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    HI all, this is my voice acted rendition of the first chapter of the Guyver manga. It serves as a personal tribute to Guyver and its enduring legacy as one of the greatest, most stylish and just plain fun Japanese superhero mangas. I hope you all enjoy this. I put a lot of work in it and I am charging nothing for you to see it. Just please spread the word if you like this and share it with your friends. I want this to be a perfect intro for anyone to get into Guyver, just like we already are. Hopefully this inspires more Guyver material!!
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    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XQd2i5hYkH0 link to the enka.
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    Spawn's power is unquantifiable since it's infernal magic. And he is dead; his mind may be inaccessible to Archanfel. Can he even be killed? This would be a terrible battle. Does Archanfel have a capacity for horror? *** Captain Britain was mentioned. So here we have a twofer: Sir James "Mad Jim" Jaspers... And the Fury. Jim Jaspers was a British mutant with reality-altering powers on the level of, say, Franklin Richards. If his power hadn't driven him insane he would have been completely unstoppable. Anything he wanted he simply made reality, in the manner we imagine God would. Fortunately his imagination was rather infantile and limited, and his mental faculties noticeably degraded over time. It is possible he would have become completely senile before his power would have reached total fruition. The Fury, on the other hand, is all focus and total direction. The creature, called a 'Cybiote' - apparently a more profound melding of flesh and technology than a cyborg - was made by Jaspers when his mind was still quite clear, and for only one purpose: destroying super-beings. On its world, it had killed all superheroes and supervillains. It has no real free will or much of an imagination, but it's not entirely a robot, either; it operates on roughly the mental level of a not-too-smart dog, so smart enough to hunt and kill, but unburdened by issues like "What is the purpose of my existence" or "Is this really the right thing to do". It also never gives up. Jaspers apparently gave it a small portion of his reality-altering power, allowing it to freely change, adapt and upgrade itself. It can absorb resources and integrate them into itself. Its only real limitation is its limited intellect - it cannot apply complex strategies or tactics, but it's so powerful that usually doesn't matter. Jim Jaspers - the original - died when his entire universe was erased from existence by a higher power, but the Fury had already left by that time, having taught itself to travel across dimensional barriers. It met with another version of Jaspers whose powers were even more developed and they fought; the Fury's programming compelled it to attack him, and in the end found a way to defeat and kill even someone who can alter reality itself by travelling to a place without reality. Archanfel might find himself outmatched.
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    If Guyver has taught me anything it's patience, and that it's well worth the wait.
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    Be sure that when it returns, it will be on the cover.
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    Just gonna poke my absent head out to wish you guys a Merry Christmas and drop off my New Years card! This is the first time I've drawn a Guyver in many years and boy are they tricky But anyway... Merry Christmas and here's hoping 2020 brings what we've all been waiting for!
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