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  1. We're definitely into the longest hiatus of Guyver and even in the past we were unsure if anything new was coming. I've stopped watching personally, moved along for the most part. I still love Guyver but it's hard to just keep looking every day. I always re-appear when something new is happening but four years is a long time at this point.
  2. I'm not exactly up-to-date with the manga but I have kept my eye on the situation for a while. It seems strange that it would be legal/licensing issues as last I checked he owned the rights to Guyver still -- just had an agreement with Kadokawa to publish in Shounen Ace. I never heard of anything changing in regards to that. Unless the legal issue is Kadokawa not wanting to continue and he's locked into a situation where they hold the rights to publication. Might have to do some digging.
  3. Mecha

    Mecha's Blog

    I was here day one which is wild now I think about it. Just before this place opened I was an admin for the old GuyverBoard, that feels like a lifetime ago haha! I wouldn't be surprised if many have indeed moved on, it's been a real hot minute. Hey Matt, always a pleasure to see you around bro. Yeah, I'm still up to my usual nonsense! I hope you've been well and all that good stuff.
  4. If anyone uses Discord, I'm on there all the time. If any old friends would like to catch up -- hit me with a message on here and I'll give you my info.

  5. Mecha

    Mecha's Blog

    In what has to be the longest disappearance in history, I return!! It's been a wild few years. I decided to take up streaming and taking my love of fighting games to the next level, as many of the older Guyverboard members will remember maybe -- I loved them to death so going to Twitch and doing the work has been fun for nearly 6 years. I also stream near anything that catches my eye, if anyone's interested in checking my Twitch out it's https://www.twitch.tv/gibzfgc. It feels nice to be back, once again. I hope everyone I've known from here is doing well!
  6. Hey, Mecha. Hows it going?

  7. I'm on Skype, you'll find my name in my profile. I'm usually on it everyday but can get quite busy but you're all free to add me.
  8. I'll be getting this on day one for sure, got it pre-ordered cause I've got to have Goro! I'm quite heavily into the fighting game scene in general, I stream them nightly and MKX is certainly going to get a block when it comes out.
  9. Mecha

    Mecha's Blog

    Thanks Matt, always a pleasure seeing you around I agree with the both of you really, the games are the most important aspect to the machines. Recently though I've seen the industry shifting around and doing things I don't really agree too so I'm now being a lot more... conservative and biding my time before truly wanting for example XBOX ONE. I'm not really a loyalist either, I like to consider myself somewhere in the middle on all platforms available but I'm sure that in the end I'll have my favourites. The issue now is that I'm just not happy with the way the XBOX ONE is going and I feel I'll be leaving it behind for other platforms. I'll probably end up with one but it won't be a launch choice for me. I guess I'll see what happens with the rest come E3 and of course console release.
  10. Mecha

    Mecha's Blog

    NEW BLOG POSTI may not be a gaming press guy at the moment but that doesn't mean I still don't talk to the people in the industry and as of this week and I'm actually laughing my ass off... especially when I know that every single one of them that have given me their opinions hate the next gen piece of garbage known as the XBOX ONE. I don't know what Microsoft were thinking but all I know is the word 'generic' must come into play. They're aim is to make an all-in-one machine that lets you plug in your digital TV receiver and use the console as a talk-to remote control that has access to stupid services and has little to do with the games or what the community wanted from Microsoft for the next generation.In fact, since the conference there has been a 385% hike in Wii U sales in the UK alone. Nintendo are posting amazing profits right now and that's because they're promising games. The Wii U may not be as strong as the XBOX ONE or PS4 but at least it's still at the core of the experience and I now see it doing relatively well. There's a bit of an unwritten industry moniker that gamers choose one next-gen console and the Nintendo console. It looking more than likely that people will opt for this again but I guarantee the next gen console chosen is the Playstation 4. Right, since I'm actually getting worked up writing this, here are the reasons I foresee the end of the XBOX ONE come launch:- Needs to connect at least once every 24 hours to the internet to validate game ownerships, account status and if the console needs updates. Not backwards compatible even though they promised with the XBOX 360 that from then on all content would follow to next generations via their XBOX Live Architecture. The 500gb HDD can't be replaced and all games must be installed on the machine. The games will ship on (rumoured 100gb) blu-ray discs and could take up all that space as discs are not needed to play after installation. You cannot lend games to your friends or they get asked to pay a 'pre-owned' fee upon putting the game in their disc drive. Will kill off the 'meeting friends' ethos they had a few years ago. The console will not function without the Kinect and if you don't have it in a position where it can see your room, well it won't let you do anything until you move it and it's watching your every move. The console does not go off. It goes into sleep mode and the kinect camera / console is always powered and ready to take commands. Kinect camera will forever be watching (anyone for Big Brother style rules?) The XBOX ONE will speak to you via Siri style software. That'll be bloody creepy. The consoel will take advantage of the cloud for post-processing. A good thing for those with a good net connection, a bad thing for those with dodgy connections as those features won't be on-disc. The console won't support component connections. This is bad for those who are like me and are fresh out of HDMI ports on their TV's. It's not all bad though, there are two thing's that sound good when it comes to the console:- Save anywhere, anytime. It's technically not a save though... it's more like a save state feature so if you need to go out you can tell the console to remember the data for that play-session and when you get home you can tell it to reload that state. XBOX Live should be really powerful. I'm thinking just about as powerful as OnLive and Sony's Gaikai. Should be interesting to see. They're claiming that all multiplayer computation will be off-loaded so thousands could potentially play against each other in the same match online. So, yeah that conference left me both drained, angry and wishing it was all a dream. I don't know who's in-charge at XBOX right now but if I was old Bill I'd be throwing the guy a fired slip.It's even worse to think that the reveal of the console caused GameStop's stock to plummet. If that's not shareholder worry I don't know what is. As for where I stand personally, I hate the XBOX ONE for everything it's trying to be. I wanted a console, not some intrusive piece of garbage that will do the same job as most of the technology I already own (Smart TV, Digital TV box, etc). I already own the Wii U and I love that little console, my next console will be the Playstation 4 for the JRPG's cause Sony's the home of them. Guess with console I'm not buying. It starts with an X and end with an E.
  11. Agreed but if we could get one off-planet settlement going then I'm sure it would get easier with time. The biggest issue I foresee is living aboard a spaceship for 2+ years. We'd need a whole new form of ship, nothing like we've built so far to handle an eco-system that wouldn't drive people insane and had space for all of the essentials. Maybe it's time for some big space-fairing company to start making the Enterprise from Star Trek.
  12. Mecha

    Mecha's Blog

    It's all very "prototype" at the moment so not really told anyone about it. If and when I get the systems and stuff done I'll definitely give you a shout Yeah, we were looking into the chat system for gamers that would exist on-top of Direct X. Never did find an answer to that conundrum! Yeah, if you ever find yourself in Edinburgh, give me a poke. I'm sure we'll get on like a house on fire. I've put all of the game site stuff behind me for now. Will probably give it another go (without the journalist rules) in the near future. I can't help but write about and play games, it's an addiction I swear. I've been uploading various web design screenshots I've done over the last few years to Facebook.
  13. Here's hoping that it's actually going to happen in our lifetime. I'd like to see us conquer interstellar travel and can only imagine the possibilities there-in.
  14. Mecha

    Mecha's Blog

    NEW BLOG POST I've not been around here for a while so once again it's nice to make a return. It's always nice to catch up with many of you! For those out of the loop in my goings-on, I closed my gaming journalism site after I was asked to stop posting opinion pieces that were seen to be outside of the journalist licensors rights. Either way, it was a silencing and I've taken the hint and have given up on the whole idea. That doesn't mean I'm giving up on being in the gaming industry. For a few months now I've been building a 2D platformer engine for use on PC and XBOX 360. I'm using my coding background heavily in this endeavor and am aiming to pull a few people together to make an indie platform maybe next year. At this point, I may end up dropping the XBOX 360 due to the new console being announced shortly. I'm going to wait and see what Microsoft do before making any big decisions on this front. On top of that, I've finally returned to the Guyver scene. I've not spoken about or done anything in terms of the Guyver since the closure of the GuyverBoard. I have a few ideas but I'm not ready to divulge any at this point as what I have planned may not happen. I guess the good news is I'm catching up on the manga and I've re-watched all of the animations. As far as websites go right now, I've been planning an anime and manga review site. It's a work in progress but so far I'm happy with what I've accomplished. I may end up reaching out to this community for avid anime / manga lovers shortly and see if they would like to contribute to the site. I'll leave it at that for now but stay tuned to this channel! p.s. I've added my Skype name to the site just in case anyone needs to contact me. I do disappear from sites but I'm normally always on there.
  15. There's no difference between the editions in terms of the video track and voice tracks used. The covers have changed a little but for the most part are the same. I have the original ADV set and have seen some of the manga set through a friend. There's no difference based on what's pressed onto the discs.
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