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  1. Oh no!! How did you break it? It looked great though. When you perfect it are you gonna give it a paint job like the above Guvyers? (Also looking slick man)
  2. Good news everyone! I figured out that you can get the games running if you install the RPG Maker runtime package. I've linked to it in the first post and have added some screenshots. I also removed the small edits I made to get the game running (mentioned in the first post) so that these are totally accurate to what was released back in 2006. If you are in need of some Guyver content while the manga is on hiatus, well here ya go! There's a message at the end of the Guyver 3 game which mentions that the games were made by Unito Guyva, who was a member on the old Guyver Board - I feel bad for not having remembered this as he was a good friend. He became inactive I guess 10 years ago or so (wow!) so I hope he's well wherever he is.
  3. I'm pretty sure Murakami's voice actor was left unchanged across both dubs. Most of the voice actors are the same in both. I also don't think it sounds that much like David Hayter, Steve Areno is a pseudonym used by Steve Cassling
  4. I have no idea who made them - can't remember if Odin was on the guyver net back then either
  5. Those are decent prices - I've seen them go for upwards of £50 used, so very nice finds Would love to take you up on that if I could afford to at the moment!
  6. UPDATE: Download and install the RPG Maker XP Runtime Package from this page to get the game running: https://www.rpgmakerweb.com/download/additional/run-time-packages ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I was digging around some very very old documents from the mid-late 2000s and came across folders for some old RPG Maker XP games a member of The Guyver Net made back around ~2006. He made two - one was an RPG following Guyver 3 breaking out Mizuki and Tetsuro from Chronos HQ and running into the Hyper Zoanoid Team 5 as a final boss battle, and the other was a very very short minigame set at Mt Narisawa - can't remember much about this one. The Guyver 3 one had cutscenes using screenshots from the anime and was realized pretty damn well. Anyway, big bad news is that very frustratingly ALL backups I have of these RPGs are missing tons of files for some reason - all the burned CDs, the folders on the actual laptop, everything I own that contains a backup. Presumably it was corrupted before I even backed it up and didn't realize. I'm uploading what files I have for posterity, and maybe on the incredibly slim chance that someone that was involved in the community around 2006 still has these in full somewhere. I had to add a couple of placeholder files to get the game to run - "001-Blue01.png" in the Graphics/Windowskins i pinched off of Google Images, and "062-slow05.mp3" in Audio/BGM is a random track from Earthbound. These files are not from the game originally. Without these two files the game wouldn't run. Unfortunately trying to do anything once the menu appears will make the game realize more files are missing and crash it. At the very least, the sprite work is pretty impressive so it's worth having a peek at those files anyway Guyver RPGs.zip
  7. Nice one! How much did the Viz books set you back? Would love to get a set of them one day, but imagine it's tricky to get them in good condition and good price
  8. Very nice man! I'm sure the back tentacle things will help tie the model together a bit Is it a sculpting program? I've wanted to get in on the 3D hype for a while now, just can't find the time to make any headway with learning
  9. This was good fun to watch! Well made and well picked music for each scene man. I think your slight re-shuffling of the odd panel was a brave choice that improved the pacing too.
  10. It was posted by the guy with him in the photo so it's fair to say it's probably new. Probably didn't put a caption since he doesn't know English, but assumed the western fanbase would appreciate seeing that he is still indeed alive
  11. Just gonna poke my absent head out to wish you guys a Merry Christmas and drop off my New Years card! This is the first time I've drawn a Guyver in many years and boy are they tricky But anyway... Merry Christmas and here's hoping 2020 brings what we've all been waiting for!
  12. Well that seems to be the best lead we have - although its vagueness is very frustrating. At least the man is well from the sounds of things and still able to use his drawing hand to good effect.
  13. Is there some kind of obvious reason why John Connor isn't about that I'm missing? Or is that a mystery that is yet to be revealed? Anyway the trailer looks okay, but I'm as always with Terminator sequels going to remain cautious with my expectations.
  14. I imagine that's run by people completely separate from this place so maybe they don't have access to the chapters in which that occured? Although my timeline of the series is starting to get pretty foggy to be honest. The JL Wiki was pretty up to date and accurate as it also had information from the Japanese Guyver wikipedia page, but unfortunately the database got corrupted years ago.
  15. You're right, my bad. It's such a passing mention I'm not surprised I forgot. My headcanon had me thinking he just wanted them to make sure Guyot or any other rogue zoalords didn't get them
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