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  1. I feel for you having to go watch V... It's... Something.
  2. Scared to Death - Syngenor - A movie that actually helped inspire the Guyver... And it's sequel SYNGENOR, which basically rips off Cronos... But even has David Gale as the head of the evil company... Just like in the first Guyver movie!
  3. I am guessing it is likely due to this being a 7 year old post and the forum did some archiving or something. I have re-uploaded it anyway. Should be good to download now.
  4. I think if you have to ask " At what point are we all wasting our time?" I think you might already be there. It's now been officially over 4 years since we've had a single chapter of manga. I know I may have mentioned it before to other people, but I will always say it again: Don't count on new material. Move on. Focus on other things. As much as we want more Guyver, hoping and wishing for it... It's not up to us, and if more does come, it will come when it does. And if it doesn't? Constantly hoping for it will hurt even more when/if we are confirmed no more will ever come.
  5. I honestly do not know what to think about it... Other than " It doesn't feel like Ghostbusters"... Which could be good or bad for it. I think one thing a lot of people tend to forget, is that Ghostbusters the movie is really not a kids movie at all... But it is just on the brink of being an adult horror/action, but with some comedy to lighten the mood. But I mean, the Ghost blowjob, Peter is clearly a sleazy con man trying to hit on Dana, and the best joke ever "Yes, it's true. This man has no dick." are not really family friendly. Even Ghostbusters 2 wasn't that family friendly, an
  6. Man... I tell ya... We may not have written any story in a long time... But we are meeting up on Skype at least every 2 weeks and completely re-writing the fan fiction, piece by piece. Certain big events still happen of course, but the in between, who is involved, or who fights is constantly in flux as we progress... Some minor characters have been completely written out... While some have gotten expanded roles... If only we could find the time to put it to story... So going back over things with a fine tooth comb (and sometimes scissors or glue) is never a bad thing until everything is p
  7. I want to preface this by saying I am NOT trying to be mean or trying to stop you from creating your fan fiction... but considering the reason you stated that this post exists, I figure I should lay out some things you need to know and things to expect when doing a project like this. Basically: Considering your fan fiction takes place outside of the standard timeline, you can practically do whatever you want with any of the characters. They could have had time to change or mellow out, as it were. Of course this can lead to the problems with fandom not critiquing or offering opinions
  8. Kickstarted it. Played it. Beat it. Waiting for next DLC. Yep, pretty fun. A little TOO much like SOTN in my eyes, mixed with Aria of Sorrow for her soul powers. It's one of those kinds of games that honestly are fun to play, but if you can't come up with new mechanics, it feels a little too rehash-ish... And it only suffered from it... Unless of course you never played Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow for the GBA. Plot is a little thin, but not terrible by any means. There seems to be a whole big story about the characters before this game... Much like SOTN, but at least SOTN has proper
  9. To put it simply, he doesn't quite care about most series plot shenanigans and just likes entertaining movies/shows. So if has some entertaining stuff, but piss poor plot? He'll still enjoy it. He's not that picky like a lot of us. I wish I could be like that sometimes, but that is just not me =P
  10. Nothing is over... He just needs sometime to drink...
  11. Dude! Nice to see you still kicking around. And punching around.
  12. Arrived in April 2016. Though the issue number for Shonen Ace was June 2016.
  13. Yep. It's the reason I dislike Zeta, despite some may others who love it. But it does really make you believe that they need to be stopped, despite the Feddies having the general moral high ground after all the garbage Zeon pulled during the OYW. And if you think that tonal shift is bad... Just wait for Double Zeta...
  14. If you like the fighting in G and are able to pick up on the other plot lines, then it really shines.
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