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  1. Oh man seeing that design again makes me want to pick up Guyver again but oh it'll hurt!
  2. Yeah at least I could move on a little more securely if sadly if there was an official cancellation.
  3. Yeah I thought Deedlit as well.
  4. Yeah I check in every once in a while. I know I saw the live action movie first when I was ten. Despite the humor it was still cool seeing all the monsters and mayhem. I can never fully hate that movie. Then Dark Hero then saw the 6 part OVA and the first two episodes of the second half. Then the first OVA then the anime.
  5. Got a soft spot for weird kaiju girls I admit.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if most of those confirmed monsters are just cameos. Still Orga and Dagarah are surprises. God I'm not super in love with the CGI style but I am way into a Godzilla anime and the plot idea in general so pretty excited.
  7. I think episode 10 has the worst animation, the one with Takashiro. At least 11 and 12 redeemed them a bit. All I can really say about the change in character designs is they look a bit closer to their manga origins. Mizuki is no longer chubby faced.
  8. It was pretty bad. All the good scenes were scenes with Walter or the flute scene. Every time an alien was on screen I was bored. The last twenty minutes were just 'remember this from that movie? Or this from that movie!?' I laughed at the lengthy failure death Ferris, along with the stupidest captain in the universe. A whole lot of neat ideas rushed along with a plot twist I saw a mile away and have no idea how the writers or director thought no one would see it coming.
  9. Talk about a mash up of the different mediums at the time.
  10. Whoa, never saw that 'Welcome the Guyver' picture.
  11. Oh no, Mizuki overing hearing the two talking about Murakami's short lifespan is in the manga and show. Sadly the above scene is only in the anime. That's what I really like about the anime is that Sho has a slightly stronger character why still being very much 'hey can't I just have some peace?' without coming off as a decoy protagonist.
  12. I wish the manga had a scene where he bonds with Mizuki, telling her he was always a senstive cry-baby. That's where I love the anime over the OVA: the enormous humanizing aspect.
  13. A few weeks ago I started rebrowsing the comic and there is a bit of weakness in Sho's character in that he doesn't really have any arch enemies to hate. Agito had a well done hated from Barcus and Guyot over books 3-8. Maybe with Agito shooting Barcus in the back five times we could consider it over or on hold? Agito beat him badly, humbled him and that's enough for him. Murakami for Guyot as well. Sho had Aptom but that kind of resolved without violence since that was more Khan controlling Aptom so even then it was more Aptom and Khan. I'd think Sho could hate Guyot plenty for killing Muraka
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