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  1. So, the Archanphel and Exceed figures you've seen pictures of, are from the original Bio Fighter Collection from around 2005-2010. They were proto-types shown of figures to come. It is unknown if the non posable Archanphel was going to be a separate release under the non posable Bio Fighter Wars line, or just a painted proto-type for the BFC figure that is shown unpainted. Unfortunately the line stopped at Imakarum Here is a basic list of the officially released Guyver action figures, or figures that are supposed to be coming out, not including live action movie stuff, since they are clearly differently designed. I might miss something, but this is most of it. Manga Release: 1/6 Scale non posable Guyver 1 that came with vol 21 of the manga. Bio Fighter Collection: (Fully posable figures with changeable parts. Precursors to the creation of the entire Figma toy line) Guyver 1, Guyver 2, Guyver 3, Aptom ver 4, Murakami, Guyver Gigantic, Gigantic Dark, Zx'tole, Neo Zx'tole, Guyot, Purg'stall, Imakarum Bio Fighter Wars: (non posable but generally in the BFC scale) Vamore, Panadyne, Gergoile, Zerebubuth, Zancrebe, Ramotith, Enzyme 2, Test type(Malmot), Gaster, Darzerb, Thancrus, Elegan, Evil Aptom, Barcas w/ bio tube (was a limited special release) Figma: Guyver 1, Guyver 2 Female, Guyver 2 Female (OAV ver), Guyver 3, Guyver 1 2.0 (coming soon) Prime 1 Studios: Guyver 1, Guyver 1 bust, Guyver 3, Guyver 3 bust, Guyver 0, Aptom Omega Blast, Guyver Gigantic, Gigantic Dark, Female Guyver 2 (only teased so far) Max Factory Anniversary Figures: (not released yet, only proto-types shown) Guyver 1, Guyver 3 There was also 2 sets of smaller "trading figures" released during the 2005 Tv shows airing alongside the BFC figures. There have been various 3rd party/bootleg figures out there as well as people 3-d printing their own stuff now too. K-Soul is company that still exists releasing unofficial Guyver stuff. They have done at least a statue of Guyver 3, some chibi figures, and smaller busts of a lot of the Guyvers. They just released the bust of Guyver Gigantic I believe. Then there was Sanken, who managed to release 1/6th scale figures of the 2 Gigantic's, and teased 1/6th scale Guyver 1 and Murakami releases... but shut down soon after. But finally, all the old Max Factory 1/12 and 1/6 scale Garage Kits from the late 80's and 90's. They are still around, but have had knock off recasts sold by numerous companies. Yes, there it seems like there is a lot of Guyver stuff out there... But most of it is over 15 years old, some of it over 30 years!
  2. Just got Aptom ver IV.... And Updated the shelves... for now. So, as for the full collection itself... Added Zxtole, Guyver Gigantic, Gigantic Dark, Proto-Zoalord Murakami and now Aptom Ver IV since the last picture from August. I will be breaking these guys up eventually when I get more shelves. It's a bit cramped in there right now. I will always love how the BFC Gigantic Guyvers are basically in scale with the Figma Guyvers. Like it is almost done on purpose. At this point, if I do not get any other Bio Fighter Collection figures, I would be fine with that. I still new Neo-Zxtole, Guyot, Purgstall and Imakarum... But they are either too expensive or not a character I care too much about to spend the prices they are at anyway. IF I can find good deals on them, I'll still pick them up, but I am not hunting for them. I got the "good" guys, and that is good enough for me right now.
  3. Just added 3 more Bio Fighter Collection figures! And the best ones! Unfortunately Murakami is as he is shown... No box and no extra hands... But I can live with that. I got him cheap alongside the other 2. SPEAKING about the other 2... FINALLY got my hands on the BFC Gigantic figures. Sure, it's cool that I have the large Sanken figures... But the BFC figures have been grail level items for so long... And now I have them both. I also have the BFC Aptom ver IV on the way, but I ordered him not that long ago, so he is still in transit. But once I get him, I will only need Guyot, Purgstall and Imakarum... And I don't really care much for them... So it's good then that the prices they usually demand are so high that I would never spend it on them at all. Though Guyot can sometimes be found pretty low. but I'd consider all of them if their prices ever came down to reasonable numbers. *edit* Forgot about Neo Zxtole...
  4. It's funny... If they are after Miles because he doesn't "belong"... the Sony Video game Spider-man IS there... Who also knows a Miles who is also Spider-man... So it's not just being him that they are against... I guess I will just have to wait and see more. Can't wait.
  5. As you stated, that it was just a trace job of the old work, I won't comment on the proportions ect... As that was not the point of the piece. However, the second image certainly brings me back to the days of drawing in a sketchbook and scanning things... All the smudging of pencil lead and the yellowing of the paper... Ahhh such memories from over 20 years ago... I rarely ever draw non digitally now.
  6. It's really hard to say why we are getting any Guyver figures at all... Looking back, a lot of us believe the main reason is because Max Watanabe, head of Max Factory has been a long time friend and supporter of Takaya and the series... I mean he practically started the business by making the original Guyver model kits. Looking back, the original Guyver 1 figma was released in late 2014, when the manga was still ongoing, and going pretty strong. It was apparently was popular enough that they started developing Female Guyver 2 (late 2016 release) and Guyver 3 (mid 2017 release) after it proved to be popular enough... But it does take 2-3 years from start of development to release for these figures... And since the manga went on hiatus in April 2016, the figures were already well into completion, so they came out anyway. The only reason I can see why the 2.0 figma Guyver 1 is coming, is for the 40th anniversary in 2025... Which if my prediction is correct, will come out mid/late 2024 just in time for the anniversary. It's also Figma #600, so it's also a milestone for Max Factory as well. This is also on top of the 1/6th scale "Anniversary" figure(s) they have been showing off for a few years now. Could this all be the work of the man in charge refusing to let his friends series die? Could very well be.
  7. No. As long as Takaya lives and never says he is 100% done. Also, we are still expecting at least 2 new figures from Max Factory. The series is being kept on life support for sure, but not ALL is lost.
  8. Couple new shots of the Guyver 1 2.0 figure proto-type.
  9. Made a quick sketch of your characters design... Though I added the breathers without thinking... Since they are so standard in my head. But if you see the two lines coming out from the control medal, that is how I usually determine how the flow on the head sensor array goes.
  10. If you are referring to these, then yes we did have an old tutorial. https://www.warriorguyver.com/gfa/guyver2playground/sketch/ghead1.htm https://www.warriorguyver.com/gfa/guyver2playground/sketch/guyver1.htm They are certainly old, but the basics are sound to start with, but with practice, these basics can be tailored to your own style. And yes, W'kar head designs are mostly Gigantic based. The only differences are the control medal is as large, but only in 2 segments, the head sensor array isn't as big, and the facial area is more of a standard Guyver design. Since I base them on a normal head, I tend to decrease the size of the Gigantic parts, which in turn also looks like increasing the size of the face. This way it looks more like it's a completely "original" design (on the part of the creators). For example, the two below pics. See how the Gigantic head sensors flare up and out, on the W'Kar (Fighter Guyver for reference) I shrink them down a bit and closer to the basic head structure. If you follow where the two smaller head beams go, On the Gigantic they tend to angle upwards, while on a W'kar, that area tend to be a bit more horizontal leaning, thus the whole structure of the head sensor array comes down.
  11. It's weird to think that the original picture was from the year 2000. 22 year later it was time to update him.
  12. Well damn. Cavill is moving away from The Witcher, and Liam Hemsworth is going to take over for season 4. Not being a huge fan of the games, and the story still very early in the lore, Cavill was one of the big things about the series keeping me there. I guess I will have to see where season 3 ends to see if I will care at all to continue. Though Cavill apparently has a bunch of other projects he has lined up, mixed now with commitments to WB... It seems it was either playing Superman or Geralt... And the man of steel won out.
  13. Once again Max Watanabe comes through and posted an image of himself and Yoshiki Takaya. Though Takaya looks very different compared to all his previous photos. Here is to hoping that his weight loss was on purpose and not because of something serious!
  14. I haven't watched it yet... But like the previous attempt... G-Reco... I don't like the character designs or the outfits designs of the characters... The mecha designs look decent though, so I will still be giving it a chance. Waiting until I get 3 episodes built up to watch all 3 and see if it makes sense at all... Unlike G-Reco... But also, old man who doesn't like a lot of newer tropes/trends with series (ie no longer the generation things are made for)... so... oh look! A cloud for me to yell at!
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