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  1. I'm going to be moving soon - our land lord's a jerk, and wants to move back into our house during the hottest freaking months of the year, in flipping California - and I've nearly got my room packed up. All except for my bed and the furniture, of course. I don't know when we're going to pack up the computers, but I'll let you guys know before it happens.
  2. *brushes off cobwebs* *blows out dust* Wow, it's been awhile, eh?
  3. So, what are these? They seem kind of big for collectable figures.
  4. Well, there's always next month...
  5. It's kind of funny, now that I've started getting into the series, comparing Guyver to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Both of them started at about the same time, both creators are about the same age, but JJBA moves along quite a bit faster and kind of exploded in popularity, while Guyver stayed fairly small and cultish. It's an interesting contrast, I have to say.
  6. These are very well done. I've been thinking of getting into miniatures, myself; though I'm more interested in landscape design.
  7. Well, that's quite the gap. Also, hey, I'm back.
  8. Well, I'm back from my three-month hiatus - in retrospect, it seemed a bit longer - and wow does the forum look weird. Maybe I've just been hanging around Spacebattles too much, but this new look is really minimalist.
  9. Her DevArt page is here. It'd be interesting to see that Purg'stall picture, if you don't mind.
  10. Well, I have an Etsy shop no one buys anything from, and a Patreon page with no Patrons. I don't know what else I can do to promote them, though; Pinterest didn't help, and I couldn't manage to find anywhere to advertise on Reddit. I suppose I just wasn't meant to run a home business.
  11. Don't go getting too drunk. But enjoy yourself, and thanks for letting us know.
  12. I know; heck of a thing to find all of a sudden, though.
  13. Blues looks a bit better, but... I don't know, maybe I'm just more used to the SpaceBattles-style layout, at this point.
  14. Interesting note about the security features; still, the aesthetics aren't very appealing, personally.
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