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  3. I don't know how this started, but it is glorious to see two fandoms coming together and making two beloved characters best friends! I love it, and it's something the internet needed without knowing it needed this.
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  5. This one I'm throwing in just for giggles...Archanfel versus LOBO! Pretty much the ultimate "bad boy" of the DC Universe, Lobo has managed to hold his own against the likes of Superman and the Demon Etrigan, killed Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, gotten himself banned from entering Heaven and Hell, making him effectively immortal...he's pretty much a magnet for wanton mayhem and destruction. So...anyone think Archanfel has a shot against the Main Man?
  6. Sully


    Hey Dave, I've a sister that lives Osaka. Welcome to the message-board.
  7. TheGuyver.Net last night had major foundation put in place. It has being upgraded to have an SSL cert. While it is a boring step it means I can now go ahead and start putting up content over the coming weeks and hopefully get some new stuff together. NOTE to visitors and long term members of the website. If you've any official Guyver related content you want to put up, add, edit you can post it here for it to go up on the website: https://www.japan-legend.com/forums/forum/323-theguyvernet-site-editing/
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  9. Hopefully we'll here some news soon, besides the new figma releases.
  10. Dammit...well, do they have a "preview of next month's issue" page or something?
  11. Hello, Dave. Welcome to the board.
  12. This months cover attached, no news yet looking at it.
  13. On of my friend live in Oslo, Norway. Yesterday, we were chatting on Facebook Messenger, he ask me to watch Japanese movies but he did not access from his country. What is the best way to access? Do anyone has a proper solution? Thanks in advance
  14. HI, I am Dave from Osaka.
  15. Rasalom

    Guyver - Manga Dub

    Thanks, more manga is on the way.
  16. So...any updates? News? Chapter? Anyone? Anyone?
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  18. That was really good, keep up the good work!
  19. They're not worried in Japan. Their normal behavior is pretty ideal to prevent spreading viruses. Except for the subway.
  20. NoHi everyone. It's been litwrallybyears since I added to this page. Its because I'm lazy with horrible work ethics. (And... I sorta forgot about it) So I got a 3d printer and I been buying prints or downloading free prints online to use with my printer. When I finally bought my resin printer, (which I mentioned and posted some pics on riverchaos's page) I always wanted to make 3d models from scratch. So now I got an free editing program called mesh mixer, or was it meshmaker? Anyways, I always wanted to do my own thing on there cause most of what i want doesnt exist. So here mybforst try from scrarch. It started out as a sphere. As always, critiques and insulation are always welcome!
  21. Well, since no one else has brought it up, I figure I have to...how do you think Takaya is weathering the coronavirus situation?
  22. heh... i was born in feb of 1985. talk about the best of birthday presents. i like that and i dont even celebrate my bday.
  23. rather than search the heavens for inspiration, we should look for the divinity within ourselves
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