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  1. An interview was posted with Yoshiki Takaya, Max Watanabe and Yoshihito Kobayashi about the upcoming (very expensive) 1/6th scale Guyver 1 figure. https://animageplus.jp/articles/detail/54325/1/1/1 Nothing is said about the manga sadly. During the interview, even Takaya thinks it might be a bit too expensive... But the idea that Max Watanabe wants to make figures from Dark Hero of the Guyver and Guyver Zoanoid? That is a pretty neat!
  2. I know the author has mentioned it once on the Guyver facebook groups, but has long been pushed down from new posts. Will make more sense to talk about it when it has a release date or is out.
  3. Happy X-Day everyone! It is the anniversary of the day our great and beloved Leaders of Cronos brought down the corrupt World of the past, and shone their light upon us to show us the way! Truly, we have never been so blessed to have such Divine beings watch over and protect us from ourselves! Let's give praise to our glorious Leaders, who rid the world of Hunger, War and the differences in society that kept us from coming together, and finally show that we are of one people! - This statement is approved by the Cronos Corporation
  4. That is not a new images, that image is from 1987. It says so in the text just to the right of it. There is sadly no new images past 2016. The books states 1985-2023... But there literally is no art newer than the pages/cover from 2016.
  5. I think Onlyfans frowns on illegal public displays of nudity... Which she seems to do all the time.
  6. My Shonen Ace issues were a little delayed, but finally arrived, and I got my posters in very good condition. Thankfully monthly manga volumes are freaking THICC and sturdy as hell, so there was no damage. I hoped and prayed that there might be some more Guyver info, but sadly, it was all just promoting the Artbook... But I only bought it for the poster anyway. Here it is with the A4 paper sized artbook for reference.
  7. According to the book that is a cover from Shonen Captain Comics Volume 2/Cover from Dec 1986. That's one of the nice things about the book. It states where it was originally used.
  8. They're here! And honestly, it is what I expected... But I am still a bit disappointed. It's mostly all the manga covers and such over the years un-obstructed by the title text and the like, and some that got cut off to fit on a page or for a 2 page spread (there are no 2 page spreads here. They were flipped on their side to fit on one page) Beautiful to look at for sure. Just not a lot of substance. I know I shouldn't have expected something like the Visual Data Files book... But I am still glad I got it. Would have been even better with a HD digital scan. ...also, mine came slightly damaged. The top left corners are bent. Not happy about that at all.
  9. Mine are arriving on Friday. I also ordered the Sept issue of Shonen Ace just to get the poster.
  10. There are certainly a number of factors... But bad marketing certainly doesn't help it... As well as the content... And the hiatus' over the years... Guyver is a very old series, almost 40 years old... And yes, for those of us who have read and followed it, we love it... But Anime trends have come and gone... And the current trends do not mesh with the Guyver's old style, and they haven't for a while now. Today's anime demographic is focused on different kinds of series... And Shonen Ace is full of these other series that are basically trash, but trash people like because of various reasons (I have been known to read some of them... ). The simple facts that Kadokawa has kept Guyver alive, and that Max Factory is still releasing new figures doesn't make ANY logical sense... But here we are... And we are so very lucky. When the pre-order for the new Figma went up, I posted it in a Facebook group that is about 70's, 80's and 90's anime. Lots of positive feedback and over 1000 likes... but only about 50 or so people said they were pre-ordering it. People remember Guyver, yes. But most of them do not even know if they still like it... Or even like it enough to read almost 32 volumes of free manga to try and catch up. Hell, most don't even know all 3 animated versions can be found on just Youtube alone...
  11. The Visual Data Files book was not an art book! It was a Visual Data file book!
  12. That right folks! Kadokawa is releasing a new Guyver artbook, that is up for pre-order on their official site, with a release date in July. Their official site in purely in Japanese, so I will keep this updated if someone finds an easier place to pre-order.
  13. He was spotted again! Once again Max Watanabe took a picture together with him.
  14. Yeah, the shinyness of the figure is one of the complaints I have seen... But also the big one, is the weird seem line down the sides of the head. It makes no sense to be there.
  15. I bought 2 directly from the Goodsmile page, but I am not the type to keep figures in boxes. Always have to have one in the one smasher open with the blade out on the other arm... And the other can have the alt head/hand combo.
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