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  1. No the Creators were ****ting themselves because they realised what something like Archanfel could become with a unit, that is basically an uncontrollable god-being.
  2. The Control Medal doesn't power the Guyver, its a processor/control system and data storage device. If I remember Correctly the unit siphons a small amount of energy from Boost Space via the Gravity Orb.
  3. @Maze247365The Guyvers armour has been shown to be extremely resistant to anything short of Enzyme-type acid, your Zerbebuth example is a good one as going by what has been seen Xenomorph blood has roughly the same strength as what he fires from his horns so while a bit wont do much, enough in the right places will start affecting the Guyvers combat ability until they can heal. The vibrational blades would also be very effective as long as the Guyver is quick enough to keep any acid away from the base of the weapon. Xenomorphs getting into any of Chronos HQ's wouldn't happen unless they were allowed to, remember their security starts at "paranoid" and goes up from there. That said if some Facehuggers did get in and could infect processing subjects before they properly develop the link to the Zoalords you might have the start of a ZoaAlien problem especially if you throw some of the more powerful Hyper types and Lost Numbers into the chestburster mix. A Guyver/Alien crossover could be an interesting fic but the difference in power levels means you would have to get creative to make the Aliens a threat without having the story breakdown as soon as you apply basic logic to the situation.
  4. Xenomorphs would be very little threat to a Guyver unless hive-level numbers were involved and even then the mega-smashers would solve that problem. From the Guyvers perspective the Xenomorph is basically a weaker Enzyme type so while the acid blood would be a problem they could be dealt with using the head laser and sonic orbs for the most part, not even the Queen could stand up to a Guyver that was actually gunning for it. ZoaAliens/Xenoids would be a whole different problem depending on if Zoaforms can be infected, (and more importantly if the Zoalords would allow them to be without commanding them to die) assuming they can then the hybrids would vary widely in threat based on what Zoaform they were born from and the degree that the Xenomorph can integrate and/or magnify its host strengths and abilities. Overall the Xenomorph is dangerous but simply not equipped to deal with something like a Guyver and adding Chronos into the mix only stacks the deck against the Hive further as they could easily capture individuals for study and start engineering acid proof Zoaforms or just have the Zoalords blast the hive.
  5. Ok amusing, since this is going to be on PC this time I might actually take a proper look at it.
  6. The Death Star is the centre piece of the "Tarkin Doctrine" aka rule through fear, and a symbol of The Empires power (and inefficiency).
  7. Probably no different from anyone else, at the end of the day Leatherface is just a psychopathic human with limited intelligence and the CM/unit If I remember Correctly makes few if any changes to the host mind so he wouldn't gain anything from that. With a unit he would "just" be a super-powered serial killer most likely with little ability to make full use of the units capabilities.
  8. I thought Alkanphel while injured and a shadow of his real power was still more than capable of crushing the other Zoalords or was that mostly due to his telepathic power and/or conditioning of the Twelve?
  9. Interesting, I'd forgot how much of a dick GWOTG Imakarum was. I'm guessing he is now immune to Alks telepathy and powered up a bit too, though even weakened Alk should be able to smack Mr Rebel down, that said I'll bet a certain dark blue psycho will have some "fun" when he finds out.
  10. Nice to hear Sully, looking forward to it.
  11. I'm conflicted with this, on one hand I'd like to see Great Wars conclusion and the older stories maybe updated to reflect what we know now. But on the other if Alan's not interested anymore is it worth it? that's a fair amount of work to take up and trying to finish someone else's work, even if you know what they were planning can be a pain in the arse. Hmm If enough of us want it go for it but if its only a few I'd say keep it in "stasis".
  12. I really suspect theres chains and a cattle prod involved here at the rate he's going.
  13. Really looking forward to it Brian, thanks for all the work you guys keep putting into the site. Also the Great War rebuild made me nostalgic, I haven't seen some of those datafiles for years
  14. Didn't Brian mention that it was done a good while ago?
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