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  2. Well, there's actually multiple versions of Adamantium... So first you'd have to specify which one you're talking about, the Hulk has broken some versions of it, but they basically mean indestructible by any normal means. So not actually completely indestructible, just might as well be unless you have god like power... https://marvel.fandom.com/wiki/Adamantium https://www.cbr.com/15-characters-who-broke-adamantium/ However, they can all be destroyed with Antarctic Vibranium, which dissolves all metals... While Vibranium can absorb energy,
  3. I just say my beliefs and express the same love for Guyver as everyone only. Thanks bro! I'll try my best on it!
  4. Very nice! Your dedication is very impressive. Hope a lot of people support this.
  5. #GuyverGame - Short animation Ep.1(Teaser+Game contents) #GuyverGame - G'-illusion Studio Patreon is now open!!
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  7. Oh yeah, conan would slice up some zoanoids for sure.
  8. Obviously he's not stupid enough to make deals with demons. But were to referring to him being Guyver 0 or a modern day Guyver? Not that it makes a difference, but he would most likely be more skillful than Agito.
  9. Hey all, this has been rattling in my head for a bit, but I need to get this out there... With Marvel having recently re-acquired the rights to Conan the Barbarian (and having him as part of the Savage Avengers), I have been wondering...what do you think would happen if everyone's favorite Cimmerian suddenly ended up in the Guyver-verse? Now, before some of you would say "he wouldn't last five minutes," let me put this in perspective...we are dealing with a man who comes from an age where sorcerers, wizards, monsters, demons and Crom only knows what else were the order of the day...and h
  10. I just scored a 1/1 Guyver2 head. This is so awesome! It matched my Guyver 1 head bust. The same artist that painted it did this one too.
  11. At the time I was desperate to have someone that I could talk to. I took you as someone I could talk to, and I don't regret it at all. It was one of the best decisions I made. I was having some marital issues even then, as well as the marriage was taking it's toll on me. It was making me mentally unstable. Talking to you really helped me get through some of it. But years later. It all got worse. After filing for divorce and it becoming final and moving on in life. I'm stronger mentally and emotionally now. I realize now that I really was with a manipulative and toxic woman that just used
  12. Offense is truly subjective. Emotions are as well. We all have the right to live as we like. Barring hurting others, stealing, killing, or sad to even have to say, harming children. As we all have that right, others have a right to disagree. The issue is not in disagreement, but with the thought process of feeling the need to voice or act upon it. The truly boring care what others do as they have nothing to focus on (apparently) in their own lives. Then, on the opposite side people feel the need to rub in the face of society their beliefs or lifestyles. All this division is merely distraction
  13. from the very beginning, my philosophy with this forum was to ensure everyone was listened to and respected. Jupiter, I can't recall too well, but I remember when you first came here, there must have been a reason why I started talking to you via pm? do you think you were disruptive back then? or was there another reason? in any case, there has been a number of VERY disruptive and toxic people in the history of the forum, but with every single case, I took the effort to talk to them, to understand why they were behaving that way and try and help them to be nicer to others. I think I only
  14. The control metal does have a dimensional interlink, which means it can siphon energy from the boost dimension, but as you said the gravity globe does that to a larger extent. actually, we don't know what form that energy takes, but it is probably fairly efficient and the manga or anime has never shown any indications of harmful radioactive effects. it all seems to be pretty safe to be around. since the guyver organism can seemingly change some substances into completely different substances, there is a good chance this organism is capable of spontaneous fission/fusion. loose ions, cosm
  15. You see, that's just the thing. You mention you were a bitter person, but none of us think that you were (presuming everyone agrees). Years into this board and I haven't seen you being toxic. In fact, instead of lashing out, you reached out. It just the way how people handle themselves. Some may be nice, prim and proper offline, but when they get online, they suddenly turn into trolls. It's like how a mild mannered person could turn into a road maniac when they are behind a steering wheel. Though I am guilty of that sometimes, but that usually happens when intensely provoked. This quo
  16. The Control Medal doesn't power the Guyver, its a processor/control system and data storage device. If I remember Correctly the unit siphons a small amount of energy from Boost Space via the Gravity Orb.
  17. Is the control metal that powers the Guyver possibly a nuclear radioactive power source?
  18. My marriage turned me into a bitter person. My ex wife and my in-laws convinced me that I was unstable and that I was crazy. I went to see councilors and therapists. Eventually my therapist became convinced that it was my marriage that was the problem. He became convinced that I didn't need the medication anymore either. He even suggested marital counseling before. However when I told my therapist about my wife cheating on me and us living in the same apartment. He noticed I was at my limit. So 3 months after the divorce was finalized. I quit taking my medication. I only agreed to seek help f
  19. Yep. They can't change the future in the way that they think it will be. I liked how Dark Fate introduced a butterfly effect to the changes Sarah, Uncle Bob, and John made. They sent ripples through time. I feel like when they did that. Time tried to correct itself by killing off John with a T-800 that is marooned and then started a new slate. Skynet is replaced by Legion and John Connor is replaced by Dani Ramos after he's terminated by a marooned T-800. Sarah Connor's role in the past remains unfettered. Sarah Connor, John, and Uncle Bob did not change the future, they made it wo
  20. Terminator 3's whole point was that Skynet could not be stopped from existing. Same way that John Connor is the son of a man from the future, which means he will never be born without the time machine, which was created by Skynet. No judgment day = no John Connor.
  21. Terminator Genesys became one of the most international popular sequels in Terminator history. While it might have failed in America, it's extremely popular in Russia and China. https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/russia-and-china-quietly-made-arnold-schwarzeneggers-biggest-failure-terminator-genisys-an-international-success.html/
  22. Trump mainly lost because of the pandemic. That's what everyone's saying and that was Biden's power play through out his entire campaign against Trump. It didn't help matters either when Trump and his staff got sick with COVID. https://www.washingtonpost.com/elections/interactive/2020/trump-pandemic-coronavirus-election/ The speech that won Biden the White House. https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/trump-us-election-coronavirus-second-term-b1667035.html
  23. Yeah, I just saw this the other day. I'm not really a huge Terminator enthusiast and merely enjoy the movies despite what the public says. I also view this movie in a similar way. I enjoyed it, period. I did notice something different here, unlike the previous installment where they end the movie by stopping what's to come from happening, this movie actually accepts the future and just went on to prepare for it. Terminator 2 - Prevent future by destroying the T-800 and all of it's remnants Termiantor 3 - Prevent future by stopping activation of Skynet Terminator Salvatio
  24. We'll it looks like Biden has indeed won. Winning in both electoral colleges and the popular vote. Despite his triumph, he will be inheriting a Trump-era America, so it's interesting to see how/if he pivots most of the policies created during Trump. It does seem logical he would restore some of the policies created under Obama's administration seeing he was his VP. There is this saying "Camaraderie through adversity". Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, there are still a lot of Americans who are racists. Mostly closeted KKK or something similar. Why do you think there is suc
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