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  1. Hi everyone. One of the things that I was struggling with recently was pinning down a name for my fan fic character. She's existed for a while, but I kept trying to change her name to something else. I originally wanted her to be a tribute to Victoria Justice and some of her film and TV characters. As a character, she is that, but that's where the hang up on the name began. Originally I was going to make her name a composite of VJ's character names. So for a while I settled on Naomi Ramona Vega. I then decided that I wanted something a bit more original sounding. That's where I finally settled on her name. So now, allow me to introduce my little friend, Ashley Naomi Bonner. First, her appearance. If you've seen any photo of Victoria Justice from 2010-present, or watch an episode of Victorious or the film Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List, that's basically what Ashley looks like. She's moderately tall for a woman, slender yet toned and somewhat shapely, with high cheekbones, long dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. Ashley has an eclectic sense of style, like Victoria, Tori and Naomi. She'll wear just about anything if she likes it or thinks it's comfortable. She's very much a T-shirt/tanktop/jeans/sneakers/Vans/flip flops girl. She likes getting dressy on occasion, and loves wearing nail polish and doing her hair. As for her most important aspect, personality, again, look at VJ, Tori or Naomi, especially Victoria and Tori. However, she does have an edge. She's normally overwhelmingly nice, courteous, generous, and has an infectious smile and brightens the morale of people around her easily. This is actually where we slightly get into supernatural aspects. Her creation was influenced by the Twilight Saga and the Japanese manga and anime series Bio-Booster Armor Guyver. Which isn't much of a surprise, given that my fan fic are based on Twilight and Guyver. Ashley is part human, part vampire. In specific, Ashley is 3/4 vampire, and 1/4 human. Her biological father is fully vampire, her mother is a vampire hybrid. Getting into that, her biological father is Joham from Twilight, an amoral "scientist" who breeds part vampire children. Ash from the start developed (even in the womb) a disdain for her father. She's on excellent terms with her mother and adoptive father, though, as well as her siblings, though she likes some better than others based on personality. As far as special talents or abilities, Ash can influence the mood of people near her, and she can also read minds to an extent. She also, even compared to vampires and other hybrids, does poses above average strength and agility. She's also excellent with handling weapons like knives, swords and firearms. That said, she abhors violence, and will only resort to such actions only when necessary. She also gravitates to people with similar thoughts and virtues. She's an extremely peaceful and pleasant person. That being said, don't threaten her, or especially her family or loved ones. Or any innocent people, for that matter. That side of her does intimate others, especially those who aspire to do evil to others. Her physical beauty also intimidates others, even with her exceptionally kind and gentle nature. Granted, once befriended, Ashley shows that no one under normal circumstances has any reason to fear her. That all being written and said, don't do anything to make her extremely angry or upset. She's got a very low tolerance for innocent people being victimized, and one way or another, you'll regret gaining her ire. That's Ashley's place in the canon of my stories and what led to her creation. Also, as a lot of you know, I have this huge crush on Victoria Justice and have for over a year now. And prior to that I was a casual fan of hers dating back to 2015. I originally had an idea as kinda a tribute to her by making her and her characters into a composite named Jennifer, a character from Twilight that was mentioned in the text of Breaking Dawn. But then I decided to make her an all original, stand alone character. Basically a clean slate. So that's what lead to the creation of this character. I hope you like her :)
  2. Is there a good place to post stuff like this? I have one chapter done (that I'll be editing) and a second nearing completion.
  3. Wondering if anyone read my link or if anyone's got an opinion or thoughts.
  4. Full post I made on my personal blog about my fan fic character, now named Ashley Naomi Bonner (and yes, that name will stick!): https://seansvariousstuffblog.blogspot.com/2020/01/hi-say-hi-to-my-little-friend-fan-fic.html
  5. I'm asking about an original character that I've come up with (basic outline for her is in the first post), and if she'd fit in. However, I'm having a big time issue with naming her now. EDIT: Screw it, I'm sticking with her original name. I put too much thought into it and I can't come up with anything better. So Naomi Ramona Vega it is. Hey, if Yoshiki Takaya can name his characters in reference to other characters or people, why can't I? Granted, Victoria Justice fans will be the first to get it, though.
  6. Just got done watching N&ENKL, and I think I'm changing her first name back to Naomi. Just feel a connection to Naomi from No Kiss List. Scratch that, I'm thinking of sticking with Ashley as it sounds more modern and in line with a girl born in the 1990s. I swear that I'm on crack, and going back and forth between naming her in tribute to Victoria Justice characters and an original name.
  7. Also having had some time to think about this, granted, this isn't 100% canon to Guyver as we know it today, but would Aptom be more likely to fall in love with a chick like Ashley, or would something happen between say Shizu or Agito?
  8. First, minor point. I'm changing Naomi's name again, this time to Ashley Bonner. I can explain if someone wants to ask. Bigger point, I do think that Aptom would be interested in eventually finding a mate, possibly one with some kind of supernatural ability. And Guyver isn't exactly awash with women who can kick some ass. I'm not doing this for feminist reasons, but it's more relatable to Twilight with an (ultimately) strong female lead. Guyver does have several female characters, but only two that can hold their own against Chronos' creatures and one of which is basically a villain. Plus, I think that Aptom would be happy with a mate, especially one that can take care of herself and show him a thing or two (take that as you please )
  9. It could be worse I guess. It could be a straight Guyver/Victorious crossover, which IMO makes less sense than developing a character as a love interest of a Guyver character that's a composite of some of my favorite characters portrayed by my favorite actress. Guyver is a fairly serious shonen manga, while Victorious is/was a teen/kids/family sitcom on Nickelodeon. Guyver has no place on Nickelodeon, even in it's tamest states. Granted, even with the Guyver cool down, how would a 99% absolute sweetheart who's a closet badass with supernatural abilities fit in with the other Guyver characters, considering that Naomi is also influenced by Twilight lore? Maybe compare her to Shizu on steroids?
  10. I'm mostly wondering about my idea and what input opinions that you may have.
  11. The stuff you find when digging though the musical history of your celeb crush:
  12. Not really music videos, but Victoria Justice doing some dance rehearsals in the Victorious era, namely for the Best Friend's Brother and Beggin' On Your Knees music videos.
  13. Well, my fan fic is after Chronos has been defeated and he and the others are battling rogue mythical creatures, which Naomi is a mythical creature (not a rouge one, though). I've hinted at this development in the What is Stronger Than a Guyver thread. And as I mentioned, this is Aptom post absorbing of Hayami. Aptom has generally become kinder and more caring and compassionate of those he considers his allies, even though he does still seem rough and ready, too.
  14. To be fair, Aptom in his Omega Blast form been compared to a Zoaloard (and has been the only non-Guyver to kill one), and the Gigantic and Gigantic Exceed were created by Sho to overpower Zoalords in one on one combat. But by what you're saying, even a vampire hybrid could easily kick a basic Guyver's ass with little effort, and would probably make life extremely tough for Zoalords? At least in my story the vampires and such have sided with the likes of Sho, Aptom and Agito even.
  15. Hi everyone. I posted something similar to this in the Let's Get Creating section. But since I haven't gotten much in the way or response, I'll try and post that here. First of all, what would you think her personality would be like? Also, I know that this is for my story, so it's mostly up to me, but would she also be some kind of gifted being? The concept that I currently have is that this character is named Naomi Ramona Vega. She's inspired by a composite of Tori Vega from Victorious, Lindy Sampson from Eye Candy, Naomi from Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List, Harmony from Summer Night, Lola Martinez from Zoey 101 and even some hints of Victoria Justice, who portrayed all of those characters. Even her name refers to some of her characters, though her first and middle name do have meanings (Naomi meaning pleasant, and Ramona meaning defender). Naomi is, as kinda implied, a pleasant, extremely nice and compassionate person. But don't piss her off, especially be threatening her friends and family--if she feels it's justified, you'll end up dead, or wishing you were. She's also 3/4 vampire, 1/4 human, and is inspired by the vampire hybrids from Twilight. I mostly wanted to share my concept, as well as ask around for what others think a good love interest for Aptom would be like. Note, I'm basing this on Aptom post-absorbing Hayami.
  16. Pretty hard for anything for sure aside from another vampire, vampire hybrid or shape shifting wolf to dismember a Twilight vampire rapidly enough to consume them by fire (they can reattach limbs without loss of function and instantly heal). Their skin and non-liquid tissues are also diamond hard. A Guyver's sonic blade can maybe cut though a vampire, but one, one Guyver won't be enough for sure to quickly dismember a vampire (it usually takes several vampires or shape shifters for the issue mentioned of being able to quickly reattach limbs), and two, the venom based body fluids could be as corrosive as the anti-Guyver enzyme or Zerebuth's acid. Meaning a Guyver could possibly take damage from hacking off an arm or a leg, or decapitating one or bisecting one. I did link earlier to the Vampire section on the Twilight wiki. This is also a problem with comparing creatures from two different universes. And it's not like comparing like my 3/4 vampire hybrid Naomi (a fan fic character) to Tori Vega from Victorious, who is a normal teenage girl, or comparing Tori to Shizu after she is Zoaformed into Griselda. Here. we're talking about multiple fantasy creatures from two different canonical worlds that aren't in any way connected in real life.
  17. Being totally dismembered and set ablaze. I'm also asking because I'm thinking of taking one of my Twilight fan fic characters and incorporating a version of her in a Guyver fan fic story.
  18. Twilight vampires are more durable in the books than the films. Melissa Rosenburg took a lot of liberties with the first three films, which is probably part of why Stephanie Meyer was a producer of the Breaking Dawn films. And in the books they can survive decapitation.
  19. It could be worse, I have another topic here where I ask about Twilight Saga creatures vs Guyvers and Zoanoids. I think I posted that in the "What Else is as Strong as a Guyver" thread.
  20. In the link I provided, the Twilight vampires are pretty much immortal, and even the shape-shifters (which are on par with the vampires in terms of strength and speed) can do some major damage to most Zoanoids in my opinion, even hypers. Of course, I'm writing a Guyver/Twilight crossover that features original characters that are part human, part vampire, including one that's Aptom's love interest. Also, the vampires in Twilight produce a type of venom that can be either poisonous or helpful to Zoaforms, depending on your POV.
  21. How about stuff like the vampires, vampire hybrids and shape shifting wolves from Twilight? I know that some of you are gonna sulk, but compared to even Hellsing, Twilight vampires are virtually indestructible, with the biggest enemies being true werewolves and other vampires. Only question is how strong are they compared to like a Hyper Zoanoid or a Guyver? https://twilightsaga.fandom.com/wiki/Vampire
  22. Hi again. This story in still in development and I haven't been able to write much because of work and such. But I'm still thinking about what everyone thinks about such a story ark. BTW, I do have to add that, like with some other things in the Guyver universe, names do mean something. This character's full name is Naomi Ramona Vega. The Vega part doesn't mean much aside from being a tribute/shout out to Tori Vega from Victorious and, like Tori and Victoria Justice (the actress who portrayed Tori), Naomi is part Puerto Rican. However, Naomi means pleasantness and Ramona means protector. And both of those things apply to Naomi's personality. Hopefully I'll finally finish chapter 2 in the run up to Thanksgiving after getting through doctors appointments and a social event this week.
  23. I know that I can imagine few things worse than a crossover between Victorious and Guyver. Victorious is a girly teen sitcom, while Guyver a pretty dead effin' serious manga and anime for what is typically aimed at the shonen (pre-teen/teen boys) demographic. However, I'd do it for laughs and not to be taken seriously. A more serious one would be if Guyver and Eye Candy were integrated into the same universe, because Eye Candy was a pretty dark show considering it was shown on MTV a few years back. That being said, I don't think very many fans of Guyver would bat an eye at Lindy Sampson from Eye Candy or Jade West from Victorious doing some violent shit to say Genzo Makishima if they got the chance.
  24. I've been watching and researching various other TV shows and films and such, and I've become interested in how certain crossovers would be like. In the past, I've mentioned Guyver and Twilight. However, how would characters from Guyver get on at Hollywood Arts? Or deal with computer hackers like in Eye Candy? Granted, Victorious and Eye Candy both star the chick who's in my avatar. And yes, I know that Victorious is a kid friendly teen/family sitcom and Eye Candy doesn't exactly deal with monstrous creatures. But how would such a crossover work in you guys' minds and what's your opinions on such things?
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