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  1. It's over, people. Will the last person to leave, turn out the lights?
  2. Balcus: "At last, the power of the Guyver is within my grasp!" Agito: "The only thing within your grasp is your DEATH, Balcus!"
  3. Aptom got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one...
  4. I would imagine the game would be episodic. First mission would be at the lake, you watch the cut-scene where Sho transforms into the Guyver. Gregole would be used for a quick tutorial. Then you have to take down waves of Zoanoids as Tetsuro makes his escape. After Tetsuro is safe, you have to fight your own way to freedom.
  5. "It's all your fault, Guyver... It's YOU who are responsible for this! And now I'm here to destroy you, as you have destroyed ME! Guyver, meet your death! FOR I AM... ENZYME!" Perfect delivery from Bob Sessions in the Manga UK dub.
  6. It's over, people. Will the last person to leave, please turn out the lights.
  7. What kind of Guyver video-game would you like to see? What genre would it be? What chapters would it cover? Be realistic. You wouldn't be able to cover the entirety of the manga without skipping chunks. Or would it be a non-canon story (like the Guyver OVAs)? What characters would be playable?
  8. A good wikia needs to be continually updated and regulated. I've managed a few and it's frustrating when fans come along and editorialize entries and write like pre-schoolers.
  9. So, it's been over three years since the last chapter? No official update from the publisher or the mangaka? The best way of looking at it is no news is good news. If it had been cancelled, we would've heard by now. It could be that Takaya is burnt out, like Takehiko Inoue with the manga Vagabond (which has been on indefinite hiatus longer than Guyver). It would not hurt for someone to come out and explain the situation. I guess it's just not the Japanese way of doing things. At the end of the day, The Guyver is their intellectual property, and if they want to call it a day, we can't d
  10. Gusyphus, because who wouldn't want to turn invisible?
  11. Hey, TricoBren. A fellow Udoji fan in our midst, hmm? Sure, I'll scan those as well. Check back in the next few days, I should have it done by then.
  12. I recently bought a collection of old anime VHS off eBay (Akira, Patlabor, Genocyber, Urotsukidoji, etc.) including all the Manga Entertainment OVAs of The Guyver. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in me scanning the cover art for each volume, or did HQ copies already exist?
  13. Berserk has been running almost as long as The Guyver, and just as irregularly but the scanlators don't hide it behind a paywall. That said, at least Berserk has an official English distributor so overseas fans can properly support the franchise.
  14. We've had three anime, two live-action movies, and several figurine lines but it amazes me that there's never been a Guyver-based video game. Not even so much as a Japan-exclusive mobile game. The Guyver franchise would lend itself perfectly to an action-adventure game. Fighting zoanoids and unlocking new powers (sonic emitters, the megasmasher, Gigantic etc.) How awesome would that be in the hands of the right dev?
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