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  1. Yeah, those are the Garage Kits. They turned out pretty nice and fit in well with the BFW. Size is a good match for the figma guyvers as well.
  2. Thanks to Overspawn for sending me Ramotith and Zencrebe! My 1/12 collection is pretty much complete now. If only I could stumble across a cheap Barcus Maybe one day!
  3. There's a bumper crop of BFW figures on Manda this morning! All 6 sets for only 12,000 yen each!! If I wasn't just about to receive my Ramotith and Zencrebe from overspawn, I would have jumped on set-06!! I almost freaked and bought them all just to have seconds for display, but dropping 72,000 yen on 12 figures I already own seems excessive, even by my standards!! lol I'll let someone else finally get there hands on these gems and enjoy them as myself as I enjoy mine!!
  4. I am interested in Ramotith and Zencrebe. Please PM me and we can agree a deal. Thanks.
  5. I feel you man. My biggest problem is that Guyver isn't all I collect and this isn't even all of it!
  6. Thanks a lot guys. I seriously need more space now. Still haven't even unboxed Gergoile yet, and you know imma keep hunting for that affordable BFW set6 and Barcus Time to get a Detolf!
  7. Well even though Matt didn't respond to any of my messages, my Aptom V4 came down from the US super fast with DHL. Another build I had to improvise on, (no idea how those tendrils are supposed to attach, I don't have a solder), but I'm really happy with it. Oh, and if anyone wants the BFC Guyver II kit, shoot my a PM with your offer. I'd like to sell it.
  8. "wedged the cone into the top cover part" - That's the bit right there I had trouble with. I think originally my hole was too small, then I made the plastic softer with hot water, that didn't work, so then I cut it a bit bigger and it still wouldn't "wedge" so I gave up
  9. I must just be an idiot then. Followed the instructions and spent an hour trying to figure out how the balls were supposed to attach to the cannon covers. There is obviously a socket in the shoulders which is fine, but to attach it to the covers its said to cut a hole with a notch in the ball and push it in to the disk thing on the covers underside. No matter what I tried it wouldn't stay connected and it was pretty obvious that any pressure trying to close them would pop it off. Just glued the balls on in the end. They'll still pop off if I try to move them though. Not really sure what else to do to secure them.
  10. Congrats man! How did you get on with Aptom's shoulder canons? Were you able to follow the instructions and make them articulated, or are they just stuck on? Also, how is the glow in the dark on ZX-Tole. It doesn't look much in regular light which is why I passed on it, but interested to know how it looks in the dark. Is it the same scale as the BFC figure?
  11. Nothing, but i'm still checking this site regularly for news. Maybe one day. Next Feb is the 35 year anniversary, so maybe we'll see something then??!!
  12. Got my Aptom V2 in yesterday and finally built it today! Took about 2-3 hours and must admit it was the trickiest one so far. No idea how those shoulder cannons are supposed to open/close, so just ended up gluing it.
  13. Aw well. If it's for his kids I won't make him wait any longer. He obviously has his reasons for not responding to any of my messages. Hopefully he comes back to me before he ships. Ended up shelling out £130 for the 2 (£30 shipping, damn eBay Global Shipping Program!!), so if I can make £30 back on the GII i'll be happy. Wow! No idea why you'd need 3 Aptom 4s! LOL. I'm pleased to have one for my display. That'll be me for a while now. Just got my 2nd GIII figma in, so once I get these 2 Aptoms versions i'm straight. Unless an affordable Ramotith & Zencrebe set ever pops up!!
  14. Great stuff!! I was surprised to see him getting out of the collecting game. Have you had any joy contacting him on your orders? He has sent me lots of payment reminders, but i've been trying to ask him if he can just sell Aptom 4 and remove Guyver II for a small discount, even just $30, but he's not answering. I'll probably just end up selling the Guyver II cheap if not. Guess you already had the Aptom 4? Seems to have been the listing that had the most bidding action!
  15. Looks like Guyversudo is selling off his BFC kit collection on eBay (http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/guyvergiganticexceed/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=). Managed to snag myself Aptom 4, so I finally have the 5 kits I was after!! Now just for BFW set 06. See that Barcus and the processing tank are going for 40K each on YAJ!! With the current exchange there is no way I can justify dropping the best part of £700 on those 2, so i'll have to make do until I win the lottery or something
  16. Apologies if it was anyone here I was fighting with to win that BFC-16 Aptom Ver.2 today on YAJ Managed to get it for 8,500 yen in the end. Looking forward to adding it to the collection! Only the BFC-19 Aptom Ver. 3/4 and BFW Ramotith/Zencrebe left and i'm done. I've given up hoping to find an affordable Barcus or Aptom w/ processing tank and my painting skill's aren't good enough to do Aptoms head on the Elegen SP edition.
  17. Updated my display. Another big thank you to UnitG for Gregole!!
  18. I wasn't involved. I joined the forum around the time it was sent and heard all about it. I am intrigued........did he like it??
  19. Thank you Guyver1. It was actually really fun playing with the GIII figma. In fact i've just gone and spent £150 on another GI & GIII figma so I can have them in different poses with my Zoanoids! Also, be warned, anyone out there looking for a figma GIII, there are a lot of bootlegs from China at the moment which are difficult to identify and are still selling for £60-70. Be sure to confirm authenticity before purchasing! The official one typically goes for over £100 now.
  20. Nice dude! Congrats!! I received a monster haul today, Vamore, Panadyne, Gergoile & Zerbebuth!! I couldn't help myself!!
  21. Had a reshuffle. Still have a 2nd Guyver I and Combat Crew to add along with Vamore, Zerbebuth, Panadyne, Gergoile & Enzyme II!!
  22. Finally built Enzyme I. He's not the greatest. The different shades of white and unpainted areas are off putting, but he'll do.
  23. Awesome dude! Post pics of your chronos solider. I just got mine, but I was a little underwhelmed compared to Gregole, so I haven't displayed it. Did you paint yours? Edit: Here are mine. I've actually just snagged another set for 3,000 yen, so I can paint one Mizuki as "practice", before I do the real thing. Also 2 soldiers together might look better than one.
  24. Thanks a lot!! It took a bit long than I'd expected, but it was worth it! I also got Malmot and Enzyme II, so i've added Malmot to the display.
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