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    Guyver, Transformers, Spriggan, Vampire Hunter D Blood Lust and all other good anime since the 80's!
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    I met Neil in person in 1996 when I was in College at Newi in Wrexham... I don't think this will be standard way for most other visitors to your site though!
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  1. Hey buddy. How's it going? 

  2. Very cool and nicely done by whoever did that!
  3. The new version of the message seems to be running ok and I managed to clear the cache file that had grown to 1.3gb. The Chatbox is back! Lets see if the website reports anything strange over the next few days.
  4. I don't think things are totally fixed yet... working on it.
  5. There has being some issues with the message board (part of the Database is 15 times what is should be so the ISP keeps turning off theboard). As part of the fix to this I've upgraded the messageboard, which has turned off the chat box... it will be back later.
  6. This months cover.
  7. Congrats! Guyver1 do you have all the comics that came with those models?
  8. This months cover. While not Guyver she looks interesting, like she could be Alkanphel's love interest Also for once, they calmed down on the boobage.... Well next months one looks like the made up for that with their boobist character to be next months.
  9. I'd this moment awhile back. I was sitting in work one day WAY back over 10 years ago covering a guys holidays with a lot of nothing to do for 2 weeks. No TV etc in the office surrounded by other work people I got back into the Guyver back when all I normally did was play World of Warcraft. After reading my fan-fics for the first time in years again it bought happy memories but also the realisation that what I did before wasn't factually correct and flawed due to it (e.g. a Gigantic only being twice as powerful than a Guyver in every way and a Warrior Guyver being twice that...) For me (a
  10. Hey Dave, I've a sister that lives Osaka. Welcome to the message-board.
  11. TheGuyver.Net last night had major foundation put in place. It has being upgraded to have an SSL cert. While it is a boring step it means I can now go ahead and start putting up content over the coming weeks and hopefully get some new stuff together. NOTE to visitors and long term members of the website. If you've any official Guyver related content you want to put up, add, edit you can post it here for it to go up on the website: https://www.japan-legend.com/forums/forum/323-theguyvernet-site-editing/
  12. This months cover attached, no news yet looking at it.
  13. This months over, the preview cover is not Guyver
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