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  1. I wanted to post about Char dancing to Never gonna give you up, but seems the link doesn't work...
  2. I've read an article in Japanese and there is insinuation that there are some issues between the author and the editorial staff. The article is right here if you're interested: 現在漫画「強殖装甲ガイバー」打ち切り理由や休載理由はなぜ?連載再開(最終回)しない?最新刊33巻はいつ? (dennsisyosekisokuhou.com) You can use google translate if you want a rough translation of what it said, but it basically disproves reasons of health of the author. The gist of it is that Guyver is 80% complete, and the author is fully motivated to complete the story. The publisher only mentions the series as suspended without giving any other reason, which is very unusual, and may point to internal conflicts. The article doesn't answer any questions, and only presents theories about its status.
  3. Seems like you have a lot of hulk issues. Not an avid Hulk reader, but his stories intrigue me. I miss physical comics. Most of my collection consists of X-men and Captain America. Started collecting Captain America around Operation Galactic Storm.
  4. I enjoyed the movie, but still felt that Leticia Wright wasn't able to properly fill the role of Black Panther. This may be due to the Charisma that exuded Chadwick Boseman, which Leticia lacked. Especially when Shuri declared "Yibambe" (or something), it's not as powerful as that of T'challa.
  5. What!!? Oh No! He was my favorite Batman. May he rest in Peace.
  6. OMG!!! You have this?? I've been looking for this issue for a very long time. This is a Jim Lee Art!! This was released way before I started collecting comics, so back issues are hard to come by. Sadly, I started collecting comics around the time X-men # 1 (Jim Lee) came out.
  7. After watching the whole series, it’s not actually a horror genre, and more political and directly being blunt about current societal issues. Well, there are some gory scenes, but not to the level of being in a horror genre. I think the R18 rating was due to the subjects being tackled in the show which will require a little open mindedness. You will actually find the interactions to be too “human”.
  8. Wow! I just finished binge watching this (which is kinda rare for me nowadays), and I gotta say, this was very well done for me. They actually flipped the scenario and yet was able to maintain a lot of parallels with the original series. I really can’t discuss much without spoiling anything, but I was really hooked watching this. There are some heart rending and emotional scenes. I especially loved episode 10.
  9. A lot of people seem to think that he just didn’t agree with the direction of the writers are going. A lot of news outlet reports that the writers seems to hate the source materials, and Cavill being a fan of the novels and the game, would certainly not support it if it does not honor the source material. I remember Cavill in an interview where he mentions being the go to guy for details about the series. So he really is passionate about the franchise.
  10. Hahaha!! Introducing Kevin Bacon! This joke actually reminded me of a troll where people thought that Kanye West "discovered" Sir Paul Mccartney.
  11. OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD!!!! *Squeals like a fangirl* Ahem, did not expect that to come in so soon.
  12. I actually don't consider G-reco as Gundam. Design-wise, the mech looks kinda goofy. Also, I wonder why I don't like the AU iterations of Gundam wherein Tomino is involved. I didn't like G-Reco and I most certainly don't like Turn A, or Turn Away as I like to call it. Is there some reason why he wants to connect everything to UC? I think he did better when he was still known as kill-em-all Tomino.
  13. Yeah, I think the direction Zack Snyder wanted to take for Superman is to be a relatable human. But that is not what Superman is. He is supposed to be the boy scout. And the alternate version in Batman's dream didn't help that image. I actually felt the producers didn't do Superman Justice because of how they highlighted Bruce's angst in BvS (which didn't let them explore Clark much), and his little screen time in Justice League. The clash between Black Adam and Superman would be more interesting if it were to be the boy scout vs the anti-hero. Black Adam would have the edge though since Superman is weak against magic, which Black Adam derives his power from.
  14. Well, I might be making some spoilers, but unless you've been living under a rock, you would have probably already heard. Looking at various news outlet and reviews for Black Adam, it is confirmed that Henry Cavill will cameo as Superman in the post credit scene. It is also confirmed that the DCEU will be restored via Henry Cavill's return to the role of the man of steel. I guess I'll be watching this after all, which means Henry Cavill just saved this movie for me.
  15. New Gundam series is out. Witch from Mercury. So far I like it. It has some parallels with Revolutionary Girl Utena, but I'm still enjoying it nonetheless. I'm also surprised that this has come out in Netflix. Although not so surprising since Hathaway's Flash streamed in Netflix as well only a month after it's premier. Can't wait for part 2.
  16. Yup. looks like Shuri takes the mantle. I also find the fluttering wings on Namor's ankle rather unsettling and I don't know the reason why.
  17. I feel that a lot of the people who sees the recent phases of the MCU to be unsatisfactory was due to the magic that the original Avengers cast members brought to the table. Not to mention the build up and anticipation to Endgame made the previous movies exciting. At the moment, the next big bad is Kang, and in my opinion, is not as threatening as Thanos. In addition, a lot of the ensemble in the recent phases are not as iconic as the likes of Iron Man and Captain America. Fantastic Four may be able to bring that magic back, but it's still a wait and see how Kevin Feige can save the first family from the previous flop they encountered. I've long since abandoned any expectations from the MCU and just enjoy the ride. If I like it, I'll praise it, if I don't, I'll just shake it off. Nothing good will come out of me dwelling on how I hated a movie. When I saw Multiverse of Madness, I was hoping to see a lot more other than the "illuminati", but seeing them was still a treat, despite how everything horribly ended. The smartest man alive?
  18. Well, whatever will happen in Deadpool 3, we are assured that the genius marketing strategy of Ryan Reynolds is going to hype up the movie even more. The highlights for me in the movies are the scenes where Deadpool pokes fun at Ryan Reynolds. I see Deadpool breaking the 4th wall better than She-hulk. Hugh Jackman is such a big sport taking so much crap from Ryan Reynolds, which is why I love their bromance so much.
  19. That's an interesting case. I guess some devices needs your location to determine which is the better server to connect to. That's what usually happens on a smart device that needs to connect online. It also gives you the ability to control it even outside the house. In most cases, you can usually opt out of the information gathering. In my case, I need my devices to track me, especially when I'm near home and needs help with the grocery. But alas, that didn't work as expected so I turned location tracking off. Well, I guess not much people here dabble in these kinds of things.
  20. Hey guys, anyone here setup a smart home? I know there are a dozen forums out there that primarily discuss this, but I'd rather not create an account, and prefer to ask you guys here. Besides, I'm a lot more comfortable here and this might continue to be a long discussion. I know I'm a bit late in the game, so there's a lot of catching up for me. So if you are into the smart home bit, what does your setup look like? I'm having a pickle deciding on which direction to take. Currently, I have 2 ISP (internet connection is unreliable here, so I need a backup ISP). ISP 1 is my primary and use it extensively and everything that is not a smart home device is connected here. I'm using an X50 deco mesh in band steering (one on the ground floor and another on the second floor). ISP 2 is my backup ISP and all of my smart device is connected here via access point (ISP provided modem wifi sucks so I had to use an AP). 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz are separated SSID for ease of connection with my smart devices. Mostly the 2.4Ghz is used, and the 5Ghz is left untouched unless ISP 1 fails (which is somewhat rare). My pickle is if I need to retain this setup, or buy a load balancer to connect both ISPs. Ideally I would go with a load balancer, but I'm having second thoughts. for one, I'm not sure how the connection will affect the devices connected when the load balancer switches ISP, particularly for my NAS. I've read that when the load balancer switches to another connection, websites you're currently connected to will time out. I'm also concerned that this setup will congest my bandwidth since a lot of devices will get connected to a single SSID. Basically my concerns is on the failover as I want the switch from one ISP to another to be seamless.
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