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  1. I always wanted to see a Chronos business simulator. You start off in the age of sail, discovering Archanfel’s temple, and getting your exposition about the Creators. You then have to go and find Relics, recruit Zoalords, etc, in a semi-open, semi-procgen world (I’m thinking of Daggerfall). Eventually, you have modern technology, and are ready to try to institute a world government dedicated to global defence, and are able find deeper buried relics in which you find intact Units, but you also have ambitious officers, and rebellious scientists, and desperate test subjects, and wildcard bystande
  2. I think there’s interesting distinct gameplay possibilities playing as Sho, Agito, Genzo, Risker, Guyot, and Aptom. I think the way powers are learned and developed in the manga is really close to how abilities unlock in many AAA games. I think there’s elements to call upon in Assassin’s Creed, Arkham, Hitman, Syndicate, GTA, and Jade Cocoon. A common theme throughout Guyver is subterfuge. For most of the series, Sho and Agito have effectively been guerillas. For the first part, Chronos was a secretive organisation infiltrating governments and covering up its experiments - and
  3. Oh, was he not? I’d got it into my head he had to evolve Kryptonite resistance in a story after Death of Superman.
  4. Is thread necromancy ok here? As I understand it, Doomsday (comics) is an forcibly-evolved Kryptonian who, whenever he dies, revives immune to whatever killed him. And wasn’t on Krypton when it died. So by my reckoning, the Guyver’s got one chance to find a big Kryptonite Crystal, and filter a Mega Smasher through it and vapourise DD. Absoltely any other strategy ends with a Control Medal getting turned into a pancake by the first punch that hits it.
  5. First thought: well, what do you think the Advents were trying to develop weapons to counter? :D Second thought: wait, who do you think the Engineers were? D: Deeper thoughts: it comes down to two or three factors - how the Guyver unit copes with Xenomorphs, how Chronos (and Zeus) cope with Xenomorphs, and how the Guyver unit copes with Xenoids. So. Seven questions come to mind, regarding Guyver versus Xenomorphs: - Can the armour withstand Alien blood? Probably. Chronos had to specifically develop anti-Guyver corrosives to neutralise the armour. The Guyver seems to be int
  6. A comparison can be made to Alan Moore's Watchmen - it is set in a historic time period, but superhuman intellects within the fiction have accelerated the development of technology and society to a level whereby much of what we see in the fiction rings true today. The social impact of a Zoanoid population and a unified world government makes attempts to deduce specific years pretty much impossible, especially as the main historic progress that the story is concerned with is the development of the central characters. I did appreciate the retconning of the time period for the 2000's anime,
  7. @TricoBren - oh, I agree, translators should mainly interpret and honorifics should mainly inform tone of language - like for instance "Konnichiwa, Sho-kun" as "Ayup, mate*" and "Konnichiwa, Barcas-sensei" as "Welcome, venerable one". I personally prefer it when stories specifically set in Japan retain honorifics without making a big deal of them, but I don't especially mind whichever as long as I can understand the story. Here I'm just interested in knowing how it was originally written *(I leave it to US English speakers to interpret my rate good norvern dialect, learn to talk proper
  8. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_honorifics I've been wondering lately how the various major characters address one another in the original text. In the English dubs, translations and fanslations, we see Sho and his friends address one another as peers, whilst Agito is more of an acquaintance - the high-achieving older student from a wealthy background. Chronos soldiers and officers frequently denigrate Sho because of his age and civilian status, whilst Odagiri's team - especially Hayami - speak to him respectfully, almost in awe. Meanwhile, Agito goes from being the aloof union p
  9. Lindsay

    uk auction

    I make miniatures for a living. If you post pictures of the damage, with a ruler in shot to establish scale, I might be able to advise on repairs.
  10. "Aeons ago, America was great…"
  11. When fighting Archanfel, Guyot creates a "seven thousand exaton" synthetic black hole. An exaton is a thousand million million tons. Now, I've not studied maths or units since high school, so take all this with a pinch of salt… The Earth's mass is about six thousand million million million tons. This rates his black hole at a bit more than a thousandth of an Earth mass. To convert energy into seven thousand exatons with perfect efficiency, Guyot would have to wield six hundred and thirty million million million million million million Joules. How much is this? Well, the most
  12. Thank you! At this scale, a human is 28mm tall - though I've made Sho a bit too tall for this. Still, it's a learning experience Part of why I chose to sculpt from The Guyver is because of the mixture of civilian, military, and monster characters it'll entail. So expect to see Zoanoids before long
  13. So! I'm big into tabletop games and I'm trying to expand my portfolio to start a career as a sculptor. After giving it some thought, I've decided to set about a long-term project: to sculpt every character from The Guyver! I'm going to work through the cast - pretty much every named character I can think of - in rough order of appearance, working from the Manga and the OVA and the TV series. I might well tackle the Western live adaptations as a side project, maybe even do an Out Of Control offshoot. I'm going to be interpreting the characters in a fairly realistic style, but hopeful
  14. I'm going to indulge in a wee necro to bring a new tangent into this. The Generation 1 Transformers comic starts in the Marvel universe. Symbiote-enhanced Spider-Man has a run-in with Megatron whilst rescuing a hostage (1), and the Dinobots' Earth forms are informed by an expedition to the Savage Land (2). As well as guest appearances from Marvel superheroes, TFG1 introduced a team called the Neo-Knights, led by Circuit Breaker (3), whose battlesuit conferred on her Magneto-style abilities of such magnitude she could cripple Unicron, a literal god (4). If we take into account t
  15. Guyver Warriors would be pretty awesome. Though I reckon Arkham City would be an ideal platform for building a Guyver game.
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