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  1. No theory is "wrong" until proven by Takaya. Just like the theory that Imakarum is Apollyon. Some people still believe it is someone else, despite all the evidence from the books saying otherwise being pointed out to them. You can discuss and call theories unlikely or implausible... unless it is a topic that has been covered in the manga. If it has, then something can be "wrong", because the author said so.
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  2. That's an interesting case. I guess some devices needs your location to determine which is the better server to connect to. That's what usually happens on a smart device that needs to connect online. It also gives you the ability to control it even outside the house. In most cases, you can usually opt out of the information gathering. In my case, I need my devices to track me, especially when I'm near home and needs help with the grocery. But alas, that didn't work as expected so I turned location tracking off. Well, I guess not much people here dabble in these kinds of things.
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  3. Forgive the necro. I'm still alive, lol. Drifted away due to covid chaos, but, poking around at some of my old haunts and lurks.
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  4. I bought a smart light bulb by mistake. I expected I could control the brightness via bluetooth, but it wanted to be connected to wifi and wanted my gps location and what room it was in. I realised this thing would be tracking and recording and uploading what times I use this room. That to me, is an unacceptable invasion of my privacy. That's the extent of my ability to advise.
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  5. Hello! Unfortunately we can't offer much because the manga's been on hold for, oh, three years now? But be welcome. Have a seat.
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