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  1. But then, that "garbage" is still subjective as a lot of people become more opinionated, how people react to what you say depends on how positive or negative they are to the subject. Noble intentions are not always reciprocated nobly, and often times being scorned because of different beliefs. And because of the spread of misinformation, a lot of people become unwitting accomplices in spreading fake news as they themselves believe those news to be true. And to be passionate about any subject matter, can cause an inherent emotional response to attack a speaker because of a defense mechanism. This is so evident in social media today that it's scary.
  2. Season 2 is out now, and to be honest, I'm disappointed. They cut out a lot of important parts that drive character development. I initially started the web novel for this and expected a lot of changes. I'm now reading the light novel (currently at volume 18) and the arcs diverge slightly at the later parts. The light novel also remove other small story arcs (like Naofumi going full superior mode to name a few). So now there are 3 versions of the story, Web Novel, Light Novel and the Anime. The manga seems to be following the light novel closely. But the Anime, I'm having second thoughts continuing watching it. At least the changes I've seen doesn't seem to be a major impact on the story path.
  3. A couple more days wait before this starts showing in cinemas. Can't wait to see how many can of worms this opens up.
  4. Yeah, saw that earlier today. So they're ditching Fat Thor and we do see Thor working out on screen. This will obviously tie-in with GotG3. Also saw Female Thor. You gotta love the dedication Natalie Portman did here, she got huge biceps. Then where did Mjolnir come from? Unless this is a variant were looking at. The multiverse literally opened up a can of worms.
  5. Wow, I haven't seen this trailer yet. I'd admit, that third eyed Dr. Strange gave me the creeps. Lots of interesting things revealed here so I'm not sure how deep the story is or if this is another trolling marvel is doing. I guess they're not as tight lipped with this since it was already revealed that Sir Patrick Stewart will be here. Scarlet Witch, her children, Professor X. This literally is screaming House of M at me. After this movie, who knows what's gonna happen. Could this be the event that allows them to retcon the MCU continuity?
  6. That PC spec still looks decent today despite being 7 years old. It can still play most of the AAA+ games. To be honest, that's still way more powerful than my current rig (Ryzen 5, Vega 8 ). I bet you'd wanna swap out that GTX 970 for a better graphics card.
  7. This just gave me shivers!! Is that the TVA. Judging on Strange's reaction, could Loki be somewhere there?
  8. So you do think there is redemption for Agito? Seeing how Sho shared the information of the Exceed to Agito in the last few chapters, could this have opened his eyes? Or could this be a start of something more sinister? If this were like any Shonen Manga, it would probably end with a showdown between Sho and Agito until they beat each other to a pulp, and then they end up as BFF. Luckily, this is not a typical shonen manga. Story-wise, although I feel we are nearing the climax, I think there are still a lot to explore. The introduction of Guyver II F is an element that can potentially prolong the series.
  9. This might be old news to most of you guys, but I just learned that they are making a reboot of the last Showa Kamen Rider. Reboot of Classic Franchise: Kamen Rider Black Sun!|Kamen Rider WEB[Official]|Toei Company, Ltd. (kamen-rider-official.com) Big stars signed for ‘Kamen Rider Black Sun’ series in 2022 | The Asahi Shimbun: Breaking News, Japan News and Analysis To be honest, I'm not an avid Kamen Rider fan. I've seen a handful of series, but not hooked to every iteration (actually stopped following after Decade). This particular news caught my attention as Kamen Rider Black was my first official introduction to the Kamen Rider franchise (if you exclude the bits and pieces of information about Kamen Rider V3 and Spider-man crossover from my early childhood. Yes I'm that old!!). What really got me interested is that this series is geared towards adults. So I'm really hoping that they would do away with the weekly villain formula with this. Looking at the production team, It seems to be that way. More interpersonal relationship to get you invested into the characters. What do you guys think about this reboot?
  10. Yes! It's wonderful how much attention they pay to the smallest detail. This definitely gave closure to the previous Spider-men, and the heroic save from fall left we with goosebumps. I haven't felt this emotional since the first Captain America movie where Steve Rogers dived to the grenade. And the chemistry between the character is very real. Hopefully this will pave the way for the Spiderverse.
  11. Finally! After waiting ages, I've finally managed to see the movie. It was awesome. Tugs at your feels most of the time, and it was great. if it weren't for the pandemic, I would believe this would become one of the highest grossing films ever. Sony really sucks at keeping secrets. Now Sony has no choice but to heed Marvel if they want to rake in the money.
  12. Well, that's the beauty of what Marvel is doing. They take obscure characters and turn them to box office gold. Obviously if they keep on making movies or series about popular characters, sooner or later, the audience will have hype fatigue. I believe what Marvel is doing is to tell a story that spans multiple formats. Nevermind that one movie or series flopped, it's their relevance to the whole tale is what matters. Even Sony is riding on the Marvel bandwagon. Moon Knight may not be everyone's cup of tea, but the presence of the series is an important aspect to the whole phase. I mean, I'm a little let down with The Falcon and Winter Soldier, but I see their value as they put seeds in the show that the producers can sow later. The only thing they need to do is follow through, which Marvel has been very consistent with.
  13. More recent Disney+ series are lacking that "oomph" that let's you crave for more. They were able to do it with Wandavision and Loki but somehow lost it with Falcon and Winter Soldier as well as Hawkeye. Hawkeye's saving grace was Florence Pugh though. Watching the Moon Knight trailer left me confused. And he looks like a mummy to me.
  14. I've just watched this last night, and I don't care if they are canon or not. Heck, I don't even know much of the source material to critique. Admittedly, It's a rather "meh" movie to me, but one that I feel I need to watch as this might be the launch of something eventful in the future. They did confirm that the voice in the 2nd post credit scene to be that of Blade. So there's that. But the way I see it, this is something possible to connect with FF.
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