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  1. Hello everyone - been awhile since I've had myself plugged into the guyver world but I'm reattached myself and getting caught up on things. Lately been caught up starting my own business and getting set up in my new home, so finally have some me time to get back and finish of leftover projects especially this back story. So, expect another update soon with either a sample or the remainder of the story depending on how far I get and how fast. Laterz
  2. Well, i'd say there'd be a lot of conflict between them. Look at how it occured between Jason and WG5. But in the end they'd probably work together at some point to achieve the same goals, although i would think one of the Dreadnoughts would probably go off on his own, much like the current Dreadnought and only show up when needed. If Fiona was part of that triangle she might be torn as to which Jason to be with (that could lead to a lot of confusion if one pretended to be the other that saved her). The eliminator would probably get destroyed having to face both opponents. We might even see o
  3. If stephen were to get the unit he could possibly defeat the GZ as well, Faye may or may not be the only guyver he tries to bring back to the future with him as he would see the advantage for the ACTF having more guyvers on their side. Unless events from that time played out the same. He is more militaristic and follows orders, we'd see a WG that was pure soldier and under Carter's control and not the loose cannon that Jason became. With zagam in the same universe would more than likely cause chaos. His has the distinct ability to hide his presence from everyone and could possibly subvert an
  4. Been awhile since I did anything guyver related, bout time i got back into the swing of things: If all 3 were WGs, I don't think Chronos would achieve their goals as quickly as they did with them being normal guyvers, also i think because of their powers the zoalords would be more at the forefront in order to deal with this new threat as most all of the zoanoids would be ineffective. WG2 would probably see more action in stopping their attacks especially if he was undamaged. He'd be the one thing that could slow down either WG3 or 1, unless they were to team up then we'd see the zoalords back
  5. Alright ladies, apologies for the long delay. Had a lot goin on with moving across country to a new place...closer to work, getting back in the gym to work off some unhealthy gains in daddy/married weight and dealing with the fact that i'm outnumbered by 2 females in my household. However i've not forgotten things, i will get that story done and proofread asap and posted. Just gona catch up on posts and guyver fandom things then i will hop right to it. Hope everyone had a great start to 2012 PS: If any of you watched the super bowl this sunday and saw The Avengers trailer i absolutely flipp
  6. Thanks man, i should be finishing up the story this week...got some time off from work and grandma is here to spoil the kid so i get a little free time.
  7. Ok, here's a preview of the 1st rough draft of my story for Vincent and his gradual involvement in Chronos. To get him well imbedded in the main story i kind of took things back to the beginning before the rise of the ATCF, all the way back to the Utah relic with Sean Barker and Cori. I should have the full story out asap, keep in mind this is a rough draft so things are subject to change slightly, drastically or even more detail added to flush things out that i haven't noticed as yet or things that are pointed out. Let me know what you guys think of it so far! 7 Days. 7 Days of Hell; Chro
  8. Just a little update on my end...my character story will be slightly delayed as my wife just gave birth to my gorgeous baby girl and she has a zoalord's affect on zoanoids over me. So between taking care of her and the wife and running on pure adrenaline and 5 hrs of cumulative sleep in 3 days, just giving you guys a heads up that it could take me a smidgen longer to get the full story out, although I should have the preview hopefully by next week and depending on how things go the full shebang shortly after.
  9. They are already translated into english. Basically there for ppl to read but they prefer/want you to buy the books and merchandise etc to keep Guyver alive.
  10. I can do that...I'll have a rough draft ready pretty soon if i can; Should i post it here or what would you prefer? Additionally, by time war 5 has he achieved proto zoalord status or overlord as i had jotted down originally or still human? Just finished reading the rewrite by the way, really liked how it's more detailed and all the pieces starting to fit together. What i'm getting really excited to see is how you put together Primitive Guyver's story from that point on in his quest for vengance, or is most of it gona be a mystery with only bits and pieces told? Plus it will be interesting
  11. Id say there is a good chance Captain America would push the guyver to the limit and it could be that maybe the guyver can't handle him...
  12. I think it's about time he was elevated to that level anyway. Does this mean you will place him as a master zoalord? or just an upgrade like zarfel?
  13. Maybe Primitive guyver gave Carter that info, or maybe Alkanphel himself set it up that that particular information got through to ATCF command.
  14. That's you being lazy?? what wonders can happen when you really motivated - and amped up on redbull and rum...or beer....or soda, whatever gets you going.
  15. The artists got lazy and complained of hand cramps probably...Or female guyver 2 appeared and de-armored, they ended up skipping a few scenes in the release.
  16. 1) Well the ACTF is already dabbling in zoanoid technology, who's to say they won't become similar to Chronos as well? - It's possible the Gen would ally formally with Earth in the fight against a much stronger Grakken nation. 2) I would say there would be an uneasy 'peace' between the 2 factions. Formally there is no war but secretly they would still be attacking one another trying to gain ultimate control. Chronos would still continue their plans to dominate earth, and they'll probably see it as an inheritance or their 'birthright' to continue in the footsteps of the Gen. 3) Dreadnought
  17. Oh yea I definitely will enjoy seeing the man kicking some guyver butt as a zoalord. Not enough emphasis placed on zoalord power anyway, so i'm happy he at least gets that debut. But, if the man has to die at least let him go out with a bang so that no one forgets his name. Wouldn't want him to get sniped behind the head from a random head beam or anything.
  18. Subject Profile Name: Vincent Leon Russo Nationality: USA Gender: Male Species: Human Height: 5'10" Weight: 195lbs Eyes: Brown Hair: Black Ethnicity: Mixed - Caribbean/European Education: California Institute of Technology - Masters degree in Biotechnology Affiliation: Chronos - Biotech division - Born Vincent Leon Russo, the only son of Jerome Russo and Carolyn O'Brien in Sacramento, California was a bright student in high school and his dedication to his studies led to his acceptance at Caltech which he decided to major in Biotechnology due to his fascination with incorporating
  19. That's a great idea man, like zeo said with some advanced notice alot more people can be in on the session, hopefully me as well!
  20. Probably one of the designs that Agito stole from chronos before all hell broke lose. It would be beneficial to his cause if Aptom's ability and zoanoid 'type' was able to be recovered and replicated.
  21. *sigh* if only i was a bored millionaire or billionaire with a huge interest in guyver...the things we could accomplish.
  22. Well protecting ones assets is a high priority for the ACTF especially with new and more dangerous unknowns/enemies popping up out of nowhere....the aceaer unit she had before just wasn't cutting it anymore. She too valuable.
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