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  2. I can appreciate alien and prometheus and movies like that. They gently lead you by the hand and at times let go and push you to your limitsand challenge you, but all flowing like a melody that enriches and emboldens you. The trailer of this comes across as cruel, brutish and trauma enducing. This is the kind of modern shock theatre and clamour for attention that I wholly avoid. I have no interest in a competition to be the most disturbing events, I want a rich story that helps me deal with and process scary concepts. A horror movie should leave me with an uneasy feeling, not PTSD.
  3. Just updated the image, so I thought I'd share my entire collection. It's rather large as it is a collection of images of individual shelves.
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  5. Well, this one is unconnected to 'Prometheus' and 'Covenant' and is set between 'Alien' and 'Aliens'. (...) Okay, I read up on Alvarez and Sayagues and if this one will be a failure it will at least be an interesting one.
  6. I want to look forward to this I really want to, but it's going to have to go on the "wait for reviews" list after how disappointing the last films were.
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  8. The marketing campaign is going crazy. So many things so far... But this is another great piece.
  9. "Eddie -- my home...has found us."
  10. Cannibal


    Here's the recent pics of my Countach collectionšŸ¤© Now I have 282 cars and >83 other items.
  11. New update released today for security fix for the software the board uses, thankfully it installed without issues
  12. Messageboard updated yesterday. Update was badly delayed mid way due to an empty ini file. Anyway that has been restored and the update went through last night. Will get to work on cleaning up the board and adding some things to it over the coming weekends.
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  14. What happens when your next opponent...is you?
  15. Yeah you're right, I was pretty sensitive about that. I did bring about more clarity with a fresh look at it. I don't know if that means it was inaccurate though, maybe I misunderstood what you meant by that. We are from different countries so I'll try to keep that in mind. The way I saw it was, even in the past, I put a lot of effort into checking different places and making sure it was accurate as possible. I don't think accurate is the right word, I think a better way to look at t might be, it didn't have the best context? I'm able to consider context better. since the new translation does say the same thing in my mind, it just places it in a new context that makes it easier for english speakers to understand the meaning. The use of the word cleaving for example, it is referring to cell division, so it is correct, it just gave you the wrong impression. So clarification is good. I wlll concede that it gives you a more accurate idea, so this is semantics.
  16. First of all, I said "MIGHT NOT be 100% correct" because as any translator knows, Japanese Translations to English are rarely ever 100% perfect. A word or two can have different context depending on who or what translates it. I may not have had my sources available when I made the post to try and translate it myself, but I was NOT wrong when I said that... As even you just translated it to something different. So you literally just proved my point. The newer translation seems to suggest it is closer to what I said. A sample was used. Not "Cleaving" of a Zoacrystal as originally stated. Also, as a note, that translation was done a long long time ago. I can say without a doubt that I was not as good at drawing 10+ years ago. It's fairly safe to say that you and the Advocacy team were also not as good of translators as you are now... But it got the job done at the time. Looking back, you can't tell me there would be things you wouldn't change if you had the skills and knowledge you do now. It's in the past. Learn to live with the criticism, or go and change it if you can't.
  17. No, I'd say you answered my question very. That was the exact panel that caused confusion on the number of crystals and that translation you offered was much clearer for me. Thanks.
  18. Yeah, just saw the trailer. Everyone seems to be very hyped about Terry Mcginnis. I did notice that the Flash is missing. I haven't actually read the whole Crisis on Infinite Earth (since I can't find a copy and couldn't be bothered to look for it), but I do know the gist of it and the Flash is central to the story and heavily influences his own origin. I actually saw the first part and it's a bit underwhelming for me. There were some touching moments, but overall, I still feel something missing.
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