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  1. Hi i know or think i know that somewhere the answer is possibly on the board and i am just asking the question another way. But on the bioships that are discovered by the guyvers and Cronos the Control Medal is very much like the guyvers correct? Then shouldn't it be possible for the CM to be able with time regenerate the entire ship like the guyvers control medal. Though i think it would take more time for the process to be completed as a bioship aka the relics are much larger than a guyver unit is. That and the processing power i know that the CM for the bioship is physically larger than the guyvers and is more powerful right? Though the next generation up to warrior guyver and black nova series CM's are more powerful. Is there a likely chance that a bioship could end up being given something like the warrior guyver's type of control medal. if so then that ship should also become more powerful as well as being able to process more data and compute even faster than the original CM of the bioships? Well the reason why was because of a story idea i had and had been reading up on trek voyager and wondered if the CM of a Bioship would be able to handle the computations for QSD or not. maybe needing more than one though i am not sure on what the advent really use if its opening a wormhole or folding space like in robotech.
  2. Sorry if it seems to jump about or have the same question rephrased differently. Well just taking a part from my thread on Strength Level, 100 Men to Weightage. After reading a piece from Sully where he brings up the scene of how the guyver zoanoid fighting the human guyver and while he was winning lost due to his damaged control medal being hit by a bullet. This was where they were talking about how a remake of the dark hero guyver movie with better budget, special effect and so on would show that the first guyver zoanoid would be more powerful showing the difference between a human boost and a zoanoid boosted. But what got me thinking was that in both: anime, manga and live action there was a damaged control medal. You would think that the material making of up the CM would be hardier so that an explosion wouldn’t damage it; yes the explosion wasn’t the main cause for the 2nd units damage directly but it hitting a rock. But still a bullet or enhanced human being guyver or zoanoid would likely do something similar. That and when in the anime new, ova and also the manga elegan electrical attack caused the unit to freeze up. Still what this thread is about is that the difference in human boosted and zoanoid boosted guyver units that have a damaged CM. As stated the GZ has much more power but I think in the manga when the human boosted guyver unit was either used for too long or use of its weapons like the mega smasher it froze or malfunctioned. Would not this fact mean that with a guyver zoanoid mean that as it has more power running through the CM it would limit the power or start malfunctioning quicker? Then maybe both and that the bullet or further damage to the CM would cause the self-destruct of the organic self? I was thinking that the destruction of the organic side was its way of shutting down improperly? Still it brings up the question on damaged control medals and if an increase of power would slow the functions it provides down so as to better deal with the damage and if exerting this limit would cause the unit to freeze/malfunction during use or even start destroying itself. or if the increase in power will be the downfall of a guyver boosted zoanoids? This brings in the question of if the CM has a set of programs that stat what to do if damaged like limiting the power being used? As i think it’s said somewhere that the CM is a mixture of crystal, metal like material and organics to link in with the booster organism. So would a more powerful host shorten the usability of the unit time and increase the chance that in battle or testing the unit it will destroy itself? Not taking in additional damage from kinetic impact. There is also a question on if the sonic buster weapon of the guyver would have done damage to the CM. As it is a crystal I think inside the CM a damaged CM I would think would suffer more as it would vibrate within the damaged shell it has. While a undamaged CM would not be effected either that much or at all, if effected then likely acting like a CM attacked by elegan?
  3. Well after rereading the spriggan novals i have i realised that i may hav made a mistake in that the omihalcon may not increase the power of the wearer, and that its just the artifical muscles doing that job. Though the omihalcon maybe a weave with the AM (Artifical Muscles) or like mesh layed or layered on top of the AM giving it the kevilar like protection. This is in the first book with the temple of fire where the main character explains the suit, though the rest like the weaving and mesh is more of my idea on how its linked with the suit. That and in the noah ark story line the scientist who either created the stuff or found ways to make it usable in the suits and weapons talks about how omihalcon hardens under pressure using the mohs scale of hardness of 27. So it makes me think that the omihalcon is sort of like a poor version of zx'toles kinetic armour? So it could maybe withstand some attacks better than the armour being used by the combat mecha and tanks but not with the vibrational sword or energy weapons. Though it make you wonder how heavy the stuff is when in sheet, ingot or plate forms? That and pending on how the AM is made it can either be made for speed or strength. So a suit of AM with mesh/weave of omihalcon along with the as pilot suit heat and shock absorbing ability plus shock gel under plates of omihalcon would in normal world make the wearer very hard to injure or kill. But with zoanoids the hyper zoanoid class nad higher would easily take such a person out.
  4. Yeah i think the word i was looking for was "lethal" though dangerous can mean the same thing, but it tends to be taken as more powerful more often. So instead of a power explosion that will blow parts off or things up it sprays a cloud of liquid around the target area thats either a deadly poison, a napalm like attack or acid. so say for the napalm it could be two missles one carrying the liquid that would stick to the target and the second with the chemical that would ignith the napalm, though i am sure some will say in gasters and panadyne could just spray it and hit the target but this idea is more on that fact the person could be at range, plus could get the missle so a air spread is likely better. That and it makes me suddenly think of a FAB a fual air bomb with it exploding in air type attack. With zx'toles kinetic armour it took three pressure cannon blasts to damage/wound zx'tole, so with the guyver's bio-armour it should then be able to withstand a gigantics pressure cannon? So then its possible that it could withstand a normal guyvers full mega smasher, then maybe just one cell from the gigantics? With the bio missles then maybe they could take out half a city or quarter though i think that would depend on how large a city we are talking about? I was watching the guyver tv series and the scene where atpom absorbs elegan he is talking about how he is doing it and he says that he basically does a matter to energy conversion allowing him to gain both the needed energy to regenerate himself but also gain the zoanoids abilities? I am not sure if thats right? As i originally thought that he consummed the biomass of the being and through that gained the dna/genetics need for say vamores lasers or zx'toles lasers and kinetic armour same with elegan. But then in the base after forcing zx'tole away goes and absorbs the leg that was left behind? Still in the english dialog made me think of rogues ability from the xmen though unlike her until later in the comics she was able to control it and i think then later lost it. So maybe if i went with the idea of some mutant/zoanoid fusion then maybe restricting some of this to him having mouths in the hands that could take chunks out of the person. This way it would also in some ways stop him from having to do the merge though that could still be done just may take longer and could be risky ? Well i was thinking after watching nearly the entire series and when looking at atpom new form and later the enzyne 3's i thought why didn't barcus (sorry forgot his name and spelling but you know who i mean) use the fact that you could combine the 5 hyper zoanoid of tem five (besides what he did to zx'tole) and with enzyne 3 series to make a more powerful new hyper zoanoid. That i admit would look a lot like aptoms current form as having the whips from elegan makes them a lot more dangerous plus if possible to combine the qualities of the vibrational swords with the whips would make them similar to the gigantics own whip like swords and thus making the hyper zoanoid more dangerous. That and aptoms current form looks a lot more cooler than what zx'toles does even after processing? The guyver element i not sure if just using a normal unit or maybe getting the supreme unit with maybe a few minor upgrades? May end up doing two stories with one with the fusion xgene/zoanoid and the other with just an xgene both with guyvers but with the latter one being the more advanced unit?
  5. I was thinking that either the main ZCM and the two dual secondaries would have the data needed to regenerate a totally lost CM though the main one the ZCM wouldlikely have heavy shielding on it and would remove itself from the unit by going into the hyper dimension to repair itself, leaving the scondaries to work on their own. So the ZCM would have the data to either repair or regenerate fully the two scondaries should they be damaged or destoryed completely? Though i think with a loss of a CM it would become less powerful and thus its state would become a less powerful form until the repair or regeneration is finished. Though the loss of the ZCM could take some time to regenerate as it would be the more sophisticated of the three CM's as it does contain a zoacrystal as part of the CM.
  6. I am not sure how dangerous panadyna was or his type though i think he is or supposed to be a hyper zoanoid and explosive chemical reactions was one of the things that he could create. So theoretically he could have created other chemicals like posion, posion gas reactions as well as acids that could also be on the level of zerebubths own, enzynes 2-3? or greater as long as he had the ability to create those chemicals needed in such as well as possibly knowing what the formula needed to create such? Taking this into account then i think then the bio-missles of gaster combined with this in aptom could create much more dangerous bio-missles when used? I think that the bio-boost could super charge the reactions to greater levels and thus make the missles more powerful. Possibly taking all 18 bio-missles explosive power on the level of say a gigantics hyper smasher or as this is a zoanoid with a guyver unit maybe twice the level of the gigantics hyper smashers? I think most of the weapons and such besides the armour and regeneration are subject to the CM though its likely there is a more primative forms like the sonic buster but is located inside the mouth and maybe not as focused as the guyvers? That and maybe the guyvers vibrational swirds being claws and possibly less powerful? Really anything with an orb plus the mega smashers is likely something created via the CM and its either the CM, the parasite itself or a mixture of both that created the mega smashers as from what is said when the Gen wore the units they didn't have the MS or VS plus the level of energy the human or zoanoids do plus using what they did have as weapons though besides the head laser? I think that limiting such once the bio-armour is on (guyver activated) the host would be limited to what he or she has already got so aptom could possibly do the missles but not the zx'toles lasers or vamores, elegans electric attacks at high levels unlike when in that form. Really i think basing it like how a Zoalord has access to some of his zoaforms powers when in human form is the sort of way to go. And then what form of zoanoid mix he is in like his first stage after taking in i think it was vamore, gregore and enzyne 2 form if he had a g-unit then would have locked him in that and the same wit heach form unless he deactivated the armour and changed and then activated it again? As in his last form or his current canon form he has the zx'toles kinetic armour so the bio-armour in his guyver zoanoid form would be even greater and likely near the level of the gigantics own armour and shields? So maybe it can withstand a guyvers full mega smasher attack and up to a full gigantics attack as well? (have to find the post dealing with zx'tole kinetic armour and guyvers) I don't think the zoaforms low to high class (hyper and zoalord) use their bio-energy for anything else besides stamina and for their weapons like the lasers and such do they. By that i mean boosting consciously their physical abilities right? So if aptom could or really anyone in canon it would provide greater levels as they would be able to focus it into different areas better?
  7. So it could be the bases for most of the Gen technology the Zoacrystal. Just that the guyver control medal is more advanced and sorphisticated in function which is needed for the control of the Bio-boosting organisum. And as the Gen have moved on i would think that while still potent but less refined the zoacrystal used in the zoalords wouldn't allow them access to the Gen technology or ships? As in relics point they couldn't get in and that it took the use of a guyver to access the ship and make it safe showing that the improvements in the zoacrystal via turning it into a CM. So a normal zocrystal or even a zoalords crystal i don't think has what it take to remove a active guyver unit, takes another CM made for that takes to reset/reformat the data in the CM to what it was before bonding and they leave the host. Though i wouldn't put it past Cronos to try and make one though it would be rather crude and less effective than the Gen types, so likely a 10% chance of unit removal. though with canon guyver artifical guyver 2 female i would think they have something in the works with all that data they have in creating or repairing (if it is guyver 2's CM) how to delete current user information. Though i think even if they have a version of the CM remover they have built its likely that it could work on the female but likely be very less effective against the original units.
  8. Yes well how do you do the calculation as i don't see how a WG vamore gets the strength of 1000 men, or the powered zerebubuth the 4000 men? The guyver zoanoid in his data file is stated to be a unit commander and i would have thought that he would be fairly strong like ramotith. Though he does look like a water type zoanoid. So what sort of sums do you use to help do this, as if i did a vamore with a standard unit or any of the others 5 men, 10, 15, 60, 90 men what would they be boosted as? so could a guyver vamore be 500 men, 200 men or 300 men? As i know that with a warrior guyver unit the vamore goes to 1000 men as the unit a WG is 400 men. So a gigantic has the strength of 500 men thus 200 tons. Though i think i maybe confused when you talk about raw power terms, as do you mean the weapons the gigantic unit has access to being 20x more powerful like the mega smasher or as they are called hyper smashers being greater than the WG own? Same with its other weapons being greater. Though i can see how such special abilities or the design type of the zoanoid and hyper zoanoids getting the most boosted out of bonding with a guyver unit. Like how a Derzerb could get the his heat generation ability greatly enhanced so his napalm attack would be greater, the inferno ram attack it can do would thus be even hotter and likely his armour skin would be even greater, and these three things would be noticed either first or secondary after either the speed increase or strength increase?
  9. So a main CM merged with a zoacrystal and two seperate CMs with say two CMs each and about a nova level units CM to provide power/processing as well as redunancy in case of a loss of one of them? Just in someways allows the unit to function till either the damaged one repairs or it becomes to dangerous and cause the unit to withdraw from battle?
  10. Bit iffy really on the aptom vs strength form really and by that i am looking at aptoms current form i think bases on all physical abilites like strength and speed while keeping himself open for his flight ability. As i am not sure if he surprised someone or a zoanoid while in human form with being more stronger than he should have been? If that did happen then wouldn't that sort of though out some of the mass or form limitation in that regard. As it could mean that he is making his mass, the muscle mass smaller and more tightly packed to make him look like a human and still have access to the greater strength of a hyper zoanoid, if thats the way it goes then if he looked like gregore he would still beable to use the derzerb strength Sort of like how the giver compacts the muscle mass, or how enzyne 3 has a slimer body but still has great strength even though it isn't as bulky. Nor could he do derzerb's napalm trick either. So if he was to absorb panadyna who is supposed to be a chemical master or such he could possibly enhance the missles that way. When i talk about a guyver gaster i don't mean aptom having already absorbed gaster i mean a normal gaster getting a guyver unit would it not boost the potency of the chemicals of his so that the missles would gain greater explosive power than before. So say something like one of the guyvers arms or a body part regenerating without the control medal which would be i bio-boosted monster/creature, what would be the chance that aptom would be able to absorb that and not be taken over by the parasite? then would he gain some of the abilities that are granted to those with a CM. Though i understand that most of these are likely given thanks to the CM, but he could gain some of its powers like say the bio-armour? Well i assume that if he was already transformed into his battle form his current one then he would have access to those abilities in that form when boosting. Though being a guyver then i think he would be limited to 1-3 different power/abilities he could access like the missles as he showed that he could use them while he was human though he created them in his fore arm which doesn't mean that he couldn't create them else were on his body.
  11. Rereading this i wonder about a few things. With aptom gains the new abilities and uses the best or more powerful ones, like gregore 15 and derzerb is 60 so anything that is an improvement is used. But does this also mean that if he was possing as gregore he would be limited to gregore's strength or would he have access to derzerb's strength? So with feeding or with the more advanced zoaforms having greater bio-energy levels and increasing his own levels, he could boost the power out-put of the energy weapons like vamores bio-lasers. Would that include the bio-missles of gaster as well? using the bio-energy or is the bio-missles dependent on the chemicals gaster creates and i think places/injects into the missles? That and does aptoms bio-missles go further than gasters because of the greater bio-energy levels he has. Though with gaster if he was to gain a standard guyver unit his bio-missles would increase in power as i am not sure how powerful a single bio-missle is though i know that one missle is powerful enough to destroy a guyvers v-sword though isn't that because it hit the area that the sword comes out from? That and as the guyver regeneration rate is much greater than most zoanoids so a guyver gaster regeneration rate would be even greater plus GG would i think gain the ability to replace his bio-missles much faster than normal (this isn't including enhanced gaster of WG with this improvement it now has). GG i think could have a greater range for its bio-missles likely thanks to the guyvers sensors having a greater range and as a Guyver Gaster would be greater. So it would be able to target beings further away plus i think if the original gaster doesn't or can only do it limitedly target more people like 3-4 at a time with the unit and its CM allow it to target more like double or triple that at a time. And as gaster missle all 18 of them would be needed to kill a guyver so its likely just 3-6 could be enough to kill a standard guyver and all 18 would be just overkill as it would likely destroy a large amount of the area when used.
  12. So i did a chart to show the levels of men to tons. So a strength of 200 men is equal to 80 tons which is how strong the gigantic is. While if i got the sum right for the guyver zoanoid has the strength of 1500 men which is 600 tons. The chart using your formula goes from 5 men up to 10,000 men and so the tons goes from 2 tons up to 4000 tons. Though how do you calculate the boost given from the guyver unit when someone has say 5 men or 20 men already? As gregore has the strength of 15 men and bonded to a standard unit would that mean he would have greater strength than a standard guyver same with vamore and ramotith would be still stronger than a standard unit. But i think i asked this else where but how strong is the zoanoid that became the guyver zoanoid? Also with the vamore bonded with a WG or zerebubuth powered form is bonded give WGV 1000 men and the GPZ 4000 men. Though it confuses me how the strength to boosted states are done?
  13. So would that mean that the zoacrystal is the zoanoid eqivalent of the guyvers control medal? Hense why it could be absorbed by the unit when activated or linked to as i think that a zoalord would be able to use his zoacrystal without the need of transforming into the guyver form to access it?
  14. So if the control medal was advanced as either the Dark nova or normal nova units and was a dual or tri medal arrangement with 1,2 or three zoa crystals would boost the units power and processing rates to greater levels. As you have said the CM of the nova units are twice as powerful as a standard CM so if the unit had two or three CMs it would be equal to 4-6 CMs. Would that bring it near the level of the WG unit own 4 parallel CM's? I am trying to run with the idea of the CM with one having a Zoacrystal to enhance its power and provide a backup CM or two backup CM's that together would allow more power without the GZL problem cropping up and causing problems. Though would only one segment of the CM it it was 2-4 CM's cause problems as at this moment in time i am thinking of processing power like a CPU in a computer if having one processor more powerful than the other will cause the system problems? Though one zoacrystal enhanced CM with two nova type CM could come close to being that CM's processing power. Though if the Nova type CM had the same technology that is in the WG CM or whats used in the Kavzar types then it could be more powerful. As if the angel process was used then its basically taking the host to the pinicale of its species evolution and thats likely through genetic manipulation unless the host is already able to provide the needed power and is able to withstand the stress created from the unit sort of like a zoanoid may likely not need the alterations, pending if its a standard class or a hyper class.
  15. Though in jasons case he has the choice on weither or not to be transformed beyond what he is. Which begs that age old question what does it mean to be human, or what defines a human being? So does this mean that the more advanced the CM is when merged with a Zoacrystal the greater the chance that a Guyver Zoalord will be created. As from a quick read of the kavzar class they must use a altered but standard class or CM to stop that from happening. Though i am not sure if it would be possible to have a program that controls how much power is given to the host or something to stop that from becoming a reality? So would just one crystal be enough and not having all the CM's merged with a Zoacrystal to give it the needed boost to the level of the dark nova and dreadnought classess? But having multipule CM's would run less of a risk that the host would be come like the GZ? I was thinking that the CM how it appears in the WG unit is much larger than the one that a standard guyver has. So having more than 4 the CM besides the shape becoming much more different would also become larger to handle that many? Though it could just become something like a grouping of hexagonal CM's thus maybe keeping the shape of the first CM of the standard guyvers? Well i didn't mean that the CM would become linked to the smasher cells but be located in that general area. Then again one would be in the centre of the chest area but behind the cells and the third would be in the abdomen of the unit, maybe behind the gravity orb but not to close like the second CM to better protect it? So if the nova units had another CM like the first or more up to 4 there is a chance that the unit would approach some where near the same level of the WG baring the technology used in the WG prototype or finished WG. Though i did notice that the is little if no information given about the CM's of the Nova units nor if the Dark nova now that its been upgraded with WG-2 technology states if the unit now has the 4 CM's that the WG has? Yes that was basically what i was thinking. Though while we are limited in potential that is shown through the guyver boosting humans. Humans via the zoaforms show that they have great potential for genetic manipulation. As humans are the base stock for the zoaforms so if they didn't have that potential for diverse genetic alterations and mutations, humanity would have been considered a failure. Yes i suppose it is though from the looks of it with angel the process is either not perfected as the host lost some or nearly all of her memories. Or that was the design of the unit to take a host and then erase nearly all the momries that create the personality so as to make a host that can be controlled easier without any attachments to its life on that world/planet? But do you think that this would be a good feature in such a unit if used to gain the full potential that the unit has?
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