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  1. I think even if we get the story in full, the one thing that I have no problem with never being revealed is what the uranus look like. theres got to be some mystery left in the guyver universe and keeping the creators as such expands our perceived scale of it.
  2. Super impressive work! I saw you made a thread last year asking for reference pics to make this - did you find them? This is definitely the clearest look at the movie's interpretation of the Relic ship I've ever seen.
  3. Is this the first Guyver I figure without that silly little ab piece under the megasmasher? That part of all the other figures' designs really bugged me - totally unnecessary for creating the impression of articulation when this new solution would have always worked.
  4. Thanks Matt! Getting a kick out of reading these again for the first time in years. I had since lost my copies of the scans
  5. I'm late to this thread but I have a good reason - the pen to my graphics tablet broke just before christmas so I couldn't finish drawing my traditional yearly guyver greeting to you guys. I just got a new one so I suppose it's more of a Happy New Year greeting than a Christmas one - so I hope everyone has ahappy new year!
  6. Very sad, he was definitely a big presence and part of this community. My thoughts are with his close ones.
  7. Takaya seems to be a very private person so while I imagine he probably paid his respects he probably didn't do it publicly. If he were going to say anything publicly I would rather it be about Guyver.
  8. Fingers crossed that the next chapter that comes out isn't a recap one. Though I will probably need one, however many years away it is.
  9. Another Christmas, another Guyver drawing! Happy holidays everyone. Hopefully 2021 brings a lot more than just a new Guyver chapter eh (although a new guyver chapter would be pretty great)
  10. I saw them and just fixed it for you UltraGuyver. The broken videos were very weird, there was no in-board way to actually fix it for some reason, I had to right click and use Chrome's "inspect element" and delete it from the code there
  11. Found something kind of neat while walking around Old Street in East London... A surprisingly recent and specific moment to find graffiti'd on the street - which one of you was this then eh?? Exact location is Bache's Street if anyone is local and wants to see it for themselves
  12. Oh no!! How did you break it? It looked great though. When you perfect it are you gonna give it a paint job like the above Guvyers? (Also looking slick man)
  13. Good news everyone! I figured out that you can get the games running if you install the RPG Maker runtime package. I've linked to it in the first post and have added some screenshots. I also removed the small edits I made to get the game running (mentioned in the first post) so that these are totally accurate to what was released back in 2006. If you are in need of some Guyver content while the manga is on hiatus, well here ya go! There's a message at the end of the Guyver 3 game which mentions that the games were made by Unito Guyva, who was a member on the old Guyver Board - I feel bad for not having remembered this as he was a good friend. He became inactive I guess 10 years ago or so (wow!) so I hope he's well wherever he is.
  14. I'm pretty sure Murakami's voice actor was left unchanged across both dubs. Most of the voice actors are the same in both. I also don't think it sounds that much like David Hayter, Steve Areno is a pseudonym used by Steve Cassling
  15. I have no idea who made them - can't remember if Odin was on the guyver net back then either
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