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  1. Unfortunately, with the current pandemic, our local cinemas are not yet fully open. Nowadays, I had to rely on paid streaming service, or my old friend, torrents. There are a lot of movies that I'm looking forward to watch and this is one of them. Good to know that you weren't disappointed, makes me eager to watch it.
  2. I find it funny that the trailer had a trailer. They really did hyped this movie up and it better deliver. So do you guys think Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield is gonna be in this film? Tobey says they're in it, but Andrew keeps denying and says he isn't in it? Who do you think is a better troll?
  3. Oh, the Terra figure is in the 1:44:50 mark in the video. It's listed as a post surprise, so it's basically at the end of the video.
  4. This reminded me of an interview of Arnold Schwarzenegger about his rivalry with Sylvester Stallone (or was it the other way around?). He mentioned that he tricked Sly to star in the Movie "Stop or my Mom will Shoot" by telling the producers that he was very interested in the movie. Sly of course, doesn't want to be outdone by Arnie, so he pushed to get casted on the movie instead. Turns out Arnie was trolling Sly. Getting back on topic, Eternals are not yet released in our theaters locally so I really have no means of watching it right now. But based on a lot of comments I've read, it seems that the criticism suffers from woke-ism. I can't comment yet because I really haven't seen it to give my own opinions.
  5. And because of this video, I discovered the Masterline Series, and now I'm salivating on this:
  6. I think it's the forums auto censor since Mr. Amano's name containers the 4 letter word equivalent of crap. Also, it's wonderful that they asked the original designer to supervise this. Very impressive. I gather that they might price this at around $3000. The one they released (will release) before this was the Nier Automata 1/4 scale, featuring 2B, 9S and A2, which was priced at $2880. The Guyver one looks nice, especially with the Guyver IIF coming soon. These are the things that keeps the Guyver fandom alive despite the lack of chapter releases. But they'll run out of materials sooner or later if they don't continue the story.
  7. Skip to timestamp 55:33 if you're not interested in the rest. But wow! FFVI Terra. This is probably the only figure I've seen that closely resembles Yo****aka Amano's design.
  8. Well, to be fair, I do enjoy a lot of films even if the tomatometer is at the 50% range. In fact, a lot of the films I enjoy have been ranked ghastly by rotten tomatoes yet I still enjoy them. I won't contest their score because its just their opinion. You just can't please everyone these days, and when you do, that's usually a recipe for disaster.
  9. You know, I miss the good old days, when you have to literally finish the game by brute force. There was no save and there was no cheat. I'd like to believe that this was what honed my hand and eye coordination. Sega Genesis was my second console, after the NES (or Famicom as it was popularly known here). Fond memories of playing Thunderfoce IV and Eswat.
  10. My favorite games in the Sega Genesis has always been Thunderforce. I've never played Aladdin or Lion King on the Genesis. I didn't even know they existed.
  11. Based on the concept of What if..?, It's obvious that not every episode is gonna have a happy ending. I'm seeing a lot of memes out there saying how gloomy the episodes are, which for me makes it much more interesting. Even the comics iterations of this series mostly doesn't have a happy ending. I'm viewing this series as more like a "Twilight Zone"-esque series.
  12. I'm waiting for the final episode to drop before binge watching everything. Saves me the suffering of waiting should I like what I'm watching.
  13. Well, we can't blame the author about this, but it should be the publisher's responsibility to let the readers know what the direction they will take about Guyver.
  14. Yup, my thoughts exactly. But given the reality on how storytelling works, despite all the debates on what can and cannot be done, the decision is ultimately at the hands of the author (not necessarily Takaya, but who ever envisions the fight). Although the author has free hand in deciding, the challenge here then comes from how he is able to convince the readers that his decision is the correct one, thus igniting a debate on a what if scenario. But yeah, my stand is still that the defense mode is a brutally efficient killing machine that exacts precise and deadly strikes in the quickest manner possible, and would have no moral qualms in defeating friend or foe. Woe is to Tetsuro and Mizuki if the Guyver I goes out of control.
  15. Hey Hello, welcome!! Well, based on my opinion, Guyver's are raw weapons in the hands of humans. Having one in Sho's hands is like giving a child a complex weapon he couldn't fully use. If you've read up to the latest chapters, you will know how deadly the Guyver units are in capable hands. Sho being defeated during that time frame was not due to the superiority of his opponents, but due to his lack of experience and ferocity. Self defense mode acts with swiftness and efficiency, so basically it can brutally murder any zoanoid it faces, in the presumption that we don't factor how cunning the opponent is. Otherwise, there is no way an automaton can defeat a thinking individual, much less a group of them.
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