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  2. I always assumed the self defense mode is more or less a reactionary device than a seek and destroy. As long as no one is threatening, or has a threatening presence, my guess is it shouldn't attack. Otherwise its a doomsday or hulk scenario.
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  4. I sent Viz an email. Hopefully something will come from it.
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  6. Well, we can't blame the author about this, but it should be the publisher's responsibility to let the readers know what the direction they will take about Guyver.
  7. Oh yeah, they're absolutely screwed in this scenario. The fact they're present at all is a testament to Chronos' love of hostage situations, and odds are at least one of the Zoanoids there would think to use them as human shields. Too bad the Unit wouldn't care any. Man, I can only imagine what would happen once he woke up and realized what the Guyver did to win that fight... maybe he'd fully throw in his lot with Makishima and go all Punished Sho, who knows? It's a trip going back to the manga after the OVA and realizing just how much those six episodes expanded on the original chapters. The Guyver doesn't look nearly as intimidating in the early parts of the manga/TV series, though I do have to admit that I like how they gave Sho a bit of hope in the TV Enzyme fight by implying he miiiiight have been able to win if he'd had a little bit more time (or made some distance between him and Genzo, whichever). Not that it makes up for animating his loss like it was a minor inconvenience instead of the brutal death it was (or playing the aftermath for borderline comic relief in the next episode), but those are TV restrictions for ya!
  8. Fun fact -- Venom is being voiced by Tony Todd.
  9. "You're Hawkeye!" "Who the hell are you?"
  10. Explanation? No. he can do whatever he wants with his life. But confirmation whether or not to continue hoping for more? Yes. We absolutely do deserve that.
  11. Is the consensus that Takaya owes the fans an explanation, or not? To be honest, if he has no intention of picking up the series he should at least put the fans out of their misery.
  12. In the OVA? Yes, probably. In the manga/TV series? No. The Guyver is seriously nerfed.
  13. Yup, my thoughts exactly. But given the reality on how storytelling works, despite all the debates on what can and cannot be done, the decision is ultimately at the hands of the author (not necessarily Takaya, but who ever envisions the fight). Although the author has free hand in deciding, the challenge here then comes from how he is able to convince the readers that his decision is the correct one, thus igniting a debate on a what if scenario. But yeah, my stand is still that the defense mode is a brutally efficient killing machine that exacts precise and deadly strikes in the quickest manner possible, and would have no moral qualms in defeating friend or foe. Woe is to Tetsuro and Mizuki if the Guyver I goes out of control.
  14. Very excited for this! I done beat that 1st game like 8 times. Good gawd I love this game. I played miles morales, and it was super fun at first and loved seeing New York in the winter, but it did get old real quick. I think its cause I never been super big into miles, and how they always give me new powers or bigger power levels. I swear bendis is just doing it to one up Peter Parker. And this game coming up, im so stoked for it! I dont even care if its the same game play and engine running it or not. Im that eager to play. I just need to buy a ps5.
  15. Hey, thanks for the reply! Figured it'd only be fair if I thought about my own question and share back To be honest, even with the grievous injuries inflicted beforehand I can't see Enzyme troubling Guyver I all that much in this scenario, especially seeing as the Unit doesn't suffer from pesky things like pain or dulled reaction times from fear or stress; I could very easily see an overconfident Genzo going for another tail strike only to have it caught and blasted off with a Head Beam, for instance. In addition, the Sonic Busters and a one handed Pressure Cannon would be more than sufficient to engage Enzyme from range, something that version of the Zoanoid simply wasn't built for. Given its speed advantage over the Zoanoid (remember, Enzyme's initial strike whiffed on an untransformed Sho) the only way I could see the Guyver losing is Guyot doing what he did in canon and detonating Enzyme at point blank range to splash him to death with the acid blood. Of course, it's a very real possibility the superior reflexes that the Unit has without its inexperienced host mucking up the works might be enough to steer it clear of any serious damage. Now, the real fight begins. We've seen from episode six that a healthy and whole Guyver I in self-defense mode makes absolute mincemeat of Darzerb and Elegen and even missing an arm it's a safe bet that it still wouldn't have too much trouble with those two. That said, ZX-Tole might be a whole other story; while one on one the Guyver probably trounces him with slightly effort than usual, the other two could potentially tie up the Unit long enough for the team leader to inflict some serious hurt, especially considering his armor's impressive resilience and his bio-blasters' short charge times (barring the Blaster Tempest, assuming that the 1989 version of ZX-Tole is capable of using it). We also don't know how much energy's been expended from Sho's injured body at this point, but between the healing and usage of weaponry the Unit's tank won't be anywhere close to full... (All that said, the people who are in the most danger here are Tetsuro and Mizuki. They're prime bait for a hostage situation that the Guyver's not going to give a crap about :P)
  16. Hey Hello, welcome!! Well, based on my opinion, Guyver's are raw weapons in the hands of humans. Having one in Sho's hands is like giving a child a complex weapon he couldn't fully use. If you've read up to the latest chapters, you will know how deadly the Guyver units are in capable hands. Sho being defeated during that time frame was not due to the superiority of his opponents, but due to his lack of experience and ferocity. Self defense mode acts with swiftness and efficiency, so basically it can brutally murder any zoanoid it faces, in the presumption that we don't factor how cunning the opponent is. Otherwise, there is no way an automaton can defeat a thinking individual, much less a group of them.
  17. First off; hi everyone! Glad to find a bunch of dedicated Guyver fans in 2021 So, I just finished reliving Enzyme II's battle against Guyver I and that started the gears turning... Flash back to episode five. Genzo's got Sho on the ropes with Guyot telling him to go for the kill - but maybe this time he's a little less precise in his order, or maybe the ex-chairman wants to inflict even more pain than he already has. So instead of ripping out the Control Medal, he pulls a Fumio and debrains the hell out of our plucky protagonist. Guyot's satisfied, Enzyme's gloating, Team Five's collective hateboner is off the charts, Mizuki's screaming and Tetsuro's freaking out as only Tetsuro can freak out, all while the tiny part of his head that's still rational is going 'wait a minute, shouldn't he be melting or something...?' All festivities cease*, of course, when Guyver I gets back up in the brutally efficient self defense mode, missing an arm, part of its abdomen, and Sho's brain (and by extension, everything that makes Sho... uh, Sho). Along, of course, with the use of the Megasmasher until the chest plates heal up. So, my question is: 1. Can the self-defense'd out Guyver I successfully beat the super-resilient Zoanoid engineered specifically to kick its ass, and if so: 2. Can it then overcome the odds against the three on one handicap match that'll come when the surviving Team Five members, absolutely fed up with this capital 'B' Bullcrap, decide to put an end to things once and for all? *Except for Mizuki screaming. At this point in the series, it's kinda justified.
  18. Wow, this looks cool! Seeing as I'm a fan of both Digimon & Kamen Rider, I'm pumped!
  19. So, I've kinda been on a Digimon V-pet kick lately, and Bandai made an announcement regarding both Digimon and Kamen Rider.
  20. Is it possible Viz still has the rights to Guyver? Or would they need to re-license it just like they did with Fist of the North Star? I remember reading the Viz scans and the last one said something like: “Guyver is going on a hiatus. We’ll see you in the funny papers!” which was awkward especially since they never returned to it. I’ve tried to inquire to Viz about the manga and one time they answered. They said more or less they want to expand their library but it would take time. I tried again they re-licensed Fist of the North Star but they didn’t respond this time. I hope one day this manga will be in print in English again.
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