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  2. Even if it's just "Central", the Uranus on Earth didn't make the choice. It was made for them and as you put it, Central pulled the tigger. Which means any Uranus that hung around by accident would have been killed with us too if not for Archanfel. But the story points to none of them staying behind, their just ships they were willing to let be destroyed.
  3. It is like that, yes. But it can also mean the seat of government. So essentially it is referring to the physical centre of power in their society, whether that be a HQ or a parliament or a Palace. But the kanji used are 'inside' and 'centre', and often used to mean seat of government or capital city or middle or heart.
  4. It sounds like central could be equivalent to headquarters. Like I gotta send this request to corporate hq for approval.
  5. All good points. I only speak from my perspective of the subject, and it’s that simple to me. I am myself at all time and I treat others respectfully and respect some bare minimum respect in turn. But then my view point is one far more open minded and understand to others. How that philosophy mesh’s with others is taken on a case by case basis. Perhaps at my core I don’t need others to agree with me or care what they think. That said I’m well aware that their are plenty of people who spend their time doing the reverse. of course the other issue in it all is when you apply restrictions, we’re do you stop? How do you know your restrictions are the right ones beyond what you feel? Worst of all how do you stop them being abused, even by yourself and don’t forget that just because you brought them in, dose not mean your the one befitting from them in the end. I personally prefer an imperfect, adaptable system then a hardline one. Im not suggesting that’s what your advocating for mind you. I just use it as an example to explain my thought process.
  6. I think that part could benefit from a translation check. If I may.... (the original is written in katakana to indicate alien language, but I'm writing in hiragana to aid translation) お前たち”人類”の最も忌むべき形態”殖装体” それは危険きわまる”ガイバー”だ 制御不能でありながら強大な戦闘力を備えたこの”殖装体”の出現は 我々にとって比類なき脅威となるだろう 我々は先の事件を”中央”に報告し指示を仰いだ 事態を重くみた”中央”審議会が下した結論は... プロジェクトの打ち切りとおまえたちの”根絶”だ すでに”中央”は天体破壊規模”オペレーション”を発動した 我々もぐずぐずしてはおれぬのだ さらばだアルカンフェル YOU "HUMANITY"-S MOST ABOMINABLE FORM "BIO-BOOSTED BODY" IS THE EXTREMELY DANGEROUS "GUYVER" A "BIO-BOOSTED BODY" BOTH OUT OF CONTROL AND WITH POWERFUL FIGHTING STRENGTH HAS ARISEN AND BECOME AN UNPARALLELED THREAT TO US WE REPORTED THE INITIAL INCIDENT TO "CENTRAL" AND ASKED FOR INSTRUCTIONS (Central is a place, like a capital) "CENTRAL" COUNCIL ASSESSED THE GRAVE CIRCUMSTANCES AND MADE THE DECISION... (council/ commission of inquiry) OF ENDING THE PROJECT AND "ERADICATING" YOU ALL ALREADY, "CENTRAL" HAVE INITIATED A PLANETARY DESTRUCTION SCALE "OPERATION" (celestial body, but planetary sounds better) WE CAN'T LINGER FAREWELL ALKANFEL I don't know why the scanlated manga says 'central federation', it gives the impression of an organisation separate from the Uranus, but the original manga doesn't really imply that.
  7. But then, that "garbage" is still subjective as a lot of people become more opinionated, how people react to what you say depends on how positive or negative they are to the subject. Noble intentions are not always reciprocated nobly, and often times being scorned because of different beliefs. And because of the spread of misinformation, a lot of people become unwitting accomplices in spreading fake news as they themselves believe those news to be true. And to be passionate about any subject matter, can cause an inherent emotional response to attack a speaker because of a defense mechanism. This is so evident in social media today that it's scary.
  8. Season 2 is out now, and to be honest, I'm disappointed. They cut out a lot of important parts that drive character development. I initially started the web novel for this and expected a lot of changes. I'm now reading the light novel (currently at volume 18) and the arcs diverge slightly at the later parts. The light novel also remove other small story arcs (like Naofumi going full superior mode to name a few). So now there are 3 versions of the story, Web Novel, Light Novel and the Anime. The manga seems to be following the light novel closely. But the Anime, I'm having second thoughts continuing watching it. At least the changes I've seen doesn't seem to be a major impact on the story path.
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  10. The Advents / Uranus don't Value Life, they valued the experiment ultimately. They wanted an army and were willing to put huge resources and time into it (countless millions of years). They were (are, we don't know if they still are by the current time line) part of a huge Federation, the core of which was called the Central Federation that used Unit G as a day to day suit and was key in this inter species group in talking with each other and was their space suit for commanding their ships. The Unit G was a past successful experiment. But the moment they realised all life on Earth was tainted by a flaw called Guyver and that Archanfel could become a and effective God of Destruction they tried to wipe everything out. Simple fact is, if they thought for a second we survived another giant moon would have been sent to finish the Earth off. Here is the thing though, it doesn't clearly state if it was the Uranus who sent the Moon or the Central Federation who decided to mothball Earth. The Uranus left in rush, and had to leave leaving behind ships they never expected to survive Earths destruction but that could be due to the deadline given to them. So which group was the one that actually pulled the trigger and owned the weapon that sent the huge moon / planetoid is up for debate.
  11. I spent so much of my younger life being bullied or treated as mentally backwards that I've got skin that that would put solid steel to shame these days. It was either go insane or deal with it, and little me dealt with it. I really don't give a toss what people say about me or think in their little, narrow minds. Thats not to say I'm impregnable though, no matter how strong you are we all have our limits. Usually I get more annoyed by people saying things about those I care about then myself. On the subject of free speech, I feel we all have the right say what we and be judged by what we say. If your spouting garbage fine, just be prepared for people think garbage of you.
  12. Despite being a person who dearly wishs for the universe to be filled with gods, monsters, aliens etc, I have never seen anything that convinces me that such things exist. Well aliens are a high probability but not in the way we like to imagine. The closet I ever got to anythings supernatural I came to realise was just the product of groggy mind waking up, worse I found myself embellishing it mentally with fantasies of my own as time when on. These days even the memory is a patchwork of recollection and imagination. Sadly the human experience, even our own, is not as reliable as we like to believe and thats totally excluding lies. So many things, chemicals, trauma, your own mind making things up and even things like infrasound, can affect your senses and even emotional state that you can genuinely see something that is totally real to you, but is not. I've come to accept that no god plays a part in my life, my actions, good and bad, are my own and my reasonability. My morality and values were crafted by life experience, as are my flaws. The rest is just the random whims of living on a planet with so much else going on it. And if I'm wrong, well then whatever deity in the universe wanted me to worship them should have put some real effort in. 😛
  13. Here's hoping Takaya has a group of people who can take up his mantle in case he can't work on Guyver anymore.
  14. New SSL Cert issued for the website. More updates incoming next weekend.
  15. When I read from Vol.14 Ch.86 to Vol. 15 Ch.89, I see them very United among them selves. That's what I perceive. They always say "us". I know they treat humans like objects/tools: When they comand Archanfel to kill the human, which was bonded to the unity-G (Vol.15 Ch.88 page 50), they say "DESTROY IT"....That's all.
  16. We're getting off track. Explain to me why do you think the Advents value life even though they tried to destroy Earth with a comet? If they were willing to do that, theoretically what about all of the other planets that they destroyed for whatever reason?
  17. I can't read the other guy's posts, but it's important to note that pro life is also pro death. for any human to exist, they must also cause death of another lifeform. to be alive, we must eat. even plants are lifeforms, and infections will kill us unless we kill them. I would be concerned if a person got headlice and decided they refuse to kill those insects and just let them live and breed on their body. To value the life of a lifeform completely, you must value the death of all the other lifeforms that is required to keep it alive. regarding the death of wasps, etc. well, wasps can cause pain and even allergic reaction that could lead to death, ants can spread bacteria onto food surfaces, which can lead to death and so on. killing pestilence is pro life, because it safeguards the lives of humans. it's instinctive. when we say pro life, it is implied that we mean a specific life. These days it usually means valuing the life of undeveloped humans who can't survive on their own, over the life of adult human victims of rape. In those cases, a middle ground is required. if people want to stop a woman getting an abortion then those people should sign up to adopt the child when it is born and pay all her medical expenses, etc. Should we even be discussing these issues though?
  18. You are saying, "if I kill flies, mosquitoes, ants and wasps because they are annoying me: I'm not pro-life...? Or I don't value life at all?
  19. And he gets that from his creators. That's absurd. That goes in with someone declaring they're pro-life but they're also pro-capital punishment. Either you value all life or you don't at all. There's no 2 sides of the fence. Just because the Advents created life doesn't mean they value it. They were quick to want to destroy Earth. That doesn't look like a people that values life. That tells me that they don't value life unless it's a specific life form that suits their agenda. No, Archanfel is a manipulative controlling narcissist. He's doing what he's designed to do, control others like the Advents intended. He helped create the other zoalords to help him with that control. If they piss him off like Richard did then they're as good as dead. You're not thinking why the other zoalords are scared of him. Richard had every right to fear him during their confrontation. Archanfel even killed his own zoanoids for seeing him at Mount Minakami. This is a guy that owns a corporation that kills millions of people and zoanoids if they don't appeal to his wants and agenda. The manga has shown that. That's a No True Scotsman. We have serial murderers, rapists, and child molesters who don't value human life and see other people as objects. Then you have people with warped religious values that if you're not part of their goat herd and don't worship their sky father, they could care less about you because you're not worth it. We have people serving in the military that are taught to kill for their country. They're not trained to value life, but to defend the lives of their countrymen by taking the lives of those that threaten their country. I've met people that are so Pro-Life that it's a big deal to them and they're not keen on killing anything at all, that includes animals. Some people are vegetarian because they don't want animals killed.
  20. You are correct. It's still dead in the water. There's no telling when Yoshiki Takaya will pick it back up.
  21. Earlier
  22. Yeah that's at the start of book 32, since I can't get a hold of 29,30 or 31 at this time I thought it was rather wtf? I figured out Testoro and Mizuki are still on the island and begun to make sense lol. But yeah book ended with Gigantic Dark Exceeded grabbing what's his face zoalord who turned into a ball. I'm guessing then Guyver is still on hiatus?
  23. Maybe. But like every living thing he needs energy to heal and without absorbing or consuming other living things he can't fully regenerate. He only partially regenerated before he needed Elegen to finish. Especially now with his current battle form, the energy he puts out from the Hyper Zoanoids that he ate prior takes a toll on him. He needs to absorb to maintain energy and mass.
  24. Welcome back! Glad to see fans, which are still hopping. Archanfel is playing videogames with Tetsuro and Mizuki is making dinner. Happy family forever!
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