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  1. Seeing as Agent 47 is nothing more than a bio logical enhanced human with abilities that would put him on par with a super soldier such as Captain America. I doubt he would be able to hold his own against as Bio Boosted human. As the Bio Booster Armor gives a human the ability to hold there own against even a Hyper Zoanoid as evidence when Sho was unconscence and was able to easily dispatch members of the Hyper Zoanoid Team 5 and Enzyme II with ease.
  2. I think only certain Hyper Zoanoid types with enhanced strength and Zoalords are able to match a Bio Boosted human in terms of sherr brute strength.
  3. I would like to see a Bayonetta style hack and slash game for the Guyver.
  4. You never know. The Creators may have realized that they actually need a combat variant of the Bio Booster Armor for themselves. After the result of the Bio Boosted Unit/Human test. Afterall the Bio Booster Unit just enhances the host abilities, while presenting them with armor that would protect them from various environmental factors. I wouldn't say that original Bio Booster Units are out dated technology if my theory is correct about Apollyon's armor. As the Bio Booster Unit is still a very versatile tool as it was not originally developed for combat but for Bio Logical Enhancement.
  5. I think it was a translation issue. While the dip in animation quality in Episodes 6 - 11, I still prefer the 12 episode OVA rather than the latest anime series. The 2005 anime version is a bit to PG13 for me.
  6. Probably Thancrus as I play allot of hack and slash games i.e God Of War.
  7. It depends on the host. If the host is a highly skilled fighter like Lisker. I think he would be able to hold their ground against Doomsday. That said since Doomsday litterally takes whatever anybody can hit him with and throw it back. It would be extremely difficult for a Bio Boosted Human to win against a fight with Doomsday. As Doomsday would never give a Guyver the chance to fire the MegaSmasher. I think the high frequency blades will probably be able to cut into Doomsday very easily. As they break down the surface of whatever the come into contact with on a molecular level. Unless the material absorbs high frequency vibrations like Vibranium. Adamantium can probably be cut with the high frequency blades as they don't absorb impact vibrations.
  8. I think that the creators probably recovered it for examination. As they are probably quite curious about the weapons that the Guyver 0 had.
  9. It could be a refined version of the Bio Booster armor that is designed for battle rather than bio logical enhancement.
  10. While this maybe true. I think that we should take it with a grain of salt.
  11. BlackEpyon

    Richard Guyot

    If Guyot actually got his hands on a Bio Booster Unit. I don't think anybody would be a match for him as the Creators themselves feared the possiblity of a Bio Boosted Zoalord. Seeing as Guyot is said to be the most powerful Zoalord out of the 12, I don't know how powerful Balcus is as we have never seen his Zoaform. I doubt that Archanfel can match a Bio Boosted Guyot. Even Guyot in his current weaken state is probably considered to be quite dangerous by Balcus.
  12. We all know that every Bio Booster Unit is identical to the other as they are all manufacturered the same way using the same substances. The differences in the Bio Booster Armor on the host, are all dependent on the host's personality. The overal look and color of the armor is all dependent on them. In Lisker's case, I think that his armor's face would had been the same even if he had received a non-damaged unit.
  13. Every boss fight in Bayonetta for obvious reasons
  14. Currently playing Gundam Breaker 3 on my Vita
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