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    The story mode will just follow the origin story plus some side track missions. I hope can make it like Shenmue free style. Origin guyver weapons, moves + new special melee moves.(Guyver story didn't have enough melee moves for game, so create more melee moves is neccessary. More fun!) Online mode: Different huge maps or a free world like GTA if possible: Everyone can use their own guyver or zoanoid... to be partners or fight each others. Also, there should be a major story or mission in online mode. Like: fight against the creators or something.... There's a problem too! When many players change form into Giant Guyver God...I think the game will be crashed. Not have a solution for that yet. Maybe PS5 system might help! Lots of guyver fans like to have their own guyver or zoanoid design characters to join the game. I don't know if it's possible for that because that means developers need to take care of each of them! That makes lots of work & cost. For me, I have my own ideas about the story. I want to make a new story mode about dealing with different creators in the universe! We may find out why creators want to form a guyver military for......
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    About a month... well, well, well. A hoax? Or does someone know more than we do?
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    Oh! Thanks for the information. It helps a lot!
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    Here's me cooking him in my totally professionally made UV chamber. After he's cured i. Going to take a dremel to him and fix a lot of small bits of resin I couldn't reach with my cutters. A small bit got removed from his left leg, his left, not my left. Wasnt too bad but it will be noticeable when I paint him. Also noticed that those lines I made on his leg didn't show up either. Not surprising seeing how small I made him. I was shooting for the same size as the green Guyver I made.
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    I always wanted to see a Chronos business simulator. You start off in the age of sail, discovering Archanfel’s temple, and getting your exposition about the Creators. You then have to go and find Relics, recruit Zoalords, etc, in a semi-open, semi-procgen world (I’m thinking of Daggerfall). Eventually, you have modern technology, and are ready to try to institute a world government dedicated to global defence, and are able find deeper buried relics in which you find intact Units, but you also have ambitious officers, and rebellious scientists, and desperate test subjects, and wildcard bystanders...
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    It now has pride of place at the centre of my display.
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    Thank you! I need to work on my display. I have lots of idea for dioramas, but it will have to wait until I have more room. Barcas finally arrived today! I'm finally 100% complete with my Guyver figure collection. Feels good!
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    Nice collection man! I was jealous of you having barcus until I lucked up yesterday and got a notification from Mandarake a week after scoring the adjustment tank! It must be fate!! It's from the same store as well! I will finally have it next week! Can't wait! It's hard to be believe there are only 30 of these in existence in the world!!
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    I think tora wants to start a new "storm area 51". Heck, I'm in. ... Let's just storm relics point, they can't stop all of us.
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    So we painted the wall behind the shelf and I had to move it. By doing so, I was able to redo the placement of all the greatness...
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    Yeah, I didn't even realize it glowed in the dark. Wondering if I can do something cool with a UV up light. Now I just need to find a Barcas!! Took a new photo of my Guyver 1 & Aptom. Really hoping we see some more Guyver figures soon.
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    Got my hands on a processing tank last week. Haven't unpacked it yet. Waiting until I get a new display cabinet. Wouldn't mind getting a few of these and display them in a line.
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    heh... i was born in feb of 1985. talk about the best of birthday presents. i like that and i dont even celebrate my bday.
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    Please don't let it be a hoax, please don't let it be a hoax...
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