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  1. I agree. I'm starting to get angry!
  2. Pulled from doing a search in Japanese. I have one but mine is not assembled and in the box.
  3. Sorry if I posted this already. I had posted pictures of other Guyver figures on prime 1 and they had to take them down but was just reading this and maybe this has to do with why no new Guyver chapters. They said they are working closely with the creator of Guyver and don't want to upset him.
  4. Here's a look so far. Need to get more stuff out but I've been busy with work. Can't wait for my monthly 5 day rotation off. Starts this Friday.
  5. Nicely displayed. I have been playing with mine a bit, but still needs work. Haven't even hang any Guyver art or pictures yet. Running out of room.
  6. Maybe a bad knock off mold or something. I think that was b-club or hobby japan. I have some other stuff I can look up later. Regardless this is very rare. It's about 5 to 6 inches. I need more images to compare. I will find more info but definitely excited about that figure. Thanks for posting it.
  7. Maybe one of the rarest Guyver figures I've ever seen. I believe it was sculpted after Guyver out of control movie. Here is an old magazine article showing the same sculpted figure. I definitely want this. I'm 35 and have never in my over 20 years of Guyver collecting came across one of these.
  8. Cool man. Definitely take pictures when you get them.
  9. Can't wait for Guyver III figma but I think I have a few ways to pass the time. I have Guyver 1's that I just fixed the eyes going to my store and combining with a Pink Guyver IIF figma. Love the Female Guyver figma's they are almost perfect.
  10. Me and my brother ordered Guyver Gigantics just now and when we receive them if all is good we are going to order lots of marvel stuff from them. We are big in marvel to. Definitely want the iron man stuff and black panther helmet. Can't wait to check them out. Thanks sudo
  11. Let me know if you get yours and I will get them as well. I'm just not sure what's going on with that site. Thanks sudo
  12. Has anyone ordered from Collectibles Group and received them?
  13. Amazing! The two I opened aside from the neck piece on the manga Guyver IIf not being pushed all the way into the body, they both look bad ass amazing.
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