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  1. Hello everyone - been awhile since I've had myself plugged into the guyver world but I'm reattached myself and getting caught up on things. Lately been caught up starting my own business and getting set up in my new home, so finally have some me time to get back and finish of leftover projects especially this back story. So, expect another update soon with either a sample or the remainder of the story depending on how far I get and how fast. Laterz
  2. Well, i'd say there'd be a lot of conflict between them. Look at how it occured between Jason and WG5. But in the end they'd probably work together at some point to achieve the same goals, although i would think one of the Dreadnoughts would probably go off on his own, much like the current Dreadnought and only show up when needed. If Fiona was part of that triangle she might be torn as to which Jason to be with (that could lead to a lot of confusion if one pretended to be the other that saved her). The eliminator would probably get destroyed having to face both opponents. We might even see one of the Dreadnoughts fore sake his humanity in order to defeat the other, that would be interesting indeed
  3. If stephen were to get the unit he could possibly defeat the GZ as well, Faye may or may not be the only guyver he tries to bring back to the future with him as he would see the advantage for the ACTF having more guyvers on their side. Unless events from that time played out the same. He is more militaristic and follows orders, we'd see a WG that was pure soldier and under Carter's control and not the loose cannon that Jason became. With zagam in the same universe would more than likely cause chaos. His has the distinct ability to hide his presence from everyone and could possibly subvert any control chronos or the ACTF achieved in order to bring the Order of Anubis here. He and dreadnought would definitely be the cause of much conflict and they could easily destroy most if not all the earth if they were to fight all out. I would even suspect zagam could side with one of the sides to take out the weaker opposition he would want easy pickings for his master....plus more guyvers consumed = more powerful lycanlords. Also Zagam might be motivated to replace dreadnought and send him to another dimension, he has control over that power whereas dreadnought does not..yet Dreadnought without Fiona would mean he would have nothing stopping him from trying to take out Chronos once and for all. Fiona is holding him back as he is concerned with spending time with her and protecting her. He only joins the fray when his power is truly the deciding factor in a major battle: ie for territory control or unit acquisition.
  4. Been awhile since I did anything guyver related, bout time i got back into the swing of things: If all 3 were WGs, I don't think Chronos would achieve their goals as quickly as they did with them being normal guyvers, also i think because of their powers the zoalords would be more at the forefront in order to deal with this new threat as most all of the zoanoids would be ineffective. WG2 would probably see more action in stopping their attacks especially if he was undamaged. He'd be the one thing that could slow down either WG3 or 1, unless they were to team up then we'd see the zoalords back him up. We'd probably see Alkanphel awaken earlier in response to this and his plans accelerated. In fact they might be forced to leave Japan alone for now and possibly trick the guyvers into believing they were defeated and consolidate power and more advanced zoaforms later to deal with them. With only WG3 he'd probably step up his plans a lot quicker because of his power and probably deal heavier blows to Chronos. He'd probably still manipulate sho into siding with him or kill him outright to keep him out of his way. He'd probably do the same with guyver 2. Guyver 1 would probably have the power now to stop any threats coming his way. He might take the same road and attack chronos more viciously because of his unstoppable power. Doubt the timeline would have changed because Jason would be the one destined to travel back in time to stop the zoalord. It didn't matter who is a WG just who is the ONE that mattered.
  5. Alright ladies, apologies for the long delay. Had a lot goin on with moving across country to a new place...closer to work, getting back in the gym to work off some unhealthy gains in daddy/married weight and dealing with the fact that i'm outnumbered by 2 females in my household. However i've not forgotten things, i will get that story done and proofread asap and posted. Just gona catch up on posts and guyver fandom things then i will hop right to it. Hope everyone had a great start to 2012 PS: If any of you watched the super bowl this sunday and saw The Avengers trailer i absolutely flipped out when they showed more of Hulk action...that titan of muscle actually punched a fast moving alien jet out of the air!! I had to watch that trailer at least 10 times...may can't come soon enough.
  6. Thanks man, i should be finishing up the story this week...got some time off from work and grandma is here to spoil the kid so i get a little free time.
  7. Ok, here's a preview of the 1st rough draft of my story for Vincent and his gradual involvement in Chronos. To get him well imbedded in the main story i kind of took things back to the beginning before the rise of the ATCF, all the way back to the Utah relic with Sean Barker and Cori. I should have the full story out asap, keep in mind this is a rough draft so things are subject to change slightly, drastically or even more detail added to flush things out that i haven't noticed as yet or things that are pointed out. Let me know what you guys think of it so far! 7 Days. 7 Days of Hell; Chronos was left in shambles in the aftermath of that week long open warfare between earthly and alien factions in Australia and on top of that the ATCF had officially and openly reared its head and established a substantial foothold in North America, declaring themselves the beacon of humankind. Many of the states were lost to their advances during those confusing times and one of the few strongholds left was Chronos LA. Once, its ruling Zoalord was destroyed by Guyver US, now Warrior Guyver US; and its processing plant also likewise out of commission. But Chronos needed a presence on the west coast and made efforts to retake the facility and successfully turned it into a well guarded and well resourced base of operations. Placed in charge of this new base was a man who was very familiar with California, and it can be said his rise through the ranks of the Chronos hierarchy was something that was incredibly rare and unheard of in the history of the organization. The office in which the ruling lord of LA currently resided was quite simple yet intricately designed, all too reflect its current master’s preference and to display the resilience and greatness of Chronos. Black marble adorned the floors and granite columns and walls filled with images of bronze and limestone depicting the various stages of Chronos’ evolution, victories and its influence on humanity’s history. At the end of the large office was a massive curved desk filled with display screens, behind the desk was a huge leather chair that seated the reigning Zoalord of the Chronos LA Branch; Vincent L. Russo. Much had changed for him from his lowly days as a mere college boy into the man possessing fearsome power today. He stood well over 6 feet now and the bulge of his muscles could even be seen through his business attire. His poise in the seat of power and prestige was one of calm but self assured confidence as he slowly scanned each of the display screens in front of him, processing all of their information with little to no effort. The lighting in the room had been dimmed so the soft blue glow from the screens cast dancing shadows off his chiseled features. From each display currently showed the status of various projects, security protocols and the extensive rebuilding from the 7 Days War. It had been pure hell as one of his colleagues had commented at one time, nearly all the leading Zoalords of Chronos had been either incapacitated from either being defeated or some other strange occurrence; or they had been held up elsewhere. Chronos’ resources had been sorely stretched fighting a battle on two fronts, one to maintain their current position in the USA and also in Australia for the crashed clan ship, which of course ended with big gains for both sides of the conflict. Both Chronos and the ATCF gained units even the alien guyver like beings got theirs and then the nuke went off. Sighing to himself, Vincent waved a hand and instantly the displays vanished, leaving him staring at the empty space where they had been. Off to one side was the soft ticking of an old antique clock, a relic from his former life as a normal human being. Staring at it now, his mind began to slowly backtrack taking him from the present back to those days where he was in college and about to embark on a dark and twisted road that would eventually lead him to his destiny. The constant and insistent ticking of the library clock grated into Vincent’s nerves as he painstakingly counted down the time that he would be released from librarian duty. While normally he would not mind being in the library on a Friday afternoon for 4 hours, but today was different. Chronos was sending one of their most prominent archeologist and recruiter for a presentation on an upcoming dig sight to be conducted in Utah. As multi cultural as he was, Vincent had never left the confines of LA, and why would you when you have everything you need in a city with Walmart and shopping malls within walking distance and the ocean less than a block away from his house. However, the main attraction for this presentation was that Chronos was actively looking for volunteer students to go to this dig. It wasn’t like they desperately needed outside help, but for PR purposes it helped their image to showed that they at least “pretended” to acknowledge that regular people existed. 3:00 p.m. finally! Vincent didn’t even bother to sign off his shift as he grabbed his backpack and made a beeline for the auditorium. He was out of breath by the time he made it there and was only mildly surprised that there wasn’t a line wrapped around the building, but then who would want to go on such an excursion when there was hardly any benefits accept for maybe finding a few dry dusty bones and cracked teeth of some doctor named Whatyoucallitasaurus. As he expected there were only around 30 or so students that attended the presentation. The presenter was none other than Dr. Marcus Edwards and he research and discovery team. Vincent quickly walked down the auditorium aisle and picked his seat 3 rows back from the front yet still in the center. Up on stage Dr. Edwards was standing behind a podium with a laser pointer in his hand showing an image on the projector screen of some cave paintings. They were all various sizes and colors but what was common with them all was a single circular silver “eye” in the center of all their foreheads and then beside them was a oval shaped object with what looked like spikes coming out of the base. “These paintings we located in this cave are what drew our attention to this Utah sight in the first place. Most people would think we are trying to conduct research about some lost dinosaur or something of that nature. But folks, let me tell you. We carbon dated the soil in the area and it gave us the estimate of somewhere in the vicinity of several hundred thousand years old.” Dr. Edwards kept on rambling on about how they found the site, what caused them to go in the first place and how Chronos got involved. “…we believe that aliens, sometime in our distant past of development, visited us here on earth and they must have left quite an impression on the earliest humans. In fact we at Chronos believe that they could have even left some pieces of their civilization!” Now that caught Vincent’s attention, any group of beings advanced enough to travel to earth, stay awhile and then leave again must have left something of value that people here today could use to benefit the world or themselves. As Dr. Edwards continued his speech Vincent got his first good look at the other representatives from Chronos. Many looked like body guards wearing all black fatigues and caps and shades to match. A few women were in the group as well, probably to add balance and not freak out those who may be interested. However someone did catch his attention. All the beefed up security as spread out as they were, most hovered around a single man. He didn’t look like much, he was an average looking person probably around 5’9 and a buck 90. A little more than average build with a head full of hair even though it was starting to thin at the top and near his temples. He looked to be a man in his early thirties with a warm enough smile that easily slid over his face yet at the same time it had the look of a predator. This man Vincent would learn later; was Arlen Crane. He was the top dog here even though he was maintaining a distance from the spotlight, just enough to laugh at Dr. Edward’s terrible attempts at jokes and adding a few comments here and there to keep the public interested. Vincent knew he would have to keep an eye on this man as he had in mind to join the expedition into Utah and see these discoveries for himself. Perhaps he could even find something that would get him in with Chronos! A line had formed to the front desk as Dr. Edwards had concluded his presentation and a young woman was at a desk in front of the stage with a clipboard taking names and numbers of interested volunteers. Standing in line Vincent got a good look at the kind of people going on the dig. Many were the tree hugger type wanting to save the environment, others at least looked like they knew something about archeology from the way they talked and also from the corny slogans on their T-shirts; ‘Can you Dig it?’ or ‘Throw me a bone, don’t worry I’m an Archeologist’. He could only shake his head in wonderment as to the kind of people he would have to interact with and probably live with over the length of time they would be spending the dig site. Looking up to the ceiling Vincent thought to himself, “Please God as long as they aren’t hippies that want to locate to some remote area to be in the nude!” Finally it was his turn; the young woman had a name tag that said ‘Cori E’ on it, had a bright smile as he walked up. “Why hello there, we’re so glad to get all the help we can. Please just print and sign your name here and here, also give us your mailing address so we can send any travel arrangements if you are selected.” “Do you know how long that will be?” Vincent asked conversationally. “You should know either within a few days or by the end of the week at the latest. Selected individuals will be issued plane tickets courtesy of Chronos, to Utah and there a company bus will take you to the dig sight.” “Well I certainly hope to be seeing more of you then, things can be quite boring if everyone is only talking about digging and rocks,” Vincent said more silkily. Cori Edwards smiled at his small joke, “This is promising to be quite a find if preliminary research of the area can be believed. What got you interested?” “Needed to get out of LA a bit, never had a reason to leave the place and when this opportunity came up I was like, what the hell, why not? I’ll get some nature of the forests in me, overdose of desert sun and then cool off in a dirt filled cave.” Cori’s laugh made Vincent give her a genuine smile, ordinarily he wouldn’t be interested in a girl her type but she had a very likeable personality and he’d only just met her. A sudden bold thought made him say something before his head got the better of him. “Well I’m all signed up, hopefully someone on the inside will boot me to the front of the line,” he laughed and winked conspiratorially at her. “Say, if the selection won’t be finalized until the end of the week potentially, you should come out with a few of us and see the city at night, especially since you will be holed up for an unknown length of time.” She laughed again, “Dude, I don’t even know you and outside of the last 10 minutes we didn’t know each other existed, what makes you think I will risk my safety hanging out with you and ‘friends?’ Vincent gave a seemingly unconcerned shrug, “Merely an invitation, of course if you’re too busy helping your daddy…” “No one said anything about being busy…fine, where are you meeting up to do this stupid thing?” “Meet me in front of the university gates and we’ll go from there,” replied Vincent. “Oh, so it went from out with friends to just meet you?” “Hey pal move it along, there are other people in line.” A voice from behind Vincent said, although one he totally ignored. This was one of his few chances of actually getting a somewhat decent girl, and a smart one out with him somewhere. Instead of beating around the bush Vincent decided to go against all odds and get right to the point. What did he have to lose? “Well, it’s quite obvious I’d want you out with me, it’s clear that most of the ‘men’ around here aren’t quite up to the task of getting past the fact that you’re Dr. Edward’s daughter, enough so that they can get you in a more casual setting.” “Excuse me sir, some of us are still waiting to sign up!” that same insistent voice from behind him again was really starting to annoy him. He chose to continue on ignoring the man. “Since you only know my name from me signing that form, my name is Vincent, Vincent Leon…” A hand fell on his shoulder; “Ok, pal I’ve had enough!” Vincent whirled around to face the owner of the offending hand. He himself was quite surprised at his natural reactions; he could feel the adrenaline rush into his system, his body tensing, nostrils flaring and lips starting to curl in a sneer of anger. All this subtle show of aggression and he had never been in a fight his entire life. “I don’t give a damn, if you’re in line you wait, if you tired of waiting you can ****ing leave!” Then, before things escalated a mild but authorative voice interrupted the scene. “Gentlemen, gentlemen please. This is neither the time nor the place to have such quarrels. Save it for the bars and drunkards. Young man if you would kindly step this way one of my other assistants will help you with signing up and that goes for everyone else still waiting in line.” “Miss Edwards I hope things are OK here, would you care to introduce me to your friend?” Cori had been taken aback by my reactions and the whole scene played out before her but she swiftly got a hold of herself. “Well, I can’t say that we’re friends exactly, just a recent acquaintance; Mr. Crane I’d like to introduce to you Vincent Leon Russo. He’s a student here and has signed up with high hopes of joining us on our excursion into Utah.” Arlen Crane held out a hand which Vincent immediately shook. The man’s grip was as hard and unyielding as steel and he could feel the pressure of those fingers slowly crushing his own in their vice grip. “A pleasure to meet you Mr. Russo let me be the first to tell you that your little demonstration here has convinced me to ensure that you get your spot for those lucky enough to be chosen for this project. Someone of your energy and caliber will definitely be needed where we’re going. I’m sure we will be working quite close with each other in the near future.”
  8. Just a little update on my end...my character story will be slightly delayed as my wife just gave birth to my gorgeous baby girl and she has a zoalord's affect on zoanoids over me. So between taking care of her and the wife and running on pure adrenaline and 5 hrs of cumulative sleep in 3 days, just giving you guys a heads up that it could take me a smidgen longer to get the full story out, although I should have the preview hopefully by next week and depending on how things go the full shebang shortly after.
  9. They are already translated into english. Basically there for ppl to read but they prefer/want you to buy the books and merchandise etc to keep Guyver alive.
  10. I can do that...I'll have a rough draft ready pretty soon if i can; Should i post it here or what would you prefer? Additionally, by time war 5 has he achieved proto zoalord status or overlord as i had jotted down originally or still human? Just finished reading the rewrite by the way, really liked how it's more detailed and all the pieces starting to fit together. What i'm getting really excited to see is how you put together Primitive Guyver's story from that point on in his quest for vengance, or is most of it gona be a mystery with only bits and pieces told? Plus it will be interesting to see if Guyver 0 will regain his memories or how Primitive Guyver will manipulate him. Also i'm still a bit curious to see if that is really the last we will see of Reeve...it states that he's dying, and that he lost consciousness but never finally dead - or am i reading too much into that.
  11. Id say there is a good chance Captain America would push the guyver to the limit and it could be that maybe the guyver can't handle him...
  12. I think it's about time he was elevated to that level anyway. Does this mean you will place him as a master zoalord? or just an upgrade like zarfel?
  13. Maybe Primitive guyver gave Carter that info, or maybe Alkanphel himself set it up that that particular information got through to ATCF command.
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