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  1. The hyper smashers limit maneuverability. Not quite perfect.
  2. Holy hell that's awesome. I had no idea he wrote X1-2 and Watchmen. Scorpion King wasn't bad either!
  3. Should be well worth the wait and awesome to see! Thanks for spending the time to make the site look even better!
  4. Sounds awesome. The forum needs love man! Its a well visited portion of the site and has been sitting in generic mode for years.
  5. Always here, always lurking. Check out http://www.warriorguyver.com/dominion to see what I've been up to lately in my off time!
  6. All 26 episodes of the new anime streaming to your computer, completely legal! http://www.hulu.com/guyver-the-bioboosted-armor
  7. Spoilers are useless with grey font! Me fix! Me fix! Can we change the default font color to black to prevent this?!
  8. ok, so not exactly fan art, but it was a lot of cropping and pasting, and lots of other stuff!
  9. A Guyver that assimilates anything it comes into contact with! http://www.warriorguyver.com/gsf/datafiles/senpai.htm
  10. So do we post the picture here just to make it look pretty?
  11. Don't we have a picture for this? Pretty sure there's a picture for this. And a different name. (even though I thought warrior guyver us was a cooler name too!) Wow and it's been done for five years. James please let us post this if it hasn't already been done... I mean five years!
  12. http://www.warriorguyver.com/gsf/datafiles/kalel.htm that and much more can be found at the gsf site! part of warriorguyver.com!
  13. So I figured out how to color in layers so had a field day with my existing artwork as well as some classic Guyver pieces. All of these went into the data files on the GSF site, so feel free to check them out there too! here they are! Note all the color is done by me, some of the art, not so much! Hope you enjoy? Art by me! Art by me! Art by me! Art by me! Hope you enjoyed!
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