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  1. Hey everybody, I'd like to share a fun project idea! I've been wanting to create Zoanoid Data File videos, in the style of the OVA Series - complete with delightfully cheesy voice overs provided by me! I have the goal of making Data File videos for all the known Zoanoids, save for the ones already analyzed in the OVA series. I might also make Data File videos for the Zoalords, Guyver II F, and maybe even Apollon! My other reason(s) for wanting to do this besides creativity is because my favorite Zoanoid Data File websites closed down a few years ago, and I want to contribute to the community of one of my favorite franchises! (I especially loved the neon green grid design it had.) Do any of ya fellow Guyver fans wanna join in? We could use something to do while we wait for new Guyver material.
  2. So I went over and contacted Viz about whether they still have the rights to Guyver. Although I didn't get a definitive answer I made some progress. Thanks for writing in! Unfortunately, VIZ no longer publishes Bio Booster Armor Guyver. If you'd like to suggest Guyver to be published again in the future, we are currently accepting series suggestions over on our contact page here: https://www.viz.com/company-contact Simply select "Series Suggestion" from the drop down menu and you will be brought to a form where you can suggest any series you’d love to see VIZ publish! So I'm guessing they do? Either way I'm going put in a request via the link under Series Suggestions, wanted to share the details in case anyone wanted to do the same. If anyone wanted the details for the form... Via Wikipedia I got the following... Title: Bio Booster Armor Guyver Creator: Yoshiki Takaya Japanese Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten I've gone a bit further and sharing it in Guyver and Anime groups and starting a petition to gain momentum. https://www.change.org/.../guyver-bring-a-full-english...
  3. Hey guys! There's an Guyver Amino in the Amino app.
  4. Just something that came to mind while marathoning My Hero Academia: Since Zoacrystals store a Zoalord's power, can they store some of that power into other crystals like quartz? Like a back up battery so they don't drain their main crystal first and be left with a "oh crap" moment. I honestly don't know why this popped into my head while watching a super hero anime, but I'd figured it'd be worth asking the community and see if it's possible.
  5. Hello all, I am a long time fan of this series since I was a child. I have recently created a petition that will (hopefully) show FUNimation, a group that worked on the 05-06 series, that us fans are interested in a conclusion to the series in the form of either a second season or even a movie to finish off the story. I invite all of you loyal fans of our bio-boosted heroes to help myself, and everyone else that loves this anime, the conclusion we deserve. Thank you so much for your signature in advance. The link is below: https://www.change.org/p/funimation-finish-the-guyver-anime/nftexp/ex48/control/844068269?recruiter=844068269&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=autopublish&utm_term=share_for_starters_page&utm_content=ex48%3Acontrol Cody
  6. Are there any Shonen Ace Covers that feature the Guyver prominently? I know you Have Shonen Captain Covers, but I wish you guys had a decent scan of a Shonen Ace Cover With a Guyver (the franchise) on it... Maybe there was one in 2005 featuring the then new anime series. Maybe there was one with it's arrival. Who knows?
  7. Here is the link the the guyver discord! all about guyver and other things. https://discord.gg/nJDJEJD
  8. Let's try to keep this board alive while we impatiently wait for a new chapter! We've previously discussed film and anime ideas for Guyver COUNTLESS times, but I don't think we've ever had a thread on a live action TV series (correct me if I'm wrong). With Netflix being super popular at the moment, how would you do a live action Guyver series? Would you change the design of the armour? Would you change the story or follow the manga? Which actors would you like to see play who? Personally, I'd like something similar to Netflix's Daredevil series. Dark and gritty. Show me what you've got!
  9. Haven't draw for months... so i guess i start with something little complex and did this from memory
  10. I know we have several theories as to why Alkanphel sleeps as long as he does, but Mat Pat on YouTube came out with a theory for the movie Logan that I thought might be a plausible theory as well. Considering that Guyver has a heavy setting in the science of genetics, I thought that it's possible that the situation ol'Wolverine is in could be possible for someone as old as Alkanphel or any of the other Zoalords later down the line. What do you guys think? Possible, or does Mr. Takaia have something else up his sleeve to explain Alky's condition?
  11. Not a Gigantic Guyver and certainly not a guyver xd. i am talking about a simple guyver. Can a simple guyver beat a zoalord or archanfel or someone like apollon? and if not, then what is the use of such weak form of guyver. Why not just launch into gigantic straight away. Doesn't the unit itself know that its base form is too weak.
  12. What's goin on everyone, I'm Eric and I've been a fan of Guyver since I could remember. The earliest memory I have is possibly being younger than 4, around the 2002 era i believe, and watching the 12 episode Guyver anime on VHS at my dads house. I then started to develop a sense to draw Guyver, since I couldn't watch the show everywhere I go. So having a pen and paper allowed me to have Guyver with me lol I soon was exposed to the Guyver films, the one by Screaming Mad George and the Dark Hero film by Steve Wang. We all can agree on that the practical effects and zoanoid suits were beautifully designed especially the Guyver. But what really stood out to me was The Guyver Unit. Being interested in the Guyver Unit, I had a dream of always having one in my own hands. Why you might ask? Well, The Guyver Unit is the thing that grants the our protagonist his powers. Its what gave him the ability to be strong spiritually. Sho was a shy kid, and always had doubts about himself. Once he became the Guyver that allowed him to see that his friends are his strongest allies. He has a burning passion to protect his friends and everyone around him from Chronos who have bad intentions. And so, I can recall drawing Units in a sketch book. Having a blank CD case and using a sharpie to draw on the panel and line designs on it. I've found a large flat rock at a creek once and decorated it with crayons to make it look like a Guyver unit. When I was in 7th Grade, I had a cheese cylinder like container and it was a smaller size for a Unit, definitely not a 1:1 scale to any unit design from the Anime, Manga or Film. And the outcome was incredible. I really wish I had photos of it but I didn't have a camera or phone at that point. If I ever do find it, I will post photos of it, I believe it was decent at my age at the time. But it wasn't anything special, it was better than I had done before. When I was in my Junior year in High School, I was grounded, in my room being the most bored kid in the world, and started drawing. I landed on sketching Guyver units, which led me to start sketching out blue prints on making one. And after that, it was is history. I now make Guyver Units for the fans and collectors out there. I make Custom Light Up Guyver Units of all kinds. Just thought I could share my experience and my work with the other Guyver Fans here, and maybe you could have one for yourself(:
  13. To me the OVA Guyver 1 vs Enzyme 1 fight is the most brutal, violent, hardcore, horrifying, bloody fight that I ever seen. It used to give me the creeps when I was young. I also once showed that episode to my younger brother who is not really interested in Anime and Guyver but, he liked Guyver after watching a few episodes of the OVA version back in the day. About 15 years ago I showed that fight to my younger brother and he was frightened. Reasons why I really like this fight and think it's the most brutal figth ever. First the transformation of Enzyme was scary as smegg. Second the look of Enzyme is just scary with that face it's just horror. Third Enzyme was not trained or have any experience in fighting because, it's not his job so, he just wanted to kill the Guyver in anyway using his anger which made the fight very sick. Fourth this fight is so different than the other fight's because, Genzo Makishima was so, angry at Sho and he took it personally because, Sho made him lose his job and was turned in a monster and he's not like the other Zoanoids who like to challenge Guyver and show their powers. He just wanted to really kill Guyver and he did. Fifth he was the most aggressive Zoanoid in the series at least for me. Sixth the battle was insane, blow for blow without too much talking. Enzyme injured Guyver's chest, guyver smegg's Enzyme's chest too. Guyver's cuttes Enzyme's hand, Enyzme also ripped Guyver's hand. The fight was out of control specially when Enzyme killed Guyver. The screaming at the end when Enzyme took his control medal was just crazy. I always wished that Guyver III would had helped Sho and killed Enzyme the most horrific way possible.
  14. mutronix

    Guyver Statue

    Hi guys i've just joined and wanted to show some pictures of a statue i made. I'm in the process of painting it up at the moment and adding the clear lenses. I'm going to finish this one in the Dark Hero colours. This statue also appeared in the recent special edition bluray release recently, which freaked me out when i sat down to watch the extras. Thanks for looking Pete
  15. Normally I'd post this in the website update thread but not everyone reads that section compared to the main section of the messageboard. I'm approcing a crossroads that will in the end make big changes to Japan-Legend.com so am looking for input from people who visit the site no matter if they are new to the website or old timers. Here's the problem, the Japan Legend Wiki does not work nor has it in a long time. I've being working on it a lot and there is a decent chance that the Wiki will never be recovered. That leaves me with some hard choices that need to be made as we're now approching a year since Jess♥ left the project and I simply can't have a website with broken links and non working areas on the front page that link to a non working wiki. So heres the following that could / will happen in the next week / month. I've a support thread open with Mediawiki. Between them and I get the wiki working. It's not looking good though as they think it's a problem with the database and the qestion is do I even have what is needed to get it fixed? So here are the choices as I see it going forward. *) The wiki is fixed. Given the hassle it has caused I convert it into a HTML based archive wiki and fix up the forum and front page of the website. Never had to worry again about the DB. *) The wiki isn't fixed - what do I do going forward. 1) The images that were contained in the wiki are still accessable while the data / posts are not. So option 1 is write it off and get to work on TheguyverNet and use was was left of the wiki we can recover to get the wesite started. Japan-Legend.com will basically become this forum which will take over the front page of the website. 2) Someone takes on the Wiki project of getting a new Guyver Add Free Wiki started. We start again from scratch writing off the old Wiki but restrict it so it's not connected to the forum stopping what happened to it in the past from happening again.
  16. Hello, I am new to using this Guyver forum so I want to start off by just introducing myself. I am a young male who has been in love with guyver ever since I was 6. Guyver was the very first real anime that I watched and I have been hooked ever since. Once I became old enough and aware of the types of Japanese products available, I began collecting Guyver memorabilia to satisfy my childhood dreams of wanting to be a guyver. Now leading to this post, I have decided to sell some of my collectibles of Guyver figures from the Max Factory Bio Fighter Collection series. I am going to be going back to school soon so I need the extra cash for tuition and what not. So here are the figures I am selling and all are MISB: Guyver 1 Guyver 1 Image Head Plus Guyver 2 Guyver 3 (black blade version) Guyver Gigantic Guyver Gigantic Dark Zoalord Pluqstahl if anyone is interested in purchasing these items, please send me a pm and we can discuss further. Thank you and have a great day!
  17. i was wondering if aptom is still considered a lost number i ask because the critical trait for being a lost number is the inability for a zoanoids powers to be duplicated but the libertus and unus models both use a version of one of his origanal powers the ability to transform and the ability to fuse. so if they were put togather it would add up to aptom lite wouldent it what do you guys think?
  18. It always bothered me to see that Guyver was not taken as serious as the other Anime's which they have hundreds of episodes and remake etc. I don't get it Guyver was so popular and it has an amazing story and such incredible art work but, why they never gave the fans what they want to see, like creating more episodes to follow the rest of the story. If I was a billionaire I would pay who ever can continue the story (original anime serious 12 episodes). Just saying because Guyver has been a huge part of my childhood and adult life. I was never into Anime but, Guyver just changed my life and I never saw anything close to it.
  19. I have started selling resin kits of my Guyver Bust. This kit apeared in the extras of the Guyver Special Edition Bluray - http://www.blu-ray.com/movies/The-Guyver-Blu-ray/105976/The kit is 42cm high, consists of 11 parts and comes with clear resin eye lenses so it can be lit if wanted.The cost is £70.00 Plus P&P with tracking and insurance.Many thanksPete
  20. I thought this time, it would seem to you, that extra chapter of the manga will be drawn taking into account some persosnjes elpasado to see more of some characters who have died I personally would like to see more of,
  21. this is only one, personal theory, for what they have read the manga, most recently, I could say yes, indeed, Robert. Lisker. was zencrebe
  22. much, I remember now, have thought in this, but in this entonses, associate it with a silly, now, I think after, haver investigated a little, we could assume that the zoacrystals, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zero-point_energy I have to say that my first contact with this term gue in stargate, http://stargate.wikia.com/wiki/Zero_Point_Module so I have the theory that the zoacrystals are zero point modules, I thought that precisely this description, I reminded myself, if alkanphel The life of a ZPM is directly proportional to the power demands placed on it, but is still capable of lasting for remarkable periods of time even under the most extreme conditions. The power generated by three of them well you are saying,
  23. So I am still sort of new to these forums and I was never really a member of forums, I just liked visiting them. Well I did a piece a while back and I haven't worked on it. Its about some of my favorite animes themed with anti-heros, well except shinobi because that's a video game, but it did have a comic book at one point. Here's the list of those anime/game (If you guys haven't checked them out, their pretty good); Berserk, Devilman, Guyver, and Shinobi (the Arcade and PS2 game series). These are the references if you guys happened to be curious Well about the pic, aside from the theme being my favorite action/anti-hero series, there are actually elements in all of them that could make it really likely for a cross over to happen (mostly being about supernatural beings wanting to invade the world, and somehow they are part of humanities nature/origins). Nothing else to say but that I just wanted to post this pic here so that it doesn't get lost when I reboot my system and it deals with Guyver too. I plan on to continue my work on it and leave the finishing touches to a friend of mine that's an expert artist, so far I only have the outline done (and I need to work on some of the proportions as well. Honestly I am very busy so most likely you guys wont hear me updating this often, but when I get the chance I will definately try to finish this one up. I actually plan to continue this project where I make more cross over pics as all of their stories progresses as I find out more about their new abilities, this is just a scene where they all happen to bump into each other in this different dimension of Japan, but they have no choice but to work together and figure out what's going on.
  24. well here we go again a chapter of only 9 pages, good is better than nothing, is not whether it is better or worse but I like how will this fight, but is somewhat slow http://www.buenaisla.com/tema/manga-Manga-guyver-septiembre-2015-24264
  25. this is something I've thought for a long time, and if the mangaka had given the role of Aptom to clone sho? as it had developed the story believe more organic? more forced,?
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