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  1. Here's hoping Takaya has a group of people who can take up his mantle in case he can't work on Guyver anymore.
  2. It's all good, dude! ^^ Funny thing, I was actually about to check the casting credits via playing my VHS tape to see for myself. I may still do that just to be sure.
  3. I watched both the scene in the original cut and all of the recuts of the dub and I'm still sure it's Dan Lorge, since I hear a little bit of the voice he'd later do for Inspector Zenigata in Lupin III Part II & multiple Digimon characters. It seems the sound was altered in the dub part ya sent me, since Zerbebuth's human voice sounded a little higher pitched.
  4. Manga UK they also did the same thing with Genzo Makashima & Gaster, I don't really know why they did that though. Dan Lorge voiced Zerbebuth in the OVA series. As I said in an earlier reply, I like Gary Dubin's performances. While he didn't do much to differentiate their normal forms voices, said voice(s) still fit them reasonably well. Though I absolutely loved it when Gary got super hammy as ZX-Tole & Aptom in eps 6 & 12, respectively. (I still love those line-reads!)
  5. Thanks! ^^ Good point; his death may not have been permanent, but Sho still ate his words. Yeah, I can see that. I admit I also enjoy a lot of older dubs like the Guyver OVA series; even though things have come a long way since then. The cheesiness makes my day! Ah, I understand now; he did sound needlessly blasé at times.
  6. (Sorry bout the late reply.) I also noticed that in the VHS credits of episode 6, Natsuki didn't have an ending shot. Since she didn't appear in said episode, that makes sense. Agreed, "I've called five times!!" is great and I sadly often forget about it. I think it's because the first angry Sho quote that comes to my mind is "You think I'm caught, but I'm free to fight!! I will never give up my life and surrender to Cronos!!" Yeah, that seemed like the most likely scenario. They may have been able to bring in Neo ZX-Tole by having him being created using the data of all of the original Team 5 by Balcus. I thought Gary Dubin did a decent job voicing his characters, even though he didn't really do anything to differentiate their normal forms voices. Though I love how hammy he got in Eps 6 & 12, which helped make his performances as ZX-Tole & Aptom stand out. While I was watching the 2005 series, I was so used to how the OVA pronounced the characters names (the human names that is), that I still go by those pronunciations; even if the 2005 series technically used the correct ways to say them. Lowell Bartholomee's Tetsuro voice fit the character reasonably well, though I think his performance started out kinda mediocre and got better as the dub went on. I liked how Luci Christian seemed to take influence from Melissa Fahn's performance when voicing Mizuki, and she still made her performance stand out in her own way. Overall, I legitimately like the 2005 series. That said, I don't like Sho, Tetsuro, and Mizuki's redesigns. Sho's redesign screams "Stock protagonist" when his Manga and OVA series design was already great as it is. Not to mention that he and Mizuki got their hair colors superfluously swapped and Tetsuro's new hairstyle didn't work for him.
  7. Pleasure to meet ya, Kenshin! It's always nice to meet fellow dedicated Guyver fans! I like your ideas and the discussion that spawned from them, it was a fun read! ^^
  8. Were ya able to find the U.S Renditions Dubs of episodes 7-12 online, or did ya have the tapes? The U.S Renditions dub tapes have the unique Lisker & Agito ending shots. It's unfortunate that Gravarthel didn't include them in his uploads, though it might've been an oversight on his part. I love those accents used in the dub, especially the Scottish Cronos Soldier! XD (I've memorized that entire scene BTW) Yeah, Yamamoto, Aota, and Nakanishi are pretty funny! XD I wish they showed up in the Manga. I also don't how they could've worked in Aptom gaining his new forms after his second fight with Sho with Team 5 outta the picture. Though I assume we would've seen Murakami telling them about his past and Sho would've fought Guyot along side Agito & Murakami. Then the stuff that happened in the basement would've played out. Agreed, Tom Fahn's voice and performance fit Sho very well!
  9. Wow, this looks cool! Seeing as I'm a fan of both Digimon & Kamen Rider, I'm pumped!
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