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  1. It's been awhile since I've been on here and posted my last post on apollyon's name. I'm sure there's a lot of you like me who grew up with guyver and now are adults and still are waiting and hoping for an ending. But since I've regained my password and I am back on I've been thinking about guyver and how I miss it. Also I am coming to the realization that we may never get an ending for this amazing series. So i'm wondering how would you guyver fans like to see it end? I wanna hear what your theories or wishes for the end are. Also tell me when you got into guyver and whose your favorite character.
  2. Guyver just isn't as easy to get into as a lot of these newer more fun animes. And i don't know the new anime kinda feels like a slow burn
  3. Finally got caught up again and man do i miss guyver. It's kinda sad how long these breaks can be.
  4. :O oh my god I really love that idea! That would be so cool a actual combat oriented bio armor from the creators. That actually would be a really cool twist if they developed new guyver units after all these years for battle. Maybe sho and agitos units are out dated compared to uranus’s New stuff.
  5. While I was looking at his armor again the chest piece and helmet look like a relic ship flying downward. And the black orbs also remind me of Uranus’s eye and the other ones. The wait for answers is killing me lol. Too many theories like what if Apollyon is Uranus coming back to finish the job and maybe he has a soft spot for alk. Highly unlikely, but it is fun to think of all the potential options for who Apollyon is.
  6. After alk used the remover it just laid there on the floor. I wonder if the guyver 0 unit was just given back to uranus or is still somewhere on the island in alks possession. Maybe it will come into play later in the story.
  7. I haven't read the guyver manga in years but is the new anime really closer to the source material? I just felt so outside with the new one. but that is probably my nostalgia speaking. if you guys can help and explain wihich is more source fed i would love that. thank you for the feed back also. I think showing off gigantic guyvers and zoalords wasn't good though and really just a desperate attempt at getting new fans attention. o
  8. i really do like the animations of the older ones. i always look up cools gifs of guyver and the older ones are always so amazing. but obviously it's older and the animation isn't always amazing, but when it is good i think it's just on another level.
  9. Yes the newer animation is better but at times when i watch the old it actually seems way more detailed. this could be because it's more gory though. I do feel like guyver is a mature violent manga and i love it that way! so the new one feels like it strays away a bit from that in my opinion. Thank you for the input also!
  10. I completely agree! the voice acting in the new one seems silly at times and even the accents feel forced. thank you for your input.
  11. I just finally saw that! sorry i've been sorta inactive but i always check on the site for new chapters. i've been on this site for years but never said anything but everyone here is so friendly and has so much love for guyver that i don't feel alone. i will join the review thread though and appreciate your input. i feel like the new series has too much of a appeal to everyone feel and not the dark violent guyver feel i grew up with.
  12. Just wondering what everyone thought on this. I grew up with the old one and loved it and i'm watching the new one new after forgetting about it. But rewatching it now i just feel like the old one was a lot better, it just seemed way darker and more violent. Even though the art is old i actually really like the old style.
  13. hopefully it's not dead, i've been following guyver since i was 6 years old and i'm 26 now. I would really like it to be completed but sometimes the slow pace really kills me and i worry that it may never get finished. I remember picking up the animated movies at blockbuster when vhs was all we had and no dvds. Then i even got the live action movies and completely loved guyver. It even shaped how i ended up liking mangas and anime pretty much loving super action and bloody violent stuff like gantz, berserk, blame!, biomega, elfen lied, and others. Hopefully he gets an assistant that can help him finish the manga and all of us fans can get a nice ending and closure on this amazing manga.
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