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  4. I bet the timeline Thanos left from and thus became a branch ("the universe without Thanos") was wiped out five minutes after he left by the TVA. He did not have to be wiped from the 'sacred timeline' after that since he was definitively destroyed by the Avengers about an hour after he arrived in the future, along with all his minions. Aha! I just realized why not! Everything that is wiped out, is not really wiped out - it is sent to "Beyond the end of time", let's call it Limbo, to be destroyed by Alioth. I think He-Who-Remains was not confident that even Alioth could defeat Thanos and his minions, and rather than risking it, leave it to the Avengers.
  5. Well, this actually came up on the first episode when Loki was debating with Mobius. It was explained by Mobius that this was supposed to happen on the sacred timeline which is why the TVA didn't do anything about it. My guess is that the nexus where past Thanos came from didn't diverge enough to cause damage to the sacred timeline. But then, how did Loki know about the Avengers going back in time trying to collect the infinity stones when it hasn't even happened yet on his point in time. I wouldn't know much since I'm still up to episode 2.
  6. I love Yelena's Character and how Florence Pugh plays her so perfectly. Her Chemistry with Scarlet Johansson is really very good, it makes the portrayal of their relationship so much believable. "You're such a poser" And then does the same pose later and says "ugh, disgusting" Really love it.
  7. No idea why they didn't do anything about that.
  8. in endgame, they did a lot of time travel shenanigans and brought infinity stones which resulted in thanos coming from a past time and getting killed in the present, all of this is messed up time stuff, why the heck didn't the TVA do anything about all of that? I know they put the infinity stones back, but they didn't put thanos back, or nebula, or gamora, etc.
  9. What is the question per se?
  10. I have a question. Endgame. TVA? wtf?
  11. (spoilers) You got it.. although they made Immortus' ultimate evolution He-Who-Remains. The guy's like a Digimon. It is in line with the MCU's tendency to fold things into eachother. It should be interesting to see how Jonathan plays Kang. I hope he will make it a very different performance.
  12. Saw it last night. It was good. Could have used a few more home life flashbacks. Some people feel Taskmaster was 'done dirty'. I liked it though. And that's the end of Marvel as far as I am concerned.
  13. I get it... so an alternate timeline could vary significantly from the original in one specific way, like a major event happened to one person and it diverges from there, but a multiverse can be different in myriad of ways either minute or major.
  14. If I understand it correctly alternate universes (maybe not 'alternate') were always separate, like siblings, while alternate timelines branch off from a universe.
  15. Based on my understanding, if something different happens in one timeline, it branches off into a new timeline (alternate) which will create a new (alternate) universe. So the multiverse is basically different timelines that branched off from the original timeline. I've been hearing a lot about "Sacred Timeline", so I would guess this would be the Earth-199999 or the MCU? I'm sure a lot of this is explained in the Loki series, I just need to wait a few more days before I can finally binge watch it.
  16. Well the trailer mentions a multiverse...but now that I think about it, what is the difference between an alternate timeline and an alternate universe, anyway?
  17. I don't quite get it. is this timelines or is this multiverse?
  18. I'm not really a fan of this kind of animation style. There are some interesting plots, and I wonder if this is ever going to cross the 616 universe, or if they're going to tackle any of the existing multiverse.
  19. I haven't watched any of the episode as I'm waiting for the series to complete before I binge watch this. It's very hard to avoid spoilers with all the memes and fan theories out there. I accidentally spoiled some of the episodes when I was trying to time the subtitles. But I am excited to watch this as the season comes to a close. For whatever plot twists that's waiting to unravel, all I can say is that it was Agatha all along.
  20. My money's on Immortus.
  21. So... is Mobius going to turn out to be Kang, while the whole thing is run by Immortus. or not?
  22. Part of that was I didn't want to turn it back on for it to just fall over again during that week (it had gotten to the stage where if I done the temp fix, that only lasted half a day or less). I found the part to get it fixed but getting it setup was something I didn't do before so waited until the weekend as there was a hole series of updates and changes I wanted done and out of the way and if things went to hell I wanted time to focus and trouble shoot it properly. Part of that is the Message Board is now on the latest version which has given us new "Features" like the rank icons which involved resetting stuff to match old settings... I've not had a chance to play around with it yet but this weekends focus will be on the Chat box first. Then getting other tasks the new version of the board wants setup done next, then I'll worry about making things pretty
  23. it does feel somewhat like the black panther. not sure why.
  24. Marvel does have a tendency to propel obscure characters into a very enjoyable movie. Perhaps the success of the previous movies have spoiled the general public because of how high they set the bar. I'd like to think of this as NOT an "Avenger" movie so I'm not going to have any expectations. I don't look at the Marvel movies as an individual movie anymore that I need to rate each and everyone of them, but rather like an hour plus long series with its highs and lows.
  25. if the marvel comics aren't ironman, captain america, spiderman, hulk, thor, etc then what are they? these new movies don't seem very familiar to me. are these the mainstay marvel popular heroes?
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