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  1. I think it keeps the users DNA on file when it bonds with the host. It would at least keep in in the state it found it in and not allow any cell deterioration. There's nothing in the manga to say either way though, it's just whatever we can deduce by our own logic
  2. The 1989 series was the first anime I watched and got me in to it all. I probably like both as much as each other, it's all guyver after all.
  3. With the source material ending next month, they wont deviate too far. it will end faithfully to the manga and the creators wishes it seems. Its been a good adaptation so far and I feel happy I've got to see an end to something I like so much, which isn't often the case.
  4. Good work on the forum site. It looks great
  5. I look forward to log horizon. I really enjoyed that. Equally, another light novel in the overlord series should be out this year. That's a great read, even if the anime falls short.
  6. I heard about revisiting some of the detail they will miss in the final season of the anime once the series has ended, perhaps some movies or something. There is so much they will have to skip over to get to the end in time.
  7. Theres not much to go on. I think Guyot hasn't fought seriously yet, more skirmishes, Unless that's all he's capable of. Aptom has got a lot stronger, but is he psuedo-zoalord level? Perhaps he's at a regular guyver power at most. Guyot is a bit of a wild card and he's managed to out fox everyone so far. It's a tough call, I'd put my money on Guyot if I had to.
  8. Definitely. It's ramping up until the end. I think it ends in time with season 4's ending. I'm happy that at least one manga I like actually finishes, good or bad ending alike both bring closure!
  9. I would love to see any you make, I loved the old data files. I don't have any skills or time to put in to the project, but it would be great to see
  10. I curse Japanese politeness. If we were reading a western comic we could directly ask and get a definitive answer! I'll always pop in and out as long as theres some small hope
  11. I'm quite sure this us the longest one to date.
  12. There is no word on the street! It seems it's rather impolite to ask directly in Japanese culture, so not much is getting out to the streets. The preview in last months issue didn't make note of any guyver. It does look rather out of place in the line up. I'm wondering if he doesn't want it publish alongside that line up and is hoping to move elsewhere.
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