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  1. well you managed to get a WTF out of me Guyverfan! how are you making his megasmasher light up?? Lost Unit I hope that its not as crap as your initial thoughts... doesn't bode well for any future releases if the general consensus is that its a duff figure
  2. nice one! at this precise moment i'm kinda glad I didn't order 2 to keep one in the box... as in that picture all I can see is plastic wrap!! the race is on!.. whose will arrive first???
  3. looks promising.. I hope they go a bit shinkenger with it , like a traditional take on the ninjutsu rather than the esoteric clan stuff of Hurricanger. (insert rant on how it has to be better than ToQger here. )
  4. haha nice one... I presume you took over their account and F'd it right up!... to be honest I can not believe they are even allowed to have one... yeah equal rights, freedom of speech n all that but F them, some things that are patently moralistically and ethically wrong should not be allowed... like that man who was banned from coming to the UK to talk about his vile ways to treat women, he was talking inhumane s##t so thankfully he wasn't allowed here. these people can not talk about freedom of speech if their freedom is trying to mess with someone elses !
  5. nice constructive post there so all you got was a few pages then?? not a chapter every time one was released and then scanlated? and there is a reason why you didn't receive the Japanese volume YET but that's Yuki's business. yes plenty of people disrespect the manga ka's and give you great hd eye orgasming hd quality scans for free and don't think twice of buying the manga or supporting the franchise... good luck to them!
  6. I haven't watched any of these videos but I read everything above... in all honesty I think everything what she said is true BUT the comments and sweeping statements about hating ALL white people because of it is just misguided and stupid, but that is her feeling born from her experience as a black person living in America. and no that doesnt make it right but if she and the millions of black people who have grown up with the system set up against them feel disgruntled in coming up against obstacles purely because of their race you can see why they can get there minds twisted into these strange ways of thinking, some people just need something to vent there emotions at even if its not necessarily the right place its no exscuse to be prejudice though they should aim that anger at the government and the financial fatcats and other clandestine forces that are the oppressors she explains racism as '' the system''...so from the get go her semantics are wrong...the system is racist, not racism. I feel a lot of the venting in this is from the discussion of the N word ''black object'' is not a nice way to describe a human being. although my skin is white, I am a quarter African- so am I a devil because I have white skin but part black genetics? according to this woman apparently so...hmm, my grandfather would be upset to hear his grandchild and his son in law called a devil... and was Bob Marley a half devil because of his genetics? he was of mixed descent as his father was white - i don't think anyone could accuse Bob Marley of having been a semi devil ! its a shame when people vent in the wrong way at the wrong people - that is just playing into 'whitey's' / 'the systems' hands... anyway until people just embrace the fact that we are one race things will always be fkd no matter what are skin colour. one love, one heart, lets get together and feel alright!!!
  7. Frieza's gonna have to be a real bad mofo to take on Goku and Vegeta... i mean this is after the Buu saga right? so they are all pretty much able to kick his former power levels ass ... it will be interesting to see the twists and turns Toriyama's made up to get around that!
  8. i dont think anyones in a rush for it BB dude, but if you feel it woud help you, you could ask Lost Unit as he may be up for it? i am right in saying that he does the monthly scans aren't i?? (thats a point we never get a credits page for the monthly's) anyway just a thought for both of you..
  9. well that sucks really because theres then the time it takes to be shipped to take into account (unless you've paid for super speedy super pricey shipping)... thanks for posting this, as I was wondering yesterday when it was originally supposed to be released!
  10. the RAW scans for volume 31 were only just released so im guessing you actually mean volume 30?? as the last tankobon done by the Advocacy was vol.29 'Unexpected Guests'.. the tankobon scan for volume 30 is in production because i did the script edit from the inital monthly translations for it a little while ago... i assume it has been passed onto BB Dude and is being typeset (please) be patient , it takes a good chunk of time to edit the script and i would imagine even longer to do the laborious task of typesetting
  11. hello... yes well things like character background and development don't really matter in such a film as Versus... when did you see it? when it came out it wasn't so seemingly generic, what I mean is nowadays it isn't such a stand out film but you have to remember its like 15 years old .. everything nowadays just seems like its been done before... Versus was quite awesome when it came out and still can't be faulted for its action. its just mindless action packed entertainment , nothing more, nothing less. at least someone else has seen it! any Japanese films you can recommend?
  12. well I might aswell post another film .. I rewatched THE RETURNER yesterday… From about 2002 I think it is quite a good sci-fi action film, involving earth at war with aliens, a time travelling kawaii girl and the Japanese equivalent of neo from the Matrix – well he has a long black leather coat and does some fairly nifty tricks in bullet time type situations… Premise of the film is that earth is at war with invading aliens and a solitary soldier girl is sent back to the past to stop the war from ever starting , she luckily hooks up with a chow yun fat type of professional gun toting young man who helps her on her way, the bad dude is funnily deplorable and there is some impressive action sequences (which I suppose back then were quite good , but now I guess all this is kind of standard fare, however it still holds its own)… Overall the matrix it is not, but it is a good film imho, and worth whiling away a coupe of spare hours if you are so inclined to do so. if Versus is a 5 , i'll give this a 3.75
  13. I think the 2005 anime was just fine... I don't think it needed more gore at all, I mean is that really what Guyver is popular for?? I don't think it suffered from being less violent than the OVA.. and c'mon guys - start from the BEGINNING?? AGAIN!!??... PLEASE, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just get on with the storyline for Flips sake!! I want to see past X-day and the Gigantic and XD animated
  14. I am surprised that we have never had a thread specifically about Nippon films… so I’m starting one! if anyone wants to share their thoughts on any Japanese films they may have seen or want to see please do so... To start off I watched VERSUS again Well it was the ‘ultimate versus’ version which has 10 mins extra and (please don’t hate me) an English dub which I watched as I have watched far too much subbed stuff lately… Anyway if you haven’t seen Versus then all I can say is that it is what the phrase ‘manga in motion’ was made for , well crazy story/ ass kicking manga anyway… We have escaped convicts , some cops ,some gangsters and a spooky forrest…The story involves reincarnation, samurais, badasses and zombies so gives the perfect excuse for a lot of glorified killing of zombies in cool ways. Yes obviously it is action packed which equates to a lot of violence, but I actually forgot how gruesome some bits of this film are …I mean its not a serious horror film or anything, but when I say gruesome I mean like people punching holes in heads and internal shots of the aftermath of that… quite silly and overtly graphic but done in that kind of b- movie way so its not too disturbing (however if I watch it again I know which bits to turn away at!! ) All of this is actually done quite tongue in cheek as there are various comedic moments spread throughout that levels out the violence and creates a strange but cool vibe to it all… There has been a demand for Versus 2 from just about everyone who has ever seen it but it still hasn’t manifested yet after 14 years…. Watch out for Kenji Matsuda from KR Kiva and Garo: Makai Senki who plays an excellent crazy mob character Overall all i'll just say that its pretty damn cool.
  15. I missed this thread before and im deffinately going to give this a watch! thanks not a hardcore street fighter fan but ive always like the charcaters,.. ha come to think of ihe last game I ever really played was street fighter 2 alpha ex on the ps1 !! hey Scottman training twice a week is better than no training at all!
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