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Found 2 results

  1. Normally I'd post this in the website update thread but not everyone reads that section compared to the main section of the messageboard. I'm approcing a crossroads that will in the end make big changes to Japan-Legend.com so am looking for input from people who visit the site no matter if they are new to the website or old timers. Here's the problem, the Japan Legend Wiki does not work nor has it in a long time. I've being working on it a lot and there is a decent chance that the Wiki will never be recovered. That leaves me with some hard choices that need to be made as we're now approching a year since Jessā™„ left the project and I simply can't have a website with broken links and non working areas on the front page that link to a non working wiki. So heres the following that could / will happen in the next week / month. I've a support thread open with Mediawiki. Between them and I get the wiki working. It's not looking good though as they think it's a problem with the database and the qestion is do I even have what is needed to get it fixed? So here are the choices as I see it going forward. *) The wiki is fixed. Given the hassle it has caused I convert it into a HTML based archive wiki and fix up the forum and front page of the website. Never had to worry again about the DB. *) The wiki isn't fixed - what do I do going forward. 1) The images that were contained in the wiki are still accessable while the data / posts are not. So option 1 is write it off and get to work on TheguyverNet and use was was left of the wiki we can recover to get the wesite started. Japan-Legend.com will basically become this forum which will take over the front page of the website. 2) Someone takes on the Wiki project of getting a new Guyver Add Free Wiki started. We start again from scratch writing off the old Wiki but restrict it so it's not connected to the forum stopping what happened to it in the past from happening again.
  2. Might any of you consider the idea of having a section of the wiki or a section of each part of the wiki for fanon of Guyver, Godzilla and Toku. I was thinking it could have information and illustrations Lucithea's alternate guyver universes (Ark and Lost Unit Sho) and The Crimson Guyver's Parallel Dimention universe amongst others.
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