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  1. One player if its a action adventure , the format would fused Ninja Gaiden + DMC . Guyver I starting off , & Guyver III playable later like level 3, you'd have to fight him like a test or something. Guyver II has to be defeated a certain way, to play as him. which would help with characters like Guyver II & Guyver Apton.. "limited time play". ( Capcom vs's titles, where while the characters are rotated to fight, the one not fighting can heal a bit.) Guyver IIF, Murakami, & Guyver 0 would be "LTP"secret playable characters in the sequel. The other would be a few fighting games 1. 2D fighter KOF/Guilty Gear style 2. A Dead or Alive/Virtual Fighter (VF, yeah i said it!) Type.
  2. @Salkafar I agree! I felt a comparing qoute from "Spaceballs" chiming Sho & Agito -" your Smashers are big as mine" Guyver2F _"Naw! I'm bigger cause it's supposed to be " (My emphasis)
  3. @JCAsher I agree When Sho was fighting Aptom and couldn't call the Guyver during the fight, the Guyver unit engaged right when Sho was about to pass out/die? Somebody tell me?
  4. I'm hoping his health is good, toy line is doing well. Anybody seen the Guyver-0 by Prime1 studio?
  5. Awesome!! Has anyone seen the Guyver 1/6 scale done by a artist in the UK? its pretty kewl i like the magnets! here are two link reviews of the figure. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=c4YAeG_Uc_0 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yAxlgF2_5UQ
  6. I liked it! Story kinda typica, following the early & later video games. I hope they continue the series. It gave me hope for other stories to be told that way. I'd love to see "Hellraiser"done in anime. Doug Bradley would probaly come back to the character Pinhead. ("I am PAIN!")
  7. Speaking of which but here is my five marvel characters (hero/villian) thats a problem with a "Guyver" unit . In no order and mainly focused on peak human condition: athletics, hand to hand combat skills-experiences & mental prowess. no gods, demi gods or extreme meta humans cause thats like arkenphel with a unit! (Duh!) 5.Sabertooth (trouble!) 4.Doom (pray now) 3. Peter parker-Spider man (boosted!...Omfg!) 2. Captain America (its Cap!) 1.Shang Chi (the "MF" master of kung fu!)
  8. Im ready to go! Im definitely going matinee. X-Men i wont expect you all til the second movie but, hey who knows?
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