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  1. It now has pride of place at the centre of my display.
  2. Thank you! I need to work on my display. I have lots of idea for dioramas, but it will have to wait until I have more room. Barcas finally arrived today! I'm finally 100% complete with my Guyver figure collection. Feels good!
  3. Yep. 30 of Barcas and 40 of the processing tank. Considering they're 16 years old i'd imagine there are a even less now, what with loss and damage. It's crazy what they go for now!
  4. Nice collection man! I was jealous of you having barcus until I lucked up yesterday and got a notification from Mandarake a week after scoring the adjustment tank! It must be fate!! It's from the same store as well! I will finally have it next week! Can't wait! It's hard to be believe there are only 30 of these in existence in the world!!
  5. I'm happy waiting as well. I mean it won't be the first manga to enter an indefinite purgatory, but at least it's still getting some love. In the mean-time i've been binge watching a load of 80's OVA's to feed my golden age nostalgia. Stumbled across one called 'Majuu Sensen' recently which bares some striking resemblances. I recommend checking it out if you are a fan of old anime. The manga pre-dates Guyver by a decade and is a mixture of devilman.
  6. Yeah, I didn't even realize it glowed in the dark. Wondering if I can do something cool with a UV up light. Now I just need to find a Barcas!! Took a new photo of my Guyver 1 & Aptom. Really hoping we see some more Guyver figures soon.
  7. Got my hands on a processing tank last week. Haven't unpacked it yet. Waiting until I get a new display cabinet. Wouldn't mind getting a few of these and display them in a line.
  8. Yeah, those are the Garage Kits. They turned out pretty nice and fit in well with the BFW. Size is a good match for the figma guyvers as well.
  9. Thanks to Overspawn for sending me Ramotith and Zencrebe! My 1/12 collection is pretty much complete now. If only I could stumble across a cheap Barcus Maybe one day!
  10. There's a bumper crop of BFW figures on Manda this morning! All 6 sets for only 12,000 yen each!! If I wasn't just about to receive my Ramotith and Zencrebe from overspawn, I would have jumped on set-06!! I almost freaked and bought them all just to have seconds for display, but dropping 72,000 yen on 12 figures I already own seems excessive, even by my standards!! lol I'll let someone else finally get there hands on these gems and enjoy them as myself as I enjoy mine!!
  11. I am interested in Ramotith and Zencrebe. Please PM me and we can agree a deal. Thanks.
  12. I feel you man. My biggest problem is that Guyver isn't all I collect and this isn't even all of it!
  13. Thanks a lot guys. I seriously need more space now. Still haven't even unboxed Gergoile yet, and you know imma keep hunting for that affordable BFW set6 and Barcus Time to get a Detolf!
  14. Well even though Matt didn't respond to any of my messages, my Aptom V4 came down from the US super fast with DHL. Another build I had to improvise on, (no idea how those tendrils are supposed to attach, I don't have a solder), but I'm really happy with it. Oh, and if anyone wants the BFC Guyver II kit, shoot my a PM with your offer. I'd like to sell it.
  15. "wedged the cone into the top cover part" - That's the bit right there I had trouble with. I think originally my hole was too small, then I made the plastic softer with hot water, that didn't work, so then I cut it a bit bigger and it still wouldn't "wedge" so I gave up
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