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  1. Obviously he's not stupid enough to make deals with demons. But were to referring to him being Guyver 0 or a modern day Guyver? Not that it makes a difference, but he would most likely be more skillful than Agito.
  2. You see, that's just the thing. You mention you were a bitter person, but none of us think that you were (presuming everyone agrees). Years into this board and I haven't seen you being toxic. In fact, instead of lashing out, you reached out. It just the way how people handle themselves. Some may be nice, prim and proper offline, but when they get online, they suddenly turn into trolls. It's like how a mild mannered person could turn into a road maniac when they are behind a steering wheel. Though I am guilty of that sometimes, but that usually happens when intensely provoked. This quo
  3. Yeah, I just saw this the other day. I'm not really a huge Terminator enthusiast and merely enjoy the movies despite what the public says. I also view this movie in a similar way. I enjoyed it, period. I did notice something different here, unlike the previous installment where they end the movie by stopping what's to come from happening, this movie actually accepts the future and just went on to prepare for it. Terminator 2 - Prevent future by destroying the T-800 and all of it's remnants Termiantor 3 - Prevent future by stopping activation of Skynet Terminator Salvatio
  4. We'll it looks like Biden has indeed won. Winning in both electoral colleges and the popular vote. Despite his triumph, he will be inheriting a Trump-era America, so it's interesting to see how/if he pivots most of the policies created during Trump. It does seem logical he would restore some of the policies created under Obama's administration seeing he was his VP. There is this saying "Camaraderie through adversity". Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, there are still a lot of Americans who are racists. Mostly closeted KKK or something similar. Why do you think there is suc
  5. Okay, this may sound really out of place considering the type of forum this is, but is anyone monitoring the 2020 US election? For me, it really has no bearing since I don't live in the US, but I find it interesting due to the on-going drama. I'm not a Trump supporter and I barely know anything about Biden, but my take is that Biden might actually win this. As of this posting, Biden just needs to win any one of the four key states to be declared President. I think Biden's key is either he keeps his lead in Nevada (by 11k votes), or he overtakes Georgia (which trump is only leading by 1.7k
  6. Yes, that's what I'm talking about. Because of the internet, people can have a conversation with anybody without being shy. Eliminating a face to face discussion puts less pressure on people to communicate properly, more often, saying things without inhibition. Like what Salkafar has quoted, people now eliminates the possibility that they will get punched for disrespecting people. I also don't get why it is so easy to disrespect people. I understand that when you are angry, you say hurtful things. This is caused by an emotional response. But does that mean that most everyone online
  7. A fine definition of a refined gentleman. He defined the role of 007 for generations to come.
  8. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius War of the Visions. And One Punch Man the Strongest. I did stop playing FFBE, since they keep releasing new units and it's so hard to keep up. Not to mention I've broken the daily login streak that I've been doing for the past 4 years, so not much incentive to play it anymore.
  9. With the digital age, everybody can now be easily heard. Now that social media is the norm, everybody can freely express themselves. But is this a good thing? The ease of communicating also brought about lesser inhibition. Introverts are now a thing of the past. People now are easier to offend. I wonder how this came about. Were people really easy to offend to begin with and was just amplified by the digital age? Or was it because the boom of the internet failed to prepare the emotional state of a person? Did parents then fail to realize the effect of leaving their children to the
  10. Wow! That's really a lot of anger you're holding there. I don't blame you, especially from what you've gone through. It's really hard to please everybody, and once you do, you'll end up miserable. It's good that you have let go of the negative influences in your life and you can now start focusing on the positive.
  11. I'm kinda sad that he gets kicked out and branded ex-communicado, but I am thrilled to see how He and Lawrence Fishburne is gonna work on John Wick 4. Although the hype for me has lessened for every installment that comes out. I guess the excitement is due to the surrounding mysterious mythos of the franchise, and as more details gets exposed, the lesser the surprise gets.
  12. I actually fell asleep binge watching V a decade ago. Can't remember if it's because I got bored, or was just tired. After the experience, I never put the effort to watch it again. Although I know the gist of it, still wasn't interesting enough for me to rewatch it. I'm wondering what the next iteration of Gundam would be. I found Re:Rise to be wanting. Maybe I should start watching Reconquista in G? Or even Turn Away Gundam?
  13. LOL on what is written on the opening credits. This really caught my eye (translated): Well, I never really cared for Spongebob, but this is a funny iteration.
  14. Recently, I've noticed that I am getting more and more into the isekai genre. Started with SOA, and then Overlord and Shield Hero. After that I found Arifureta. I even read the web novel. Right now, I've added Tensura (That time I got reincarnated as a slime) and Re: Zero. Also read the webnovel for Tensura and have finished the main story and seriously contemplating if I should read the extra chapters. At the moment, I'm waiting for Season 2 of Tensura and the 2nd half of Re Zero, which will start to air January 2021. Also, Log Horizon season 3 might be on the way. Lot's of show
  15. Oh man! You really got the short end of the stick there. But at least you have 2 wonderful kids and a fresh start. Despite the difficult path you took, could you say that you are finally free? But do be careful, since you don't want your kids to grow up resenting their mother. Despite what your ex-wife have done, she is still their mother. It may be a challenging time for her right now, but once she gets her act sorted, she might want to rekindle her relationship with her children in the future. Redemption usually starts from one's self. So it really would depend on her if she will pic
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