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  2. I don't think so. It would be strange to introduce the villain in the final episode. Ultron always comes back, but we haven't seen hide or hair of him in anything since AoU. Also, in the comics Ghost-Vision was not Ultron - he was just Vision without emotions, without a soul. Agatha is very different. I do not like her characterization one bit. It's cheap to have the villain act like a complete smarmy douche. Of course, there could be one more twist for Agatha. We now know she was from the seventeenth century, and once Vision broke her out of her trance she asked whether she was
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  4. wow!! yes, that is indeed interesting!! I wonder where they are going with this.. it seems to hint at a return for ultron, but would they go that far?
  5. Well..... it could be Jason Wyngarde pulling the strings maybe... I heard they teased the big M for the final episode, but I am sceptical. Also: this is the MCU and they love synthesis; I have also heard rumors about Mephisto. It would not be difficult at all to meld Mephisto and Cthon into one character.
  6. So I guess they're done trolling us with the title reveal then? Unless this is another one of their trolls....
  7. I read up on her when I found out, which got me thinking that her son could be disguised as Pietro.
  8. Uh Tom, about this whole spoiler thing...
  9. I'm not so sure. see what I noticed is that wanda said she might be the bad guy. then pietro also looked a bit like maybe he wasn't too friendly. I'm wondering if this is setup for perhaps some villainous team that included both wanda and pietro.... another notable thing is... monica just got some powers... and she replaced captain marvel in the comics at some point.. so maybe danvers is going to lose her powers in some way... maybe due to another mutant that was part of a particular villain organisation... that specific organisation that included pietro and wanda.
  10. You suspected correctly. Agatha Harkness! She is not a villainness in the comics, but a wise old witch who helped Wanda learn to use her powers more effectively. But that book that was emphatically shown might be the Darkhold, so maybe she is in turn being manipulated by the sinister Cthon. (In the comics universe, the Earth was initially inhabited by the Elder Gods, immense, etherial life forms who fell to war and strife, devouring each other; Cthon is one of the most cunning and cruel and one of the few to survive, by taking shelter in another dimension. In order to facilitate
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  13. The DCEU was doomed from 'Man of Steel'. Zach Snyder is utterly unsuited to direct superhero movies in the classic sense.
  14. Even with the enhanced visual effects and all the eye candy stuff, it's kinda difficult to salvage a movie that has a disappointing story, unless they include scenes that would completely alter the whole narrative of the movie. With the lnclusion of Darkseid and Joker, I'm hopeful, but not too much. And if by chance that this release goes beyond expectation, does that mean we will be getting a part 2 for this?
  15. got to be honest, this trailer is absolutely awful. I had to keep rewinding it to try and figure out what they were saying, the sound mix is really bad and i just zoned out half way through because it was such a cacophony or random imagery. lmao at that screenshot XD
  16. If you can't bring down the charging bull, don't wave the red cape at it.
  17. I suspect Agnes might be more than she seems.
  18. Quite possibly. Hints of a multiverse were already introduced as early as Antman and the Wasp (quantum realm), but it wasn't until Endgame that it was briefly explained (Ancient One). Perhaps this ties in directly with Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness?
  19. "She recast him?" Hmmmm... are they going to introduce the Multiverse in this show?
  20. During House of M, Wanda said: "No more Mutants" Maybe here she'll say: "No, more Mutants!"
  21. Yeah, Overlord Chapter 14 is actually sitting in my tablet right now. Just couldn't find the time to read it, as I prefer to have a quiet time to myself and enjoy reading it. With Chapter 15 looming over the horizon, I guess I better get started soon. I've also decided to park watching Log Horizon 3 and Tensura 2 right now until it gets completed. I started watching Re:Zero and the wait is killing me. Netflix spoiled us by enabling us to binge watch.
  22. It's also possible that they end the final season on a cliff hanger, possibly on a turning point in the story. And then once the manga gets completed, release the story as an OAV. I find this route better as it gives respect to the source material. Similar to how they treated the animation for the first series of Hunter X Hunter, once the anime caught up with the manga, they ended the series and released the subsequent arcs in a form of OAV. Judging as how popular Attack on Titan is (even my daughter is following it), there will definitely be a lot of strong reaction when the season en
  23. Good work on the forum site. It looks great
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