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  1. http://www.elitecreature.com/index.php?id=99 Finally up for preorder. Early bird price: $1,180. Gotta say this thing looks stunning, and is my grail piece. Dunno if I'm gonna be able to order it though. Really wish ECC had a payment plan.
  2. I'm totally down for a line of 1/6 scale statues with light up features. Hope this one sells well enough to go down that road.
  3. There could be another anime deal in the works. Netflix is getting into anime production and just announced 13 new shows due for release in 2018 including a Saint Seiya reboot, and their Castlevania anime has been a massive success for them. I'd imagine the Guyver either has already come up as a potential candidate for Netflix, or will soon. https://www.wired.com/story/netflix-anime/
  4. Find the Guyver 0 Unit, become a Guyver Zoanoid.
  5. My figma Guyver III arrived from Amazon Japan. Wicked cool figure. Super bummed goodsmile didn't announce any new figures at WF. Hopefully they're not done with Guyver figmas.
  6. Thought you guys would like this. My first exposure to the Guyver was through the first live action film, which I adored. When I came across this magazine called Wild Cartoon Kingdom in 1993, I immediately froze. There was a cartoon Guyver on the cover! Whaaat? Needless to say I was stunned to find out that the film was based on a Japanese comic book and already had its own cartoon which was being brought to America. It was also the first time I learned that there was going to be a sequel to the live action film, and I was ecstatic. Can't tell you how many times I read this article, and drooled over the pictures. My imagination ran wild. It would be a couple more years before I would get my hands on a VHS of the anime, and got to see Dark Hero.
  7. Snaku

    Guyver Laserdiscs

    <p>Hey, it's been a while! I bought these discs new several years ago, and never bothered to open them until just recently when I finally acquired a Laserdisc player. Turns out they're filled with neat illustrations, and a lot of info I can't even begin to translate. <img class="bbc_emoticon" src="http://www.japan-legend.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/heh.gif" title=" ^^;" /> Anyway, thought I'd share some photos will you guys. Wish I could scan them, but my scanner has been busted for quite a while.</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> Edit: Somehow editing messed the format all up. Too much work to edit on my phone, I'll fix later tonight. And for some reason imgur shrunk some of the images, I'll fix that as well.
  8. If I had to pick from the current crop of Hollywood directors for a big budget Guyver flick, I'd probably go with Guillermo del Toro. I think he'd be able to inject enough of his own creativity into the adaptation to make it digestible for the average moviegoer, while also maintaining the spirit of the manga. His work on Hellboy and Hellboy II should be proof enough of his qualifications. This is all a pipe dream of course.
  9. Sweet, I've been out of the loop for well over a year now. This'll be a convenient way to catch up on the chapters I missed. Last chapter I read I believe was the one where Sho cut Agito in half...whichever one that was aha.
  10. Happy Birthday

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