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  1. Okay. So, the game is officially over. I'm dropping the act. I'm leaving the forum for good. Everything was an act on my part. A bit of fun. Yes, I am an ass. Couldn't message you. But its time for me to take my leave. Hope you had as much fun as I did. This is probably the nicest message I've left behind. Yet, it'll probably just get deleted. Anyways, its a message to you my dear.
  2. No need to start with threats, Yuki. Hand out a ban. I'll be back using a new IP and you won't know a thing. Give it your best shot. I'll make it more challenging this time, and no, I won't be using Anonymous. Instead of 2 weeks at 3 different forums. I'll be here. I'll make the account a little later so you don't get any more ideas. You don't control me. The Internet is my play ground. I am after all being bluntly honest and you lied when you told me that I was one of the first people you suspended. I'm not as dumb as you paint me up to be. Give us Anons a little more credit. PS. Thanks for the Warning Point, and no....I don't care. It means nothing.
  3. Could you be any more obvious? This is so dramatic. Here's an idea, lets move it over to Tinned Meat since you love this thread so much. Cherry on top, please.
  4. *sigh* so why is this thread still open? Are you trying to preserve it as content?....... because I doubt SEO cares.
  5. What was the point of editing everything out? The topic has no point than. Why not hide the topic than or better yet delete it?
  6. Here is an entertaining scene between me and Yuki debating in circles about closing a thread. All members must sit back and laugh now. All members are free to stop in and troll. Lets see how hard I can push Yuki into closing up this topic. Feel free to drop by and leave your 2 cents.
  7. Why is collaboration important? What experiences have you had that have proved otherwise?
  8. So I decided to make a topic in Tinned Meat, lol. Just share what you've done lately. If you trolled a forum, please share the links so we can all see. If you just want to discuss what you did on your weekend, please be entertaining about it. Yuki is probably going to laugh her ass off but oh well. No I'm not gay and yes, I joined as myself using my user name, the same one as here. I joined a woman's forum just for the complete hell of it. I thought it would be fun to see how far I get before they ban my account and IP. I literally joined with the intentions of jerking people around and did so out of boredom. This is the kind of drenn that happens when you're so bored that you have no idea how to spend that time. If TV and the great out doors, writing or jerking off isn't pushing the mark. Than things like this are creative and funny. http://www.girlsforum.com So, lets discuss what topics I can post there. I did say I joined with the intention of not staying. I also said in my intro that I visit multiple forums. None of which that I hardly stay at. I did post a few, but they are waiting moderation. Wondering if they already slapped me on mod queue. Silly sons of bitches. Just doing this for the lulz.
  9. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I'm pleased to be with you. (Pause) That concludes my prepared remarks.

  10. Blank Slate Blank Slate The canvas of my mind is the soft water lapping Flightless birds cross the framework and come tapping A ship of stability rocks on the waves Negativity grips the ship, watch as the sky caves Thoughts show the dolphins leap, the sharks won’t sleep Occasional cloud, lightning strikes, the canvas weeps The mind’s eye is introspective, creating a mirage Tempest turn, sails burn, assembling my courage Dive to the deep, fight the darkness of the depths Choking on the voice of reason, take your final breaths Soak up the agony, waiting for redemption Kick to the surface fighting all the contention Take the hand of change, change the scenery Fly to the heavens in a broken piece of machinery Wipe the canvas to silence the commotion Because sometimes to know emotion, you have to drain the ocean. ~Pseudonymous Walsh
  11. I guess it wasn't for everyone.
  12. Is there someone you should spend more time with?
  13. Here within are my findings. You may read what I have to say...or you are welcome to Click Here To Read The Full Article By Clicking On This Link. Now, If I may. It has been speculated and finally confirmed that Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow - Marvel Comic Movies and most recently Lucy) will star as Major Kusanagi in the upcoming live action film from Dreamworks: Ghost in the Shell. Ghost in the Shell has been a long running Manga/Anime franchise in Japan that is critically acclaimed and has a large fan base. Set in the year ~2029, typically they follow the adventures of Major Kusanagi as an agent of Section 9 (a top secret agency thats focus in on cyber security). Being her body is fully prosthetic she possesses speed, strength and stamina above that of a normal human. Her brain is also cybernetic which allows for computer fast calculations and processing. Essentially she is a complete bad ass. The series itself though isn't your run of the mill anime and presents controversial moral dilemmas and philosophies that leave you deep thought. Now for my purpose of making this thread: First: While Scarlett Johansson has proven to be able to play as a strong female character, is she the right pick for such a prominent role? I see potential in her but it's still a toss up for me. Also I see many negative posts because Dreamworks didn't pick a Asian female to fill the role. While I agree that would have been ideal, is there really any Asian females that could fill that role? I do not think it's a case of "Hollywood Whitewashing" as I see posted, but rather they have picked the best well known actress that can strongly fill that role. Second: Do you think that Dreamworks can pull off a live action movie that is worthy to fit in the Ghost in the Shell universe? I think it's possible but it could go either way. Dreamworks has a good run of well made movies but they're not well versed in live action movies and they have never made a movie (to my knowledge) that has the potential to be as violent as the Ghost in the Shell franchise can be. I do not think it's them just grasping for something big and has a large fan base, I think it could go either way but I am currently giving them the benefit of the doubt.
  14. Newer, stronger, and faster computers are always being built. Will there ever be a day when computers reach their peak and cannot become any more powerful? I doubt that they will always be able to get more and more faster/stronger forever, but I often wonder will there always be a limit with current technology..? Now its is managed creating multi core CPU's... But that also will reach to a limit shortly.. then we will see some different technology which very much different from current semiconductor based technologies. Thoughts?
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