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  1. I want to preface this by saying I am NOT trying to be mean or trying to stop you from creating your fan fiction... but considering the reason you stated that this post exists, I figure I should lay out some things you need to know and things to expect when doing a project like this. Basically: Considering your fan fiction takes place outside of the standard timeline, you can practically do whatever you want with any of the characters. They could have had time to change or mellow out, as it were. Of course this can lead to the problems with fandom not critiquing or offering opinions etc... because this means there is little interest in the topic or concept that you are using said characters in. Writing a Fan Fiction that uses official characters is always the harder option if you want other fans of the series to like it. If you take a character too far away from what they are in the main plot, it's really no longer that "character" and is just your own character that maybe walks and talks similar to the original. So certainly, if you are writing it absolutely for yourself, great. Go right ahead and enjoy. But hoping/expecting people to comment on a subject that they aren't interested in, despite some of it being from their particular fandom isn't always a guarantee... Especially when the other fandoms involved are either completely different from this one. This is why my favorite Guyver crossover is the really Old Bubblegum Crisis crossover; Heart of the Beast (and it's unfinished sequel, Soul of the Beast. BGC and Guyver have similar DNA and fit together pretty easily (both antagonists are evil corporations, just one uses biological creatures and the other mechanical. Main protagonists are a small group in powered suits etc...). This is something we've had to deal with a lot in our own stories... If you can't keep the essence of the characters, you might as well just create new ones for you to use. This is a big reason why the Warrior Guyver fan fiction original characters are the main characters of our stories. Yes, it is set in a modified Guyver universe, and we do use the originals in ours, but we try and keep them grounded in the reality of the original story as much as possible ( like Agito secretly creating his own Warrior Gigantic... We did that back in 2000... Over 10 years before he secretly made his own Gigantic in the manga. Still a jerk!) So, if you go ahead and make your story ( and you should. the more writing you do, the better you get at it), try not to be disappointed when people don't seem to want to read it. It's clearly not the kind of story they like, or they just don't like the crossover concepts. We have people that loath our stories, and that is perfectly fine. It doesn't stop us from working on them. So write your story the way you want. Post it in as many places where the fandoms you crossover with might like it. If you get hits and fans, fantastic. If not, it will be an experience to help you improve, or you can use your ideas and adapt it to something more original. Remember, even 50 Shades of Grey started as a Twilight fan fic.
  2. Kickstarted it. Played it. Beat it. Waiting for next DLC. Yep, pretty fun. A little TOO much like SOTN in my eyes, mixed with Aria of Sorrow for her soul powers. It's one of those kinds of games that honestly are fun to play, but if you can't come up with new mechanics, it feels a little too rehash-ish... And it only suffered from it... Unless of course you never played Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow for the GBA. Plot is a little thin, but not terrible by any means. There seems to be a whole big story about the characters before this game... Much like SOTN, but at least SOTN has proper games and backstory ( though I know MANY people never played or cared about Castlevania 3 and only jumped into SOTN... So very same-ish there as well for many). My biggest complaint, is that you cannot just wear a helmet and not have it appear. They go and make it so you can have custom hair styles and all that... But if you get a head piece or helmet... It covers her head and face anyway. I played it with the Japanese voices... but David Hayter played Zangetsu in the English version, and who is likely going to be the first secondary character to be able to play as with his own campaign/story. So can't wait for that as his abilities will actually be different.
  3. To put it simply, he doesn't quite care about most series plot shenanigans and just likes entertaining movies/shows. So if has some entertaining stuff, but piss poor plot? He'll still enjoy it. He's not that picky like a lot of us. I wish I could be like that sometimes, but that is just not me =P
  4. Nothing is over... He just needs sometime to drink...
  5. Matt Bellamy

    Mecha's Blog

    Dude! Nice to see you still kicking around. And punching around.
  6. Arrived in April 2016. Though the issue number for Shonen Ace was June 2016.
  7. Yep. It's the reason I dislike Zeta, despite some may others who love it. But it does really make you believe that they need to be stopped, despite the Feddies having the general moral high ground after all the garbage Zeon pulled during the OYW. And if you think that tonal shift is bad... Just wait for Double Zeta...
  8. If you like the fighting in G and are able to pick up on the other plot lines, then it really shines.
  9. Haha, lovely! Glad to see the Gouf Custom from 08th MS Team as well. Another bad ass.
  10. Yeah, the plot of G really gets overshadowed by the super level of fighting. It is one of my favorites, but it's because I block out a lot of the fighting garbage Wing is alright is my book, and 00 ranks up as one of my favorites ( despite season 2's shortcomings). 08th MS team is great, likely due in part to its briefness. Really helps the story and animation. IBO is definitely unique... But that ending... So bad. AGE is hit and miss with a lot of fans... With some liking certain parts, but not others. In the end, I thought it was very "meh" in the story... but the mecha designs were great. Build Fighters is superb ( you'd never believe you could get so worked up about 2 kids fighting with their toys) and Build Fighters Try tried change up the formula, and was hit and miss in places... but mostly hit. Divers... Well, it's the opposite of Try... Hit and miss... but mostly miss. The new one that is coming later this year seems to be more based on Divers... So I am not expecting much. But as for Seed, yeah I liked the first season a lot ( also lots of the designs I really like), but Seed Destiny is such a train wreck of poor writing/decision making that it's pretty much inexcusable.
  11. Swap every time you said "chapter" with "volume" and vice versa, and you're spot on. Volume = Collected groups of chapters Chapter = Collected of group pages
  12. Anno just needs to stop doing... Anything. Extremely overrated and I really haven't liked anything he has ever done. But then I hate Directors/Producers that try to be edgy/controversial for the sake of being edgy or controversial.
  13. Your best best is to contact Blizzard forums/service for any issues you are having.
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