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  1. Customizations would be cool. Just for some extra content within the game. Guyver units can all look so different.
  2. So here is the commission I had done. This is how Guyver I looks in my story. Sorry for being so late. It's hard to maintain a Guyver mood these days given the series is dead. https://www.deviantart.com/emilystepp/art/Guyver-Extreme-Concept-Commission-802115883
  3. Welp, I think that just about does it. Guyver is gone and won't be coming back any time soon. R.I.P
  4. One aspect I would love to see in a Guyver video game is customization. Because why the hell not? Choosing colors, how the sonic globes or vents are placed, shape of the eyes, elbow blades, etc.
  5. Well, I'm still working on this little project of mine, albeit slowly, and only when a Guyver mood strikes me. Anyway, I've been working on a commission with an artist over at DeviantArt to bring my new Guyver design to life. Taking elements from some of the designs, merging them. I decided on Guyver 1 colors Guyver 0 vent and sonic orb placement Guyver 1 eyes Guyver III arm elbow blades It's not done yet, but the rough draft came out fine.
  6. I see, wouldn't citations prevent that however? For example the Dark Gigantic Exceed, we know it exists because of the manga, someone posted a picture of it. Could that be a citation, just s page number of the volume? No one could deny it.
  7. So an open world action adventure? That could be difficult, I mean the Guyver is a hero, but not a traditional one of fighting crime, the US version was, but not the Japanese. How would you craft it like Spider-Man?
  8. I mean, could someone go and update the Guyver wiki? I'm not requesting that, I'm just thinking out loud.
  9. That works for me as well. Fighting hordes of zoanoids, hyper zoanoid and Zoalord boss battles, could be great. *sigh* I pray the multiverse theory is true so I can at least take comfort in knowing there's a universe where the Guyver series is just as famous as DBZ.
  10. One made by Platinum Studios, with emphasis on crazy action. A level based type of set up is best I think, rather than anything open world.
  11. For example the Guyver wiki lacks the info of Guyver III having attained Gigantic Exceed, so it doesn't appear to be up to date.
  12. So guys, this discussion has inspired me to design my own Doomsday within the Guyver universe. The idea of these two fighting just does something for me. I'm aiming to commission an artist for the design sometime soon.
  13. When they say in talks to kadokawa, does that mean to like extend the publishing license for Guyver?
  14. Hey guys I saw this on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Max-Factory-FIGMA-333-Guyver-Bio-Booster-Armor-GUYVER-3-III-NEW/382880766328?hash=item592578d978%3Ag%3ABnAAAOSwl4lbwASI&LH_BIN=1 What are the odds these are bootlegs? Being 62 bucks is goddamn unheard of for Guyver III.
  15. Still, I suppose it's still good to see more merchandise being made. Every little bit counts for us misfit Guyver fans.
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