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  2. No, I'd say you answered my question very. That was the exact panel that caused confusion on the number of crystals and that translation you offered was much clearer for me. Thanks.
  3. Yeah, just saw the trailer. Everyone seems to be very hyped about Terry Mcginnis. I did notice that the Flash is missing. I haven't actually read the whole Crisis on Infinite Earth (since I can't find a copy and couldn't be bothered to look for it), but I do know the gist of it and the Flash is central to the story and heavily influences his own origin. I actually saw the first part and it's a bit underwhelming for me. There were some touching moments, but overall, I still feel something missing.
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  5. Sorry, I'm a little sensitive about this, I take a lot of pride in the parts I worked on, since accuracy was always my primary concern in the bits that I did. There's nothing wrong with asking for clarification and I do enjoy revisiting the work and exploring it some more. The original guyver manga is like a bible to me, I guess I could be considered a little obsessive over it. I'm always happy to be proven wrong of course, I'm capable of making a mistake, but I'm certainly not sloppy or careless. Amica translated a lot of the chinese bits, we translated from Japanese afterwards. Durendal was very good at a conversational level understanding, I was obsessed with minutiae and checked on things like this. I'm not sure if I addressed all the parts you're reading, I went to the bit where Hamilcar is talking about his meeting with Archanfel. Book 14, the panel with the development chambers on it, with the zoacrystals inside. I can check other parts for clarification if you like? I think there is a little bit of ambiguity as to what archanfel's crystals are all over his body, and there could be room for a bit of shifting in the interpretation. The kanji used is embryo and nucleus, and are used within the word for 'ebryogenesis'. It could be considered akin to stem cells.
  6. I want to start by apologizing, as I first brought up the idea of the translation being a bit off. My experience with translating has only ever come from high school and college courses on Latin and Japanese, so I only have a vague idea of what it's like, but I can understand the difficulty and time-consuming nature of it. Hell, I remember being on here nearly 20 years ago when new chapters were coming out and I believe someone either got a Chinese copy of the chapter they needed to translate to Japanese to translate to English or do it the other way around. That takes time and dedication. I appreciate the work that you and others have put in to allow me to read this story. My confusion was because the version I have says they used "one of Archanfel's Zoa-crystals," which would mean he would have had at least two crystals. The translation you provided definitely clears it up. Thank you.
  7. That's a little insulting to the people who have put years and years into translating this material for the fanbase. Rather than imply our work is inaccurate, you could ask for clarification. This particular bit, I have personally checked and double checked using many different dictionary sources and looking from different angles. It's pretty clear, the 11 zoacrystals were made by taking a part of archanfel's own crystal and growing them into new ones, exactly as the translation says. It's been complained about over the years, how our adherence to accuracy makes it a little awkward to read. it's not fair to say something like that now. アルカンフェルのゾアクリスタルから胚核の分割‐培養によって11個のレプリカが生み出され by tissue-culturing the embryonic nucleus of archanfel's zoacrystal, 11 replicas were created.
  8. The translation about the Zoa-crystal's might not be 100% accurate. That said, they were likely made from Archanphel's samples, but nothing that would have require amputation of his own Zoa-crystal. As well, Barcas was made into a Zoalord before he ever got access to a vast amount of knowledge from the control spheres, so there is some discrepancy about that quote exactly. The knowledge to make a full proper Zoa-crystal might be limited to himself. it's hard to say, since the rogue Zoalords give Guyot a "Dummy" crystal, even they might not know how to make one. And no, they do not have "spares" lying around, or Apollyon would be after those first. As for what happened to Archanphel... Before the Creators left, they nearly crippled him with an attack, and THEN he forcefully used his full power to destroy the planetoid that they had sent to destroy Earth. Whatever they did to him, plus his over exertion, seems to be the cause of his need to rest for long periods. The entire time Archanphel spent in his bio-pod was only enough to allow him to rest... but the lingering damage from the Creators seems to be the actual problem. As long as he remains rested and charged, he seems to be ok... But as soon as he uses he powers, it drains him too much and whatever they did to him starts affecting him again. It is unknown if Barcas could do anything to help him... We've seen some of the Zoalords need to undergo adjustments and processing after strenuous use of their powers... But it is unknown if Archanphel will even let Barcas to even try to do anything. As for Imakarum, his Zoa-crystal was simply badly cracked by Gigantic Dark, while he was already tired... And Imakarum was made differently than the other 11, so we don't exactly know by what process, or exactly how he is different... Especially since, if you believe Imakarum is Apollyon, he was not only fixed, but evolved and super charged by Archanphel and the Ark while in Archaphel's original Bio-pod. From what we can gather about Zoa-crystals, is that they are like energy batteries for a Zoalord. Functionally, as long as one has power, that Zoalord is practically immortal. Like when Carleon had his crystal pulled from his head by Apollyon, he rapidly aged. This likely didn't happen to Guyot, as he was actually a fairly new Zoalord. The science around them is kinda weird. Waferdanos only used his Zoa-crystal to maintain his Human like form and use Zoalord like powers in the form. Once he removed his crystal, he returned to his original form as "King" of the "Forest". While Li Yentsui removed his own crystal and was still able to use his powers one last time. And as for Griselda, her creator, Dr Hekkering was Cronos's #2 scientist and helped created some of the Zoalords and their Proto-types. So his Zoa-crystal is likely heavily based on what he knows from helping Barcas over the years.
  9. I'm re-reading the manga after more than a decade and have a few questions that I'm curious if people have any answers/theories for as I'm not sure the manga has any answers. I'm only up to chapter 140 or so (Agito is setting fire to Waferdanos and Sho just learned how to save Aptom from Cabraal's control. Where did the Zoa-crystals come from? In Chapter 80, Balcus says the crystals were by "cleaving and cultivating one of Archanfel's Zoa-crystals" into the 11. I didn't think (but didn't really give an in-depth look) that Archanfel's battle form was any different in the flashback with the creators than it did in present day (as in, he didn't seem to have additional crystals prior to the 11). Did he have spare crystals lying around? Or are we using a different definition of cleave than I am used to and Balcus simply used Archanfel's crystal as a base for creating the others? About Archanfel, what is up with his illness? It was caused by destroying the asteroid the Uranus sent to destroy the planet. But how does that work, why can't he recover? Could they use the Ark to heal him the way he used it to heal Imakarim? I don't understand how he could overexert himself and be useless for long periods of time for millennia but a severely injured, near death Imakarim could be fully healed. It would seem a Zoa-crystal is, in some way, tied to a Zoalord's life, although both he and Guyot surviving show a Zoalord's life isn't as asconnected to the crystal as I thought. Same with Waferdanos, though they could have been because he wasn't human. I certainly wouldn't expect Guyot to be able to so simply remove his crystal as Waferdanos did. I was also thinking a few other Zoalords were killed when their crystals were removed by Apollyon later in the series, but I could be misremembering that. As far as crystals are concerned, do we know how Griselda's crystal was created? Did the scientist Agito kidnapped (can't think of his name) create it from scratch or did he have some inside knowledge of the Zoalords/Zoa-crystals to base it off of?
  10. Can't help but wonder if this is a hint that the certain friendly-neighborhood web-slinger will appear...
  11. Wow! They retained the animation style but it's now crisper. Perhaps this is their piece to go head to head with DC Animation, who has been faring better than their contemporaries. Interesting to see where the story leads to.
  12. Saw the trailer earlier today, loved it!
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  14. Something is coming...something even they're afraid of.
  15. He's already done that to fire the Ice Blast on that forest to put out the fire.
  16. I fear that this movie may be riding on the success of its predecessor and might not be able to hold its own. Everybody wants to go on the Cinematic Universe Franchise that most of the time it feels forced.
  17. Haha! Marvel Jesus! Now that Ryan Reynolds have a lot more material to work with, who knows where this will take us.
  18. Still pretty quiet. But...still keeping my eyes and ears open!
  19. No updates I see, how unfortunate. Well I hope your all doing well.
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