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  2. Super impressive work! I saw you made a thread last year asking for reference pics to make this - did you find them? This is definitely the clearest look at the movie's interpretation of the Relic ship I've ever seen.
  3. Is this the first Guyver I figure without that silly little ab piece under the megasmasher? That part of all the other figures' designs really bugged me - totally unnecessary for creating the impression of articulation when this new solution would have always worked.
  4. There is also the practical aspect of reproduction. I wonder if female Zoanoids breed in litters. That would make sense. Anyway if Archanfel ever beats Apollon (or if Barcas manages to organize the others into a task force capable of taking him down) maybe he can use the recovered Zoacrystals to introduce some new blood. Heh. I made these ladies in 2008, but they inevitably remind me of the vampire queens quartet from 'Castlevania'.
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  6. Well, the person uploading them says it is their own translation. So it's the way that we have always said someone should do it if they wanted it all out there for free: Go do it yourself. It's not nearly as hard as it used to be with translation software getting better and better. But no one ever wanted to put the time in for Guyver. Now someone finally has, and the rest of the free readers can now access what they new person is posting.
  7. Takaya said in an Interview towards the end that if he were to re-do the Guyver story today there would be a mix of male and female Zoalords. In the end it is a product of the times
  8. Well... anyone reading this take the following note... buy it when in retail shops. It's a lot cheaper then than later on ebay!
  9. Just saw this image, and it seems to be legit. Guyver 1 is getting a what looks like, a completely new Figma release. Kind of makes sense when you compare the quality of the two Female Guyver 2's and Guyver 3... the original Guyver 1 Figma was pretty poor in comparison. The two big difference seems to be the megasmasher area of the chest and the head. No longer has the figma joint sticking out like a sore thumb, but the additional ab piece has been removed. The head proportions also seem to be improved. Much smaller eyes than the original figma. *EDIT* Added more pics that were found on twitter.
  10. Well, I'm actually surprised that it took this long for the scanlations to be posted somewhere. Despite the advocacy's efforts to curtail unauthorized reproduction and support the author, there are just some things they cannot control. This just means that the longing the more avid fans haven been feeling all these years will be felt by the general public as well. Hmm... perhaps given the attention widespread scanlation does to a title, perhaps this will let the author know that there are a lot more fans out there than they expect, and hopefully push out new chapters. Well, here's hoping...
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  12. I think I may have gotten too excited. Goddammit. I've asked for my post to be removed. Looks like there's translations from vol.31 being uploaded to certain sites and it's been so long since I've read Guyver and first time I've seen these chapters translated. Bah.
  13. Built this kit a while back and made a Guyver unit for the base . If if you have this kit and want to print a Guyver Unit base contact me and I will give the stl file free if you want to print one ...Enjoy f
  14. Hi Guys , Im new here and come bearing gifts I hope . I have been a fan for years and a model builder and producer . I recently released a model kit of the Relic ship from the Guyver movie Dark Hero, I hope you like and if you interested in getting one please contact me. Enjoy the pics anyway . Thanks for looking ....Tony
  15. Well, you guys sure do make a lot more sense. I mean, this was a time before #equalrights were in existence. Not to mention that it was not until early 1900's that women's suffrage was established. Humans did started out as a patriarchal society, so it's only logical that they had the same way of thinking then. They would often think that only men are strong and that women are trophies.
  16. Actually Barcas is to blame Archanfel wanted to go to war and usually men are the ones who do it, the women stay at home 🤰 with the kids and the old people.
  17. I would assume that it is because even when Guyot was chosen, Men were always only known as the stronger sex throughout history. It only makes sense he would choose male individuals who likely were succeeding in whatever field they were in when they were chosen. Remember, we're not talking decades. We're talking centuries ago when most were picked.
  18. We know that Cronos's biggest problem with its combat types is energy usage. Including the Zoalords. This is why their Zoacrystals are basically batteries to power their own Zoa forms. This is also likely why Aptom runs out of gas so quickly, because he does not have a battery to draw from... Where the Guyver draws its energy from the boost dimension/hyperspace... Thus why it is likely a Guyver Zoalord would be so powerful. And Aptom was not DESIGNED by Barcas to do what he can do. He was designed to mimic multiple types of Zoanoids, but was always considered a failure as they always came out weaker than wanted. It was Barcas trying to perfect his idea that forced the mutation into what he became... But Barcas had no idea what he was doing and only accidentally created what Aptom now is, and only found out after Aptom told him when he was absorbing Elegan.
  19. Chauvinist much? At this point, unless an official explanation is given, all we can do is conjecture. Perhaps male logically exudes strength and it's a prerequisite? Aside from that, I have nothing.
  20. All of Archanfel's zoalords serving under him are male. Why did he only choose men?
  21. I'm pretty sure this is after Endgame. They've shown murals of T'chala that seems like paying tribute, which denotes his passing, much like how they did it for Tony Stark. There's also no point setting this before Endgame as this is the final movie of this phase and definite change is coming. I'm also not sure about this, but apparently Riri Williams is now Wakandan? Or perhaps something occurred that places her in Wakanda? Unless I'm mistaken.
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  23. Son, you have a gift. Do you ever sketch zoalords?
  24. I saw your tweet in the link about an update on the manga. I hope he's able to give us something. Any information about the manga's hiatus at this point would be nice.
  25. I wonder if this is probably taking place between Infinity Wars and Endgame from when he was temporarily erased by the Infinity Stone gauntlet. That would be a way they could get away with not having to explain his absence in this movie and to avoid it entirely. Fans don't want him replaced with another actor, which is understandable. But it wouldn't be a bad thing. Marvel replaced Edward Norton with Mark Ruffalo and Terrence Howard with Don Cheadle for those super hero roles. At some point I think they should just replace him for the sake of future films.
  26. Now that's what I want to find out. I'd be strange to recast T'chala and I'm sure retiring the character was the wishes of the producers to honor Chadwick Boseman. I do remember in the comics Shuri taking up the mantle. Could they be also following the same trend? Then again, like I said, Marvel is a troll genius, and they may be doing the same thing. We'll see in a few months when they release a newer trailer. Seeing this movie would be the end of Phase 4, I expect a lot of things. The burden of expectation is indeed heavy in this movie.
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