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  1. I'm aware it's been 11 years since this post has been commented on but I'm back Rivyn, any chance you finished the re-write or are we looking at a winds of winter situation here
  2. Doesn't appear to be in with them. I don't know if it's named oniguyver, but the but thats the name of the main character's unit. It's about a guy, daniel i think his name is. He gets the unit and then he dies and the unit regenerates him as a woman. Ring any bells?
  3. Not sure if this is the right section but wat the hell. Does any have or know where i can get the oniguyver fan fics?
  4. That would be cool. I recently watched Batman:Dead End, and i thought that for a low budget homemade flick, it was really good. i'd definetley be interested in seeing a fan made guyver movie.
  5. The final battle was fantastic, took them 4 months to film it.
  6. Oniguyver


    Does anyone know if there's gonna be a second season of guyver?
  7. Oniguyver


    More or less, yeah they are. Example: everytime a zoalord is mentioned, it's subtiteld as Zoalord Gyuot instead of their name. And for some reason they keep getting agito's name wrong as well.
  8. Oniguyver


    Fair comment. On to a different point, has anybody sen the new series in japanese? i bought it off ebay and the subtitles are alll screwy, has any one else had this problem???
  9. I have also put in a lot of thought about this. I have emailed Capcom 2 suggest this on several occasions. I was thinking it could be Devil May Cry meets Street Fighter, but with a good story.
  10. Oniguyver


    I'm going 2 assume ur a guyver fan,no?
  11. Oniguyver


    I'm new and i thought i'd say hello to anyone who wants to say hello back.
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