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  1. Agito performing the ultimate self-sacrifice and taking down Guyot seems like a fitting end for him.
  2. I know I'm talking into the aether here, but on second thoughts listening to Zerbebuth's VA I did catch a faint similarity to Derzurb & Onuma's VA, so you're probably right and it was Dan Lorge who voiced them.
  3. I'm gonna have to respectfully disagree. I've recorded a comparison between Zerbebuth in OVA3 and Aptom (played by Gary Dubin) in OVA12: https://vocaroo.com/1hSWcGXMPzF7 Sounds exactly like the same guy to me.
  4. But as far I know, Bob Sessions voiced Genzo from start to finish in the Manga UK dub. It was just weird to me they changed Zxtole's VA for one episode. Gary Dubin voiced Zerbebuth in the Manga UK dub. You can definitely hear him: https://youtu.be/TEWiZFIj93k?t=1036
  5. There's one thing I never got about the Manga UK dub... In OVA 4, Zxtole is voiced by Stuart Milligan, instead of Gary Michaels who voices Zxtole in OVAS 4-6 in the US Renditions. But in OVAs 5-6, the Manga UK dub uses Gary Michaels again. I preferred Milligan, as Gary Michaels was overused in the OVAs (Lisker, Zerbebuth, Zxtole AND Aptom...).
  6. Is the consensus that Takaya owes the fans an explanation, or not? To be honest, if he has no intention of picking up the series he should at least put the fans out of their misery.
  7. In the OVA? Yes, probably. In the manga/TV series? No. The Guyver is seriously nerfed.
  8. To be fair, it's had three anime adaptations, two live-action movies, and a host of models. That's more than a lot of manga get.
  9. Absolutely heartbreaking. I've been sat here crying and listening to the 1997 OST all morning. 😢 RIP Miura. RIP Berserk. Thank you for everything.
  10. Well that sucks. I know it's not the Japanese way to make announcements to fans but I think in cases like this they're owed an explanation.
  11. Has there ever been an official reason given for the indefinite hiatus?
  12. It's over, people. Will the last person to leave, turn out the lights?
  13. Balcus: "At last, the power of the Guyver is within my grasp!" Agito: "The only thing within your grasp is your DEATH, Balcus!"
  14. Aptom got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one...
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