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  2. Doubt it. That looks like a full head swap
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  4. Looks like they're at the premiere of Shin Kamen Rider. Doesn't really mean they're working on something, or could mean they're just enjoying the premiere. I get this vibe that they're just good friends hanging.
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  6. Wonder if it's a sign that he's got something coming up...
  7. Maybe it's to aid removal to have the exposed face version?
  8. He was spotted again! Once again Max Watanabe took a picture together with him.
  9. Yeah, the shinyness of the figure is one of the complaints I have seen... But also the big one, is the weird seem line down the sides of the head. It makes no sense to be there.
  10. Thanks for posting that! It's great to see the differences in proprtions/shape for certain armour plates, with all variations feeling correct as I imagine Takaya has drawn them like all three variations at different points.
  11. I like the larger size. I wonder if there are any army builder soldiers that might scale with Guyver 1. Use them as Chronos trooper stand ins.
  12. Nice comparison of all 3 figures (latest one in the centre). Gonna be honest, I'm not a huge fan of the plastic shininess of this new release. The OG figure is still the best IMO. But it's great to see people are still willing to invest in Guyver.
  13. I bought 2 directly from the Goodsmile page, but I am not the type to keep figures in boxes. Always have to have one in the one smasher open with the blade out on the other arm... And the other can have the alt head/hand combo.
  14. Be careful with the sarcasm, m,kay. No one ever knows when someone doesn't or does know. And expect you might be corrected again, because you are literally wrong. M,kay.
  15. I bought 3 at AmiAmi. Why do I need 3 you ask? Because reasons. I really really really hope this figure sells well enough to get us Oswald Guyver II and perhaps Guyver 0.
  16. Uh, thank you very much for the correction...as if I didn't know that it was a reference to the cover beforehand. 🙄 PS: I'm going to keep referring to it as "damaged head" for practical purposes m'kay.
  17. It's not a "damaged" head. The figure comes with the separate head and hand piece to recreate this classic image.
  18. Hey everyone, there's a channel on YouTube that I've been following for awhile called "Dark Orbits". It's a sci-fi anthology series in the vein of "Heavy Metal." If you have a chance, be sure to give it a watch. Also, if you are interested, you can show your support by going to this link: https://www.patreon.com/DarkOrbits
  19. It looks like they're banking on Nostalgia alone, and this is even half-assed. I would have a better opinion of this if they took the Shattered Grid storyline. Well, all I can say is good luck to them.
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  21. Got mine, the Good Smile store doesn't ship to my country so I get the regular version trough another e-tailer. I was afraid that the damaged alternate head was the exclusive accessory for the Good Smile store version but I'm glad to know that it is only a pedestal for the base. Hopefully the sales of this new Guyver I Figma are substantial enough for the company to be encouraged to make more figures. I'd really love to see Aptom, Imakarum, Guyot and Archanphel get the Figma treatment too.
  22. Simply put dude, get it while it's retail You'll pay double on Ebay soon enough.
  23. https://www.amazon.co.jp/-/en/dp/B0BYZ19WFH/ref=nav_signin?crid=UDKDS5IPWDMG&keywords=ガイバー+figma&qid=1679673515&s=hobby&sprefix=ガイバー+figma%2Chobby%2C225&sr=1-4 It's on Amazon.jp for Preorder :D
  24. I totally agree, but they do have Rocky and Kat and Adam is somehow involved too. Now I am not really a fan of those as I feel they are usurpers, but it does sort of fill the brief. It's a sort of reunion but not a proper one.
  25. Just pre ordered mine! I really hope they do a 1/6 scale version. That would be so sweet!
  26. Wow I don't really have any interest in collecting figurines (not since buying the Guyver I BFC way back when) but those pictures look great and I am tempted. The sculpt and detailing look tight as hell. Will be interesting to see if it looks as good out in the wild.
  27. I will preorder it next month! Guyver is something that I love so much but is actually kind of hard to support as they kind of have a lack of things to buy. I was so stoked when I read that this was looked at and approved by Yoshiki Takaya himself!
  28. The pre-orders are up! https://www.goodsmileus.com/product/figma-guyver-1-ultimate-edition-10337 Remember! Figures like this only go up in price on the secondary market, and places do run out of stock pretty quickly. If you want it, this will be the cheapest it will ever be!
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