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  1. Hi everyone. One of the things that I was struggling with recently was pinning down a name for my fan fic character. She's existed for a while, but I kept trying to change her name to something else. I originally wanted her to be a tribute to Victoria Justice and some of her film and TV characters. As a character, she is that, but that's where the hang up on the name began. Originally I was going to make her name a composite of VJ's character names. So for a while I settled on Naomi Ramona Vega. I then decided that I wanted something a bit more original sounding. That's where I fina
  2. Is there a good place to post stuff like this? I have one chapter done (that I'll be editing) and a second nearing completion.
  3. Wondering if anyone read my link or if anyone's got an opinion or thoughts.
  4. Full post I made on my personal blog about my fan fic character, now named Ashley Naomi Bonner (and yes, that name will stick!): https://seansvariousstuffblog.blogspot.com/2020/01/hi-say-hi-to-my-little-friend-fan-fic.html
  5. I'm asking about an original character that I've come up with (basic outline for her is in the first post), and if she'd fit in. However, I'm having a big time issue with naming her now. EDIT: Screw it, I'm sticking with her original name. I put too much thought into it and I can't come up with anything better. So Naomi Ramona Vega it is. Hey, if Yoshiki Takaya can name his characters in reference to other characters or people, why can't I? Granted, Victoria Justice fans will be the first to get it, though.
  6. Just got done watching N&ENKL, and I think I'm changing her first name back to Naomi. Just feel a connection to Naomi from No Kiss List. Scratch that, I'm thinking of sticking with Ashley as it sounds more modern and in line with a girl born in the 1990s. I swear that I'm on crack, and going back and forth between naming her in tribute to Victoria Justice characters and an original name.
  7. Also having had some time to think about this, granted, this isn't 100% canon to Guyver as we know it today, but would Aptom be more likely to fall in love with a chick like Ashley, or would something happen between say Shizu or Agito?
  8. First, minor point. I'm changing Naomi's name again, this time to Ashley Bonner. I can explain if someone wants to ask. Bigger point, I do think that Aptom would be interested in eventually finding a mate, possibly one with some kind of supernatural ability. And Guyver isn't exactly awash with women who can kick some ass. I'm not doing this for feminist reasons, but it's more relatable to Twilight with an (ultimately) strong female lead. Guyver does have several female characters, but only two that can hold their own against Chronos' creatures and one of which is basically a villain
  9. It could be worse I guess. It could be a straight Guyver/Victorious crossover, which IMO makes less sense than developing a character as a love interest of a Guyver character that's a composite of some of my favorite characters portrayed by my favorite actress. Guyver is a fairly serious shonen manga, while Victorious is/was a teen/kids/family sitcom on Nickelodeon. Guyver has no place on Nickelodeon, even in it's tamest states. Granted, even with the Guyver cool down, how would a 99% absolute sweetheart who's a closet badass with supernatural abilities fit in with the other Guyver cha
  10. I'm mostly wondering about my idea and what input opinions that you may have.
  11. The stuff you find when digging though the musical history of your celeb crush:
  12. Not really music videos, but Victoria Justice doing some dance rehearsals in the Victorious era, namely for the Best Friend's Brother and Beggin' On Your Knees music videos.
  13. Well, my fan fic is after Chronos has been defeated and he and the others are battling rogue mythical creatures, which Naomi is a mythical creature (not a rouge one, though). I've hinted at this development in the What is Stronger Than a Guyver thread. And as I mentioned, this is Aptom post absorbing of Hayami. Aptom has generally become kinder and more caring and compassionate of those he considers his allies, even though he does still seem rough and ready, too.
  14. To be fair, Aptom in his Omega Blast form been compared to a Zoaloard (and has been the only non-Guyver to kill one), and the Gigantic and Gigantic Exceed were created by Sho to overpower Zoalords in one on one combat. But by what you're saying, even a vampire hybrid could easily kick a basic Guyver's ass with little effort, and would probably make life extremely tough for Zoalords? At least in my story the vampires and such have sided with the likes of Sho, Aptom and Agito even.
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