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    Update: I'm doing vocal tests and experimenting with various software. My first videos will be about: Somlum/Samarubu, Dyme, & Gelpess.
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    It will be good to have some new material
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    Hi everybody! There are less updates recently because I am busy working on the demo game every day. It's almost completed now, I believe it will be launched soon! Please wait a moment, thank you! For more please visit: Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe59giuiHuAvSa79n6yT1Pw/featured?view_as=subscriber Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/G-illusion-Studio-319763895352518
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    Hello all, eons ago back when WG had its own forum I ran around the boards under the name Vengeance and occasionally posted stuff but mainly just crept around enjoying this great world constructed by all those involved. The other day I was feeling nostalgic and decided to look up the old WG.com and I was actually surprised to see it was still going, posts from Sully and Matt weren't so crazy to see and I even remember I was just sooooooo close to being able to introduce a character into this world I spent hours and hours delving into. Just thought I'd stop by to say hello, say thank you to the entire writing staff.
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    I would love to see any you make, I loved the old data files. I don't have any skills or time to put in to the project, but it would be great to see
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    That's really strange. I don't visit that often, I just lurk really, but I did find this page useful when I had a similar issue in the past https://boostlikes.com/blog/2013/12/steps-facebook-page-unblocked-unbanned
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    I agree with Guyver1. I'm still eagerly waiting for the next chapter but Guyver is one of those franchises that will live on no matter what. The series has been hugely influential in my life and will forever continue to be.
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    who played Masaki Murakami in the ova? the actor name in the credits is Steve Areno for the manga dub but I checked the dub and I swear thats david hayter voice was murakami voice actor deferent in the us rendition dub? even david claimed in his twitter account that he played him and tried to asking him about this steve guy in the credit he did not answer
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    I'm pretty sure Murakami's voice actor was left unchanged across both dubs. Most of the voice actors are the same in both. I also don't think it sounds that much like David Hayter, Steve Areno is a pseudonym used by Steve Cassling
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    Same here. I've been hooked for years and will wait for the newness without worry. If we get new chapters and an eventual end, sweet! If not, I can always re read and re watch the content. This is my favorite manga. Love it all. At least we can say "damn, this is good! Can't wait for more!"
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