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  1. There is no word on the street! It seems it's rather impolite to ask directly in Japanese culture, so not much is getting out to the streets. The preview in last months issue didn't make note of any guyver. It does look rather out of place in the line up. I'm wondering if he doesn't want it publish alongside that line up and is hoping to move elsewhere.
  2. Gazham

    Guyver - Manga Dub

    Great work. Have you shared it on the guyver world Facebook page?
  3. There's the fan fiction section on the forum menu.
  4. No real opinion on the character, yet, as i haven't read any of the content. We will get a better understanding of her and how she fits in as you release any fanfic, with context, we will see how you manage to meld the 2 universes.
  5. Looks good to me. Looking forward to it!
  6. For the cynical amongst us, like me, I'll believe it when I see it! If it's not an official statement, I won't get my hopes up. Despite good intentions, situations can easily change and projects get put on hold. Let's hope we see a release this year.
  7. I thought all we know is speculation? Or has an official source stated something?
  8. I took it as the form of the zoanoid can't be reproduced, not that a lost number is sterile. Anyone else chime in on this one?
  9. I think Shizu and Agito would be more likely with the tone of the manga thus far. But it's your fanfiction, I wouldn't get too caught up on what others think, it's more about fulfilling your desire to write/create
  10. I'm not so sure that Aptom would have a love interest, he seems so preoccupied with other things. She would have to be bad ass and as tough and as him to earn his respect, im not sure a polite girl would interest him. Some what of a kindred spirit would maybe catch his eye.
  11. They would have to be pretty much immortal to survive a high frequency blade or pressure cannon, let alone a megasmasher, but im no expert on Twilight lore. In my opinion, a Werewolf would be on par with a Ramotith type Zoanoid at best. Murakami suggests the stories of legend like such were in fact random occurrences of the original Zoanoid blood line popping up in the genepool. And original Zoanoid forms were improved on by Chronos. Putting Vampires on par with Werewolves would logically conclude the guyver easily defeating them. Perhaps an overpowered Werewolf/Vampire from a different story would be a better match. But it's all open to opinion!
  12. At least we will see an end to this one. My 2 favourite, guyver and berserk, will most likely leave my curiosity unfulfilled!
  13. Spoilers ahead! This months chapter didn't dissapoint! Eren has started acquired control of the founding titan and seemingly started the rumbling to attack the outside world. is he truly on paradise islands side? I can't wait to see how this all unfolds. Thoughts anyone?
  14. I hadn't seen or heard any advertising for this until last week. I would like to see it, but im well behind on movies. Perhaps when it comes out on sky cinema!
  15. It's still unclear what side he's on, if any, i think he's doing his best for all sides and ending the titan power, but i think its all been predetermined and he's merely following what he's seen through the paths that all the titanshifters see/coordinate. I think there will be continuous large dumps of information in every remaining chapter from now on as it all unravels. The end rapidly approaches!
  16. Has anyone been keeping up to date with the manga? It's approaching the end and the plot details and mystery are all being dealt with. I must say I'm enjoying it, it's turned out to be more than just a gorefest, which im glad of
  17. I just use small amounts if super glue. Thats what the guy in the model kit shop told me to use.
  18. Bunny suits im sure.... we can only dream of a chapter
  19. From what I've heard, he's very precious with it, even though he's not writing at the moment. It's a nice idea, but I can't see it having any affect, shy of getting the whole fanbase involved, which would be no small task.
  20. There are the usual rumours that there are licenseing issues with kadokawa/he's busy at his family dental practice/he hasn't found a new helper yet. Either way, there's nothing on the horizon. We can but hope!
  21. I beileve you read up to around chapter 29. There are chapters 30, 31 and 32 and a couple of volumes after before it went on hiatus. You can buy the individual chapters to gain access to the trandlations that Japan legend forum provide, or the full set to gain access to the back chapters and the 2 latest monthly translations. You can buy them via ebay, or japanese proxy websites like buyee or zenmarket. As luck would have it, i purchased a full set to break up and sell on ebay, but never got round doing do. Im also in tye UK, so it may well save you a few quid if you want to buy thw full set.
  22. I would try ebay, priced sensibly they will always sell. You could try the the Guyver world facebook group, but i never have much luck trying to sell there
  23. I just use a new blade on my craft knife for each figure. It cuts like butter that way. Just take your time, once you have done the first one you will get a feel for it. If I can do it with my clumsy builders hands, anyone can!
  24. What's their source? It's probably true, but I wouldn't want to spread a rumour without checking my facts first.
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