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  2. Thanks sully. Biggest hurdle will be keeping up with the project and not putting it off for to long. I'm pretty bad about doing that.
  3. Its auto desk meshmixer. Its a free software you can download. I googled meshmixer download and boom. And to be completely honest, at 1st I was about to give up because it (for me) was a different mindset. Things didn't function the way I thought they would or how I expected. But seriously, once i did a lil bit of googling, it was a surprising quick learning curve. And boom, and amateur gregoile.
  4. Very nice man! I'm sure the back tentacle things will help tie the model together a bit Is it a sculpting program? I've wanted to get in on the 3D hype for a while now, just can't find the time to make any headway with learning
  5. Here's the new update. Finished the hands and starting the muscles and fine details. Still skittish about the tentacle weight balances. Is it wrong that I'm getting real excited about this?
  6. Because of that cover, I got curious of Plunderer (since I just found out it's also published in the same magazine). Decided to watch the anime and read the manga. Managed to read that particular issue and saw the contents, no mention of Guyver whatsoever.
  7. So right now its basically body forming. One I do that I'll go back and shape up the muscles, then add in the small time detail.
  8. Adding some more pics. Trying to upload in order. I'm a bit nervous to add in the weight balancers, but i have to say, its coming together so much easier than I thought it would. I was really worried about the feet and toes but... It came out much much easier than I was thinking. Its no where near as complicated as I been thinking.
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  10. Man, if those two went head-to-head...well, better hope you're insured, that's all I'm gonna say. Now, I wanna throw in a contender from left field... hailing from Earth-9810, I give you...Anthony Stark, Sorcerer Supreme! Stark's mechanical aptitude combined with the mystical power of a Sorcerer Supreme...that would make for a formidable combination against Archanfel.
  11. Really difficult to say. Lobo's power is 100% physical, but oh boy, there's a lot of it. Plus he has the ability to regenerate himself from a single drop of his blood... or become an army of himself. Plus he is a murderous brute, but he can be clever if he needs to be... he created the plague that exterminated all life on his homeworld himself, after all. ...Did we cover Doomsday yet? Doomsday... the supreme survival machine. Created hundreds of thousands of years ago on the then-savage world of Krypton to be the ultimate life form by simply placing a child in the incredibly hostile environment, retrieving the remains, cloning it, and repeating it thousands of times, a being emerged that could adapt to anything. If killed, it regenerates - but altered, so it cannot be defeated the same way twice. Killing him at all is hard enough, though; when he first appeared on Earth, he was as strong as Superman and the two fought each other to death after he had torn through the Justice League. He obviously kept returning, each time more powerful than the last. Sometimes, his evolution makes him stronger in one way, but gives him a vulnerability he did not have before; he developed intellect on three separate occasions, for instance, and the first time it caused him to feel fear, leading to his defeat; the second time he decided he did not want to fight at all; and the third time it made him into 'Doomslayer', a being who made it his life's purpose to destroy all versions of Doomsday that existed. But survival is stronger, so his intelligence faded over time to turn him back into a nearly unstoppable killing machine. He eventually evolved into something so lethal it killed all life in its vicinity, just by being there. When Superman destroyed him and absorbed his remains, he then started to turn into a new version of Doomsday. To be honest I think Archanfel is the underdog here.
  12. I don't know how this started, but it is glorious to see two fandoms coming together and making two beloved characters best friends! I love it, and it's something the internet needed without knowing it needed this.
  13. This one I'm throwing in just for giggles...Archanfel versus LOBO! Pretty much the ultimate "bad boy" of the DC Universe, Lobo has managed to hold his own against the likes of Superman and the Demon Etrigan, killed Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, gotten himself banned from entering Heaven and Hell, making him effectively immortal...he's pretty much a magnet for wanton mayhem and destruction. So...anyone think Archanfel has a shot against the Main Man?
  14. Sully


    Hey Dave, I've a sister that lives Osaka. Welcome to the message-board.
  15. TheGuyver.Net last night had major foundation put in place. It has being upgraded to have an SSL cert. While it is a boring step it means I can now go ahead and start putting up content over the coming weeks and hopefully get some new stuff together. NOTE to visitors and long term members of the website. If you've any official Guyver related content you want to put up, add, edit you can post it here for it to go up on the website: https://www.japan-legend.com/forums/forum/323-theguyvernet-site-editing/
  16. Hopefully we'll here some news soon, besides the new figma releases.
  17. Hey Dave! Welcome aboard!
  18. Dammit...well, do they have a "preview of next month's issue" page or something?
  19. Hello, Dave. Welcome to the board.
  20. This months cover attached, no news yet looking at it.
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