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    Guyver, Transformers, Spriggan, Vampire Hunter D Blood Lust and all other good anime since the 80's!
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    I met Neil in person in 1996 when I was in College at Newi in Wrexham... I don't think this will be standard way for most other visitors to your site though!
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  1. time to save!!!
  2. New update released today for security fix for the software the board uses, thankfully it installed without issues
  3. Messageboard updated yesterday. Update was badly delayed mid way due to an empty ini file. Anyway that has been restored and the update went through last night. Will get to work on cleaning up the board and adding some things to it over the coming weekends.
  4. Saw the trailer earlier today, loved it!
  5. He's already done that to fire the Ice Blast on that forest to put out the fire.
  6. https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/v6oUXuUoTLy8CMp6YG0qCA This seems related.
  7. Most interesting thing the game confirmed, Gigantic Dark's Gigasmasher is RED
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