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Found 3 results

  1. "Aeons ago, America was great…"
  2. When fighting Archanfel, Guyot creates a "seven thousand exaton" synthetic black hole. An exaton is a thousand million million tons. Now, I've not studied maths or units since high school, so take all this with a pinch of salt… The Earth's mass is about six thousand million million million tons. This rates his black hole at a bit more than a thousandth of an Earth mass. To convert energy into seven thousand exatons with perfect efficiency, Guyot would have to wield six hundred and thirty million million million million million million Joules. How much is this? Well, the most powerful weapon ever manufactured was the RDS-220 'Tsar Bomb' detonated by the Soviet Union in 1961. It had a fifty megaton yield, which equals two hundred and ten thousand million million Joules. To create the synthetic black hole, it seems that at the bare minimum Guyot had to wield the equivalent energy of three thousand million million million Tsar Bombs. What if we account for inefficiency? Atomic weapons convert mass to energy with an efficiency of about 0.1%; for every kilogram of uranium, one gram is turned into ninety million million joules of energy. To create a mass of seven thousand exatons with this degree of efficiency, Guyot would need to wield the energy of a hundred and fifty million million million million million megatons of TNT. The density of TNT is 1.65 grams per cubic centimetre. That's a bomb the size of sixty million million Suns. Guyot's Zoalord form is twice as tall as an adult human. A strong man's volume is about 80 litres. Applying a scale factor of 2, Guyot's Zoalord form is about 640 litres. Assuming Guyot's body is mostly made of water, it therefore takes about two and a half million joules to raise his body temperature by one degree Celsius. Creating a seven thousand exaton object from energy with the efficiency of a nuclear weapon would therefore raise his body temperature to a quarter of a million million million million million million Kelvin - equivalent to two hundred and fifty million Big Bangs. So, we can safely assume that Guyot's energy-mass efficiency is better than a nuke by a factor of several million! And, of course, Archanfel can take this hit and come out of it able to kill two Guyvers with a wave of his hand. Who else in fiction has similar capabilities? In Star Trek, Romulans use artificial black holes as power sources. In Transformers, Megatron is capable of opening a miniature Space Bride that ends in a black hole and deposits its matter from his optics. In Super Mario Galaxy, Bowser weaponises miniature black holes as obstacles. Lumas are capable of pooling their power to dissipate supermassive black holes, presumably making their collective power several degrees of magnitude greater than that of Guyot and Barcas combined. In Doctor Who, Rassilon and Omega created a black hole to use as a power source for Gallifrey and TARDISes. In DOTA, Enigma can wield black holes and may himself be a sentient singularity. In Metroid, Samus Aran can wield Dark Aether to create miniature black holes. In Warhammer 40,000, Vortex weapons create a rift to a parallel universe with the result of creating a localised and unpredictable event horizon.
  3. What would be a fitting theme for Zoalord Guyot? The Anime never really gave him a theme, neither did the OVA's nor even the image soundtrack. I've played several songs over the years, but recently, when going back into the manga, i start to play Majin from Ken's Rage 2. Seems the most badass terrifying song I can see him villainizing while as a Zoalord. So thinking over it. What else would be a fitting theme for him? He's one of the few villains I don't have a tune to remember to. XD
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