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  1. Yeah you're right, I was pretty sensitive about that. I did bring about more clarity with a fresh look at it. I don't know if that means it was inaccurate though, maybe I misunderstood what you meant by that. We are from different countries so I'll try to keep that in mind. The way I saw it was, even in the past, I put a lot of effort into checking different places and making sure it was accurate as possible. I don't think accurate is the right word, I think a better way to look at t might be, it didn't have the best context? I'm able to consider context better. since the new translation does say the same thing in my mind, it just places it in a new context that makes it easier for english speakers to understand the meaning. The use of the word cleaving for example, it is referring to cell division, so it is correct, it just gave you the wrong impression. So clarification is good. I wlll concede that it gives you a more accurate idea, so this is semantics.
  2. Sorry, I'm a little sensitive about this, I take a lot of pride in the parts I worked on, since accuracy was always my primary concern in the bits that I did. There's nothing wrong with asking for clarification and I do enjoy revisiting the work and exploring it some more. The original guyver manga is like a bible to me, I guess I could be considered a little obsessive over it. I'm always happy to be proven wrong of course, I'm capable of making a mistake, but I'm certainly not sloppy or careless. Amica translated a lot of the chinese bits, we translated from Japanese afterwards. Durendal was very good at a conversational level understanding, I was obsessed with minutiae and checked on things like this. I'm not sure if I addressed all the parts you're reading, I went to the bit where Hamilcar is talking about his meeting with Archanfel. Book 14, the panel with the development chambers on it, with the zoacrystals inside. I can check other parts for clarification if you like? I think there is a little bit of ambiguity as to what archanfel's crystals are all over his body, and there could be room for a bit of shifting in the interpretation. The kanji used is embryo and nucleus, and are used within the word for 'ebryogenesis'. It could be considered akin to stem cells.
  3. That's a little insulting to the people who have put years and years into translating this material for the fanbase. Rather than imply our work is inaccurate, you could ask for clarification. This particular bit, I have personally checked and double checked using many different dictionary sources and looking from different angles. It's pretty clear, the 11 zoacrystals were made by taking a part of archanfel's own crystal and growing them into new ones, exactly as the translation says. It's been complained about over the years, how our adherence to accuracy makes it a little awkward to read. it's not fair to say something like that now. アルカンフェルのゾアクリスタルから胚核の分割‐培養によって11個のレプリカが生み出され by tissue-culturing the embryonic nucleus of archanfel's zoacrystal, 11 replicas were created.
  4. hello all. It is with a heavy heart that I wish to tell you all of the sad passing of our long time member and friend Toku Warrior / Hyperguyver. Hyperguyver joined us all here way back in the early 00's and was a stalwart among us here. He took part in many conversations with us here, contributed art and writing and design work. Those of us who have been around that long will remember him fondly. He unfortunately took ill with Covid back in October. he fought as hard as he could and it seemed like he was making a full recovery. unfortunately, he then took a turn for the worse and departed on the 26th October 2021. I saw his posts on my facebook timeline semi regularly. I wish I had noticed his absence sooner. Dear Hyperguyver/ Toku warrior, wherever you may be, I hope you're having a blast!
  5. from the very beginning, my philosophy with this forum was to ensure everyone was listened to and respected. Jupiter, I can't recall too well, but I remember when you first came here, there must have been a reason why I started talking to you via pm? do you think you were disruptive back then? or was there another reason? in any case, there has been a number of VERY disruptive and toxic people in the history of the forum, but with every single case, I took the effort to talk to them, to understand why they were behaving that way and try and help them to be nicer to others. I think I only failed one time. I remember that clearly.. their name and avatar was something to do with tropical fruit? or hawaii? it's hard to remember.
  6. Wow... I never expected that... Look, I honestly don't know if anyone still knows who I am among the Guyver fan community, I don't know if my history holds any weight or any special privilege.... but I have made a couple of contacts and I feel I am immensely fortunate to have these contacts. I count myself as very lucky to be in the position to ask any questions at all and get a response from Takaya-sensei himself, even if it is a second hand response. In Japanese culture, it is rude to ask personal questions. There is a lot of subtlety. You have to read between the lines and when you get a reply from a Japanese person, it is very carefully considered. I do not have any right to be rude to my contact, or ask my contact to be rude to Takaya-Sensei. I'm sorry if my respect for other human beings is inconvenient to you.
  7. Hi guys, I have it on good authority that Takaya-Sensei is still working on the Guyver manga. New Guyver will be coming 'soon' and there have been 'some problems'. To ask more would be impolite.
  8. He did seem quite pleased with it. he wrote a message of thanks in a publication at the time. it may have been in the front of shonen ace or another publication. we do not know because evidently we missed the message.
  9. He got the quilt. Anyone who was involved message me for more information.
  10. Excuse me, it sounds like you're suggesting i caused damage to the site when i left. I did nothing of the sort, I handed the site in it's entirety to Brian. The wiki had been vandalised by advertising bots and Brian tried for a long time to save it before in the end giving up and deciding to rebuild. I would appreciate it if you didn't say things like that about me. Also, I gave the site to Brian because of stress. It would be nice if you didn't make me sound like a crazy person.
  11. Will you stop posting that in here!!!!! For petes sake, this thread clearly says it is about THE NOVEL. it is NOT a request thread for manga scans for god sake!!! I am getting really fed up of getting notifications for this novel project when it is you repeatedly posting in the wrong place!!!
  12. I first came to guyver in 1992 when manga wasn't readily available to the west. Even the VIZ comics were not readily available to me in the uk. I spent so much time and money visiting various comic shops trying to locate what imports I could. There wasn't any internet then so the means to get things like that was very very limited. I read guyver manga in piecemeal, and only up to a point. Viz only went so far so past that point, guyver was impossible to get until around 1995/96. at that point, it was possible to get the japanese manga but then it was impossible to read. Round that time, japanese language learning tools were not as wide and varied as they are now. there were a few books in my local library but they weren't that useful. learning grammar, and context etc was unrealistic. there were some rough translations available on the webs, but there were a lot of errors in them and they were sparse, only giving light summaries and missing great swathes of the story. I tried to translate bits and pieces with my dictionaries and helped the old warriorguyver site with various details, but it was slow and it was tough, without understanding context and how to read the nuances of kanji. Then I discovered that the italians had translated guyver and were keeping quite up to date with it. I didn't know italian but it seemed a lot easier to translate italian through a machine translator. for one, it would be a lot easier to type the words in, than the japanese characters. so we started translating the italian books. over time, my japanese skills got better and I would go to the japanese books to help get more accuracy. then we had durendal come aboard and help translating from chinese and japanese. essentially, I have read the guyver manga way too many times, in small fragmented snippets and in all sorts of different languages. I am not sure if I have ever actually read it in order from beginning to 'end'.
  13. My Apologies, please try it now. I will put it here in a code block in case something goes wrong with it. https://mega.nz/#!GvBRCBrb!6sbRKNrY6yyLsTANvLqzFAQFnhhF2ABals_HP-mLiiU
  14. I checked for any updates to the rules and doesn't seem like any changes were made so I presume this is ok. it's not available in the west. And it's really hard to get a hold of at all, I think. I had a spare moment, while taking a rest from work and my stress situation is getting a lot better recently so I decided to finish this off. I uploaded the photos to mega.nz in zip format. whoever wants to translate this, it's up to you, I'm just providing the photos. Mega NZ link 776.8 MB
  15. Jess♥


    I had a friend who seemed like he was going through similar problems. For some reason he unfriended me on facebook. Well it's a shame because he could have talked to me about whatever problems he was having. maybe you have a similar friend you could talk to? It's really not good to isolate yourself.
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