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  1. Hi everybody! There are less updates recently because I am busy working on the demo game every day. It's almost completed now, I believe it will be launched soon! Please wait a moment, thank you! For more please visit: Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe59giuiHuAvSa79n6yT1Pw/featured?view_as=subscriber Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/G-illusion-Studio-319763895352518
  2. As per request,I made a long video this time. It shows how I make "one punch" from scratch to gameplay. Hope you guys enjoy~ Thanks you for your support!
  3. Hi everyone! The PC demo game would be released with a month. I will post details of it once ready. Here's a sanpshot recently. For more please visit my Youtube/Facebook from links below. Thanks!! Youtube: G'-illusion Studio YOUTUBE Facebook: G'-illusion Studio FACEBOOK
  4. Youtube HD1080 video link: GUYVER GAME PREVIEW.RELIC'S POINT - Ver.02 ( GUYVER-"The Telefishion" )
  5. Guyver game preview video: GUYVER.TIME ELAPSES
  6. Thanks for your advices! Well, I tested my Gigantic XD already. The scale will be 10 times bigger than Gigantic Guyver. It looks similar to the manga. I'm very happy & satisfy about it. It's freaking awesome if you fight against the Gigantic XD. So, I think we better stay at the same map in online battle mode. Maybe I will add some restriction on Gigantic XD transform limit (like universe energy something...) to avoid system overload. Anyway, Gigantic or Gigantic XD are still under development now. They will be appeared in a future version. Now, I'm working on the demo version first. The progress is fine. Just need some modification. I will try my best to make it faster. Guyver game will see you guys soon!
  7. Sure~! I will keep this game continuously updating. More contents will be added in every newer version! Any ideas are welcome too!
  8. Amazing ideas! This make me think: What if Guyver0 as smart as Aigito & escaped from the remover at that time!? He may take the revenge & the story may similar as your ideas...!
  9. The story mode will just follow the origin story plus some side track missions. I hope can make it like Shenmue free style. Origin guyver weapons, moves + new special melee moves.(Guyver story didn't have enough melee moves for game, so create more melee moves is neccessary. More fun!) Online mode: Different huge maps or a free world like GTA if possible: Everyone can use their own guyver or zoanoid... to be partners or fight each others. Also, there should be a major story or mission in online mode. Like: fight against the creators or something.... There's a problem too! When many players change form into Giant Guyver God...I think the game will be crashed. Not have a solution for that yet. Maybe PS5 system might help! Lots of guyver fans like to have their own guyver or zoanoid design characters to join the game. I don't know if it's possible for that because that means developers need to take care of each of them! That makes lots of work & cost. For me, I have my own ideas about the story. I want to make a new story mode about dealing with different creators in the universe! We may find out why creators want to form a guyver military for......
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