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  2. I don't know why that big chunk is on the corner there. Must be a fault when the slicer converted the file for printing... something I'll have to look into I guess. What ya think?
  3. Here it is! Now bare in mind that this is right off the printer and all I did was remove the supports. I haven't cleaned it up or touched up anything yet. Just by looking at it here, it's still smaller than I had intended, guess I didn't realize how big that base really was. And Im still not able to see those striped lines on his shin. So... no need for the extra work on smaller miniatures. But if I ever intend to cut em up and print by pieces, I'll have to do those lines.
  4. Last week
  5. Better angle of the stand and then the whole model in a slicer program to get it printed. The whole model is so... comelex, it's bogging down the slicer. Can't use auto supports, have to add them in manually (the green things.) I tried shrinking it down 1st before I load it in the slicer, but it still boggs it down no matter what size I save it as. Dunno. Hope it works. Lol.
  6. Chronos symbol, and then the symbol as a stand.
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  8. Guyver xd is 19.1 times the size of guyver gigantic. gigantic is 2.72 m guyver XD is 52 m
  9. Thanks for your advices! Well, I tested my Gigantic XD already. The scale will be 10 times bigger than Gigantic Guyver. It looks similar to the manga. I'm very happy & satisfy about it. It's freaking awesome if you fight against the Gigantic XD. So, I think we better stay at the same map in online battle mode. Maybe I will add some restriction on Gigantic XD transform limit (like universe energy something...) to avoid system overload. Anyway, Gigantic or Gigantic XD are still under development now. They will be appeared in a future version. Now, I'm working on the demo version first. The progress is fine. Just need some modification. I will try my best to make it faster. Guyver game will see you guys soon!
  10. I was searching for a japanese dvd copy of guyver but it seems all that come up is the vhs and laser discs, the dvd just comes from manga entertainment release in the us no dvd release came up?
  11. I really love the laser discs covers more than the manga entertainment covers does any one have scans for the front only? I want to print them and hang them on my wall
  12. This looks amazing! I cannot wait to get my hands on it! Depending on what issues or limitations you're running into due to Gigantic XD use. I can only think of trying to control certain locations where Gigantic XD isn't permitted, but at other locations where you can control the flow and/or number of players, it might keep the game from crashing. Or maybe have missions that are Gigantic XD only and when the players goes to the mission location a cutscene plays where the player's character transforms into the Gigantic XD form and are then "transported" to a miniaturized version of the map that is separate from the main world. Hope this helps or inspires you. Also, would every player have a standard "human" form that transforms?
  13. Ok something I was printing while working on getting gregole right. Just finished it together. Some of you already know, I'm a huge star wars fan. And this is my favorite ship.
  14. Here's me cooking him in my totally professionally made UV chamber. After he's cured i. Going to take a dremel to him and fix a lot of small bits of resin I couldn't reach with my cutters. A small bit got removed from his left leg, his left, not my left. Wasnt too bad but it will be noticeable when I paint him. Also noticed that those lines I made on his leg didn't show up either. Not surprising seeing how small I made him. I was shooting for the same size as the green Guyver I made.
  15. OK!! I printed off gregole! But I miscalculated! He tiny! No big, I'll resize him when I repro t him with a better base.
  16. Printing off dome tank models for my dad and his friends, after that I'll start on gregole.
  17. Ok! Finished with gregole. I'm not going to cover the whole model with the stripes, I want to see if they'll even come thru when being printed, no sense doing all that work if it isn't going to show. If the lines on the shin show then I'll finish. Ok so, all that is left is to print it!
  18. We'll be looking a bit longer than we had been hoping.
  19. I think it's more that they want to control the world to their own benefit. But who is 'they'?
  20. The US Government is doing what the British Government did in the past. The believe they have the right to police the world. What they should be doing is fixing their own economy rather than sticking their noses in other countries affairs.
  21. I am really looking forward to this movie
  22. Yeah. Dark Fate wasn't too bad. A bit better than Gensys but not by much
  23. Sure~! I will keep this game continuously updating. More contents will be added in every newer version! Any ideas are welcome too!
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