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  1. Thank you for your help. I am planing to get all books soon. I will post a photo with my name. One more question please, is there a difference between the normal volumes and the viz graphic novel? thanks again really appreciate it
  2. I agree, one of the things that makes us the fans a little disappointed is that the story is taking too long. For some reason I feel that we are getting closer to the end because, the Zoalords are getting eliminated slowly. Therefore there will not remain any only if the series keeps making new characters.
  3. Can someone help me please. I bought volume 30 and 31 last year from this forum. I paid for them and they were sent to me by email in English. now want the latest volume in English but, the forum has changed a little since last year so, I really don't know how or who to contact for the purchase in English. I don't want the physical book, just photos like reading online.
  4. I have these soundtracks. They are so sick. I listen to them when I workout gets me pumped up. Good classic stuff never gets old.
  5. You got that right. The remake was so awful and horrible, they just ruined Guyver and that stupid less than a second transformation, it really pissed me off how quickly they transform and not showing like how it was in the OVA. Damn how I wish the OVA series would still continue till this day. Everything about the OVA was sick, the soundtrack, voices, art work and how dramatic and dark it was.
  6. lol true kids never saw the classic violence that Guyver brings.
  7. To me the OVA Guyver 1 vs Enzyme 1 fight is the most brutal, violent, hardcore, horrifying, bloody fight that I ever seen. It used to give me the creeps when I was young. I also once showed that episode to my younger brother who is not really interested in Anime and Guyver but, he liked Guyver after watching a few episodes of the OVA version back in the day. About 15 years ago I showed that fight to my younger brother and he was frightened. Reasons why I really like this fight and think it's the most brutal figth ever. First the transformation of Enzyme was scary as smegg. Second the look of Enzyme is just scary with that face it's just horror. Third Enzyme was not trained or have any experience in fighting because, it's not his job so, he just wanted to kill the Guyver in anyway using his anger which made the fight very sick. Fourth this fight is so different than the other fight's because, Genzo Makishima was so, angry at Sho and he took it personally because, Sho made him lose his job and was turned in a monster and he's not like the other Zoanoids who like to challenge Guyver and show their powers. He just wanted to really kill Guyver and he did. Fifth he was the most aggressive Zoanoid in the series at least for me. Sixth the battle was insane, blow for blow without too much talking. Enzyme injured Guyver's chest, guyver smegg's Enzyme's chest too. Guyver's cuttes Enzyme's hand, Enyzme also ripped Guyver's hand. The fight was out of control specially when Enzyme killed Guyver. The screaming at the end when Enzyme took his control medal was just crazy. I always wished that Guyver III would had helped Sho and killed Enzyme the most horrific way possible.
  8. It always bothered me to see that Guyver was not taken as serious as the other Anime's which they have hundreds of episodes and remake etc. I don't get it Guyver was so popular and it has an amazing story and such incredible art work but, why they never gave the fans what they want to see, like creating more episodes to follow the rest of the story. If I was a billionaire I would pay who ever can continue the story (original anime serious 12 episodes). Just saying because Guyver has been a huge part of my childhood and adult life. I was never into Anime but, Guyver just changed my life and I never saw anything close to it.
  9. well spoken and your absolutely right about Enzyme I vs Guyver I, it was so scary and brutal, it was like blow for blow till death, man that was one hell of a fight that Enzyme is one hardcore monster
  10. Most people I think saw Guyver for the first time on OVA, and we all didn't know about the Manga. I think I also had the same problem as you with the 2 copy episode 4 but, one of them is a different episode but, I had one big problem that killed me. The first time I bought the final episode on tape episode 12, it was corrupted. Remember the scene when Aptom was going to kill Guyver I and Guyver I couldn't use his hands to use the mega smasher. Just before Guyver I managed to open the mega smasher the tape would cut off and the screen would turn to black, I mean what the hell was that. I never knew what happened because I never saw Guyver open his mega smasher not until 1 year later when my cousin gave me his tape lol. That really pissed me off and what I used to do as a kid I would just keep rewindin the tapeg and hoping it would continue normally instead of cutting of but, it never happened lol.
  11. Diffidently the best Manga out there, I have watched other Animies in the past such as Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon & Mazinger, there all great but, for me Guyver is on another level, I never even bought Manga comics before but, because I love Guyver so much I just had to buy the comics and read the story. I just wish they would bring the OVA back and continue with the story.
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