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  1. Well, whatever will happen in Deadpool 3, we are assured that the genius marketing strategy of Ryan Reynolds is going to hype up the movie even more. The highlights for me in the movies are the scenes where Deadpool pokes fun at Ryan Reynolds. I see Deadpool breaking the 4th wall better than She-hulk. Hugh Jackman is such a big sport taking so much crap from Ryan Reynolds, which is why I love their bromance so much.
  2. That's an interesting case. I guess some devices needs your location to determine which is the better server to connect to. That's what usually happens on a smart device that needs to connect online. It also gives you the ability to control it even outside the house. In most cases, you can usually opt out of the information gathering. In my case, I need my devices to track me, especially when I'm near home and needs help with the grocery. But alas, that didn't work as expected so I turned location tracking off. Well, I guess not much people here dabble in these kinds of things.
  3. Hey guys, anyone here setup a smart home? I know there are a dozen forums out there that primarily discuss this, but I'd rather not create an account, and prefer to ask you guys here. Besides, I'm a lot more comfortable here and this might continue to be a long discussion. I know I'm a bit late in the game, so there's a lot of catching up for me. So if you are into the smart home bit, what does your setup look like? I'm having a pickle deciding on which direction to take. Currently, I have 2 ISP (internet connection is unreliable here, so I need a backup ISP). ISP 1 is my primary and use it extensively and everything that is not a smart home device is connected here. I'm using an X50 deco mesh in band steering (one on the ground floor and another on the second floor). ISP 2 is my backup ISP and all of my smart device is connected here via access point (ISP provided modem wifi sucks so I had to use an AP). 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz are separated SSID for ease of connection with my smart devices. Mostly the 2.4Ghz is used, and the 5Ghz is left untouched unless ISP 1 fails (which is somewhat rare). My pickle is if I need to retain this setup, or buy a load balancer to connect both ISPs. Ideally I would go with a load balancer, but I'm having second thoughts. for one, I'm not sure how the connection will affect the devices connected when the load balancer switches ISP, particularly for my NAS. I've read that when the load balancer switches to another connection, websites you're currently connected to will time out. I'm also concerned that this setup will congest my bandwidth since a lot of devices will get connected to a single SSID. Basically my concerns is on the failover as I want the switch from one ISP to another to be seamless.
  4. One thing that DC is known for is their compelling story telling. I myself find the DC characters not that interesting, but it's their story that keeps me coming back for more. DC's Identity Crisis is the best example for me, in which they took an obscure character and turned them into the central piece of the plot. Then again, I guess Alan Moore was right that it is very difficult to transition comics into the big screen, which is why he distances himself from his works that were made into movies (League of Extraordinary Gentleman, V for Vendetta, Watchmen, etc). These movies by far has been the best stories told in comics, but nevertheless failed in their theatric debut. Who is to say that this won't happen to Black Adam as well? I find it strange that executives from DC don't listen to their fans much. The Snyderverse has become so divisive among fans, and yet the numbers have shown that despite the criticism on the Snyder-cut, a lot of people still watched it. And then they shut it completely down. I'm a fan of Henry Cavill, so I'm not happy that Dwayne Johnson dissed him during comic con. This is probably part of the reason why I don't pay much attention to this movie. I feel like the face is now turning into a heel (WWE reference in case anybody wonders). Like I previously said, if Dwayne Johnson cannot keep his "The Rock" persona out of the character, I most likely will hate this movie. Black Adam happens to be one of the characters I find interesting, so if he was played wrongfully, this will affect my entire opinion of the movie, even if Pierce Brosnan is in it.
  5. Queen Elizabeth II has died - BBC News I just heard the news about Queen Elizabeth II's passing and I am quite saddened about this development. Some may find it strange for me feeling this way despite not being British, but she has this indescribable charm and wit that is most endearing. My heartfelt thoughts to the Royal Family. She will be missed.
  6. Wait, so this hasn't been shown in theaters yet? All this while I thought it was already shown. I guess I wasn't paying a lot of attention. A lot of things seems to be happening over at DC and their mother company as a whole that casts doubts over their future.
  7. The second trailer is out. It seems here that the Kaijin are a minority fighting for their rights. It's gonna be released in Amazon's Prime Video this October and it's rated 18+. The rating alone makes me want to watch this even more, so we now really get to see the gritty details and harsh reality of the Kamen Rider franchise.
  8. Or another reason why the manga will be further delayed.....
  9. Well, I'm actually surprised that it took this long for the scanlations to be posted somewhere. Despite the advocacy's efforts to curtail unauthorized reproduction and support the author, there are just some things they cannot control. This just means that the longing the more avid fans haven been feeling all these years will be felt by the general public as well. Hmm... perhaps given the attention widespread scanlation does to a title, perhaps this will let the author know that there are a lot more fans out there than they expect, and hopefully push out new chapters. Well, here's hoping...
  10. Well, you guys sure do make a lot more sense. I mean, this was a time before #equalrights were in existence. Not to mention that it was not until early 1900's that women's suffrage was established. Humans did started out as a patriarchal society, so it's only logical that they had the same way of thinking then. They would often think that only men are strong and that women are trophies.
  11. Chauvinist much? At this point, unless an official explanation is given, all we can do is conjecture. Perhaps male logically exudes strength and it's a prerequisite? Aside from that, I have nothing.
  12. I'm pretty sure this is after Endgame. They've shown murals of T'chala that seems like paying tribute, which denotes his passing, much like how they did it for Tony Stark. There's also no point setting this before Endgame as this is the final movie of this phase and definite change is coming. I'm also not sure about this, but apparently Riri Williams is now Wakandan? Or perhaps something occurred that places her in Wakanda? Unless I'm mistaken.
  13. Now that's what I want to find out. I'd be strange to recast T'chala and I'm sure retiring the character was the wishes of the producers to honor Chadwick Boseman. I do remember in the comics Shuri taking up the mantle. Could they be also following the same trend? Then again, like I said, Marvel is a troll genius, and they may be doing the same thing. We'll see in a few months when they release a newer trailer. Seeing this movie would be the end of Phase 4, I expect a lot of things. The burden of expectation is indeed heavy in this movie.
  14. Is it just me or does this have a similar flavour to that of DC's Flashpoint, particularly the Atlantis vs Themyscira part. Or this is probably one of Marvel's tactics to troll us.
  15. I wonder how they will pull this off without Chadwick Boseman. Nice to see Namor there. But he doesn't seem to be as "ripped". Or maybe my standards are just too high.
  16. Wow! The Legendary Max Watanabe. I've always been a fan of his, especially his builds of Gundams which were always featured in Hobby Japan. It's always very nice to see the master at work, even though it's just a glimpse.
  17. Morbius isn't really a character I'm interested in, so my enthusiasm for this movie isn't really that high. I heard that this was re-released in theaters in the US and it still bombed. Maybe a last ditch effort to see if they can create their own pocket universe without Marvel? Or maybe they thought that the bad numbers were caused by the pandemic restrictions.
  18. I like Black Adam, particularly about the story of his adopted family in the storyline I can't recall, the setting before World War III. I believe this was under the 52 storyline? I might be mistaken as it's been a long time. Pierce Brosnan is a good choice for Doctor Fate, but I'm wondering how Nabu will come into play. I can see Dwayne Johnson being typecast (sort of) and I do hope that he plays Teth-Adam well and doesn't emit his "The Rock" persona as showcased on most of his films. So this ties to Shazam? I guess I better watch it then.
  19. Oh, my mistake then. I have to admit, I've not been an avid follower of comics recently and I've narrowed my reading list down to a few titles. Thor not included, and that's not going to change anytime soon. Although it's nice to spot easter eggs while watching the movies, it is a bit refreshing to find out about something you didn't know about. And if Desak drew a lot of flak from the fans, then I doubt that they'll even consider this in the MCU.
  20. Meh, Marvel and DC have been ripping off each other for decades. No surprise there. Just comes down to how well they present the character.
  21. Well, I guess you don't need me anymore.
  22. Haha, I love this trailer. That look on Thor's face when he met Jane again. Priceless. I'm actually anticipating this more than Doctor Strange MOM. Preview of Christian Bale and Russel Crowe is certainly a pleasant surprise.
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