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  1. This gave me goosebumps:
  2. Okay, it's 4 years late, but I've started playing Near: Automata. I've only heard about this game from collaborations from another game. The music is enchanting and the characters are likeable. Although I find this to be a typical hack and slash game, it offers something unique. Story is interesting as well. It's been a long time since I felt this excited about a game.
  3. Well, I watched all 6 episodes of this and I am a bit disappointed. Although it was enjoyable, the plot was a bit predictable. Even my wife, who has never read any marvel comics, was able to predict who the power broker is. It felt "meh" to me. Good thing I ignored all the fan theories, otherwise I would have been sorely disappointed. I was expecting some kind of build up, but it just wasn't there. Perhaps I missed it?
  4. So, my hunch was right! They won't be able to finish the story with this season alone, and they have announced a part 2 to season 4. At least that's good news. They don't have to butcher the source material to finish the series.
  5. Well, I say Margot Robbie is still hot as ever. So.... is this still part of the Snyderverse?
  6. Well, what do you know, they did include a lot of scene that completely altered the narrative. After comparing the Whedon and Synder version, I'm really starting to dislike Whedon. I mean, I hate it that he made a monkey out of Captain America in the first Avengers movie, now I've seen how he butchered Justice League. I'm starting to think that Whedon un/consciously sabotaged Justice League. With the Snyder cut, it opens up a lot of opportunities with all the fore-shadowng he placed in the movie. Only time will tell if we'll see the Snyver-verse gets expanded.
  7. I was never a fan of Dub, in any language whatsoever. There are just some emotions in the original language that cannot be replicated in another language. m Suffice to say, I have not seen any dubbing that I liked.
  8. Yes!!! That's why Erskine chose him! You can make anyone into a Super Soldier, but there is only one Captain America. Lol! Magical Frisbee.
  9. I liked the 2005 series because it continued the story. Ambiance-wise, I prefer the 80's, which really captured the essence of the Manga. The 2005 series was sorta kiddie proofed, despite it being broadcast on Wowow which is somewhat of an equivalent to Adult Swim.
  10. The problem with Hollywood adaptation of Anime is that Hollywood doesn't believe that the Anime has a big enough following to make money, and really believed that the average joe doesn't have any idea what anime is about. That's the primary reason why they went and casted a famous actor/actress to draw crowds, not knowing that doing so would have resulted in backlash. To be honest, my gripe with Hollywood adaptation of anime is not really about the casting, but more about the writing. I don't understand why they have this need to adapt the story to be palatable (or dumbed down) to Ame
  11. I do agree with Tora about the logic behind Falcon catching the Shield. I mean logically speaking, if the shield can embed itself into a tree, how could a human hand be able to catch it straight? The shield can actually lop off a head with it's sharp edges. Even as a super soldier, it's nigh impossible not to get hurt just catching it. Unless you use some kind of device to safely catch it. Attributable perhaps to comics physics? Seriously though, if it is possible for Steve Rogers to catch it, it is doable by any ordinary person. You just have to notice that while Steve catches it usin
  12. I may have recalled this incorrectly, but Black Widow might be the second major movie they will release on Disney+? After the gaff with Mulan, they might be taking it very carefully on how they release this.
  13. Wow, that's something new. Funny banter aside, the plot looks very interesting.
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