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    I met Neil in person in 1996 when I was in College at Newi in Wrexham... I don't think this will be standard way for most other visitors to your site though!
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  1. Chatbox has been fixed!
  2. Takaya said in an Interview towards the end that if he were to re-do the Guyver story today there would be a mix of male and female Zoalords. In the end it is a product of the times
  3. Well... anyone reading this take the following note... buy it when in retail shops. It's a lot cheaper then than later on ebay!
  4. The upgrade over the weekend was a pain in the arse. Still more work to do to get some other parts of the board back up and running again. FYI Chat Box is currently down and will be looked at this coming weekend.
  5. Even if it's just "Central", the Uranus on Earth didn't make the choice. It was made for them and as you put it, Central pulled the tigger. Which means any Uranus that hung around by accident would have been killed with us too if not for Archanfel. But the story points to none of them staying behind, their just ships they were willing to let be destroyed.
  6. The Advents / Uranus don't Value Life, they valued the experiment ultimately. They wanted an army and were willing to put huge resources and time into it (countless millions of years). They were (are, we don't know if they still are by the current time line) part of a huge Federation, the core of which was called the Central Federation that used Unit G as a day to day suit and was key in this inter species group in talking with each other and was their space suit for commanding their ships. The Unit G was a past successful experiment. But the moment they realised all life on Earth was tainted by a flaw called Guyver and that Archanfel could become a and effective God of Destruction they tried to wipe everything out. Simple fact is, if they thought for a second we survived another giant moon would have been sent to finish the Earth off. Here is the thing though, it doesn't clearly state if it was the Uranus who sent the Moon or the Central Federation who decided to mothball Earth. The Uranus left in rush, and had to leave leaving behind ships they never expected to survive Earths destruction but that could be due to the deadline given to them. So which group was the one that actually pulled the trigger and owned the weapon that sent the huge moon / planetoid is up for debate.
  7. New SSL Cert issued for the website. More updates incoming next weekend.
  8. Part of that was I didn't want to turn it back on for it to just fall over again during that week (it had gotten to the stage where if I done the temp fix, that only lasted half a day or less). I found the part to get it fixed but getting it setup was something I didn't do before so waited until the weekend as there was a hole series of updates and changes I wanted done and out of the way and if things went to hell I wanted time to focus and trouble shoot it properly. Part of that is the Message Board is now on the latest version which has given us new "Features" like the rank icons which involved resetting stuff to match old settings... I've not had a chance to play around with it yet but this weekends focus will be on the Chat box first. Then getting other tasks the new version of the board wants setup done next, then I'll worry about making things pretty
  9. The Messageboard and sites have had some major changes. The server is now on PHP8. The messageboard in Japan-Legend is on the lasted new version just released tonight. The Chatbox though is a little out of date compared to everything else around it so is acting a little funny. More updates this weekend I feel. But the worst of it is done and the messageboard seems a lot more stable.
  10. This weekend coming there are some major upgrades going theough the planning stages as the websites are upgraded so they can run on the laltest PHP.. expect down time and a lot of head scratching...
  11. Ok, very much worth the watch The only thing that shocked me is there was no after credits... though one tiny bit at the end were you hear Godzilla. Mecha Godzilla was amazingly well done and kicked ass. I liked how they tied him to the last movie. Overall very much worth the watch, if you enjoyed the last one this ones will be right up your street.
  12. Test [spoiler] HIDE STUFF IN HERE [/spoiler] [spoiler] Testing two [/spoiler]
  13. Ok guys and gals, I can apply for allowing the board been viable inside a mobile app by the people who design the software behind the forum (so in other words in the future if this works out you can simply click a icon on your phone for the forum). The issue is the NSFW section (the adult section) of the site simply is a no no and will result in the application not going through. So this is a heads up that by next weekend if you for whatever reason want a copy of what is this section of the board now is the time to grab it. Next weekend I will be removing that section of the board.
  14. Hopefully it is just a case of finding a new current version of it (or one close to it). Either way, any theme we find has to be updated to work fully after the forum is updated. But yeah, the Brown / Red will be back at some point.
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