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  1. One of my personal favorites! Universe Nemesis Prime still holds up nicely!
  2. What kind of mobile game is this? Either way I'm stoked!
  3. Just messing around with Studio Series 106 Optimus Primal.
  4. Hands down my favorite Waspinator figure!
  5. One of my acquired grails! It took me quite a while, but Nemesis Prime was worth it!
  6. Yes please! I'd absolutely love to see some of those scans!
  7. On his own I think Aptom might have plateaued a bit. However, his current symbiotic relationship with Guyver 1 might prove quite fruitful. I'd be curious to see if he could use Sho's access to the boost dimension to amp up his abilities like a bio-boosted energizer bunny.
  8. No. All is not lost. So long as there're fans who remain passionate Guyver will always have a fighting chance. Granted Guyver is not the most accessible series at the moment, so garnering new fans will prove to be a challenge. However, all that means is that we'll have to promote it the old fashioned way via word of mouth. For instance it's not that hard to work Guyver into a casual conversation, especially regarding anime. If you notice someone you know is casually into anime bring up Guyver. If you're going to an anime convention to meet people bring up Guyver. You can even take it a step further by wearing Guyver themed merch to potentially catch someone's attention. Guyver is only lost if our passion wanes, and we simply forget about it. For me that'll never happen because a Guyver never dies.
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