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  1. I'm confused. Does this take place in 1994 basically retconning all of the bayformers (or I guess they practically did that with Bumblebee)? Or is the 1994 just a flash back thing? Nice that they stuck with the much more classic-er Optimus Prime look. So they asked Ron Pearlman to do the voice of Optimus Primal instead of Gary Chalk?
  2. I'm not much into TCG, especially the Magic the Gathering franchise. Although I did get into the card game with Ani-Mayhem and Star Trek TNG. Unfortunately I never found it interesting enough so I guess it wasn't for me.
  3. Well, I believe the term "Cult following" means that the numbers are low to be mainstream. In addition, interest doesn't necessarily equate to sales numbers. Interest alone is not enough, and corporate needs those interest to be translated to sales. You ask everyone you talk to that is interested in Guyver how much Guyver merchandise they have. Most likely, they won't have much. At the end of the day, it's still all about the money.
  4. I think this could be a lot of things. A very solid indicator is the sell-out numbers. Obviously since Guyver is serialized under Shonen Ace, which is published monthly and has a much smaller circulation than other popular magazines like Shonen Jump (which is published weekly), the exposure is not as mainstream like those of Naruto, One Piece or the likes. The author might also not be too keen on accepting collaboration with other forms of medium. The reason why we see a lot of Guyver figures is probably because he is friends with Max Watanabe who is a legend amongst hobbyist. In addition, when they rebooted the anime into a 26 episode series, it did not do quite as well as expected. Lastly, us cult followers of Guyver are few in numbers, and despite our support for the franchise, does not generate enough profits to merit pressures from management to push for Guyver.
  5. If you're interested, here's another video from the same channel with behind the scenes look on how he was able to achieve such fluid animation. He actually has a "making of" video of the one I posted above, but I feel that this video shows a lot more of the process involved in making a stop motion video (including video editing). Besides, this one has the 8 fps vs 24 fps comparison.
  6. Funnily enough, the reply to that tweet is mostly people complaining to continue the serialization before releasing such book.
  7. I still liked Ted Kord better. For some reason, I still can't seem to warm up to Jaime Reyes as the Blue Beetle after all these years.
  8. Well, I think FPS also is a big factor. I saw a comparison video one done in 8 FPS and 24 FPS, and it makes a world of differences. Obviously most of the videos he created was using 24 fps, hence the smoother quality. You'll also note that both of them are using figma figures, so the articulation is the same. I've also watch the other videos involving characters from other franchise and the smoothness is consistent. To be clear, I'm not dissing the Guyver video, and I have to admit that a lot of hard work was indeed put into it. Credit is definitely due for the effort alone. I'm just merely saying that I prefer a smoother animation.
  9. Although unrelated to Guyver, this is by far the best stop motion animation I've seen since we're talking about stop motion. The movements are just too smooth: His channel also features the making of the videos.
  10. Looks like they're at the premiere of Shin Kamen Rider. Doesn't really mean they're working on something, or could mean they're just enjoying the premiere. I get this vibe that they're just good friends hanging.
  11. It looks like they're banking on Nostalgia alone, and this is even half-assed. I would have a better opinion of this if they took the Shattered Grid storyline. Well, all I can say is good luck to them.
  12. Oh, so missing 3 of the original members, I guess the producers didn't exert much effort for this. Yellow Ranger is understandable, but Red and Pink too? Not much of a reunion now, is it?
  13. It looks like this was filmed before JDF's untimely demise, so hopefully he gets to appear here. I was never a fan of Power Rangers since I was more exposed to Sentai in the 80's prior to the MMPR's popularity, but I still watched a few episodes just to scoff at how they butchered their sentai counterpart. I'm just happy they didn't touch Bioman and Maskman. (still sore that Saban butchered Mask Rider Black)
  14. It's not as fluid as I'd expected since I've seen one youtuber doing a fantastic job making stop motion animation (involving Street Fighter characters), but this looks awesome nonetheless.
  15. I would say the Kang in Quantumania has a totally different demeanor from He Who Remains (from Loki). So that says a lot about his acting. A little bit off from my expectations of Kang, but I feel he works.
  16. Look what I found lying around my filing cabinet:
  17. I wasn't able to see it last week due to scheduling conflicts, but managed to see it yesterday. I did enjoy the movie, but you are right that there is no oomph factor. Probably because although Ant-man is not an A+ character (in my opinion), but his setting is critical to jumpstart the next phase. I guess the movie would have been better if you've seen Loki, as that's the first appearance of Kang, which would make the first post credit scene make much more sense.
  18. I actually have a few X-men and Captain America comics in storage. A few Valiant and Image comics as well. I actually have Spawn issues 1 to 25. But it'll take me quite a while to dig them out.
  19. So who's gone and seen this? I have plans to see it this weekend.
  20. I've learned not to follow the hype train for DC movies, so I'll keep my expectations low on this. I am curious to see how this will lead to the new DC universe. I do find it logical why this would be a good point to start the new DC Universe since Flash doing something stupid could reset the whole multiverse, thus giving way to a clean slate for the new DCU that James Gunn envisions.
  21. I get that they are going with the Flashpoint storyline, but they brought back Michael Shannon to play Zod, couldn't they have brought Henry Cavill back as well? Kara being there doesn't make sense. I still haven't warmed up to the Ezra Miller flash. His goofiness is more suited for Wally West, not Barry Allen. I also don't get why Ezra Miller needs to play 2 Flash, when Grant Gustin is available.
  22. I was surprised that the first episode dropped yesterday. I've been looking forward to this since I've heard about it last year. I've seen the first episode and so far I liked how they adapted it. Very game accurate down to the frame per frame scenes. I guess this means that the original game is already perfect that they don't need to add additional things. I'm very excited to watch the whole series and go along the emotional roller coaster again. My only complaint is that the CGI looks terrible. But aside from that, the animation is excellent.
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