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  1. The current state of the Manga is reminding me of the scene in the 2005 Anime where the team debates if Sho & Agito could still be alive, and if it's right for them to still feel hopeful.
  2. I got good news! I finally finished the audio for the first of these and remade the older voice clips! All I need to do now is create the visual portion of the Somlum Data File.
  3. D'oh! I forgot about those two details! I gotta reread Guyver more often. (Well, more often than I already do.) Agreed, that'd be fitting for Balcus.
  4. Galenos' battleform would definitely be a big, rocky magma golem, but I hope the design will be badass. Combining being Balcus' power could explain why he gave that power to Aptom, and he could've been involved with the optimization of Cabral Khan.
  5. I Agree. I have a feeling Takaya may never reveal what The Advents/Creators look like, and I'm okay with that. Explaining details about ancient, technologically advanced extraterrestrial races while never revealing their appearances is crucial for maintaining an air of mystery, as we've observed with The Advents/Creators possible inspirations: The Firstborn from 2001: A Space Odyssey and its sequel, and the Protoculture from Macross.
  6. I agree, though it wouldn't hurt to know what Balcus & Galenos' battleforms look like.
  7. Here's hoping Takaya has a group of people who can take up his mantle in case he can't work on Guyver anymore.
  8. It's all good, dude! ^^ Funny thing, I was actually about to check the casting credits via playing my VHS tape to see for myself. I may still do that just to be sure.
  9. I watched both the scene in the original cut and all of the recuts of the dub and I'm still sure it's Dan Lorge, since I hear a little bit of the voice he'd later do for Inspector Zenigata in Lupin III Part II & multiple Digimon characters. It seems the sound was altered in the dub part ya sent me, since Zerbebuth's human voice sounded a little higher pitched.
  10. Manga UK they also did the same thing with Genzo Makashima & Gaster, I don't really know why they did that though. Dan Lorge voiced Zerbebuth in the OVA series. As I said in an earlier reply, I like Gary Dubin's performances. While he didn't do much to differentiate their normal forms voices, said voice(s) still fit them reasonably well. Though I absolutely loved it when Gary got super hammy as ZX-Tole & Aptom in eps 6 & 12, respectively. (I still love those line-reads!)
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