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  1. I think it's the forums auto censor since Mr. Amano's name containers the 4 letter word equivalent of crap. Also, it's wonderful that they asked the original designer to supervise this. Very impressive. I gather that they might price this at around $3000. The one they released (will release) before this was the Nier Automata 1/4 scale, featuring 2B, 9S and A2, which was priced at $2880. The Guyver one looks nice, especially with the Guyver IIF coming soon. These are the things that keeps the Guyver fandom alive despite the lack of chapter releases. But they'll run out of materials sooner or later if they don't continue the story.
  2. Skip to timestamp 55:33 if you're not interested in the rest. But wow! FFVI Terra. This is probably the only figure I've seen that closely resembles Yo****aka Amano's design.
  3. Well, to be fair, I do enjoy a lot of films even if the tomatometer is at the 50% range. In fact, a lot of the films I enjoy have been ranked ghastly by rotten tomatoes yet I still enjoy them. I won't contest their score because its just their opinion. You just can't please everyone these days, and when you do, that's usually a recipe for disaster.
  4. You know, I miss the good old days, when you have to literally finish the game by brute force. There was no save and there was no cheat. I'd like to believe that this was what honed my hand and eye coordination. Sega Genesis was my second console, after the NES (or Famicom as it was popularly known here). Fond memories of playing Thunderfoce IV and Eswat.
  5. My favorite games in the Sega Genesis has always been Thunderforce. I've never played Aladdin or Lion King on the Genesis. I didn't even know they existed.
  6. Based on the concept of What if..?, It's obvious that not every episode is gonna have a happy ending. I'm seeing a lot of memes out there saying how gloomy the episodes are, which for me makes it much more interesting. Even the comics iterations of this series mostly doesn't have a happy ending. I'm viewing this series as more like a "Twilight Zone"-esque series.
  7. I'm waiting for the final episode to drop before binge watching everything. Saves me the suffering of waiting should I like what I'm watching.
  8. Well, we can't blame the author about this, but it should be the publisher's responsibility to let the readers know what the direction they will take about Guyver.
  9. Yup, my thoughts exactly. But given the reality on how storytelling works, despite all the debates on what can and cannot be done, the decision is ultimately at the hands of the author (not necessarily Takaya, but who ever envisions the fight). Although the author has free hand in deciding, the challenge here then comes from how he is able to convince the readers that his decision is the correct one, thus igniting a debate on a what if scenario. But yeah, my stand is still that the defense mode is a brutally efficient killing machine that exacts precise and deadly strikes in the quickest manner possible, and would have no moral qualms in defeating friend or foe. Woe is to Tetsuro and Mizuki if the Guyver I goes out of control.
  10. Hey Hello, welcome!! Well, based on my opinion, Guyver's are raw weapons in the hands of humans. Having one in Sho's hands is like giving a child a complex weapon he couldn't fully use. If you've read up to the latest chapters, you will know how deadly the Guyver units are in capable hands. Sho being defeated during that time frame was not due to the superiority of his opponents, but due to his lack of experience and ferocity. Self defense mode acts with swiftness and efficiency, so basically it can brutally murder any zoanoid it faces, in the presumption that we don't factor how cunning the opponent is. Otherwise, there is no way an automaton can defeat a thinking individual, much less a group of them.
  11. You know, I never really liked the one more day story line. I always respected Joe Quesada, but I just don't agree to him "un-marrying" Peter and MJ. And that's the problem with big comics companies, they are forced to do retcons upon retcons just to maintain the status-quo. Spider-Man has been in publication for more than 50 years and we don't see any major social development for Peter Parker. I mean getting married was a big life changing event, but then what, now he's single again? And the only time we see them have kids are on alternate realities. This is the reason why I like reading other smaller independent comic books. They're less restricted from corporate policies. Look at Savage Dragon, the story moves in real time, and the main character now is already the son of the original character. But that's another topic. Anyway, I can now see why Sony/Marvel has been trying to withhold the trailer. It gave a lot of the story line and surprises away. Unless of course they are trolling us with this and a lot of these stuff doesn't come out on the actual movie. I have to admit, they sometimes have this touch of twisting the real story using bits and pieces of the movie to mislead the fans.
  12. So timeline-wise, does this come first or Doctor Strange 2? So who's the real culprit for the the multiverse of madness? Scarlet Witch, Loki or Spiderman? And from the looks of this, it seems they're following the Brand New Day route. Mephisto anyone? (This speculation just won't die, won't it )
  13. How many times has Steve Rogers lost the Super Soldier Serum and then regained it? And then how many times has Captain America's shield been broken? For the life of me, the writers can't seem to make up their minds about what will happen to Steve Rogers. This is most likely the reason why it is so hard to determine what is the composition of the shield. Retcons after retcons, it's insane how to keep up with its history.
  14. Well, this actually came up on the first episode when Loki was debating with Mobius. It was explained by Mobius that this was supposed to happen on the sacred timeline which is why the TVA didn't do anything about it. My guess is that the nexus where past Thanos came from didn't diverge enough to cause damage to the sacred timeline. But then, how did Loki know about the Avengers going back in time trying to collect the infinity stones when it hasn't even happened yet on his point in time. I wouldn't know much since I'm still up to episode 2.
  15. I love Yelena's Character and how Florence Pugh plays her so perfectly. Her Chemistry with Scarlet Johansson is really very good, it makes the portrayal of their relationship so much believable. "You're such a poser" And then does the same pose later and says "ugh, disgusting" Really love it.
  16. Based on my understanding, if something different happens in one timeline, it branches off into a new timeline (alternate) which will create a new (alternate) universe. So the multiverse is basically different timelines that branched off from the original timeline. I've been hearing a lot about "Sacred Timeline", so I would guess this would be the Earth-199999 or the MCU? I'm sure a lot of this is explained in the Loki series, I just need to wait a few more days before I can finally binge watch it.
  17. I'm not really a fan of this kind of animation style. There are some interesting plots, and I wonder if this is ever going to cross the 616 universe, or if they're going to tackle any of the existing multiverse.
  18. I haven't watched any of the episode as I'm waiting for the series to complete before I binge watch this. It's very hard to avoid spoilers with all the memes and fan theories out there. I accidentally spoiled some of the episodes when I was trying to time the subtitles. But I am excited to watch this as the season comes to a close. For whatever plot twists that's waiting to unravel, all I can say is that it was Agatha all along.
  19. Marvel does have a tendency to propel obscure characters into a very enjoyable movie. Perhaps the success of the previous movies have spoiled the general public because of how high they set the bar. I'd like to think of this as NOT an "Avenger" movie so I'm not going to have any expectations. I don't look at the Marvel movies as an individual movie anymore that I need to rate each and everyone of them, but rather like an hour plus long series with its highs and lows.
  20. Well, I'm sure Marvel knows what they're doing. I mean, they've been doing this for like, more than a decade. Also note that Marvel has trolled fans a lot of times before, so who is to say they're not trolling us again with this. Despite my misgivings of this movie, I still might probably watch it. For the life me of, I just can't get the image of Jon Snow and Robb Stark out of my mind when I see Kit Harrington and Richard Madden.
  21. Ah, yeah.... no. The last time Richard Madden lead a group it ended up everyone getting massacred (Red Wedding).
  22. This gave me goosebumps:
  23. Okay, it's 4 years late, but I've started playing Near: Automata. I've only heard about this game from collaborations from another game. The music is enchanting and the characters are likeable. Although I find this to be a typical hack and slash game, it offers something unique. Story is interesting as well. It's been a long time since I felt this excited about a game.
  24. Well, I watched all 6 episodes of this and I am a bit disappointed. Although it was enjoyable, the plot was a bit predictable. Even my wife, who has never read any marvel comics, was able to predict who the power broker is. It felt "meh" to me. Good thing I ignored all the fan theories, otherwise I would have been sorely disappointed. I was expecting some kind of build up, but it just wasn't there. Perhaps I missed it?
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