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  1. All of Archanfel's zoalords serving under him are male. Why did he only choose men?
  2. Son, you have a gift. Do you ever sketch zoalords?
  3. I saw your tweet in the link about an update on the manga. I hope he's able to give us something. Any information about the manga's hiatus at this point would be nice.
  4. I wonder if this is probably taking place between Infinity Wars and Endgame from when he was temporarily erased by the Infinity Stone gauntlet. That would be a way they could get away with not having to explain his absence in this movie and to avoid it entirely. Fans don't want him replaced with another actor, which is understandable. But it wouldn't be a bad thing. Marvel replaced Edward Norton with Mark Ruffalo and Terrence Howard with Don Cheadle for those super hero roles. At some point I think they should just replace him for the sake of future films.
  5. I can neither confirm nor deny. The way Yuki stated in this above post is that Aptom is basically a rechargeable battery. Even if he is completely drained of his own energy, he'll recharge over time (obviously). The amount of time that it takes for him to do that though is unspecified. Some of the Lost Number type zoanoids that he ate and assimilated, were glass canon types much like Toshiaki Hayami the Bio Freezer zoanoid. They hit heavy but the amount of bio energy that they put out drains them quickly. Hayami's freeze attack left him drained and to the point of passing out. Aptom seems to be suffering from this weakness as well when he burns too much energy using the same attacks. Originally, Aptom was designed by Dr. Barcas to optimize into regular zoanoid types and he could increase the power output on their attacks and not suffer any fatigue from it. Barcas didn't want him eating other zoanoids and so with him not wanting Aptom to cannibalize his own kind explained a lot of things to me. When he started eating the souped up zoanoid types (hypers and lost numbers); keep in mind those advanced zoanoids were optimized to end fights quickly because of how much energy they put out. Like in the anime, Richard Guyot thought by upgrading Zerbebuth with anti guyver genetic traits was with the idea for that zoanoid to beat the guyver quickly. Unit 1 figured this out and waited until Zerbebuth used up his energy reserves showing off and went in for a killing blow when he wore himself down doing so.
  6. Firstly, what are they going to say happened to Chadwick Boseman's character, since he passed away? How are they going to fill that gap in? Because that's going to be needed to be addressed in this movie. I'm not seeing that in the trailer, at all.
  7. We're getting off track. Explain to me why do you think the Advents value life even though they tried to destroy Earth with a comet? If they were willing to do that, theoretically what about all of the other planets that they destroyed for whatever reason?
  8. And he gets that from his creators. That's absurd. That goes in with someone declaring they're pro-life but they're also pro-capital punishment. Either you value all life or you don't at all. There's no 2 sides of the fence. Just because the Advents created life doesn't mean they value it. They were quick to want to destroy Earth. That doesn't look like a people that values life. That tells me that they don't value life unless it's a specific life form that suits their agenda. No, Archanfel is a manipulative controlling narcissist. He's doing what he's designed to do, control others like the Advents intended. He helped create the other zoalords to help him with that control. If they piss him off like Richard did then they're as good as dead. You're not thinking why the other zoalords are scared of him. Richard had every right to fear him during their confrontation. Archanfel even killed his own zoanoids for seeing him at Mount Minakami. This is a guy that owns a corporation that kills millions of people and zoanoids if they don't appeal to his wants and agenda. The manga has shown that. That's a No True Scotsman. We have serial murderers, rapists, and child molesters who don't value human life and see other people as objects. Then you have people with warped religious values that if you're not part of their goat herd and don't worship their sky father, they could care less about you because you're not worth it. We have people serving in the military that are taught to kill for their country. They're not trained to value life, but to defend the lives of their countrymen by taking the lives of those that threaten their country. I've met people that are so Pro-Life that it's a big deal to them and they're not keen on killing anything at all, that includes animals. Some people are vegetarian because they don't want animals killed.
  9. You are correct. It's still dead in the water. There's no telling when Yoshiki Takaya will pick it back up.
  10. Maybe. But like every living thing he needs energy to heal and without absorbing or consuming other living things he can't fully regenerate. He only partially regenerated before he needed Elegen to finish. Especially now with his current battle form, the energy he puts out from the Hyper Zoanoids that he ate prior takes a toll on him. He needs to absorb to maintain energy and mass.
  11. That's what I was thinking. He can't just have a cannibalistic appetite for zoanoids. He's probably into regular food. He only eats zoanoids, humans, and animals when he needs to regenerate. Is my assumption backed by the manga or the anime? No. Nothing is set in the manga and all characters are different. In comparison, I felt the same way about Guyot's set up when he was given a prototype zoacrystal. He wasn't designed as a prototype with a short life span and Cronus has a tendency to let their protos die because most protos are people, like Murakami, that they kidnapped and experimented on without their consent. So to keep them from ever talking, they give them a few weeks to live and then when they drop dead, no problem. If anything after his re-optimization, he's probably closer to the level of a suped up Lost Number like Neo Zx Tole but nothing like a "True Zoalord". We've only seen Guyot use his powers once after re-op and he didn't suffer any fatigue or pass out like Murakami did. The 2 Rogue Zoalords didn't want Guyot more powerful than them and also didn't want to send a dying assassin doing their dirty work. They're in an unholy alliance against Archanfel so it makes sense that they would keep him alive and this time they've got him on a leash . The difference that I can see is that Murakami was a test subject who was turned against his will and Cronus has a tendency to kill innocent people that they illegally experiment on and Guyot is not a test subject and was re-optimized for a new power source. People here presume Guyot's power is now like Murakami and will die if he loses too much power based on Murakami's set up alone. Do we know that as a fact? No we do not. Yoshiki hasn't set that in stone and well, he may never define what was done to Guyot or give Aptom new powers. This all remains to be seen.
  12. It reminds me of the Juche Regime in North Korea. Archanfel is the "eternal leader" and no one has any freedoms especially the other zoalords, like Richard who tried to hijack his position out from under him and now there are 2 more zoalords who have made their intentions known in the manga that they want to usurp him. I think Yoshiki was wanting to show his audience on how "some" of Archanfel's subordinates seem to perceive him as a deity. He is the most advanced life form on the planet. Archanfel was never human. The other Zoalords are formerly human and therefor they came from different religions and different walks of life. Which also explains why some of the like Richard have that human tendency to want what he has and rule like a deity. But they can't do that as long as he's alive. Barcas treated him like a god the moment he laid eyes on him when he got stranded on the island. Some of the other Zoalords act like he is a deity while a few like Richard and some others scorn or are jealous of his power and day dream ways of killing him. I imagine Archanfel has to talk to the other Zoalords in a way they can understand him even if he is borrowing day to day religious terms when he describes things to them. They're not as intellectually advanced as he is. If anything. Archanfel's situation reminds me of David from Prometheus. The Uranus made him and mankind because they could. But that's not good enough for him. He could ask them hundreds of questions about why they tried to kill him and why they left and no answer will ever be good enough because trust was dissolved when they tried to off him. It would explain why Archanfel doesn't value life at all because his creators didn't value life aside from being able to create it and manipulate it. When you experience something like that, you develop a different sort of morality and a world view. He was cultivated and raised by the Advents and did what ever it is that they commanded him to do like a good little boy. But the Advents treated life like it was something you cook in the oven at home and if you're not happy with it, throw it in the garbage and start all over again. Which is exactly what they did and when they had that incident with Guyver Zero and they made the decision to make a clean slate somewhere else. All in all, he's that little kid wanting to run off to find his long lost parents because the first answer he got wasn't enough (when they attacked him and sent a comet to destroy earth) It's caused him to have abandonment issues.
  13. I watched it. It's a good movie. I'll refrain from saying anything further out of respect of my fellow members.
  14. Based on Christianity? Do you have a source or a link or a statement from Yoshiki Takaya supporting this claim? From what it looks like to me. I think the Earth origin story in the franchise seems more or less based on scientology or some other home brewed UFO religion because it was heavily discussed in the manga and the anime that "aliens" designed planets, humans, the guyver technology, zoanoids, and life in general. Maybe the Uranus / The Advents are capable of making supreme beings. Did they make Archanfel like a deity or is he just a super being? I don't think we have any way of knowing the full extent of the Advents technological powers. Are the Uranus / Advents divine deities themselves? No they are not. In a panic they fled after Guyver Zero blew up one of their Relic ships with the mega smasher before they had Archanfel kill him and they tried to erase earth from existence while they were at it. That means Guyver Zero killed the Advents along with that ship. If you're a group of immortal supreme deities, you wouldn't fear for your existence by committing neocide or mass genocide out of fear of an entire race. I think the Zoalords probably come close to being like Polytheistic Pagan Deities like Odin, Sol Invictus, or Zeus. They seem god like in the show and manga but that doesn't mean that they are. I don't see it that way. I think it's based on Greek Mythology. The are 12 holy commandos like the 12 Greek deities that ruled over humanity in Greek Mythology. The Zoalords called their faction Cronus after a Greek Titan. Uranus is the Greek sky deity that is the father of Cronus. Guyver 3 calls himself Zeus based on his agenda to destroy the Zoalords and take control. I remember it differently. I remember that they evacuated Earth. Sent a comet to destroy the Earth. Arkanfel tried to stop them. They disabled him and left while he destroyed the comet. I don't remember anything in the manga about them going to "heaven". I just know that they're a united galactic race of aliens that cultivate planets with super advanced technology. I did not vote because voting yes or no is inferring a claim. I do not believe in the existence of deities. I identify as Atheist. I will go no further as I do not think this thread was intended to change one's beliefs or lack there of.
  15. I have no clue why this didn't have such a huge success in America. It does remind me a little bit of a Marvel story. Just no clue why it didn't take off in this day and age.
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