruction of the Cronos Japan Branch building in the OVA series and Relics Point completely unscathed.
  10. UltraGuyver351

    Richard Guyot

    How durable is Guyot compared to the other Zoalords? I think he may be more durable than most of them.
  11. Again, I apologize from my lack of activity. Just when I thought I had more time, an online class took it all away.

  12. I started reading Manga via looking at the newer chapters in 2013-2015. (I had started & finished watching the OVA series in 2010) In 2017, I fully read the English translated Manga via KissManga (I knew most of what happened via reading info on the wiki.) I recently reread the Manga last fall, and it was fun to revisit it!
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