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    Guyver, Transformers, Spriggan, Vampire Hunter D Blood Lust and all other good anime since the 80's!
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    I met Neil in person in 1996 when I was in College at Newi in Wrexham... I don't think this will be standard way for most other visitors to your site though!
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  1. This is where it's hard to say how the two fictions would mix. 40K is soooo different to Guyver with the Warp been a factor. You'd imagine a Guyver for example been unkillable in that Universe at first... then you put it up against beings that can litrally kill with their minds... and then you've the Emps of Mankind. Theory is he's actually becoming God like due to the fait of the masses of 100's of Billiions of warp sensesitive humans beliving in him. He's capable of killing someones soal not just their body. What's scary is before he was even believed in he took on a C'Tan sharde, a major one and after defeating the creature transported it to Mars! He done that back in Medievil times! That super being when finally released from the Throne to reform is going to end that story. He's already entered Nurgels Garden while in control of a Primarch and roasted the God of Decay's home just to send a message and the God of Decay hid from him. Simply put Alkanphel couldn't kill him and keep such a being down, as he'd reform being a true immortal. That's IF he could. Hard to say for a creature that can level planets in that Universe but it's a strange one where that type of raw power isn't the be all and end all.
  2. The Cover of Ace There be some Guyver stuff inside! Looks like the Art Book.
  3. This is the start of their run, so only that preview so far. But generally when they take something on... they do most of it. E.g. Robocop or Terminator has loads of stuff like Robocop 2 or the new version of Robocop. Depends on how popular it is within the group / people buying them on Cults3d.
  4. It's a standard thing in the 3d STL community not to name things in a way that's google'd.e.g
  5. Images from https://www.patreon.com/papsikels/ Note these are STL files, so unless you've experince or know someone who can 3d print for you I do not recommend you buy into the Patreon. Note 2: If you're reading this after August 2023 then you've missed the Patreon month for them. It is still possible to get the STL files but they'll not be at a discount.
  6. Welcome back! We still meet most weekends to talk about the fan-fic and develop and redevelop characters. I've spent the last few weekends gettings things up to date on the websites server so things can be updated website wise (boring, time consuming but needed!). There are going to be some major changes coming over the next month or so as we've decided to properly kick off the current rewrite. So much like the Great War site, Warrior Guyver's site will be changed so only the current rewritten fics will be up though data files and the likes will be still there and updated to match. The old site (the last HTML version of the site) if needed is going to be updated so it has the best before re-write version of the story, so if you want to read the old version, it's still online. But yeah we felt that the story basically needed a root and branch look at it. The new version of the story will start before Mutronics.
  7. All 3 sites certs renewed. Boring updates to do next weekend to get the database the websites sit on updated but important so things keep working.
  8. Cert issue for Japan-Legend fixed. Ran some pending updates for the board. WarriorGuyver.com and TheGuyver.Net certs will be fixed tomorrow
  9. This is the danger. I just want Guyver to conclude properly. Last thing I want is Teen Guyver Go or the likes...
  10. It's quite clear it was only samples of Bio-Material that they grew into more bio-material by letting it "eat".
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