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  1. Because this was in response to the answer I specifically received to my question. I was told the early volumes don't exist and I don't want viz scans.
  2. ISO: Chuang Yi Guyver manga. I'm in United States looking to buy all ten volumes of the Chuang Yi english guyver releases. Will pay for books and all shipping(International too) fees, we can discuss price but I'm willing to pay a good amount to obtain these books. I can pay by PayPal G&S, please let me know if you're able to help. Thank you for your time and appreciate any help!
  3. What a shame, thank you for the info, I never even knew of Chuang Yi. Really wish I could get those but I understand that's very unlikely. Guess I'll have to stick with viz or pay someone a commission to translate. I'm just not a fan of the viz releases.
  4. Hey all, Glad to be here this is my first post. I did some searching for this but the links I found were dead, so I'm hoping someone can help. I'm looking for early non Viz translated chapters in English, preferably someone could upload files to a host like Mega or mediafire, not looking for the manga reading sites but I will take them in a pinch. I know there were some scanlations done by Hobby Japan and I'm assuming other groups but I cannot find those. So any help regarding the early volumes of non Viz translated would be extremely helpful. thank you
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