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  1. So I guess they're done trolling us with the title reveal then? Unless this is another one of their trolls....
  2. Even with the enhanced visual effects and all the eye candy stuff, it's kinda difficult to salvage a movie that has a disappointing story, unless they include scenes that would completely alter the whole narrative of the movie. With the lnclusion of Darkseid and Joker, I'm hopeful, but not too much. And if by chance that this release goes beyond expectation, does that mean we will be getting a part 2 for this?
  3. Quite possibly. Hints of a multiverse were already introduced as early as Antman and the Wasp (quantum realm), but it wasn't until Endgame that it was briefly explained (Ancient One). Perhaps this ties in directly with Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness?
  4. During House of M, Wanda said: "No more Mutants" Maybe here she'll say: "No, more Mutants!"
  5. Yeah, Overlord Chapter 14 is actually sitting in my tablet right now. Just couldn't find the time to read it, as I prefer to have a quiet time to myself and enjoy reading it. With Chapter 15 looming over the horizon, I guess I better get started soon. I've also decided to park watching Log Horizon 3 and Tensura 2 right now until it gets completed. I started watching Re:Zero and the wait is killing me. Netflix spoiled us by enabling us to binge watch.
  6. It's also possible that they end the final season on a cliff hanger, possibly on a turning point in the story. And then once the manga gets completed, release the story as an OAV. I find this route better as it gives respect to the source material. Similar to how they treated the animation for the first series of Hunter X Hunter, once the anime caught up with the manga, they ended the series and released the subsequent arcs in a form of OAV. Judging as how popular Attack on Titan is (even my daughter is following it), there will definitely be a lot of strong reaction when the season en
  7. How many episodes is this again? I'm waiting for this to finish before I start watching. I don't want to watch this only to be left hanging for a week before the next episode comes out. A lot of people do say that Mephisto is involved in this. Very hard to form my own opinion having not seen the show yet.
  8. I've seen a lot of Gundam, Tolyo Ghoul, Overwatch, or even Fornite. But unfortunately I have not seen one from Guyver. Would be cool though if you've wearing a Guyver Mask. I'm actually contemplating on wearing a Mandalorian Helmet to work since we are required to wear face shield along with face masks.
  9. I think this varies from person to person. I've known a few who contracted the virus and felt fine. They didn't feel any different with the only distinguishing difference is that they temporarily lost their sense of taste. I've also known a few who have succumb to the virus, though they have underlying conditions that caused their demise. How is the virus being contained in your area? For us, it's the usual face mask and social distancing. Luckily, the only lockdown that happened was when the onset of the pandemic. Traffic is a lot less stressful, but a lot of things that I used to
  10. Considering this is the final season, I find it hard to relate as to how they will finish this in relation to the source material. From where the anime is right now, there are a lot more things that happens before we get to what is currently happening in the manga. With the number of episodes remaining, I wonder how they will compress everything. Perhaps tweak the ending in line with how the author envisions it?
  11. Thanks for the inputs. I've finally figured it out. The solution is too simple that it's laughable. I just didn't realized that DCHP was turned on on the WIFI router. And the fact that I've connected the LAN from the ONT to the WAN port of the wifi router. Turned off DCHP and switched the connected port from WAN to LAN and everything works fine now. For the life of me, I still don't understand how the devices on different networks can see each other despite having the DCHP on. Thanks for sparing some time to discuss this. It really helps having someone to talk to about these things
  12. Thanks for your insight. Please help me understand since I'm not really very well verse in networking setup. The reason why I though this might work is because all the devices in my home network can be seen by the other devices. The PC which is attached to the TP Link Switch can access the Laptop connected that's connected to the Wifi router. The Laptop can also access the webpage of the Printer Server and indicates the status of the printer as online. But for some reason, the printer cannot be detected, even though the print server is accessible. (Printer is connected to the print server
  13. Hey Guys, I hope you don't mind if I pick your brains. As much as I hate asking for help in doing this, but I'm already at a stage where I'm starting to give up. I know this is not a tech forum, but this is the forum I most frequent. Maybe some of you guys have experience in setting up networks and might have some clues to what I missed. I bought a Wavlink Print Server with the intention of sharing the USB printer over the network. I managed to get this to work on devices connected via wired LAN, but can't seem to get this to work for devices connected via wifi. This is the setup of
  14. Very nice to see two of Caps best buds hanging out. At the end of Endgame, we officially see Sam taking on the mantle, but I don't see him lugging around that shield. Carrying that shield is indeed complicated. We do see someone dressed up as Captain America, could this be John Walker? As bad as 2020 is, at least there is something to look forward to in 2021.
  15. And here I though I know the Marvel universe so well, surprised that I still learn something new from time to time. Thanks guys. Looking forward to this as well. Would love to see more of that Hiddleston Humor.
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