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  1. It's not as fluid as I'd expected since I've seen one youtuber doing a fantastic job making stop motion animation (involving Street Fighter characters), but this looks awesome nonetheless.
  2. I would say the Kang in Quantumania has a totally different demeanor from He Who Remains (from Loki). So that says a lot about his acting. A little bit off from my expectations of Kang, but I feel he works.
  3. Look what I found lying around my filing cabinet:
  4. I wasn't able to see it last week due to scheduling conflicts, but managed to see it yesterday. I did enjoy the movie, but you are right that there is no oomph factor. Probably because although Ant-man is not an A+ character (in my opinion), but his setting is critical to jumpstart the next phase. I guess the movie would have been better if you've seen Loki, as that's the first appearance of Kang, which would make the first post credit scene make much more sense.
  5. I actually have a few X-men and Captain America comics in storage. A few Valiant and Image comics as well. I actually have Spawn issues 1 to 25. But it'll take me quite a while to dig them out.
  6. So who's gone and seen this? I have plans to see it this weekend.
  7. I've learned not to follow the hype train for DC movies, so I'll keep my expectations low on this. I am curious to see how this will lead to the new DC universe. I do find it logical why this would be a good point to start the new DC Universe since Flash doing something stupid could reset the whole multiverse, thus giving way to a clean slate for the new DCU that James Gunn envisions.
  8. I get that they are going with the Flashpoint storyline, but they brought back Michael Shannon to play Zod, couldn't they have brought Henry Cavill back as well? Kara being there doesn't make sense. I still haven't warmed up to the Ezra Miller flash. His goofiness is more suited for Wally West, not Barry Allen. I also don't get why Ezra Miller needs to play 2 Flash, when Grant Gustin is available.
  9. I was surprised that the first episode dropped yesterday. I've been looking forward to this since I've heard about it last year. I've seen the first episode and so far I liked how they adapted it. Very game accurate down to the frame per frame scenes. I guess this means that the original game is already perfect that they don't need to add additional things. I'm very excited to watch the whole series and go along the emotional roller coaster again. My only complaint is that the CGI looks terrible. But aside from that, the animation is excellent.
  10. I wanted to post about Char dancing to Never gonna give you up, but seems the link doesn't work...
  11. I've read an article in Japanese and there is insinuation that there are some issues between the author and the editorial staff. The article is right here if you're interested: 現在漫画「強殖装甲ガイバー」打ち切り理由や休載理由はなぜ?連載再開(最終回)しない?最新刊33巻はいつ? (dennsisyosekisokuhou.com) You can use google translate if you want a rough translation of what it said, but it basically disproves reasons of health of the author. The gist of it is that Guyver is 80% complete, and the author is fully motivated to complete the story. The publisher only mentions the series as suspended without giving any other reason, which is very unusual, and may point to internal conflicts. The article doesn't answer any questions, and only presents theories about its status.
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