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  2. Unfortunately, with the current pandemic, our local cinemas are not yet fully open. Nowadays, I had to rely on paid streaming service, or my old friend, torrents. There are a lot of movies that I'm looking forward to watch and this is one of them. Good to know that you weren't disappointed, makes me eager to watch it.
  3. Okay, so...I was able to catch the movie over the weekend...and I had a BLAST! Definitely thought it did the original film justice...and it was just plain FUN. I think Harold would have been proud. Has anyone else seen it yet, and what did you think?
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  5. Thanks! ^^ Good point; his death may not have been permanent, but Sho still ate is words. Yeah, I can see that. I admit I also enjoy a lot of older dubs like the Guyver OVA series; even though things have come a long way since then. The cheesiness makes my day! Ah, I understand now; he did sound needlessly blasé at times.
  6. No worries I liked that line! Part of it is that it's genuinely hot blooded and anime AF but yet got subverted minutes later when Enzyme gladly did his thing. In any other show that probably would have been a setup for a triumphant moment of overcoming the odds at the end, but this is Guyver, Sho was a complete novice and Genzo really, really hated him. Maybe they could've had the new Neo ZX-Tole pissed at Aptom for stepping on the pride of Chronos (and to be perfectly honest, he'd probably hate him for being an uppity Lost Number too) instead of the 'you killed my team and took my leg'? Either way, that fight's gotta happen to setup Gigantic. The 2005 dub is technically better in a number of ways - the ADR process has come a long way since 1992 - but I still like a lot of the performances/direction from the 1992 dub. I agree that 2005 Tetsuro's voice was actually pretty well cast but he seemed wayyyyy too chill a lot of the time considering the situations he found himself in; the overdramatic reads from the original OVA actually worked better, in that regard. Overall I agree that it's a great show that's far more faithful to the manga but I do like the 80's aesthetic of the older character designs
  7. Huh...hadn't even considered that possibility...
  8. Maybe they are in it - but not as Spider-Man. I mean, in 'Spider-verse' different Peters had different outcomes. Imagine if Andrew plays a Peter who became Venom, instead. Or if Toby plays a Peter Parker who retired from superhero stuff and is happily married with Mary Jane (that way you can even have a teenage Spider-Girl - their daughter May). Interestingly this just made me realize they can totally introduce Miles Morales if they want.
  9. I find it funny that the trailer had a trailer. They really did hyped this movie up and it better deliver. So do you guys think Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield is gonna be in this film? Tobey says they're in it, but Andrew keeps denying and says he isn't in it? Who do you think is a better troll?
  10. Been away a long time, sad to see that things haven't improved but then thats a risk with long running Manga. If, and lets not lose all hope here, but if Guyver never comes back lets not forget it. It was my first anime, and it's an amazing series even if it remains unfinished. These days I find myself watching one of the series that inspired Guyver, Ultraman as well as all it's sequels and spin-offs. I even see some of the inspirations for Zoanoids. Zx-tole Zetton Even now I think of Guyver even when I haven't watched the series in years.
  11. Get ready...to fear the Knight.
  12. (Sorry bout the late reply.) I also noticed that in the VHS credits of episode 6, Natsuki didn't have an ending shot. Since she didn't appear in said episode, that makes sense. Agreed, "I've called five times!!" is great and I sadly often forget about it. I think it's because the first angry Sho quote that comes to my mind is "You think I'm caught, but I'm free to fight!! I will never give up my life and surrender to Cronos!!" Yeah, that seemed like the most likely scenario. They may have been able to bring in Neo ZX-Tole by having him being created using the data of all of the original Team 5 by Balcus. I thought Gary Dubin did a decent job voicing his characters, even though he didn't really do anything to differentiate their normal forms voices. Though I love how hammy he got in Eps 6 & 12, which helped make his performances as ZX-Tole & Aptom stand out. While I was watching the 2005 series, I was so used to how the OVA pronounced the characters names (the human names that is), that I still go by those pronunciations; even if the 2005 series technically used the correct ways to say them. Lowell Bartholomee's Tetsuro voice fit the character reasonably well, though I think his performance started out kinda mediocre and got better as the dub went on. I liked how Luci Christian seemed to take influence from Melissa Fahn's performance when voicing Mizuki, and she still made her performance stand out in her own way. Overall, I legitimately like the 2005 series. That said, I don't like Sho, Tetsuro, and Mizuki's redesigns. Sho's redesign screams "Stock protagonist" when his Manga and OVA series design was already great as it is. Not to mention that he and Mizuki got their hair colors superfluously swapped and Tetsuro's new hairstyle didn't work for him.
  13. oh my... well that had me in tears. that is so beautiful. I wish I had money.
  14. I read the full synopsis on Wikipedia and it doesn't seem that bad to me. I wonder what the problem is.
  15. Oh, the Terra figure is in the 1:44:50 mark in the video. It's listed as a post surprise, so it's basically at the end of the video.
  16. This reminded me of an interview of Arnold Schwarzenegger about his rivalry with Sylvester Stallone (or was it the other way around?). He mentioned that he tricked Sly to star in the Movie "Stop or my Mom will Shoot" by telling the producers that he was very interested in the movie. Sly of course, doesn't want to be outdone by Arnie, so he pushed to get casted on the movie instead. Turns out Arnie was trolling Sly. Getting back on topic, Eternals are not yet released in our theaters locally so I really have no means of watching it right now. But based on a lot of comments I've read, it seems that the criticism suffers from woke-ism. I can't comment yet because I really haven't seen it to give my own opinions.
  17. I think Marvel is panicking. I heard the other day they even only started on 'Eternals' because DC planned on doing a 'New Gods' movie (A horrible idea in and of itself) and they wanted a Kirby movie out, as well. DC canned it, though, maybe because their DCEU as a whole is kind of a disaster so they didn't want to risk it; and now Marvel was stuck with a movie that did not really fit in with their established movie universe, with an entirely new cast of characters that, in fact, did seem to pander to prevailing public opinion - or whatever they perceived it to be - and, well, they did their best, but you can't make gold out of straw. In the context of pandering, though: I notice they made Ajak - briefly played by Salma Hayek, although Ajak was male in the comic - the leader of the Eternals, while the Eternals' ruler in the comics, Zuras, was nowhere to be seen or even mentioned. Too much masculine authority, I guess
  18. haha okay you got me. I was just parroting what has been said in other places. I'll try to be aware of doing that again. I just thought there must be some stock in it because I have seen comments in places by people saying they were fed up of the marketing being all about the gay couple.. I never saw anything like that myself so I must be missing something somewhere.
  19. long boring and pretentious could also be applied to Dune, yet they seems to have been kinder to that. I enjoyed Both films and both had beauty and a thoughtful message. it seems to me, most of the backlash is because they had the audacity to include a homosexual couple and a character that challenges gender paradigms. though they'd never say it outright of course, it's in the subtext. one of the reviewers said the ensemble cast made it hard to follow individual character stories. I have a learning disability and I had lost a lot of sleep the previous night and yet I could follow their stories easily. it's obvious there is something else going on here.
  20. And because of this video, I discovered the Masterline Series, and now I'm salivating on this:
  21. Long, boring and pretentious? I don't know, I haven't seen it yet. Unbelievably, the critics' rating has dropped below 50%, although the audience reviews seem more positive. But that is to be expected this early.
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